Latest Intel: CCP Lies, Mass Deaths. Why? What’s the goal?

Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What’s The Goal? w/Mitch Gerber (pt1)

Sarah Westall

WARNING: This show discusses facts that may be disturbing and could bring on a sense of fear. Please be advised.

Mitch Gerber rejoins the program to discuss the latest intel he has acquired on the Chinese Communist Party and the virus that was unleashed onto its people and now onto the world. He explains the dire fact that the communist party places no value on human life; rather it only values its own power and control. The latest moves we are seeing are that of a dying communist party, aligned with communists worldwide, including the World Health Associations head, Dr. Tedro, and many others in the globalists cabal and extreme left of the United States. The goal is to squash the growing movement of those against communism and the rampant and extreme corruption. They are moving to reinstate its growing control worldwide.

You can learn more about Mitch Gerber and his multi-decade quest to eradicate organ and human trafficking at

WHO knew early about this virus and said nothing to the rest of the world. Why?

Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-up, 4.3.2020

Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-up, 4.3.2020

Greg Hunter

Editor’s Note: Has anyone asked the question that maybe these globalists don’t want people to survive? The whole reason the virus was originally released upon the world, whether by accident or intent, it was engineered to be highly contagious. Why? And by whom? Why are some governors in this country preventing medications being used by doctors? Why are members of one political party still accusing Trump of doing nothing, not enough, never doing anything right? What is their agenda?

SSBB: Trump Dropped 10+ Bombs in Press Briefing! Q Proofs!

Trump Dropped 10+ Bombs in Press Briefing! Q Proofs!

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast



– Trump taking down the Cartel – Aggressively

– Trump has seen things nobdy would believe

– Multiple Q proofs – Trump sharing bombs

– Clinton, John Kerry, Podesta, Huma, Red Shoe Club, Uranium 1, Bill Maher

AWK News 4.1.20: Good vs. Evil?

AWK News 4.1.20: Are you ready to be part of history? Good vs. Evil.

And We Know

The virus is real. The global elite had a plan to destroy 90% of humanity. The President wants us to stay home so we stay safe. The Deep State wants to harm/kill people; they hate us. The elites are literally filled with demons (dark entities) and attack anyone with light. The enemy is hidden but not for long as the Light reveals all of their hidden plots…

Our strength will be tested. This is a Great Awakening.

X22 Report, April 1, 2020

What Can You Do During An Economic Crisis? Timing Is Very Important – Episode 2137a

Trump and the patriots are now in control the economy. The economy is now shifting from the [CB] to we the people, this is the first stage. The [CB] needs to take on as much wait as possible. The petro dollar is based on oil, the oil price is now coming down. Trump will start to ask for tax cuts, right offs, lower rates etc.

Night & Day, The Children, Save The Best For Last – Episode 2137b

The event is continuing and Trump has announced in the next two weeks it will be very difficult for the American people, but there is a bright light at the end of all this. The patriots seem to be gearing up for a major mission. The UK is warning its citizens of blackouts.

The Goldfish Report #472 – Red & White Dragon Q & A – Geopolitics

The GoldFish Report No 472 – Red & White Dragon Livestream Q & A

The Goldfish Report

On The GoldFish Report No. 472, Louisa and co-host Steve interview the Red and White Dragon Society representatives about their origins and how they fit into the geopolitical picture and world financial reset that is currently happening globally.

Red Dragon Family’s Ambassador (Chinese) & White Dragon’s Society’s Representative (Western members) Benjamin Fulford

X22 Report, March 31, 2020

Trump Moves Ahead With The Economic Plan, Next Phase Coming – Episode 2136a

The MSM/[CB] are following their (old) script, China was supposed to be the next economic powerhouse, the game has changed, but the players are sticking to their script. Warnings are now floating around the EU is doomed, countries might be going their own way.Trump moves into the next phase of the economy, he is ready to use the [CB] fiat currency to rebuild the economy.

Rig For Red, Everything Has Meaning, Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming – Episode 2136b

The patriots are now ready to push their operation, indicators are coming from all directions. Future proves past, nothing can stop this, nothing. The [DS] is panicking and the patriots are preparing to move this operation forward. The Empire State Building is signaling red.

X22 Report, March 30, 2020

[CB] Fighting For Narrative, Patriots Already Control The Economic Narrative – Episode 2135a

The patriots control the economic narrative, the [CB] is now trying to force the narrative using the event to explain why the global economy is crashing. The patriots are slowly destroying the [CB] system from the inside out. Soon, we will be able to say goodbye to IRS, taxes etc.

Panic Accelerates, Exposure,The [DS]/MSM Are In The Process Of Destroying Themselves-Episode 2135b

Trump and the patriots are moving quickly with their silent operation. Panic is everywhere and the [DS] and the MSM are caught in their lies, they are completely exposed and there is now way out for them. The clock is ticking down and these [DS] players will need to make a decision. When do you play the Trump card?