President Trump’s Secret Weapon vs The Deep State

President Trump’s Secret Weapon vs The Deep State – J Epstein

Operation Freedom – Dr. David Janda

The spotlight of the 2nd part of this Operation Freedom Briefing focuses on the growing case surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and other deep state players.

Jeffrey Epstein was a front for the Deep State to entrap high-profile individuals, powerful politicians, business moguls, Hollywood elite, etc. There are ties to several intelligence agencies…

What If She Won?

What Would Socialist America Look Like? What if HRC Won the 2016 Election?

James Red Pills America


Imagine if you will, a place and time, where #HillaryClinton had won the Rigged 2016 Presidential Election. An Alter Dimension, wherein the result of her winning would have been a Socialist Dictatorship, wearing the Clothing of Democracy, lingering in the shadows of what once was a Shining Constitutional Republic, a Beacon of Light in a Dark and Gloomy world. No doubt, America would have entered it’s darkest period in history. Join me, Pastor #JamesRedPillsAmerica, for a Journey into #TheTwilightZone – a trip to an alter dimension, to a place where Hillary HAD won the #2016PresidentialElection…..DON’T MISS THIS MOVIE, PATRIOTS! May the Lord God bless you and your loved ones! Based on an article by #Rex.

PATRIOTS: Recently, I had a viewer request that I make a video about what it would be like if the United States were a Socialist country. They felt that it was important to show people what socialism would REALLY be like if the Dirty Demonic Democrats and their Republican in Name Only RINO Cohorts actually got their way and had open borders, a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in a veritable ‘feeding frenzy’ at the Welfare Recipient lines, unbridled illegal immigration, and, well, you get the picture. I TOTALLY AGREED WITH HER! However, I told the person that I wished I had time to devote to such a project. But, then I thought for a second: “Wait a minute…I HAVE ALREADY made JUST SUCH a video!” AND HERE IT IS – and it’s nearly IDENTICAL to the requests made by this fine Patriot! And then I considered the last time I put this video out and realized that its title was not conducive to people’s understanding of what the content REALLY entailed. Therefore, and with a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO the California Patriot who requested this video content, HERE IT IS UNDER A NEW TITLE and somewhat changed so YT doesn’t decline the upload (as they would want to call it a duplicate, which it is not now). As Q would say: ‘Enjoy The Show!”

If you are still a ‘Liberal’, this movie should give you pause…

X22 Reports, July 16, 2019 – Episode 1918a-b

Changing of the Guard, Patriots Economic Move is Next!

Global debt has hit 246 trillion which is 320% of GDP.  The [CB] is collapsing under its own weight.  Debt is not the answer, the [CB] is not the answer which is based on debt. Debt does not help the people, it smothers the people’s ability to succeed. Christine LaGarde resigns from the IMF in the hopes that she gets the job at the ECB. [CB] changing of the guard, partriots move coming soon.

Define Psychological Projection, Something Big is About to Happen – Episode 1918b

X-22 Report, Political & Geopolitical News, July 16, 2019

The elite are panicking, the [DS], MSM are pushing the race card (“Trump is a ‘racist'”) to distract from what is really happening. All part of the plan. Omar parents have a very interesting past. Did Trump tweet out his comments to bring attention to something we all should be looking at. The elite are now using excuses of why they were involved with Epstein, they are trying to get ahead of the story. MSM is now pushing stories about SR, Julian Assange, something big is about to happen, Watch the news. Q drops more bread, the [DS] wants division, define projection.

The Great Awakening Has Started, [SA], [Epstein] Access Closed, Boom!

The Great Awakening Has Started, [SA], [Epstein] Access Closed, Boom!

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, July 16, 2019

The MSM and politicians have attacked Trump in regards to his tweets. Nancy Pelosi is creating a resolution to stop Trump. Trump and his administration create new asylum laws, the flow of migrants will come to a trickle. Iran says ready to talk, US is not. Q drops more bread, Epstein access closed, make the connections, Federal charges against Smollett are coming, The Great Awakening.

Deep State Baited, the Island is the Key, Nothing Can Stop What is Coming – Episode 1915b

Deep State Baited, the Island is the Key, Nothing Can Stop What is Coming – Episode 1915b

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, July 12, 2019

CA passes a law, Presidential hopefuls must show your tax return. Barr is moving forward with the investigations. Flynn’s new attorney goes after fake dossier, FISA warrant. The Democrats expose their real plan for America, it’s exactly what we thought it was. AOC, Pelosi, and HRC explain how to avoid ICE. Rep Gooden says people that break the law in this country that is sedition. Q drops more bread, Wheels Up, flight logs, look at those people that went to the island. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Acosta Bombshell: Epstein & CIA, July 19, Murdered Arkansas Senator Exposing Child Sex Trafficking

Acosta Bombshell: Epstein & CIA, July 19, Murdered Arkansas Senator Exposing Child Sex Trafficking


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Power, Control, Everything Has Shifted, Stealth Bomber Incoming – Episode 1914b

Power, Control, Everything Has Shifted, Stealth Bomber Incoming – Episode 1914b

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, July 12, 2019

Video produced showing Trump did not forcibly kiss the staffer. Trump was right, arrests in Puerto Rico, corruption, using Federal Aid for other purposes. Mueller team finished their investigation before the midterm, why did he wait so long, we know why. Jerry Epstein ties go really deep. Pelosi’s aides explain to migrants how to avoid ICE. The Deep State pushes its agenda in Iran, it is not working, a new deal is coming. Q drops more bread (threads), Planned Parenthood will be in the news. Voter ID will be making the news, JA will shine the light on the DNC hack story. Stealth bomber incoming, the shift in power and control has begun and the DS is panicking.