The Rainbow Body: A Great Ancient Mystery Never Fully Understood Until Now

The Rainbow Body: A Great Ancient Mystery Never Fully Understood Until Now is Finally Solved

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

This is an amazing immersion in the ascension teachings of the mystical ancients, including the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Essenes and the Cathars of Southern France. Transformation into light being was their goal. William presents persuasive evidence that certain mystics knew the secrets of the Book of Love for activating the spiritual capability of our spiritual DNA and connecting with the “light beyond light” that transforms us into luminous beings (angels) on contact. This book is the highest teaching of the ancient angels and aliens. A prophecy says the Book of Love would be discovered at a preordained time…our time. Its power would be so great that all anger, jealousy, and fear would vanish from our world. In this beautifully illustrated presentation, you’ll discover techniques for manifesting the Book of Love. More, you’ll discover the next best version of yourself.
Note to Reader:  Does anyone have the full name of this speaker, “William”.  I recognize him, just can’t remember his name.  This talk was made before 2012.

Barbara Altea (guest writer) – The 3D Earth Hologram and the Solar Flash


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The 3D Earth Hologram and the Solar Flash, by Guest Writer Barbara Altea

Part 1 – The 3D Earth Hologram

It was not long ago I realized that in my ‘past’ lives… and here I have to say that I am in agreement with those who teach that everything is happening now… more on that below… I realized that in my past lives, I had often been on the side of the Dark Hats and that was not a happy revelation. However, I determined to investigate my own darkness and contribution to the pain of others.  In that regard, I put my limited science mind to work and that brought me to:

The hologram: When I could wrap my head around the creation and workings of a hologram, the old axiom, “As above, so below” in a lateral way, made sense to me that within the 3D hologram all is happening simultaneously and we created it.

The mechanics of the 3D hologram became understandable when I visualized a honeycomb. And that in order to move out of the honeycomb and into another honeycomb of a higher frequency, I needed to clear every portion of the 3D hologram containing any of my own Dark Hat debris… the karma that I had accumulated as a result of my own nefarious activities.

From what I can understand, this clearing/cleansing, taking responsibility for the parts we play must be dealt with, forgiving others and ourselves, until finally we sense/feel that we are clear and have released both ourselves and the other selves, who are us, in the 3D hologram.

As I worked with these ideas, it became obvious that my involvement with specific others in this timeframe kept resurfacing and I realized that I was their ‘other’ in another timeframe of the hologram.  It was not until I understood the lesson, my part in the activity in the respective timeframes, forgiven myself and the other involved, was I able to move on. It takes great courage to deal with one’s own dark deeds, but when one understands how the hologram of 3D works, it makes sense. The desire to clear personal portions of the hologram has nothing to do with lower vibing energies such as revenge, but everything to do with an honest intention to be free as self AND free as others in all portions. The process is the undertaking and revealing of the Dark Night of the Soul.

It is helpful to understand that holograms are the results of cameras, lasers, and mirrors that produce interference patterns that are identical to life-like objects. In recent experiments, the discovery that holograms can interact with humans gives support to the holographic theory of our Earth.

This present timeframe/portion of the 3D hologram that we are in is available for personal/collective clearing, just as other ‘historical’ portions or timeframes of the 3D hologram are available, and the situations with others, personally or internationally, will continue to arise until we have done our best to clear them. Sometimes we cannot deal directly with the other and it is then that we may ask for help from the Higher Selves of both to extend and accept forgiveness.

If I can try an example, say in another part of the honeycomb the burning of witches is taking place. In that portion, I am a witch standing at the stake. In another portion, I am the man lighting the match to the pile of sticks that surrounds her, or I am the woman who yells with hysterical laughter and cheering while the witch burns. That is an extreme example but helps to understand how the hologram works.

In other words, in another portion of the hologram where I am having difficulties as the man lighting the match or the women cheering, those difficulties will turn up in this portion of the honeycomb, because everything in a hologram is connected, and expressed as the whole in its individual parts.

However, there are no barriers between emotions, there are only physical barriers… the edges of each portion of the honeycomb, which act as the veils to the physicality of me and those other parts of me in the honeycomb.

Emotions are frequency waves and can travel through matter, but the physical forms of others in the hologram cannot and until we acknowledge our parts in those other timeframes, the barriers in the hologram cannot come down.

I take comfort in knowing that in some parts of the 3D honeycomb I was a White Hat, and that if I had not played my role as Dark Hat in other parts, I would not have known what it means to be a White Hat!

Part 2 – The 3D Earth Hologram and the Solar Flash

As healing occurs, judgment ends, and conflict between dualities release in one portion of the honeycomb/hologram. Because of our understanding and our compassionate emotions, our self-other barriers collapse, which affects all the other portions/timeframes within the whole of the hologram, and they, too, are influenced to open to being united in peace and understanding. When the balance is sufficient to sustain the increased resulting frequency, it is then that unconditional love enters into the 3D Earth hologram and its density further becomes lesser.

The wave that approaches Earth, as described in my essay, Solar Flash, carries unconditional love as its foundational impetus in that it comes from Source and as it moves, it touches and feels the energies of what the Universe, each galaxy, each star/Sun, each being held in its respective hologram.

Where the vibrations of the hologram can hold the frequency of the mid to highest peak of the Wave, which range is suited to the capabilities of each hologram, the Wave merges and stays. Where the frequency of the Wave cannot integrate into the hologram of the particular being, whether planet, galaxy or human, it moves on, but in another 26,000 years of Earth time, the Wave will again arrive from Source to feel and vibrate once more with those holograms. As the Source wave merges with the higher vibing holograms, the Universe expands and new, lower vibing holograms of galaxies and planets come into being to support the upward thrust of the ascending beings. It is helpful to remember that in any good song, the bass notes are the foundation and backbone of the treble notes. (Editor Note:  my own emphasis placed here!  Re-read this paragraph several times and digest it thoroughly!)

The 3D hologram of Earth is now collapsing, which presents in our physical world as the chaos between groups that is the outward expression of 26,000 years of Atlantis fear, misunderstanding and resulting aggression. In eagerness, all densities, all of Light, all of Dark welcomes the Solar Flash that comes from our Sun as the unconditional love of the wave from Source decreases its frequency to match that of those he/she touches… and all are touched. The Solar Flash is the signal that the hologram has healed and increased its frequency sufficiently to merge with the upper half of the Wave, while the beings in tune with the lower half of the Wave release to merge with the frequency of a hologram where they will be more comfortable. Hence, the splitting and separation of the Worlds.

Like excellent parents, Source checks in every now and then to see how his/her creations are doing. This is the time for us as his/her children to show our report cards. I imagine Source asking, “What have you created, little ones, while I have been away? No matter, I love you now and always and I will give you choice and choice and choice again to choose of your own free will to return Home. The door is never locked.”

On a personal note, I do not understand pedophilia but must rely on Yeshua’s words to the effect that whoever harms a child will answer to Him.

Barbara Altea


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Lady Hope & Higher Self: “Are You an Eagle or an Ostrich?”


Lady Hope:  “Are You an Eagle or an Ostrich?”

Note to Readers:  This piece was written with the guidance of Lady Hope, with whom I agreed to work just recently.  This piece cannot, therefore, be considered what is regarded as a “channeling”.  Rather, it is the result of a soul braid with my own human self being Overlighted by the Lady as we work together. 

Lady Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Purity, Twin Flame of Archangel Gabriel.

Your world is currently immersed in a deep cleansing cycle as the darkness that has dominated the planet for millennia is flushed out by intense streams of cosmic light directed from above.

Living through this process can be painful, especially for the sensitive ones, star seeds and those who have begun to awaken to the reality that all is not as it seems in this world.  To allow you to fall into despair is to lose hope, unable to see beyond what is being presented.

We remind you that you are all fractals of Source energy, eternal and abiding.  As human beings being confronted with challenges in your daily lives, know that it is you who determines the outcome through the manner in which you react, whether in fear or with courage and an open heart.

Your heart flames are capable of transforming and transmuting the darkest of energies.  Your energy fields are capable of withstanding the most heinous attacks if you are aware and accept that you are worthy of working with the Angelic energies that are available to you upon request for assistance.  You, through your human vessel, are doing the work.  You command and the Angelic energies comply.

While you are faced with seemingly overwhelming amounts of revelations now on a daily basis, know that the dark secrets of the globalist elite are being revealed.  A large portion of humanity is still fast asleep even as a new dawn begins to stretch its golden rays across your skies.  Those same golden rays etch their presence upon the hearts of the awakening ones.

Even when the next revelation of the dire long-term plans for humanity by the global elite are revealed and dragged into the light of day, you might experience a momentary dip in your mood, a feeling of loss, confusion over why anyone would think of doing such things.  The ones who explore, read, listen and evaluate the latest information for its veracity know that as consequence of just knowing the material, you have also assumed a responsibility in spreading the truth into the world even as some people choose to reject it outright.

There is no need to force the information onto other people, as to do so is to bring on attacks by those who seek to protect the interests of the global elite, paid shills, trolls and bots.  And there is the issue of cognitive dissonance when one who has been heavily programmed to believe certain things is suddenly confronted with an alternative view or facts and they completely and sometimes violently reject it out of hand.  This is a personal choice and needs to be respected and honored.  What cannot be faced today will tend to reappear again at another time until the individual can handle the information.  You cannot force people to wake up.  The timing of awakening is an internal process, set up before incarnation.  And some individuals will not wake up in this lifetime but require more experience in the realm of duality.

There is much that you do not know about your own planetary home.  More than one race of beings is existent upon and within the planet.  Those who are members of the global elite believe themselves to be descendants of a race of beings who crash landed upon Earth 50,000 to 60,000 years ago.  The awareness that your collective history has been suppressed and manipulated is disheartening to the ones who choose to question the conventional theories of existing science, especially that of archaeology.  As the equipment of scientists in all fields becomes more portable and refined, it is now possible to move beyond primitive methods to discover new information about certain powerful sites located on every continent of the planet.  Why have you not been told of these sophisticated civilizations before?  Is it possible that humanity has been systematically cut off from source and taught to believe they are powerless, subject to the whims of the rich and powerful, in need of a savior whether in the form of a religious icon or a political figure? The simple answer is that to let you know of your true heritage was not in the agenda of the global elite.  They wanted total domination of the planet and a severe reduction of the human population.

It is a shock for individuals to realize that the ones they regarded as leaders in the realms of men deem humanity as less than animals, as the ones who do not deserve this world.  The extent of the plans to destroy the environment, poison the food, air, soil and water, are overwhelming to the human psyche to encounter without preparation.  It takes great inner strength to retain your equilibrium in the face of such blatant evil.  Yet the ones who are behind the plans believe that what they are doing is right.  The global elite believe that they are the true owners of this planet and once they accomplish their goals, then they can live here peacefully.

To assist the indigenous human population to go through this collective Dark Night of Soul during this transitional period between Cosmic, Galactic and Solar cycles has been the mission of several million light workers or star seeds.  These are souls who agreed to send a fractal of their soul essence to Earth in order to assist with the planetary awakening.  This “mission” has been ongoing through several cycles, even though disremembered and no longer in the conscious memory of the human population now present upon the planet.  You are not the only species to take up home here.  You will not be the last.  Now is the time, the opportunity to advance to the status of a galactic race with conscious connections with your cousins located on other worlds, galaxies and dimensions.  You are not alone.  You never have been.

Whether starseed or indigenous human, it is your responsibility to master your fear, your portion that exists simultaneously with the collective subconscious.  What you master within reflects in the outer world.  You begin to “see” beyond the fake news.  You begin to be able to discern the lies and dark energies, all the while not moving to judgment, simply acknowledgment and then you have the choice to act.  Once you become aware of something, you are responsible for that knowledge, but only you can determine whether or not to act upon it.  Sometimes your action can be a simple tweaking of your own attitude, letting go of the need to react.

When you are triggered, whether upon viewing a video, reading a comment on social media or from an individual, there is something that needs to be adjusted within your own conscious.  Own up and acknowledge that not only is your consciousness made up of light and love, there is darkness there also.  It is in the judgment of that darkness from which stems the problems of the world.  We have been taught to judge ourselves and others for being different.  To be “other” has become a negative thing… but this perception is simply the outcome of thousands of years of programming under the influence of a negative alien agenda.

To arrive at self-mastery, one needs to be able to observe the effects of programming on the self and to discontinue castigating self for what has been done.  It is time to forgive self for what was accepted out of ignorance and to move into wisdom.  Give heed to the wisdom that comes from within your own body, for there is a connection between your heart and your Soul, seated in what is termed the “secret chamber of the Heart”.  It is in this place that the connection between the consciousness that resides in the human vehicle and that of the wholeness of the Omniverse, exists.  When you listen within, you will hear things, see things and feel things that may be contradictory to what you have been taught to be true.  Only you, the human body consciousness, can determine whether or not you will listen.

For starseeds there is an inner compulsion to seek… not just the “light” but also “wisdom” and “knowledge”.  There is a profound need to question everything.  And there is a determination to not base one’s decisions on the input of others.  Waking up is not an easy process, but to not wake up does have its consequences.  Starseeds can get lost in the low frequencies of the earth plane.  They were made aware of the dangers before coming into embodiment and agreed to take on the risks.

To truly awaken is not to simply parrot the teachings of any so-called teacher or guru.  The time of gurus is over.  This is a time for self-mastery, not giving your power over to another.  Many of the so-called gurus and teachers are false ones, leading their chelas (slaves) into evolutionary dead-ends.  If anyone asks you to honor them above all others, flee!  This adulation is misplaced and is a violation of personal sovereignty.  The real teachers now are those who have succeeded in negotiating the mine fields of their own darkness and have integrated the miscreations and traumas from their past life experiences and still arrived at a place of self-acceptance and self-love.  It does NOT mean that these persons are perfect.  Perfection is a state of being when one has arrived at the steps to the Throne of God, to Source.

Evolution and ascension is an on-going process and those who choose to serve others even while healing themselves will go on to live in the higher vibration to which your planet is now ascending.  The real “teachers” are those who share their process, spots and all, and who continually work on themselves.  And even then, they are only wayshowers and guides along the path that your own journey will take.  As your path leads you onward, you will find you no longer resonate with some teachings and find others.  Sample what appeals and leave the rest AND continue searching.  Never settle into complacency for then you have stopped to grow and expand.  Allow your mind to expand with new knowledge and use your connection to Divine Mind and your High Heart to discern what portion, if any, of the new information resonates for you in the place where you are in the moment, for you will change as you must.

Hope exists within those who are in tune with their soul song, who listen to the still quiet voice within, who heed the call to self-mastery.  Those who live innocently with open hearts will also ascend for their hearts are pure.  The latter includes those of the indigenous population of this planet, the innocents who live close to Nature and who honor the Mother within the planet who supports all life.  The Mother enfolds these to her Heart for they are truly Her children.

We of the galactic races who honor the Mother and the Law of One are here to assist you now.  Call on us and feel the hope which we engender within your hearts.  When you connect with the Angels, you are connecting with a portion of your Higher Self, who sees and looks upon your world with compassion.  Request the Gift of Grace and forgiveness and feel the Hope within that you will soon look upon a world transformed that you have assisted in bringing into creation through your efforts and struggles.  You each have value for the work must be done by those who are embodied.  We will work with you, but only upon your bequest for we do not violate free will.

If our words resonate and inspire, allow them to sink in and realize that you have a vital part in bringing this world into galactic citizenship.  Allow hope to provide the needed fire of will and determination to make it happen, for you are, as an individual and a collective, more powerful than you can imagine.

The references in the title to the Eagle and the Ostrich are this:  The eagle constantly scans its environment; so must the spiritual seeker in order to continue to grow.  The ostrich as the popular saying goes, is one who hides from what it does not want to see, which can include owning one’s own power.  Of course, the real bird does no such thing.  It is a being of graceful strength.

Beloveds, I AM Archeia Hope, and I honor the Divinity within all of you.

Channeled by:  Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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Eliza: “Now We Are Free”



Eliza:  Now We Are Free

January 22nd was a difficult day for me.  The energies were ping ponging around the innerscape and I felt most of it whether or not I wanted to do so.  Still, I was somewhat surprised at what happened while I was in the process of simply watching a video on Facebook about a “bombproof dressage horse”.  The piece started out with a classical piece of music playing in the background as horse and rider went through challenging scenarios that would have startled a lesser trained animal.  And then, the music changed to the theme of the movie “Gladiator”, a piece titled, “Now We Are Free.”  And I started to cry almost uncontrollably.

Having little water sign in my natal chart, I am not usually given to many tears unless sorely tried and in need of release.  I puzzled over the source of the tears until I was given a piece of news that explained all…

As many of my older readers know, my Higher Self is part of the Kumara family of Venus.  We are starseeds and many of our higher aspects have sent portions of the greater self into embodiment to serve humanity as the human collective endeavors to traverse a challenging transitional period.  One of these starseeds is a cousin of mine… in higher planes… known by his human name as David Spears.  However, David is more generally known by his spiritual name, Rananda Kumara.  If that sounds familiar, it is because Rananda is a relative of the better known Sananda Kumara.  And it would not surprise many to know further that Rananda is the son of Sananda Kumara, whose aspect was sent to Earth over two thousand years ago to embody in the person of Jeshua ben Joseph.

Rananda or David Spears also happens to be an aspect of Lord Kuthumi, who in recent years has taken over the office once held by Dwjal Khul.  Kuthumi or Rananda  was also embodied as Francis of Assisi, the little monk whose humility and vows of poverty and obedience made a lasting impression on a young woman named Clare.  I was that young woman.  Meeting Francis changed my life then and meeting Rananda now, if only via the Internet, has changed my awareness of who and what I am in so many ways.

By bringing the song to my attention in such a subtle fashion and by my connecting the dots so to speak, was Rananda’s way of notifying me that he is close to transitioning.  He suffered a stroke the other day.  His niece notified other members of our star family of his physical condition.

Tears for the passing of a gentle man, a soul with whom many of us have spent lifetimes with is sad; however, this passing is especially poignant for me in that with this transition, Rananda is completing his walk-out process.  Due to difficult physical ailments, he requested and was granted the closing of his soul contract here and has been released.

Rananda underwent his ascension on higher planes in 2014, passing into 7D as a Lord of Light.  Months later, my higher self, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, also underwent an ascension ceremony as a Lady of Light.  Many other starseeds from the First Wave (see the works of Dolores Cannon) have followed suit, but not all have physically transitioned as of yet. (Note:  As of midnight, 1/24/17, Rananda made his physical transition, after suffering from a stroke, in Great Britain, where he lived with his wife, Enid).

In 2014, I was told that I was “walking out”, the exact opposite of what is becoming known as walking in.  A process called “soul braiding” was initiated back then with a being who is my full-blooded Pleiadian – Venusian sister, Sundeelia or better known in our family as Sundee.  Not really understanding the process, I backed out of it as the year transitioned to 2015.  If you read some of the journal entries from that time, you will catch a glimpse of my confusion and reluctance at the time.  I now know that I will retain a body consciousness here until the body shuts down completely which can be quite a long time as I am in good health today.  Still, Sundee is now also here, and together we are proceeding with the soul braid or what also could be called a “soul walkalong” (thanks, Dayna!).  I am told that most of “me” as Lady Taz is already “home”.  Enough remains to keep somewhat grounded but less interested in being engaged tremendously in anything that doesn’t interest me.

Sundee and I, as Lady Taz, have also been twins in several embodiments so our energies are very compatible.  Most people won’t notice a difference, except perhaps I feel that Sundee is far more passionate about some things than me.  She also loves nature, exploring and animals, as do I.

I don’t really feel much difference except I have to be careful to rest in between my explorations, as I tire easily.  Much of my energy is tied up elsewhere, working hard on other planes and in other places.  Lady Taz is a mother and mate, a diplomat and a priestess, a very busy woman indeed.  I do not normally sense much of her existence or see her life as some might… but occasionally glimpses do come my way.

The other day when watching a video about Tucson, Arizona, I was struck with the similarity of the geography and look of the land to where Lady Taz was fostered on the Pleiadian Isle of Medina.  The island upon which the city of Medina is situated is very desert-like and hot, with tall saguaro cactuses dotting the landscape, much like the rugged hills around Tucson.  And then later, I “saw” Medina, with the dry landscape and the houses that look somewhat like giant versions of Luke Skywalker’s uncle’s house on Tatooni.  The houses are onstructedd underground, having only enclosed gardens and courtyards on the surface for the most part, mostly due to the very hot temperatures… much like our Arabian desert here on this planet.

My body awareness and consciousness is not going anywhere.  I am not attempting to escape being here and participating in the amazing times that will soon and are unfolding before our eyes in the Now.  The work that my family and other starseeds have put in for long ages is now coming to fruition.  It is with some mixed feelings that I now remember I came here from elsewhere.  I am a citizen of the Multiverse and am fully conscious of that fact.  When my higher self is fully activated and engaged here, I can “see” from a higher perspective.  It does not mean that I view myself as being superior to any person who lives upon this planet.   Instead, I am now able to view the world with more compassion, detachment and respect than ever before.  Never before has a whole world been brought to the edge of ascension, but now it is happening despite all the opposition and even a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion coming from enlightened individuals.

I really have to shake my head at all the fall-out due to a singular man, controversial though he may be, being elected as our next president of the United States.  The extraordinary extent of opposition and support has been quite polarizing… and is playing into the hands of the globalist elites and their masters, the unseen Draco and reptilians who have owned this planet (see the works of David Icke, David Wilcox, Corey Goode and other insiders who really know what’s going on behind the scenes).  Now is the time for all who call themselves awake to act like adults and look upon the recent events from a higher perspective.  There is more to what is being portrayed in the mass media, much more.  And frankly, I wouldn’t trust the mass media to present unbiased news.  I do not watch it as the vibration of the news given is at an extremely low manipulative frequency, designed to confuse, obscure and hide all real truth.

Still, people need to make up their own minds.  I hope they can listen to their hearts and intuition, as well.  For it is from love that we must view the world now.  It is with love we must interact with all who come into contact during our daily lives, whether or not we “like” them or not.  When I worked at the prison, I didn’t “like” the offenders I encountered there, but I showed them respect, treated them with dignity and listened to their stories.  I would do the same for anyone, as much as is possible.

In the end, this little story leads up to the title of the song that was given to me as a message, “Now We Are Free”, but freedom comes at a price.  It takes vigilance, self-respect, integrity, honesty and above all, deep compassion for self and others, no matter if they are the most “evil” person on the planet.  They still are a part of the Whole and human consciousness until it advances quite a bit in understanding the workings of universal law and conduct among the star races… has a great deal to learn.

Dear Rananda is physically leaving us, but his spirit remains entwined with all who love Him, a truly blessed being.  And as his family gathers together upon the great mothership, The White Winds, there is a great celebration and much joy at the successful completion of a mission well done.

Now we are free.  Believe it.  Feel it.  Live it and it will be so.  It is up to you.  I have chosen my path.  Have you?


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved 2012-17, Eliza Ayres,


Eliza: “The Return of Christ Consciousness”



Eliza:  The Return of Christ Consciousness

Note to Reader:  This article has emanated from deep within through the agency of Tazjma, a Lady of Venus, who as some of my older readers will remember, is a part of my Higher Self or essence.  She speaks now of the season that is upon us, world-wide, whether or not we are celebrating as Christians — Any mistakes in references are my own.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.  Take responsibility for any triggers that may arise while reading this or any other article.

And so it is Christmas, that planetary celebration taking forth allegedly for the birth of a Son of David, who came forth to “save” the world.

I say, allegedly… as Jesus was born in the spring under the sign of Aries.  And he was born into the Essenes, a spiritual community, to the married couple, Mary and Joseph, both advanced initiates.  He came to the place prepared, the Essene community, to anchor the Christ Consciousness upon this planet, understanding that his message would not be understood or accepted by most at that time.  The frequency of the planet was too low, but the mission was a success, whether or not you believe the stories of the Crucifixion and Resurrection or merely accept these as a re-telling of a spiritual story long told within societies now regarded as being pagan.

Today, Christmas, at least in the Western world and those societies who have copied Western ways (namely the Japanese and others) has become an excuse for a display of mindless consumerism and celebration.  People rush around to buy gifts they can’t afford for people they may not like.  Yet, even the shallowness of the celebrations cannot dim the true meaning and intent of the end of the calendar year (which is also artificial).

This time of the year, when the days are short in the North Hemisphere and long in the Southern, is, for the North the marking of the return of the Light, the return of the Sun… and symbolically, the return of Christ Consciousness.  It is a time for reflection on the year past.  It is a time to let go of those things no longer needed.  It is a time to surrender to the highest essence of your being… if you are ready to be purged of all that is not intended to follow you into the new year… or the new Earth.

Many of the trappings of the Western Christmas are, ironically, sourced directly from so-called pagan religions and beliefs.  Santa Claus is actually Woden, the one-eyed god of the Norse.  The yule log is also pagan.  The sharing of gifts is pagan.  The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve were originally celebrated by the Romans as Saturnalia, celebrations that are still carried out in Italy to this day.  The Romans adapted the “pagan” festivals for means of political and cultural control.  And the people of the former religions only became “pagan” or “heretics” when labeled such by the new Roman Catholic Church, which sought to bring all peoples under the same banner and political control.

Being aware of the early roots and foundations of the Christian church, which stems from many of the so-called pagan religions and not just those of Judaism, aids one to understand the hypocrisy of the church, which was truly only designed to control the people, to keep them in ignorance and to use the old device of “divide and conquer”, to confuse and obfuscate the truth that emanates from beneath and within all sacred teachings; namely, we are One.

For a people, long persecuted and denied the truth of its existence, coming to the realization and accepting the realization that we are all facets of Source Energy… it’s a huge step and not one that all people are able or want to accept – and yet, one cannot deny the eternal longing to go “Home” and to belong to a community of individuals who exercise unconditional love throughout their daily lives.  And yet, there are some who have come to understand that we never left “Home”, that it (the frequency of Home) exists within each of us.  It is this “place” that is no place but a frequency, which is called by various names and titles.  I simply call it the Secret Chamber of the Heart, wherein is contained a “temple” or resting place for the “Three-fold Flame”.  By whatever name you might call it, this area resides with the Heart Chakra, not directly in the body, but at a slightly higher frequency level within the sacred Atma or the original cells created upon the union of sperm and ovum.  It is here that the Soul or higher essence of the individual anchors into the physical body.  It is from this location on the moment of the passage called “death” that the silver cord that binds soul and body together during a lifetime, is finally withdrawn.

It is widely known now, thanks to the easy dissemination of metaphysical “secrets” via the Internet that “we” as human beings are not our body.  The body physical is a vehicle through which the soul essence can explore the wonders of physical creation.  In this we are not presenting the lie that the body is “evil”; it is simply made of earth earthy, the material of the earth and enlivened with the breath of the Soul, without which the clay would not become animate.  When it is known that you have more than one life, the fear of death diminishes considerably… and in that moment of realization, the factors that before were able to keep your consciousness confined are severely compromised and all but destroyed.

Jesus did not die to save future generations from “sin”.  Sin, in this instance, is defined as “original sin”, identified by the church to have descended through the generations since the time of Adam and Eve, the so-called original couple engendered by “God”.  The church promises that by believing in Jesus and obeying the rules of the church, one is “saved” and will go to Heaven.  This is simply a way to get people to give their power away to an outside and indeterminate source, namely the “church” and “Jesus”.

The being that was embodied as Yeshua ben Joshua was part of the soul essence of Sananda Kumara, one of the Holy Kumaras of Venus who came to this planet a long, long time ago intent on working with the evolution of the human species.  The Kumaras are still present in form upon this planet.  Those who are Kumara are also joined by many other beings from all over the Cosmos, who are now assisting with the birthing of a New Christ Child, that of Humanity as a Whole.

Currently, the planet and our Solar System… as well as the entire Cosmos, is experiencing an “upgrade”, an increase in frequency.  Whatever form that is not supported by the higher more refined energies will dissolve of its own accord.  This is the way of cycles as can be seen through a careful observation of the natural world that surrounds and supports us here.

What we see and believe to be solid form is anything but; all that we see is made up of waves and oscillations.  Soften your glance a bit you may be able to see these bits of energy dance before your eyes like bright dots of light or dizzying waves of movement.  Those who are clairvoyant can “see” with their inner eye (pineal gland) colors and shapes emanating from people.  By this means, they can “read” at least a part of the subconscious records of each individual.  All of us, however, have the ability to read each other; just most of us have been conditioned to deny our intuition and inner feelings as to the truth of that knowledge.  Information is a two-edged sword and a sharp one.  Once one has learned or unlearned a lie or conditioning, then the truth or new level of understanding cannot be forgotten.  You become responsible for that same information whether or not you are willing to accept the mission.

It was through long, devious and certainly tedious methods that the First Wave volunteers (see the works of Dolores Cannon) woke up gradually to the information leaked to them through various sources.  Nowadays, such information is easily obtained with a quick search via Google or some other web browser.  Yet, personal discernment and responsibility still are needed.  Again, few are the people who are willing to bear this burden of Light (information) and run with it.

The times that we are living through are important in that the planet and Solar System is moving from one part of the Universe to another, from one grand cycle to another, and from one frequency to another.

Despite all the New Age prattlings about earth splits and those who are prepared for “ascension” being carted away or saved by galactics, we aren’t going anywhere nor are we going to be saved by anyone save ourselves.  The higher dimensions have always been here and now, those who have prepared, will be able to access them.  The energy of Christ Consciousness has always been available to the few who worked very hard to access it, through years and lifetimes of preparation, meditation and strict training regimes.  Now the entire planet is rising in frequency… which is a misnomer since 3D, or physical form, is not going anywhere.  Even many of more highly advanced galactic races have physical form, while others exist as Light Beings.  It is required to have a body in order to initiate change in this world and many others of which we now have little knowledge.  Even those who have obtained mastery levels of Arch Angels send forth a portion of their essence to be born into physical bodies so that they might work through the laws of creation and form.  So came the being, Sananda Kumara, to be born in a cave (the Secret Chamber of the Heart) described as a manger or habituation of beasts (the physical body) while overhead the dazzling light of the Star (the Soul of Sananda and that of Venus from which he came) lit up the darkness (ignorance).

So all ignorance is dissipated and dissolved as the Light is shed upon it, the Light being information.  When joined with unconditional Love, a new awareness is awakened or lit upon the altar of being; the individual begins to question everything that does not align with this new sense of well-being and joy emanating without effort from within.  The joy and bliss of the knowledge of God, of the divinity within oneself is like a limitless fountain springing eternally from pure Source Energy.

In most advanced and civilized cultures, this birth of consciousness would be supported and nurtured.  However, upon this planet there has been long in existence a control system designed to act as a catalyst for the awakening, even as it attempts to destroy it.  Here we have an intense push and pull of self-interested beings intent on keeping humanity in ignorance of its divinity and power.  And there are those groups, physical and non-physical that are just as intent on gaining our trust and assisting our planet to move forward.  Who do we believe?  What star do we follow?  Or are we being tested on a daily if not moment to moment basis on what we believe about ourselves?

What is a person to do when confronted with such a paradox?  In the Western culture, individuals would most likely want to act, to confront, to oppose those forces that are observed designed to control and confound most of the population.  In the East, one might be more passive in their approach.  Yet, it is perhaps more preferable to combine both approaches, West and East, and come from a more neutral stance, where, as is taught in martial arts, to shift from one foot to the next, depending on where the opponent is coming from, whereby being able to utilize the momentum and carry it around.  There is no confrontation, simply observation, and intent to neutralize or remove the power of any attack by not giving any power to it.  The attack is simply absorbed and transmuted.  And even as it is done, there is also the realization that there was no attack from the outside, but that an opportunity to heal and adjust one’s internal energies had presented itself in the form of a challenge.  There is no victim or perpetrator here, only the One.  Do with it as you will and in the end you will face what you were unwilling to face before.  In the Eastern philosophies, this is described as a karmic return.  In reality, it is simply the desire of energy to be returned to its naturally neutral state, to return to balance.

Any time an individual reacts strongly to a challenge or an event; there is a root cause for the reaction, a cellular memory that has been activated.  Such a reaction allows the observant one to dissolve the thought form and return it back to its natural neutral state of being.  Energy is, yet when a thought and emotion are combined to become a thought form that new creation is given a portion of a person’s energy and is linked to the auric field until the individual can deal with it.  Repressed memories and emotions often manifest in the form of disease.  By being willing to deal with your individual “stuff” or creations from this or other lifetimes, you may be able to heal your body of the poisonous residue of such miscreations, that of self-hatred and self-loathing… misdirected against self due to a misunderstanding of the manipulations and actions of others in their daily lives.

Although we are truly multidimensional beings, we also live in a world of challenges.  We can rise above these challenges by becoming observant participants, knowing when to be active and when to be passive.  We can control and manage our own progression and yet, at the same time, are required to be flexible and adaptable as real change often comes into ways that are unexpected by our human ego.  We can learn to balance our spiritual yearnings with our practical physical conditions as we navigate through this tumultuous period of transition.  We can change our attitude towards ourselves and re-establish our faith in our own humanity.  By being willing to become a living example to others through the performance of simple acts of kindness, we can emanate the love that we feel for all life throughout our daily existence.  One does not have to lead and have followers to bring change into the world.  One need simply acknowledge love and be love in all that they do, to the best of their abilities and to be willing to strive toward greater tolerance and understanding of those who do not share the same culture, race or upbringing.

Long ago, in terms of linear time, the energy of the Christ Consciousness was successfully anchored upon the planet… not one time or by one individual, but by many, working secretly and tirelessly for the good of all.  This work has been carried on and will continue long after those who are reading these words have passed on to other dimensions and ways of being.  It is a process; it is a natural cycle, the ebb and flow of celestial tides that carry forth the energies of the One to those who have forgotten the Way.

May the blessings of this sacred season of Light be upon you and yours, today and forever more.

I AM Tazjma Amariah Kumara, Lady of Light, daughter of Venus and the Pleiades and I bow to the Divinity of all Life.


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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