Patriot Intel Report, June 5, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 5, 2020


Economics: No major fluctuations up or down.

Geopolitical/Energetics Overlay: Today is a Full Moon lunar eclipse. It’s going to be INTENSE! Civil unrest, the Perfect Storm that peaks on 21st of June. This is a tough time, you need to be strong, have faith… the next 8 or 9 days might have events that try your heart. Major overlay: refer to reports from Laura Walker, Oracle Report. Saggitarius squared to Mars, angry – focuses anger on love relationships. if there are underlying issues in a relationship, you will be experiencing something difficult. Energetics of breakups, divorces, separations. If you’re in a solid relationship, you’ll be fine, god-ordained. You can weather bad times and good times, patience and respect. This energetic overlay can turn minor irritations into major conflicts. This can play out in all relationships… including politics. ANGER coming to the surface or suffer from emotional attacks from others. Energetic overlay applies to geopolitical situation. Avoid of being overly defensive. Courage is needed to face whatever is in opposition. Venus retrograde, difficulties with love, past life experiences with ‘old’ loves. Love and hate, increased sex drive, anger… frustration, loss and regret. Do not lower your standards.

Threat of war, Mars and Venus retrograde. Portents of war. Not a good omen for strained relationships. Patience and unconditional love are needed to stop frustration and irritation quickly escalating to anger.

Enemies: Democrat Marxists versus Patriots, impulsive actions can lead to war and conflict. Large portions of mankind can be affected by war or earthquakes. Looking at the potential of major conflict with the DS employing all hidden assets. Multiple municipalities threatening to fire all their police. Washington DC mayor (Democrat) ends the curlew and tells the National Guard to leave. The Democrats are calling for a million people to descend on Washington D.C. this weekend. This is WAR! Be aware of this even in your city, suburbs and rural areas. ANTIFA wants to show rural America that they are not safe.

Know God wins, no matter how it looks. The White Hats have the entire MSM against them. Great stories come from difficult, seemingly impossible events.

Earth Changes: Gulf of Mexico… Dead Zone is 10 thousand square miles. Deep Horizon well and pollution killed fish. Could be some major earthquakes, too.

Tip of Day: Increase your situational awareness. Be aware of where you are and who is nearby. If you see a threatening situation, you avert it by not getting into it.

Word of the Day: There is new power coming in your prayers that will open and close doors.

Check the Q Board. Be Safe. WWG1WGA.

Patriot Intel Report, June 4, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 4, 2020


Economic: Mixed markets, no major changes.

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay: HRC/Soros’ funded riots. Before we can replace the old with the new, the old must go! The US is on fire. We knew this was coming. We are in ‘the leveling’. WHO has reversed decision to stop Hydroxychloroquine trials — the info used before to stop/discourage the trials were all lies. Big Pharma can’t make money on this well-tested, plant-based medicine.

Senate Hearings: Rosenstein threw his associates under the bus… McCabe threw him under the bus. Rats eating rats. Wm Barr is thinking of releasing some of the ANTIFA transcripts to expose current politicians, media talking heads and celebrity individuals who have helped coordinate the recent ANTIFA attacks… Project Veritas will be putting out info on ANTIFA. This is an attempted Marxist takedown of the United States! Historical replication — God wins! From those ashes, you can rebuild.

You may see ATMs being blown up… Pittsburg, etc. with explosives. This will be taken down. Attacks around the country. Questions are coming out. When will POTUS invoke the Insurrection Act — possibly after this weekend. Tomorrow, June 5th is an eclipse, full moon. June 21st, eclipse, Father’s Day, Solstice; July 5th Full Moon eclipse. Primary sources, Laura Walker, Oracle Report; Jamie, Astrology King; Andrew Foss, Maria, DarkStar. Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20 Love/Hate, impulsive and angry, moon is squared Mars, opposite Venus. Strong relationships will withstand the eclipse. Impatience, lack of self-control, impulsive actions, danger of war between enemies, earthquakes.

This weekend, heads up! Things will go off the rail. POTUS will not take action unless mayors and governors do not take care of things. War-type energies. Marxist energies. Weather Underground is activated. Barry Sotero (Obama) former President, born in Kenya. His own brother in Kenya has put out birth certificate copies online. Buckle up, Patriots!

Next Friday the 12th, this energy will peak. Get some popcorn, be aware. God wins. We’re going to see some intense things. Did you ever think you would be living through a war in the U.S.

The CA governor is insurrection against the U.S. Pelosi goes out into a crowd… to support people who burned historical monuments and defaced Federal property.

Earth Changes: 5.5 Earthquake in California. Washington State, 80,000 lightning strikes in one storm.

Tip of the Day: Salt. Prep for disruptions. Salt is important in your diet. 98% of world’s population do not live where salt is produced. Keep the salt dry. Look into benefits of salt in your diet.

Word of the Day: God is going to shake things open that were once sealed.

Stay well. Be alert. WWG1WGA!!

Fifth Element: Dark Plan (Monad Decoded) – Gaia Grid

Fifth Element: Dark Plan (Monad Decoded) – Gaia Grid (POTUS in Dreamtime)

Magenta Pixie

Magenta discusses her recent profound dreamtime connection with Donald POTUS and the monadic white paper containing the dark strategy and the countermoves and antidotes from the light teams. The Nine come forward to assist in the analysis of the dreamtime download so that every listener may receive the same keycodes for the monadic light structure that is the 5D chess game playing out on Earth right now. Discussing the importance and role of the starseeds in this strategy and the New Earth teachings of the Gaia Grid.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

Magenta Pixie Website:

Battle strategy of Dark Team, war plan… vs countermoves by the White Alliance…

The Dark Team was a plan to control everything on the planet… and ALL the elements: fire, air, earth, water, and aether. Everything was a ‘target’ of this strategic Dark plan. The recent ‘event’ was just a step in an effort to take over the Earth. Magenta could not see beyond September 21, 2020; it was ALL white…

The white paper was a MONAD. Trigger and activation of the monad… for you, the Starseeds.

Channeled piece from the White-winged Collective of Nine… (the Pleiadian Council of Nine).

Patriot Intel Report, June 2, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, June 2, 2020


“True King of England”… people will know we have covered this topic before… on Phoenix Rising, BlogTalkRadio. Joseph Gregory Hallett. Phoenix researched this back then with Angela Horn, psychic/intuitive from Canada and spoke to him. “The Hidden King of England”, 5-book set, rare books. Phoenix is going to have a special on this subject soon.

Economics: No major changes up or down at this time (daily, 10% or more). Current black swan event. Next economic stimulus may surprise everyone…

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlays: Trump threw down the gaunlet to the governors and mayors. Do your job or we bring in the military to take over your cities and clean the mess up… Curfew now in Washington D.C. Rioters were arrested and being charged with terrorism. Those who are arrested by the military will go through military tribunals. This is an attempted coup to take down the nation. U.S. can declare a State of Emergency if five cities are in trouble. We’re in the midst of “the Perfect Storm” (May 22nd – June 25th). High degree of probability we will see some extreme things happen… this month. This Friday and weekend (full moon), things are going to get INTENSE. The Marxists are backed into a corner and were trying to infiltrate into the suburbs… You have to stand up and say, “NO!” We are living in the energetic overlay of the American Revolution, with the patriots who stood against the Deep State of the day, the British throne. This is a low-level civil war, folks! POTUS declared there will be Law and Order in this Nation! The Marxists lost their freaking minds!

Earth Changes: Flooding in Lapland. Heavy snow melt. Weather extremes.

Tip of Day: Can you protect/defend yourself? Prepare to defend yourselves.

Word of Day: Watch for Angelic activity to increase, as God is assigning new Angels.


Patriot Intel Report, May 25, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, May 25, 2020


Memorial Day in the United States.

Economic: Mixed. US markets closed. No major changes. Takedown of old system in process.

Geopolitical/Astrological Energetics: POTUS is on the offensive. Opening up the nations. First amendment issue. Fake pandemic (death rates lower than predicted/medical fraud with death rates). We are at war, people… Perfect storm started on Friday, the 22nd… Judge Sullivan is corrupt (Lt. Gen. Flynn case). People are done with the lockdown & pumped up hysteria.

Earth Changes: No major.

Tip of Day: Take the mask off. Enough of the nonsense! Be kind about it. Calm.

Word of the Day: You can ignore the swirl of confusion for God is speaking in the midst of the storm…