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Ascension Wave Backlash


As in all major shifts in consciousness and energy there often is a backlash or catch up period to adjust to the new energies. This last wave has brought quite a few bad nasties out of the woodwork. Lightworkers everywhere are being challenged on every level. The Archons are pulling out all the stops to maintain control. It is futile. We are seeing disruptive beings we have never seen before doing all they can to muddy the waters and prevent this shift from happening. Leaders who have aligned with these Archonic energies in their lust for power and wealth are falling apart. Their dark rituals are not working and the forces they call upon are being removed. This leaves them ineffective, dysfunctional and some are becoming blithering idiots exposing themselves for all to see. Never underestimate a cornered animal and they have painted themselves into a corner. The problem is the entities who have been manipulating the fallen humans are being cut loose and they are angry, running amuck. No more than ever it is imperative to maintain one’s self-authority and do clearings. This is your body, your mind, your incarnation and no one has the right to mess with it. This does not mean they won’t try. Center yourself, know what love is and what love is not. Your core essence is a loving, joyous, powerful manifesting God/Goddess. Stand in your divinity. This too shall pass. Practice loving detachment and compassion with those who have not achieved self-mastery. Here is the healing technique to clear these energies. Might have to do them often until these energies settle down.


Be well, James Gilliland



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James Gilliland & ECETI: “Ascension Wave & Pitfalls to Avoid”, May 11, 2019


May 11, 2019, Ascension Wave, Pitfalls to Avoid by James Gilliland

We are in the middle of another major ascension wave. It is coming from the Central Sun telegraphed through the other Suns throughout the Galaxy. Those who are more sensitive will feel the wave arriving on the 9th; it peaks on the 11th, then a few days afterward, it will be vibrationally lifting Humanity and the Earth. These waves are continuous, increasing exponentially and affect people according to their consciousness and degree of Self-Mastery. Even the lightworkers will be challenged to face aspects of themselves, including old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences (during this life or others). No one is immune. It is time to get back to basics. I have found that many who claim to be enlightened or leaders who have forgotten the mirror effect. What I see I am I. In these times, many will succumb to the spiritual ego or their own unfinished business. It will be like being hit by an accelerated boomerang. Within the Spiritual and UFO community, there has been a lot of gossip, competition, power struggles. We have to ask ourselves how does this fit into the practice of seeking enlightenment, practicing leadership or accepting personal responsibility? Whose ignorance and lack of character is being established? The old adage of one finger pointing at others while three fingers are pointing back still applies. Many masters of the past have given us basic rules to apply in order to live in harmony. Gossip is a big one today, self-righteousness is another trap that many people are finding themselves in, tying themselves to other’s wagons. Forgiveness frees everyone. Not forgiving and seeking revenge holds both parties down. Judgment is judgment and we are here for soul evolution and to master judgment.  There is a difference between judgment and discernment. Discernment has no (emotional) charge and comes with self-reflection.

It is said by great thinkers in the past concerning gossip we need to apply these basic rules: 1. Do you have any first-hand experience? 2. How do you know this to be true? 3. Is it beneficial? 4. Has this information triggered unresolved issues within self by distorting the individual’s ability to use discernment? We all have societal programming, wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experience influencing and altering our view. How attached you are to that view is directly proportionate to the wounds, traumas, and programming. Fear of undesirable events reoccurring again creates the same outcome by projection, even if the projection has no basis in reality. One has to forgive the other and does have to not participate in the projection. If one is made aware of the projection and they continue to project, the love of self and tough love sometimes creates distance. 

It is said there are three kinds of business, your business, other people’s business, and God’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We do not have the necessary oversight to know what another soul needs for completion. We do not know what is being worked out or healed (within another person).

“During this shift is it best to get on with one’s own business, we don’t have the luxury of scattering our energies into everyone else’s business.”

I have seen people I have admired get caught up in false gossip creating a veritable shit storm amplified by other unseen negative influences when all they had to do is use the above basics with a little brutal honesty on what in their past pulled them into the storm. Many times, it only takes one person to ask how do you know this is true, how is this beneficial? We can be victims, Gods or Goddesses depending on the degree of personal responsibility applied to any situation. Personal responsibility, forgiveness, and mastering judgment will pull you up out of the muck and mire of social consciousness. Doing the opposite will pull you downward in the other direction.  

The same rules for contact apply in order to connect with Masters, Saints, and Sages of the past or in connecting with spiritually and technologically advanced off-world visitors. It takes an open mind, loving heart, pure intentions. Service to others and mastering fear are also important. We all fear the unknown, yet making the unknown known releases the fear. It also empowers the individual to learn how to clear unseen negative entities. Just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened, and just because you are an ET does not mean you are benevolent. 

It is also wise to discern by their fruits just what kind of entity leaders are working with. There are faker spirits (negative entities) that often pose as known Ascended Masters.  If one is taking a leadership role, it is wise to be clear on where your guidance is coming from. The (frame of) mind in which you seek is the mind with which you connect. It is also wise to know the dark side has what I call evil genius. It knows how to sidetrack and derail your soul evolution, even if it means using through your loved ones and those closest to you. These dark entities are masters at distraction, deception, and diversion. How do you know (which of) your thoughts are your own? How do those closest to you know they are not being manipulated?  We are in the midst of a multidimensional ‘cleanup on aisle seven‘ and things are getting chaotic. No matter what the influence, if we use the basics: Universal Law simplified which is — Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom, and Prosperity for all as a foundation — we will get through these tough times.

We cannot put our trust in external sources. The goal of any true leader is to empower the individual to have their own personal experience, whether it is with God/Creator/Great Spirit, Ascended Masters or Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off-Worlders.

“It is funny how many politicians are taking the new genius pill doubling their IQ, memory, etc. Too bad they don’t have an integrity pill or spiritual pill to go along with it. Of course, that would interfere with any (of their) narcissistic self-serving goals.”

The last thing we want to cover is: there are those in leadership positions in the spiritual and ufology communities who have missed one or all three of these prerequisites. Where they come from is out of alignment with their stated goals. If you are in (this work) for the sake of making money, gaining notoriety or to be self-serving, you will fail or be extremely limited in your ability to access higher knowledge. There are many accusations flying around by people who have failed to meet the requirements and are jealous of others that have. If spiritually and technologically advanced off-world visitors and Ascended Masters are appearing on a regular basis, rather than condemn someone, we should ask ourselves: “How can I have that experience?” There are a lot of claims with no evidence to back them up; the use of CGI, and outright hoaxes, yet if someone constantly comes up with verified and documented reoccurring evidence, it seems those people must be doing something right. Unfortunately, this success is perceived as a threat to those who are doing something wrong. Rather than rising up to the occasion, many seek to tear down those who are truly gifted in an egotistical one-up-man-ship, trying to climb on the backs of those who are proven and real. 

We don’t have to be perfect, we all make mistakes, yet your core desire must be in alignment with higher consciousness. Clearing unseen negative influences also needs to be a daily, if not hourly, (moment by moment) practice (especially) concerning today’s times. Not understanding the presence of potentially negative influences and not having the proper basics down, often leads people down a very dark path. A self-serving Ego devolves to the spiritual egoism, then narcissism is followed by possession cording others along the way. Unfortunately, the desire for fame, money, and power have led many down that dark path. There are shills, government-sponsored planned opposition, massive egos, the wounded, and those lacking in the basics present in the highest levels of the Spiritual, UFO and even religious communities. Almost all institutions have been corrupted at the top, yet many people wait for the leaders at the top to tell us how to live. We have to always go, in humility, back to the basics and yes, hold our leadership to the very same basics. Rather than blame others for our own failures, gain the wisdom from your own experiences and get back to basics. I personally have to make a daily practice of loving detachment even with those closest to me. I step back into unconditional love and get on with my own soul purpose. In India, they say the closer you get to Nirvana, the more the demons rear their ugly heads. You will be (continually and daily) tested along the way to enlightenment. During these tests, always go back to basics. Do I have an open mind, loving heart, pure intentions? Am I being pulled into the dramas of others? Is this beneficial? What does it feel like; what is my heart telling me? We all have to pull together to get through these times and some of us need reminding from time to time. In each case, it is about getting back to basics.

Be well, James Gilliland



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This article has been edited for ease of reading… Photos of ascended masters visiting the Ranch are available on the ECETI webpage.

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Journal Entry, 09.06.2017 – Hurricane Irma Looms



Journal Entry, 09.06.2917 – Hurricane Irma Looms

Having survived Matthew last autumn (2016) I’m not exactly eager to endure another potentially bigger storm.  Harvey made landfall in Texas.  There is much controversy as to whether or not it was an engineered storm.  I feel that it was a natural storm that was augmented unnaturally by various geoengineering techniques available to the military-industrial complex in our nation.  Why are these people basically working against Americans and nature?  Good question.  And something to really think about.

My sister, RaNia, and I were warned that many difficult things would be occurring in the next couple of months.  We were not told what to expect or where these things would be happening.  We were told that we are protected.  So, we have to manage to trust what we’ve been given and our own intuition, as well.  Just this morning, I followed my gut to the local Publix (a grocery store) and found some water being sold.  I’ve been drinking bottled water since arriving in Florida — not something I like to do, but it’s so hot here in the summer you need the extra fluids on hand.  I bought enough for my housemate and me.  If we have extra, we can give some to our neighbors.

In making basic preparations, we’re hoping and praying that Irma isn’t above a Cat 3 by the time it arrives… if it arrives.  The newscasters and Weather services are going nuts pushing the hype about this storm.  Yes, it is a Cat 5 right now.  Will it become a Cat 6 like some are suggesting?  I don’t think so.  Will it drop to a Cat 3 or lower?  Possibly.  Only time will tell.  Thank you in advance for keeping Florida and the East Coast in your prayers and meditations!

On Monday, my sister and I helped set a line of pillars on the East Coast and extending 150 miles off the coast.  We were directed to do this by our Pleiadian family, primarily Lady Claudine, the Pleiadian Goddess of Change, who is also currently a member of Earth’s Karmic Board.  We set the pillars with the assistance of the Resurrection Angels.  The pillars extend to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and one mile deep into the earth’s crust.  The area covered is from Key Largo to Quebec, the entire Eastern seaboard.  I deduce the reason for this is that Irma was / is being designed to take out the entire infrastructure of the East Coast, including Washington D.C. and New York City. Such destruction would cheer the globalists who would want to send in U.N. troops to declare martial law in our nation.  After all, the same globalists are furious with Trump for abandoning the Paris Climate Accords.  I feel that they and their cohorts in the States are using these storms to destroy the American people, out of revenge and in continuation of their long-term agenda to create an elitist one world government.  Not going to happen… nope.

My sister and I were also told that after we get through this last… last difficult period, things will change greatly.  It will be like the dawn after a long, long night, figuratively and literally.  The dark night of soul for the entire planet and its people.  The fifth dimensional energies are here and active.  And with this storm there is in process a change over in the elemental kingdom.

You see, the Resurrection Pillars that were set are designed to release ALL elementals who have been captured, manipulated and tortured into carrying out the agenda of the negative energies.  A Resurrection Pillar draws in all human soul fragments and specifically, all elementals who desire to be cut free.  They are being replaced by elemental beings from all over the galaxy who are higher dimensional beings impervious to manipulation from lower density frequencies.  In other words, they will not comply with the wishes of the dark overlords.  Lady Claudine, who is an Elohim and who regards all elementals as Her children, made this clear to us.  The new elementals are here to create the New Earth.  As elementals are the creators of physicality… working through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, we should soon begin to see the physical out-playing of these eager new workers.  That is particularly exciting and hopeful news!

As co-creators, all Earth humans — or at least those with a heart flame — have the ability to tap into energies and work with them.  You can assist the elementals in tapping down the storms, the fires, floods and earthquakes, while keeping in mind that some of these natural “disasters” are needed to cleanse the Earth of the collective effluvia created by human miscreations.  Yes… our own karma is being returned to us, but it can be alleviated through the Gift of Grace, by use of the Violet Flame and meditation.

The power that the dark lords have so misused will be brought to bear against them as they can no longer hold off their own karmic return… especially as mankind continues to waken up to the reality of the centuries… centuries of shenanigans and manipulations used by those who knew and utilized the dark arts to keep power over the rest of humanity.  Some doubt that these people are even human.  That’s debatable, but there some truth to the rumor, as will be discovered by all when full disclosure is given to the people.  Much has been hidden, but much will be revealed soon.

No, I don’t have all the answers.  Sometimes an answer will come only if I ask the right question or only when I need to know something.  Learn to trust your own intuition and what it is telling you… all the time… even when you do not deign to listen.  Put the phone down and use it for emergencies or vital communications.  Your intuition is more important now, especially in areas hard hit by various disasters, where electricity and wifi are not available.  In the end, you will be dependent on your own inner wisdom and common sense and the assistance of others.  It is human to depend on others for help, but it is wise to prepare in advance if given the time to do so.  The window screens go up tomorrow as we prepare for the oncoming storm, Irma.  Let us hope that Irma follows the East Coast off-shore, further out than Matthew and it just becomes a memory in the minds of millions, except for those poor souls directly in its path now… on the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Haiti/Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Florida Keys.  My prayers also go to those folks living in the Pacific Northwest, a place where I lived for a long time. Many of the woods where I once hiked are now on fire and my friends are breathing smoke.

Off to do some laundry while we still have water and electricity here.  Take care, everybody, no matter where you are.  If the storm does come on shore this weekend, it may be some time before I’m back online, so “bye!” all.


Eliza Ayres (aka “Sunny” VaCoupe)

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