Laura Walker: Second Renaissance, July 29, 2020

Laura Walker: “Second Renaissance, July 29, 2020”

The Oracle Report

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Aries energy. Mercury/Jupiter enhances the fiery energy of Aries. Good report.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Laura Walker will be bringing back her Daily Oracle Reports on her Patreon channel, for $5/month.

The remainder of the year will be the death throes of the Archons and false energies… Daily reports will have a place for discussion and interaction. Practice in a structured, frequent way wings around the world, world-wide meditations. Intensive application of Spiritual Warrior for five months remaining in this year, 2020. We are on Duty, macro. Micro, taking ourselves through the Singularity, fulling into the other side as we enter into the Second Renaissance on January 2021. Stabilizing in the collective. Patreon charges first day of the month. Laura will provide a link to sign up via Paypal on August 1, 2020.

Patriot Intel Report, July 30, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, July 30, 2020


Economic: Down over the screen. Markets are manipulated. New system is coming. Zimbabwe has agreement to repay former white farmers two decades after they lost their land. Sometimes people have to be shown. U.S. administration dealing with next stimulus… need to extend unemployment benefits, stop foreclosures and rent. Trump wants to give more money to the people rather than the failed Democratic cities. Infrastructure, infrastructure grants. Chinese banks bar clients from buying gold. Is not the Yuan backed by gold? Energetics support financial changes.

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay: Second renaissance. Geopolitically, all kinds of craziness going on. Continuing “protests” in Democrat cities. Trump got rid of regulations requiring suburbs having low income housing. The Obama administration didn’t want suburbs to exist. Yale doctor claims Fauci is running a disinformation against HCQ. Trump WH has published a free speech EO for social media platforms. This will bring the big tech platforms down. There will be class action suits against Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Violation of First Amendment.

Energetic Overlay: Laura Walker, Ric, Chris with National Dream Center. Second renaissance enters July 22, 2020. – all audios on her reports. New report up. Laura has been talking about this new energy since 2015. Remainder of the year will have very intense issues; it will take time to unfold. Moment in time/space where EVERYTHING will change. “Second Renaissance”

Mission of the Day: Girltown…

Earth Changes: Record rainfall in Japan. Monsoon system has stalled over Asia. Change in atmospheric conditions in the northern hemisphere. As the Earth tilts, we will be seeing extreme snow events in this part of the Earth.

Tip of the Day: Vehicle maintenance. Wiper blades. Wash your windscreen. Every so often, take alcohol prep pads to clean your wiper blades. Dirt accumulates on your wiper blades. Clean them off.

Word of the Day: It’s time to ask God to repay you for the losses of the past.


National Dream Center – CIRF Report, 7/29 – 8/5/20

CIRF Report, 7/29 – 8/5/20

National Dream Center

CIRF report with Chris McCleary. CIRF=Collective Influence Report and Forecast. Advanced Next Generation Astrology report and horoscope using modern and ancient technologies. We investigate the latest memes from the latest collective dreams and thus realize what our civilization is creating or heading towards through an analysis of the Collective Unconscious. We compare that to Tropical Astrology and I-Ching hexagram readings to determine which influences are the most dominant in the coming days. We then “get in alignment with the stars” by looking at Sidereal Astrology, which helps us know how to think and behave through these transits. Learn the main collective influences and how to CIRF them like a pro!

Yang Energy – the Creative, creating knowledge, social media, censorship, vying agendas, very intense


Schumann Resonance: the frequency (power), last week we’re seeing a lower frequency, down to 200 from 400. We are at the higher end.

Global Intelligence Network – randomness, less or more coherence; more coherence and lowering our frequency… slightly deteriotating collective mind?

Astrology: Mercury headed into Leo (ego and thoughts need to be recognized or more seen); opportunity, Venus with inconjunct, adjusting (harmony, money, finance). Longer alignments… Energy goes exact, Mars squared Jupiter.

Four oppositions, several squares, inconjuncts; Mars squared Jupiter, squared Mercury (hard to think). Mars rules Aries (trapped in Yang energy, T-square). Dreams have a square over the Moon, friction/negativity in dreams. Very complex. Sun in Leo squared Uranus (change, adapting to change in material world). Fiery, compulsive energies, ego in Leo, Yang in Aries… self-determined (selfish).

Complex report!

Patriot Intel Report, July 29, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, July 29, 2020


Time is compressing.

Economics: Looking pretty good in U.S. Gold is up, record high. Silver 24.41. Precious metals are going up. Cryptos up. Equities up. Mixed markets in Europe. In the midst of economic black swan event. Judy Shelton was approved in preliminary Senate hearing, but now RINOs will vote against her (Romney, etc.) — Deep State. She is not necessary to be in the Federal Reserve Board for POTUS to return the nation to the gold standard. He can do it in an announcement to the nation. Energetic sweet spot for unexpected economic miracles.

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlays: Crazy stuff going on. Federal agents have pulled out of Seattle according to requestss from mayor and city counsel. U.S. tactical units (DHS) have left Seattle. Bill Barr was basically torn up by the Democrats in the Senate. They think it is okay to destroy statues, federal property, etc. They claimed he wasn’t doing his job. He asked them since when it was okay to attack federal property and attempt to kill federal agents. This is an attempted communist coup. Federal law enforcement have refused to protect the Democrat national convention. More than 100 police agencies have pulled out of their contracts to provide security. Democrat mayors continue to withdraw funding from police departments. Democrats are openly sanctioning domestic terrorism. Revolutionaries in Portland are suing the federal government. This is treason, people.

Energetics: Laura Walker, Oracle Report; Rick, YouTube; The Dream Center.

Phases of the Moon: Objective and scientific analyses. Eris point energies… watch out for this weekend and for the rest of the year: anger, people acting out, violence in the streets, potential martial law, unexpected economic change. It’s going to get more intense, gun violence at the protests. The ‘leveling’; it doesn’t come without shaking, without intensity. Know that light overcomes darkness. When everything looks like it is lost, and it is not, this is the making of a miracle. Marxist revolutionaries are within the government… from local to national levels.

Mission of the Day: Farmer Jones…

Earth Changes: Norway, coldest summer in 60 years. Japanese floods. New South Wales floods. Arabian floods. Watch out for hurricane season.

Tip of Day: Save your glass jars, wash, and re-use for storage and reusable containers.

Word of the Day: Do not be afraid to take steps towards what God is saying. Faith.


Patriot Intel Report, July 27, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, July 27, 2020


Economic: Gold/silver up, crude oil up; futures looking good in U.S.; Europe/Asia down; cryptos up. This week will be intense. Big economic changes coming. This week you should hear good economic news for you, personally…

Geopolitical/Energetic Overlay: Civil unrest across the States. The media is refusing to cover it or call the ‘protests’ peaceful. Much of the Congress is bought and paid for by the CCP, as is Biden. There are good Chinese people who want to break away from the Chinese Communist system. Ongoing Marxist coup in the States. Number One enemy of the Republic of the United States is the mainstream media, including Fox News.

Energetic Overlay: Eris point energy, shootings in different places, evil ones trying to manifest disorder. Q had gone dark again. Durham will be coming out with indictments.

Mission of the Day: The Mad Watcher…

Earth Changes: Hurricane Hannah made landfall in southern Texas and northeast Mexico. India had multiple landslides. More earthquakes and volcanic activity (in Hawaii, South Sandwich Islands). Deadly storms in Korea. We are in a Solar Minimum.

Tip of the Day: We all have a passion, things we like to do… take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you.

Word of the Day: God is bringing new spiritual oil of gladness.