Patriot Intel Report, 2.26.2020

Patriot Intel Report, 2.26.2020


Economic: Major banks are switching over from the Swift system to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) gradually… Markets are down, still under 10%. Asian banks are hit. Chinese economy lowest ever recorded. CDC Director spooked the markets (Rod Rosenstein’s sister) with her remarks. We are seeing a black swan event. It is important to stay positive. Cryptos are down also. Bitcoin cash down 10.8%…

Geopolitical/Astrological Energetics: Mercury Retrograde, Mars in Capricorn, full moon in week. Venus (love, passion, wealth) is taking hard aspects, might be “tough” weekend in relationships. Mercury R… will hear something behind the scenes. 2/28, good day to receive info. Mercury goes direct 3/10. Gathering info. Getting direction. Whole pic not until 3/10 and later.

E.O. for CA water for farmers. CDC tells Americans to prepare for corona virus in their communities. Putin will provide new hardware for military. Russia is not our greatest enemy. The cold war is over. China, the virus is ravaging. Over 1000 cases of COVID-19 in S. Korea. UK will restore economical independence from EU by 2021. Cases in Italy, Spain. Total panic in Italy, closing down. Israeli strikes. Earthquake in Turkey. Bahrain schools shut down. S. Africa has locust devastation.

Earth Changes: Floods in Indonesia. Blizzard in Turkey (6 meters = 20 feet) buried houses in snow. Popo volcano active. Floods in Egypt.

Tip of Day: Water purification/filtration method at home? Redunancy is good. Investigate this for your own home.

Word of Day: Forget the former things and do not dwell in the past. God is doing new things.

RPN: Irregular Warfare – The Silent War – SR Infiltration

RPN: Irregular Warfare – The Silent War – SR Infiltration, 02.25.2020

Red Pill News – Redpill78

Today we draw a thread through the recent loss of Phil Haney, to recent revelations from CLNTN FDTN WB Nate Cain. SR levels infiltrated, must be removed prior to public reveal. Grab your popcorn!

Sleepers in the Swamp! MB is deeply entrenched in the US gov’t; these individuals have to be removed…

Ashtar 2020 Message – Amanda Ellis – 22.02.2020

Ashtar 2020 Message – 22.02.2020

Amanda Ellis

22/02/2020 – Creating a moment to connect with Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation with some background information on him, a look at ways to see his energy around us – with a nod to Light Phenomena, Aurora Borealis, Hexagonal Orbs, ‘Jacobs Ladder’, Water, Colour Rays, also referencing the 1977 Vrillon Television Transmission – link here to that:

Also a channelled Message/ Broadcast from Ashtar via myself including claiming our Galactic heritage, 2 by 2 into the new ‘Arc’ – not fearing what is ‘Alien’ – it is simply unfamiliar – other species are scared of us! A few Galactic cards pulled, and looking at importance of being balanced to connect to Galactic energies, Grounding and more….

This is an introduction – more will follow as we go forward – today we open the doorway to Commander Ashtar on this channel and thank him for the guidance here and that which is to come…. Welcome!

Editor Note: The Isle of Ashtar is a mountainous planet with many glaciers and a cold climate. Lord Ashtar is the leader of the Ashtarian people but more, being the Head Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light. Lord Ashtar is from the House of Diaz and a highly advanced Being of Light. He is an ascended Master, part of the Great White Brotherhood of Light.

Patriot Intel Report, 2.21.2020

Patriot Intel Report, 2.21.2020


CoronaVirus (COVID19) reported deaths are low (those who are NOT tested, aren’t counted). 60% of deaths coming from homes (untested). Death rate is growing. Under-reported in China. Uptick in stats in South Korea. More countries are experiencing more cases. 27 cases in United States. CDC testing kits don’t work. Deaths tend to be pneumonia-related. 32 countries are reporting cases. Russia has banned all travel from China.

Economic/Currencies/Precious Metals – stable @ this time. Shipping has collapsed, potential shortages in goods, manufacturing parts (autos, electronics etc.). 50% of routes from Asia to Europe have been canceled. Dominoes are toppling… freight rates are in free-fall. Crunch in supply lines will be occuring. Antibiotics (base products) come from China. Wells Fargo is approaching settlement over fraud accounts.

Geopolitical & Astrological Energetics – POTUS is confident. Hammer is about to fall soon. On Sunday, 10:30 am EST New Moon in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde. New beginnings, new things. [DS] may be held accountable… soon.

Earth Changes: Heavy rains in Indonesia, land slides. 220 vehicle pile-up in Canada due to poor visibility.

Tip of the Day: Prep for sheltering in place. Would you be okay if you were ordered to stay at home. Do table top determination – would you be okay? If not, what can you do to prepare?

Word of Day: God is going to expand your understand what is possible to increase your faith.


Patriot Intel Report, 2.20.2020

Patriot Intel Report, 2.20.2020


Economic: Changes coming — something is going on behind the scenes which we can’t see… yet. IMF is meeting with Zimbabwe. Meeting is concerned “pivotal”… G7 meeting. Trade Bank of Iraq has made 68% growth in net profit. Trump admin. delays banking overall for 30 days to allow for more public comment. China is shut-down. They are burning their currency.

Geopolitical & Astrological Energetics: Democratic “debate”, name-calling, D’s in self-destruct mode. Watching setup for DS takedown. New Moon this weekend. News will be coming out. Uranus (unexpected news). Venus (wealth, abundance, beauty). Very positive energetics. Russia is going after their DS. China kicked out 3 journalists. BJ is reviewing BBC in UK (fake news). Locust outbreaks.

Earth Changes: Heavy snow in S. Korea. COVID19 outbreaks in S. Korea. Heavy storm in Argentina.

Tip of the Day: Everything happens for a reason.

Word of the Day: God is going to reveal real changes with health and energy.


Patriot Intel Report, 2.18.2020

Patriot Intel Report, February 18, 2020


Economic: China is basically shut-down. Energetics — looking for things to manifest, a lot is going on behind the scenes.

Geopolitical and Astrological Energetics: All deaths from corona virus have been INSIDE China. POTUS and President Xi are friends. Do you think Trump would be a friend to a hard-core Communist? Energetics of nations rising and nations falling… All public gatherings in China have been canceled. There may be a purging of the DS during this lockdown. We may be seeing the death of the CCP right now… The Deep State is totally entrenched in a lot of countries all over the world. Trump slams Obammer for taking credit for the U.S. economy. Trump has disassembled everything that Obama did. Soros was calling the shots under the Obama administration… who REALLY owns the Democratic Party? When will we see change? It’s coming out now. Politics are going to heat up. Virginia — has overturned the harsh anti-gun laws. Democrats joined forces with Republicans. John Kerry and Democratic Senators had secret meeting with Iran — blatant violation of Logan Act. Assange is going to have extradition hearing — will be extradited to U.S.

Astrological Energetics: Mercury retrograde until March 9th. Some things have been delayed due to battle with Deep State. We will have JUSTICE. The demonic forces are going to fall THIS year! Those delays are over. Check, check, double check.

Earth Changes: Flooding in Central U.S., late and wet spring. Storm Dennis hit Great Britain, extropical cyclone in U.K.

Tip of Day: Take a break! Unplug. Do not let frustration or disappointment get to you. Take a break from the news! Relax and recharge.

Word of Day: God is anointing your time and energy so you can get a lot accomplished with little effort.


Patriot Intel Report, Feb. 14, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, February 14, 2020


Corona Virus: Statistics have grown. Not everyone is tested or counted (confirmed cases). Over 10,000 patients need ICU care. Over 8,000 recovered. 16% infectious rate. Only two people outside of China have died. It is not known whether this will be the “next” global pandemic… Four hundred MILLION people are under quarantine, martial law. Shanghai just went into lockdown.

Economic: No major changes of 10% up/down globally. There will be ramifications due to the viral breakout in China. The military in U.S. is acting under pandemic status. U.S./China Trade Deal goes into effect tomorrow, 2/15/20. Be aware.

Geopolitical Energetics: Europe, Macron (France) ally has dropped out of race for Parisian mayor. Air strikes in Syria (Israel). Democrats are still yelling “Impeach him!” They will not prevail. AG Barr is about to drop hammer on DS/Democrats. Durham report coming in March.

Astrological: Mercury going retrograde on Sunday the 16th. Mars into Capricorn, too. Mercury is planet of news/information, energy intensifies. Building up strong energies. Sun, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Moon, etc. in South Node. After 17th, things will come out… Durham Report comes out in March.

Earth Changes: Floods/landslides in Bolivia. Lots of ongoing temperature variations, storms across the planet.

Tip of Day: Guys — if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Word of the Day: You are going to start reaping and receiving blessings for things you have done in the past.