Galactic Intel: VERY Good News for Humanity – Kerry K

Galactic Intel: VERY Good News for Humanity

Kerry K

Editor’s note: I love to listen to these different perspectives…

All Starseeds are activated right now, each one in alignment with their purpose whether they realise it or now. This conversation is a behind the scenes look at a recent interactions I shared with the Galactics. I refer to the Galactics as my council members and team members from the Galactic Federation, they allowed me to witness, participate in, and report back to you a recent event that took place on planet earth. It’s what I call a miracle and the greatest triumph for humanity we could have dreamed of.

The most powerful thing that any being of consciousness can do right now is to learn to stabilize themselves in 5D+ energy. Once this stability is in place, not only can you support others in becoming stable in themselves, but you get to anchor in higher possibilities into our timeline. We work with stability of energy as a major theme in my Plasma Patreon Community, find out more here:

January 2021, GAME ON? Day 17: And . . . CHECKMATE? —

Day 17, Q’s day. Hmmmm. . .  As National Guard guards city centers of Democrat-run cities in expectation of today’s planned protests which we Patriots were warned not to join, lest we be led into another so-called “insurrection” and blamed for it — we prepare for, and fend off with meditation, some kind of drastic…

January 2021, GAME ON? Day 17: And . . . CHECKMATE? —

Universal Resurrection and the Mass Exodus of 4D Souls in End Times – 1.15.2021

Universal Resurrection and the Mass Exodus of 4D Souls in End Times – 1.15.2021

Magenta Pixie

The Nine come forward with information and memory triggers for awakening starseeds. They specifically address the New Earth Healers and their crucial role as you enter Zero Point.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

This is EXACTLY what it looks like to SHIFT CONSCIOUSNESS

This is EXACTLY what it looks like to SHIFT CONSCIOUSNESS

Lorie Ladd

Birth isn’t ‘comfortable’.

When censorship gets LOUDER, they are panicking; they are afraid.

We are being asked at fear, control, manipulation. Control is what we are stepping out of, so it is louder. Manipulation… we have been lied to, coerced, and controlled for a long time. Fear is OFF the charts right now.

We ARE moving into a 5D consciousness, so everything we are navigating right now is perfect. It is the evolution of CONSCIOUSNESS.

What we are battling is a lower state of consciousness; it is an energetic battle. Pulling dark into Light.

Patriot Intel Report, 12 Jan 2021

Patriot Intel Report, 12 January 2021

Mission of the Day: Go over and click on Christine Cisnerzo’s radio show.

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  • New Moon on Wednesday
  • Geopolitical – not a lot to report; the Cabal is still attempting to stop POTUS
  • Trump made a speech today at the Border
  • Trump will address the Nation but it has to be the exact right time
  • It might be regarding the EBS
  • The military is in charge
  • Italy involved with election fraud, foreign interference
  • We are on the verge of the complete take-down of America by the CCP — it’s NOT going to happen.
  • Capitol protest was driven by Antifa, color revolution technique to inflame the masses
  • January 17th – FBI has put out bulletin there will be armed protests in all capitols in the States – don’t go; it’s a set-up. False Flag.
  • Anomalies with inauguration: Virtual inauguration; 10,000+ National Guard troops are deployed in Washington D.C.; special emergency with Secret Service deploying on the 13th; POTUS has been asked to enact District of Columbia Emergency, 1/11 – 1/24/21
  • Department of Homeland Security and FEMA activated
  • Secretary Pompeo has been very busy traveling… he may be conveying sensitive messages face to face with various leaders…
  • DNI Report was handed to Congress after certification; they knowingly committed fraud
  • Be cautious, aware…
  • ML King Day is the 19th of January.
  • Has the military been given authority (Insurrection Act)?
  • The current members of Congress have been bought off by CCP
  • POTUS may call an Emergency Joint Session of Congress… Congress could be suspended