X22 Report, July 3, 2020

The [CB] Time Is Coming To An End, The Push Back Is Coming – Episode 2215a

The stock market is holding steady, the NASDAQ has now hit its 23rd record close of the year. The patriots have the control. The economy is going to do something like we never seen before, its going to take off. The [CB] time is now coming to an end, the clock is ticking down and there is nothing that can stop this.

Did You Hear The Cannon, The Hot Summer Is Here, Evil Is Being Exposed – Episode 2215b

The [DS]/MSM propaganda is now falling apart. HCQ has gone through the trials and it shows that it cures the virus. The MSM has been telling us that it would kill people and it turns out that was wrong. Evil about to be exposed by the patriots and the [DS]/MSM cannot do anything about it, once people see the truth it will be impossible for the [DS]/MSM to put them back to sleep, everything is about to change, it’s going to be a hot summer.

Violence, treason, sedition, crimes against humanity… it is all being exposed.

Beach Broadcast: Rock Solid POTUS – New Beginnings – GESARA Incoming

Beach Broadcast: Rock Solid POTUS – New Beginnings – GESARA Incoming

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast

ARTICLE: https://beachbroadcast.com/whats-happening/f/rock-solid-potus—new-beginnings—gesara-incoming

BOOMERANG TIME!!! Those who were screaming the loudest for the last three and half years are ‘on the List’!

X22 Report, July 2, 2020

The Economy Bounces Back, MSM/[CB] Economic Narrative Push Fails – Episode 2214a

Trump and the patriots are now saving the taxpayers money, they have cut the White House staff for a savings of 23 million dollars. The unemployment number have gone down again to 11.1%.  Confidence and hope are now returning, which means the people will push the economy completely online. Mortgage apps are rising dramatically. Congress is looking to change small business supply chains and Mnuchin is looking at more stimulus.

And Trump is NOT taking a salary. He’s reducing the government’s size. There will not be unlimited funds when we move back to sound money.

Mission Operators Active, Music Helps, [DS] Take Down, Law And Order – Episode 2214b

The [DS]/MSM are busy pushing their agenda, meanwhile the patriots are now moving forward with their mission. They are now rounding up those who are involved in treason, sedition and crimes against humanity. The patriots are in control, arrests are now happening, law and order will be restored.

The people are finally waking up after watching the ridiculous moves of the Deep State.

Revealing Hidden History with Ralph Ellis (Parts 1- 3)

Revealing Hidden History with Ralph Ellis – Part 1

In this episode myself and Rice Crypto bring Ralph Ellis an Author and Independent researcher to the table to share with us his findings regarding the hidden history of King Izas (Jesus) of Edessa. The story brings us to many revelations of the history of Kings and Queens and the ties to Egypt and more. We connected with Ralph initially to see if there were any parallels to his research and the claims of Joseph Gregory Hallett.

Part 2

Part 3

History researched by an agnostic professor who has written a very different story of the Hebrews and Jesus that was purposefully hidden by various sources…

Ralph Ellis Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgjxJtt_ZagbNUa_Trvn3LhpqCvHlifZO

BINGO! Astrological timing of Ghislaine Maxwell arrest —

This arrest was by far the #1 piece of news on my twitter feed this morning, endlessly repeated by various sources. It’s news that is very definitely lighting up the mainstream. Here’s the chart for the arrest, set for Bedford New Hampshire, at 8:30 AM. (Some sources say Bradford New Hampshire instead, which would put…

BINGO! Astrological timing of Ghislaine Maxwell arrest —

X22 Report, July 1, 2020

It Has Begun, The USMCA Is Now Online, Watch What Happens Next, Nothing Can Stop This- Episode 2213a

Macy’s is continuing with their recovery, sales are increasing as their stores come online. Manufacturing bounces back, the system is coming online. The economist were expected a small increase but the manufacture numbers were much higher. The EU is now looking at the supply changes and they want them changed. The USMCA comes online, everything is about to change.

The 16 Year Plan Has Failed, The [DS] Worst Nightmare Has Come True, We The People – Episode 2213b

The [DS] 16-year plan has failed, they are pushing everything (all assets, foreign & domestic) they have, but the people are now seeing through their propaganda. Slowly the people are being united, the Silent Majority will not be silent for much longer. The patriots are in full control, they are allowing all of this to unfold so the people can see the truth. The truth will set everyone free.

Fake news is failing…