Kevin Shipp Interview- FBI and CIA Ordered to SPY on Trump & 9/11

Kevin Shipp – FBI and CIA Ordered to Spy on Trump by President Obama (Pt #1)

Greg Hunter

Former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe looks like he is going to be charged for his role in the Trump Russia hoax to try to remove a duly elected President from office. Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp, who is an expert on counter-intelligence, says McCabe is going roll over on his co-conspirators and talk if the DOJ cuts him a deal. Shipp explains, “Yes, I do think he will talk, absolutely. It’s either that or be imprisoned with Billy Bob for the next 15 or 20 years. The motivation is great for him to talk. . . . This is one of their most outrageous things the Shadow Government and the Deep State has done. They ran a counter-intelligence espionage operation, and that was their excuse to open an investigation. . . . It is clear to me that spying on Trump was ordered by Obama. It had to be, no doubt about it. He gets a Presidential brief on what the FBI, CIA, NSA are doing every single day. The FBI spied on the Trump campaign with an unprecedented domestic spy operation, and that is rocking this country.”

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Note to Readers: You may be wondering why political news is being put up on this blog. For those of you who have not been red-pilled yet, we are witnessing an battle between DARK and LIGHT. This is real. The Deep State has to be exposed and the citizens of this country and the world need to understand that the way governments have been run by their leaders is not normal or ‘human’. This is an international criminal conspiracy larger than you can imagine. The attacks against Trump are an attempt to cover-up their crimes.

Kevin Shipp – New Proof WTC Building 7 was Controlled Demolition (Pt #2)

A new report says World Trade Center building #7 was a controlled Demolition on 9/11/01, and yet, the mainstream media (MSM) is ignoring this stunning revelation. Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp, who is an expert on counter-intelligence, says, ““Why are they (MSM) not covering it, I think, is the big question. . . . In one of my lectures, I show how the news media is controlled by the Shadow Government and the Deep State. The owners of these media companies are all connected to globalism. They do not want the true story of 9/11 coming out because of what it could mean. It could mean it was not terrorists on a plane and that it was an inside job from someone who planted explosives clearly in tower #7 and very possibly in the other two towers. They don’t want that coming out. Why? It could involve officials and parties within the United States. A lot of people cannot cross that psychological barrier because of what it means. I think it’s up at the University of Alaska because they were the only ones that would do it. The other universities are covering this up. They would not even let them come to their university, and I am talking Harvard and others. So, they went to University of Alaska, and they said yeah, let’s do it.”

Politics May be More Corrupt Than You Realize – Collective Evolution

Williamson Admits The System Is More Corrupt Than She Knew

Collective Evolution

Furthering our discussion about Williamson’s political realizations, we see now that she is also getting clearer on what politics really is. Called this one a week ago!

The Wake Up Call We ALL Need to Hear About Politics

Collective Evolution

Joe discusses one of the key aspects to our global conversation of both world change and personal transformation that needs to move into a more mainstream conversation… it is to some extent, but it’s time to truly change the culture.

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Personal transformation and what is going on in the world are connected. There is a DEEP STATE that is guiding things in the world. If we don’t drop the illusion and wake up, face what is really going on… we won’t succeed in our full collective transformation. Face the Darkness, move through your fear, expose the corrupt system, and change your world. Look at the facts for what they are; use them to shift our world.

X22 REPORT, Sept.13th, 2019

Smoke And Mirrors, This Is What Economic Control Looks Like – Episode 1969a

The UK press and the establishment are trying to make it seem like BJ has lost, that there will be no BREXIT, but this is all smoke and mirrors, BJ is pursuing a no-deal BREXIT and he has the control. Trump has complete control of the economy, the [CB]/DS/MSM they all know it, at the D debate not one person brought up the economy. To keep the system moving along Trump is going to unveil a tax cut in 2020.

D5 Avalanche, Could Gouge The Landscape, Take Cover, Incoming – Episode 1969b

The [DS] is pursuing impeachment, this will fail, there is no evidence, but they are trying to create some. Why isn’t congress transparent? Comey’s tweet message now makes sense. Joe Biden in projecting. Flynn changes his page again. Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing.

The Deep State Business Model, How They Hide TRUTH w/Dr. Dave Janda

The Deep State Business Model, How They Hide TRUTH w/Dr. Dave Janda (1/2)

Sarah Westall

Dr. Dave Janda rejoins the program to discuss 9/11 and how the Mockingbird media has enabled the deep state to maintain control of the narrative even though it is so obvious to most (the official story about) 9/11 was a lie.

We also discuss the tactics used to continue the coverup of other major events such as JFK and Benghazi even though most Americans who can think critically already know the official narrative is a lie. How and why do they just keep lying and how do they get the talking heads to support the obvious lies? You can see more of Dr. Dave Janda on his popular radio show and platform, Operation Freedom @

Deep State Business Model: propaganda + infilitation + human compromise + divide/conquer

Prosecutions On Deck, This Is Just The Beginning, [DS] Pain Coming – Episode 1968b

Prosecutions On Deck, This Is Just The Beginning, [DS] Pain Coming – Episode 1968b

X22 Report, Political/Geopolitical, September 12, 2019

The [DS] is feeling the pain, they are pushing impeachment, but this will fail. The IG released the Comey report, that was the first wave, Flynn’s attorney is asking for everything, he will be set free. McCabe is going to be indicted, prosecutions are now on deck. Trump wins against SF Fed Judge on asylum. Trump sends message to the [DS] in the middle east, Brennan responds. Each wave the [DS] will panic and feel pain. When it reaches the top remember Obama can still be impeached.

Fed Controls Bitcoin – Sarah Westall

Fed Controls Bitcoin, Planned Global Collapse w/ Kent Lewiss

Sarah Westall

Kent Lewiss rejoins the show to discuss his latest reports about the planned dollar collapse and the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain control. This show should be eye opening for those who still see cryptocurrencies as the way to freedom. Sign up to receive 10 free 1776 cryptocurrencies while tokens are still available at… to receive 10 free 1776 coins.

X22 Report – September 11, 2019

In One Simple Statement The Patriots Just Countered The Recession Push, Brilliant- Episode 1967a

Nigel Farage extends a hand to BJ, during this time both parties should team up and work together to get the BREXIT passed. Trump is letting the people know that the power of Chinese economic system is not falling apart, translation, the [DS]/[CB] system that was setup is now imploding. Trump calls out the Fed and the boneheads, who is he talking about. Trump and the patriots just countered the recession cry of the MSM/DS with one simple statement, brilliant.

Placeholder Filled, Flynn Free Next, The World Is Waking Up, Attacks Intensify – Episode 1967b

The [DS] players are panicking and they are trying to get ahead of the stories, [HRC] is in Italy posing in front of her 33,000 emails. Mueller’s case against Flynn is falling apart, Sidney Powell is ripping it apart. Trump extends national emergency on foreign interference in US elections. People entering and staying in the US is declining. Fed Judge asylum ban lifted again. Placeholder filled, the world is now waking up to the truth, expect more attacks coming soon.