X22 Report, 20 Sept 2020

Trump Has Now Reversed The [CB]/[DS] Economic Policies, D5 Economic Avalanche – Episode 2281a

The UK economy magically bounced back after the lockdowns. The US economy magically bounced back after the lockdowns. When you shutdown an economy artificially and turn it back on it bounces back. The patriots are now started an economic avalanche that cannot be stopped.

Plan Comes Into Focus, Senate Was The Key, Justice Is Coming, Law And Order – Episode 2281b

The plan is now coming into focus. The events (the “virus” and the riots/”protests”) have failed and the people are waking up, time to clog the news cycle and change the narrative. The [DS] fell right into the trap again. Trump and the patriots are now ready to counter the election chaos. Watch what happens next, a new Supreme Justice is coming. The senate was always the key, the patriots are in control.

X22 Report Spotlight, 19 Sept 2020

Assets Deployed Before & After The Election, Go Back To Beginning To Understand The End: Dave Hayes

Today’s Guest: Dave Hayes

Dave Hayes discusses how the [DS] is preparing to use everything they have to create chaos before and after the election. Be prepared for a candidate change most likely happening in Oct. When the [DS] loses in Nov, they will deploy everything they have, everyone will need to be prepared and ready.

X22 Report, 18 Sept 2020

The Fed Is Doing The Opposite Of What It Set Out To Do In 2016, Why? – Episode 2280a

The corrupt politicians and the [DS] are trying to stop the BREXIT, JB and NP are already projecting they will not approve a trade deal. Trump has now reached the highest job approval rating, the chaos that was created has now shown the people that Trump knows how to rebuild an economy. The Fed is now under the control of the patriots, they are doing the exact opposite of what they (the CB minions) wanted. 


Sleeper In Process Of Being Removed, US Military Prepares For Subterranean Combat – Episode 2280b

The [DS] is a panic like never seen before. The Durham investigation is real, if it weren’t the corrupt politicians wouldn’t be trying to stop it. The virus cure is coming but vaccines will not be mandatory. Trump has now made the [DS] players anti-vaxxers and don’t believe the science organization, brilliant. The US military has now ramped up its training for subterranean missions, what they are hunting.

P.S. After this report was filed by Dave, this news came in…


X22 Report, 17 Sept 2020

The Patriots Are Taking Back The Country, The Corn Moon, Rig For Red – Episode 2279b

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The 17 Sept 2020 Report: The [DS]/MSM narrative is lost, the riots are out of hand, the people see it, the virus is falling apart, the people see the truth, the threat is the [DS]/MSM. The patriots are now in the process of taking back the country, nothing can stop this, nothing. Today is Constitution and the patriots are now removing the 1619 project and putting in the 1776 commission to teach American values. Rig for red, the patriots are about to surface.

X22 Report Spotlight, 18 Sept 2020

Trump Is Dismantling The Globalists System One Piece At A Time, Watch Gold:Bob Kudla

X22 Report Spotlight

Guest: Bob Kudla

Today’s Interview: Bob Kudla discusses how the low rates are going to help precious metals. The patriots are not dismantling the globalists plan one piece at a time. The peace deal in the middle east is another piece of the puzzle that Trump has removed. This is all happening because we are moving way from the petrodollar system and moving into a people economy.

On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS —

On today’s New Moon, it’s time for massive, month-long analyses of Virgo detail downloads, for example, re: kingpins like George Soros. BTW: this New Moon at 25°01 Virgo, on the Ascendant of the chart set for Washington D.C., and so very prominent there, trines (120°, harmonizes) with the Jupiter/Saturn./Pluto behemoth in Capricorn and inconjuncts (150°,…

On New Moon in Virgo, details surface: Who funds Antifa, and why do riot arrests get dismissed? Same answer: GEORGE SOROS —

What is a “Color Revolution”? And Why Does It Matter, NOW?!? — Exopermaculture

Only 47 days until the November 3 election, and more and more we hear of  mail-in voter fraud, prolonged, disputed election results, using the military to oust trump from the White House “when he loses” (or when he wins?), Nancy Pelosi as the third in line to take over. . . on and on. I…

What is a “Color Revolution”? And Why Does It Matter, NOW?!? —