Ben Fulford: It’s Payback Time for the Cabal

Ben Fulford: It’s Payback Time for the Cabal

Here is the link to Benjamin Fulford’s weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis for 4.19.21. Some of the content correlates to other news sources that I have read this past week…

Keep in mind, in order to read the entire article, you need to be a member of Ben’s subscription group. Otherwise, usually carries the entire article on Thursdays:

Simon Parkes Update 4th April

4th April Current News from Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes, Connecting Consciousness

Note to Readers: Simon gives an update on his organization, Connecting Consciousness. Then, he goes into the Suez Canal incident, EBS, satellite situation, and so on. If you rather not listen to current news, then just bypass this video. Simon is not into drama or graphic details.

The Power of the Quartz Crystal, From an Indigenous POV

Bulgarian Quartz Cluster

The Power of the Quartz Crystal, From an Indigenous Point of View

Collective Evolution

Click the link below to go to article:

Note to Readers: I included this article, which may be of interest to some, as I have in other lifetimes acted as a Shaman, both male and female (different lives) and worked in cooperation with Crystalline elementals. To date, I have not actively participated in such work as it is not the primary focus of my being here on Terra. I and other awake Pleiadians regard crystals to be sentient Beings in their own right. Crystals serve as the main power source/storage for our ships, large and small. On many of the Pleiadian Isles (planets) various crystals grow out of the ground, including diamonds and other precious (at least in Earth terms) jewels (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.). Crystals are grown and trained to run our ships and are used as ‘hard drives’ to store information as well as the Quantum Plasma energy derived from Stars as the primary power source for running our ships. The crystals are capable of communicating through symbols and wordless ‘language’ to telepathic humans. We also regard our Isles as sentient Beings and are in tune with them as a planetary collective consciousness, as Earth humans will be some day in the future.

Ancient Human Consciousness

Ancient Human Consciousness with Matias de Stefano


Follow the link –…​ to watch all 3 Seasons, 26 Episodes, and One Unforgettable Journey Through The Akashic Records with Matias De Stefano

Matias de Stefano takes us to the deepest history of Atlantis and Mu, as established by beings from other worlds. At the heart of it all is concern for the consciousness of our planet. These ancient peoples came to understand that humanity could activate an 8th-dimensional network in the third dimension. But this would only be possible with the advanced evolution of human consciousness at the collective level. Individually, we must work to align ourselves with the nine dimensions within, then we become our own portals across all of the dimensions of existence. This is the great legacy of Atlantis and Mu.

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