Trump CARES / Did Trump Take Down Project Pelican?

Trump CARES / Did Trump Take Down Project Pelican?

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast



– Trump done more in 3 years than the past 4 presidents combined

– Saving Children

– Bribes and Pelosi and crooked politicians

– Did Trump take down Project Pelican

– Trump vs. 4 past crooked presidents list of events (32 years!)

– WWG1WGA Worldwide video

Latest Intel: CCP Lies, Mass Deaths. Why? What’s the goal?

Latest Intel: Chinese Communist Party Lies, Massive Death, Why? What’s The Goal? w/Mitch Gerber (pt1)

Sarah Westall

WARNING: This show discusses facts that may be disturbing and could bring on a sense of fear. Please be advised.

Mitch Gerber rejoins the program to discuss the latest intel he has acquired on the Chinese Communist Party and the virus that was unleashed onto its people and now onto the world. He explains the dire fact that the communist party places no value on human life; rather it only values its own power and control. The latest moves we are seeing are that of a dying communist party, aligned with communists worldwide, including the World Health Associations head, Dr. Tedro, and many others in the globalists cabal and extreme left of the United States. The goal is to squash the growing movement of those against communism and the rampant and extreme corruption. They are moving to reinstate its growing control worldwide.

You can learn more about Mitch Gerber and his multi-decade quest to eradicate organ and human trafficking at

WHO knew early about this virus and said nothing to the rest of the world. Why?

Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-up, 4.3.2020

Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-up, 4.3.2020

Greg Hunter

Editor’s Note: Has anyone asked the question that maybe these globalists don’t want people to survive? The whole reason the virus was originally released upon the world, whether by accident or intent, it was engineered to be highly contagious. Why? And by whom? Why are some governors in this country preventing medications being used by doctors? Why are members of one political party still accusing Trump of doing nothing, not enough, never doing anything right? What is their agenda?

Are the Children Being Rescued? Choice to Know (and Pray)

Are the Children Being Rescued? Choice to Know (and Pray)

The Patriot Hour

Editor’s Note: And you thought the military hospital ships being sent to New York City and Los Angeles were to collect prisoners to take to Gitmo? Think again. First, the most vulnerable of us all are being freed, collected, and taken to MASH units (Mobile hospitals) to be evaluated and placed into care for emotional, physical, and mental damage done to them by heartless individuals… some of whom are household names, others who are not. The tunnels and hidden places where shameful acts against humanity (the children) have been carried out for decades are now being cleansed by specially-trained military units. That such things existed, that such people could do these things has been implied by the “Q” messages given through the comms. It’s real, folks, and there is much, much worse things to be revealed.

Take the time you have now, as many of you shelter in place, and pray for these young souls, many of whom have never seen the sun their entire short lives or have been the recipient of love from a parent. They do not know who their parents are or they were ripped away or even sold as tiny children into an inconceivable bondage. Pray, people, pray hard, even if you have forgotten how to or never learned to pray. Remember, if you are human, really human, you have a heart and that heart is connected energetically to other hearts all over the world. Feel into that connection, open your own heart and embrace the Oneness that exists all around us, within us, and beyond.


P.S. Allow the cleansing tears fall and be not ashamed if you feel numb, angry, or outraged.

SSBB: Trump Dropped 10+ Bombs in Press Briefing! Q Proofs!

Trump Dropped 10+ Bombs in Press Briefing! Q Proofs!

Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast



– Trump taking down the Cartel – Aggressively

– Trump has seen things nobdy would believe

– Multiple Q proofs – Trump sharing bombs

– Clinton, John Kerry, Podesta, Huma, Red Shoe Club, Uranium 1, Bill Maher

Baby Q Plus Presents – Are You “Q” or Full of Poo?

017B – Austin Steinbart – Are You Q or Full of Poo? – Part 1 – [BabyQ Plus]

BabyQ Plus

The lads sit down to chew the fat with Austin Steinbart.

017C – Austin Steinbart – Are You Q or Full of Poo? – Part 2 – [BabyQ Plus]

Austin gives a candid interview. Decide for yourself if he is the “real” thing.

017D – Austin Steinbart – Are You Q or Full of Poo? – Part 3 – [BabyQ Plus]

Part 3 of this interesting interview with Austin Steinbart…

017E – Austin Steinbart – Are You Q or Full of Poo? – Part 4 – [BabyQ Plus]

This is the last segment of this long interview. Make it what you will, but endeavor to keep an open mind.

RPN, April 1, 2020

Mysterious Case of Canadian Billionaires & The Analysis Corporation + Headlines


Today we examine a thread on the Canadian Billionaires brought up in a post, examine the Analysis Corporation and dig on some news from today…