X22 Report 25 November 2020

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Episode 2338a -[JB] Revealed The Payback For The Lockdowns, It Already Failed

Trump’s economy continues to improve, he sent a message to the [CB]/[DS] yesterday and today we see the V recoveries taking shape. Durable goods orders jump, real estate up, unemployment down and wages of government workers decline and private workers increase. [JB] releases the information that a lot money is going to be needed to send to the states.

Biden wants to send billions of $$ to Democrat-run states whose mayors and governors have driven their own economies into the ground with the incessant lock-downs, with businesses and residents leaving by the droves. Do these state and city governments deserve to receive relief for their poor policies? No.

Episode 2338b – Keystone Is The Start, Gettysburg Was The Turning Point Of The War, Watch Pennsylvania

The [DS]/MSM are now trapped. The patriots are making their move, it all begins in PA, the keystone. [Election] fraud is now being produced and public hearing are now happening. The keystone is the center stone that holds it all together. We need to go back to the beginning to understand the end, this was never just about a four-year election; it was returning the country back to the people.

80% of Republicans feel the election was stolen… and it was.

25th November Election Update 2020

25th November Election Update 2020

Simon Parkes – Connecting Consciousness

  • General Flynn will be pardoned
  • Sidney Powell is the only one who is qualified for the military
  • There is an operations room where the WH is running this fight. There was a mole inside and has been discovered. Sidney Powell was the one who found that person.
  • Sidney Powell is going to be funded from a different stream than the President — she is going to find all of the Republican traitors. She can officiate at court martials.
  • Kennedy EO activated, bypasses the CIA — they are now limited in what they can and cannot do
  • Huge court case to be filed in Georgia today or Friday; actions in other states, as well
  • In some states, for every Trump vote, 40 ones for Biden were added, 1 to 40!
  • Countering the awful FAKE news!
  • Lies being told in US and UK news.
  • Biden has been approved to receive funding from gov’t —
  • Biden has only won because of all of the fraud and trickery.
  • Trump is NOT conceding.
  • The military do NOT want Biden to be their commander-in-chief
  • Putin and the Queen of UK have not congratulated Biden him, yet.
  • The people who are supporting Biden are part of the Cabal
  • This is a battle for the world, freedom or slavery

X22 Report, 24 November 2020

Episode 2337a – Trump Let The [CB] Know That He Is In Control Of The Economy

The economy is improving in the US, home prices accelerate at the fastest pace in 30 months. People are now seeing who has destroyed their businesses and their lives. Watch CA. The [CB] economy that Trump controls is coming back, the Dow hit 30,000, Trump held a press conference to let the [CB]/[DS] players know that their plan failed and he is in control of the economy.

Episode 2337b – Trump Dangles The Bait, GSA, [DS] Takes The Bait, Truth Transparency The Only Way Forward

Trump has dangled the bait and the [DS]/MSM has taken it, hook, line and sinker. This is about destroying the [DS] system. The only way to do this is the truth, which means the rule of law and the highest law in the land is the Constitution. The enemy is in the process of destroying themselves, why interfere? The cover-up of the crime always gets you, Trump and team are pushing the [DS]/MSM into a panic.

Trump will NOT concede. Trump will investigate. They over-stepped their bounds. DNC is demanding Trump to concede — not happening. Fake news is fake… it is an illusion.

X22 Report, 23 November 2020

Episode 2336a – [CB]/[DS] Move Forward With Reset, Trump Counters With Executive Order

The elite [CB] are moving forward with their reset, this has nothing to do with Covid, it has everything to do with their new world order. This has been in the works for a long time but Trump made it impossible for them to carry it out using a war. Trump is now countering their plan.

The DS/CB wants to undo EVERYTHING that Trump has done. Is this going to benefit the people? No. They want to control the people, control the world. Centralized power. This has been a long-term plan. The plan was accelerated. They wanted a war; they didn’t get it, now they have to do something to reduce the population…

Episode 2336b – Extreme Panic In [DC], We Are At A Crossroads In The History Of Our Civilization

The [DS]/[CB] are panicking, Trump and the patriots are ready to produce the evidence of voter fraud, this is going to rock the nation and give Trump the leverage he needs. This about bringing down their system, enacting a system which allows free transparent elections and allowing the people to decide who their leader is going to be. The dictators are being exposed, the leaders around the globe are being exposed. The entire system is about to come down around them.

MSM insists Biden is the president-elect; it serves them in two ways to manipulate the people: 1) Biden is the president 2) if he doesn’t become the president, they will get angry. However, people are questioning the results as the evidence comes out… reality.

Now, they are attempting to muzzle people with masks, censoring, preventing people from communicating… People are not listening to the MSM now. Trump is showing the people. He needs the majority… he has it.

Dark Journalist: The JFK Assassination – 57 Years of Deep State Deception

Dark Journalist: The JFK Assassination – 57 Years of Deep State Deception

Dark Journalist

Two Special Breakthrough Documentaries with Stunning Details You’ve Never Heard Before!


Join Dark Journalist for his classic 2014 JFK Assassination documentary of the CIA connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. Watch the assassination researchers who have uncovered the truth that Oswald was set up to take the fall by the CIA in the Deep State of power, politics and covert ops. Featuring historical commentary from DA Jim Garrison, Colonel Dan Marvin, L. Fletcher Prouty, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Governor John Connally, LBJ, Roger Craig, George de Mohrenschildt, Marina Oswald, an exclusive interview with Judyth Baker who knew Oswald in 1963 and much more! Includes key assassination witnesses and researchers with historical film and audio from the tragedy that changed the world.


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents his new 2020 groundbreaking documentary that uncovers startling information about an unknown group of Secret Aerospace Agents that have manipulated world-changing geopolitical events over the last 70 years to protect the secret of the UFO File. Stunning new information on Howard Hughes, Secret Aerospace Technology, Litton Industries, RFK Assassin Thane Eugene Cesar, the Pascagoula UFO incident, JFK Assassination, MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments and more…!


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt recently reported that in order for Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to issue his order that Special Operations now must report directly to him he needed to execute the power held in the JFK National Security Action Memorandum 57 (NSAM 57) designed to bypass the CIA!

X22 Report, 22 November 2020

Episode 2335a – The [CB] Players Are Now Exposing Themselves, Economic Swamp Exposed

The [CB]/[DS] are moving forward with their great reset plan, the MSM is trying to make it seem like this is another crazy conspiracy. But what this has done it has made it very easy to see who is part of the [CB] establishment. The enemy is now exposing themselves.

The plan was sped up due to Trump and this election… the enemy are now being flushed out…

Episode 2335b – The Kraken Is About To Be Released, No Escape, It’s Going To Be Biblical

The [DS]/[MSM] are now trapped in their own [election] agenda. There is no way out of it. The case that Sidney Powell and Rudi Giuliani are building is going to bring down their entire system. SP is about to release the Kraken and this will show wide spread fraud and that [election] officials knowingly went along with it, this includes governors, politicians, MSM etc. The courts and judges are now being put into place. This is not a coincidence. The [DS]/[CB] days are numbered; it’s going to be biblical. 

The evidence is coming from “we the People”; this is how we take back the power from the Deep State. The entire diseased temple of corruption is coming down.

Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown…

Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown – Trump Uses JFK National Security Memo 57!

Dark Journalist

Dark Journalist X-Election 2020: Deep State Showdown: President Trump Activates JFK National Security Action Memo 57!

In this special live broadcast Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt highlights that in order for Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to issue his order that Special Operations now must report directly to him he needed to execute the power held in the JFK National Security Action Memorandum 57 (NSAM 57) designed to bypass the CIA!

This is a DEEP dive into the origins of CIA and their clandestine operations… including doctoring elections world-wide.