Two Project Veritas Whistleblowers On Why They Blew The Whistle on Pinterest, CNN—With James O’Keefe

American Thought Leaders, The Epoch Times

At Turning Point USA’s 2019 Student Action Summit, we sit down with James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, and two whistleblowers who came to his organization—Cary Poarch, a former CNN employee who shed light on what he saw as political bias at CNN, and Eric Cochran, a former software engineer at Pinterest who exposed evidence of how Pinterest appeared to censor Christian and pro-life content.

Sarah Westall: Update on Coronavirus in China

#CoronaVirus: 32,000 Hospitalized Yesterday in China Wuhan Province

Sarah Westall

Update on the CoronaVirus sweeping China. Report shares information from my Chinese sources and from Chinese State media. This outbreak is a very serious issue and should be taken seriously. See updates @ and also sign up for my newsletter.

The death rate is 15%. Your immunity is key to survive. Wear a mask when out in public.

Sarah will be making updates periodically.

X22 REPORT: January 28, 2020

[CB]s Are Panicking, The Global Economy Is Failing, This Event Will Not Cover It Up – Episode 2082a

The [CB] are panicking, their entire fake economy is coming apart at the seems, they never got the event they needed and now they need a huge distraction and an explanation of why the system crashed on their watch. Trump signals the Fed to lower rates.

Those Who Are (were) Protected Are No Longer Protected, No One Is Above The Law – Episode 2082b

The [DS]/D’s are in trouble, Trump’s defense team destroyed them. Trump’s defense team did the unthinkable, they brought up Biden and Crossfire Hurricane. The patriots are educating the masses. Those who are protected are no longer protected, nobody is above the law, justice is coming.

Proof the Coronavirus is a bioweapon created by DARPA, Bill Gates, Defra, Welcomme Trust (UK), and European Commission (EU)

Eugenics, depopulation of humanity. The elite hate us.

American Intelligence Media


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coronavirus 1

CORONAVIRUS was funded and patented by Welcomme Trust (UK, fake sold to GlaxoSmithKline), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DARPA, DEFRA (UK), World Health Organization, European Commission (EU) via THE PINBRIGHT INSTUTUTE (UK)

coronavirus 2U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701. (Nov. 20, 2018). CORONAVIRUS. Assignee: THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (Woking, Pirbright, Great Britain), funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EU. U.S. Patent Office.

From the USPTO patent application “wrapper” files accessible by the public in PUBLIC PAIR.

corona virus 3

The Coronavirus patent was issued in just 17 months from initial filing—that’s almost unheard of speed—with very little objection back from SERCO (UK)-managed patent examiner Bao Q. Li

coronavirus 4List of patents assigned to THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Defra, EU & DARPA)

The Pirbright Institute (Woking GB). (Compiled Jan. 28…

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The “coronavirus”: One possible timeline that we do NOT want to follow or allow —

Image: Question: Is Jon Rappoport the only serious investigative journalist to actually pay close attention over many years to all the so-called “epidemics” that are drummed up to both generate both distraction and fear-mongering in the mass mind? If so, then my hat’s off to him. THANK YOU, JON RAPPOPORT. Please go to his…

The “coronavirus”: One possible timeline that we do NOT want to follow or allow —

Sarah Westall: Weaponized Virus? w/Dr. Joe

“Not like coronavirus, seems weaponized for high contagion & fatality Rates” w/Toxicologist Dr. Joe

Sarah Westall

Toxicologist Dr. Joe Nieusma rejoins the program to discuss the coronavirus spreading like wildfire in China. As an expert in this area, he claims that no natural virus behaves in the manner with high rates of fatality and high contagion. He states it points to a weaponize virus geared specifically to target humans to be highly contagious and deadly. He also shares what you can do to keep you and your family safe including taking immunity building supplements such as C60, wash your hands, avoid crowded spaces, and others who may be sick. You can learn more about Dr. Joe and his HOPE program @

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Most victims are immune-compromised… viruses are opportunistic… has it been designed to go human-to-human quickly? The transmission rate is more rapid than normal viral behavior. Coronavirus usually manifests as a bad cold…

X22 Report, January 27, 2020

These Individuals Are Strategically Positioned To Usher In The New Economic System – Episode 2081a

Trump and the patriots are strategically positioning individuals to move us to a sound money system. Two individuals are nominated to the Fed, setting up the possibility that one of them will become the chair of the Fed in 2022. This is all part of the patriots plan.

We Are Watching A [Tribunal], Do You See The Pattern, We Know The [DS] Playbook – Episode 2081b

The fake impeachment is continuing, the patriots are now showing the country what the [DS]/D’s have done, the rules and laws that they broke to get the impeachment. This is not an impeachment, it is a tribunal for the [DS]/D’s. There are many coincidences that have occurred during Trump’s defense time, the latest is the leaking of Bolton’s book. The patriots knew this was going to happen; they know the playbook of the [DS]/D’s. This is about exposing these individuals, enjoy the show.