Sarah Westall Interviews Marjory Wildcraft – Food as a Political Weapon

Most Used Weapon of Control: Fragile Poor Food Supply

 Sarah Westall


Marjory Wildcraft rejoins the program to discuss the condition of our food supply. People are unaware that food is the most used weapon of control used by Governments worldwide to control groups of people. We discuss historical examples and how our food supply is at risk. She also explains how the poor nutritional content of our food is destroying our genetics. A problem that must be solved.


Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes, 3/18/18 (Wolf Spirit Radio)

2018-03-18 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes March II

Simon’s Update:

  •  Hadron Collider Explosion?  The device is shut down for “winter”.  Further information isn’t forthcoming.
  • “Russian” poisoning of ex-spy?  The huge hypocrisy of Great Britain.  All nations that have intelligence agencies murder people.  Political situation.
  • A deal about to be brokered between North and South Korea
  • Japanese Prime Minister is in trouble and may be removed.  Low-grade steel sold to U.S. military
  • Resignations in Trump administration, possible trade wars with other countries
  • ex-President Obama is being thrown under the bus for criminal activities
  • NSA superliminal computers can almost predict the future…likely that Jeremy Corbin will become the Prime Minister soon
  • Anti-European Union party has won in Italian political race
  • French people rising up against globalist Macron
  • Angela Merkel possible child of Hitler resurfaced in the “Q” posts
  • Prime Minister of Israel is fomenting a war with Iran, WWIII; he’s in trouble
  • President Trump EO March 1st, Court Martial expanded, 2018; temporary arrangement to govern the civil population through martial law
  • Miami bridge collapse, crack found in the bridge, brand-new construction
Galactic News
  • The “Event”, 18th to 21st, first wave magnetic, 2nd wave more uplifting
  • galactic involvement with Earth
  • Cabal is still hanging on; no obvious surface changes
  • more Q & A

Brooks Agnew – Rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate – Part 2, interview w/Sarah Westall

The rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate – Brooks Agnew (2 of 2)

Part 2: Rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate – The charm of favor

This is part 2 of 2 with Scientist, Author, and Futurist Brooks Agnew. He shares how he matched science to consciousness to better understand how the “Secret” actually works. Many have followed without results due to lack of understanding, Brooks claims. This interview he explains how consciousness is the key to understanding and taking control of your own life. He also explains his mission to the Arctic to explore the legend of the hollow earth theory that has begun to have more legs. Recent findings, such as a deep under the crust ocean and new understanding of gravity, has pointed to the Earth is hollow.

X22 Report – The Global Economic System Has Been Put on Notice, Prepare Yourself

Gold is an inflation indicator.  Central Banks fear gold, always on guard not allowing the free market to control the gold market.  The Central bankers do not have any allegiance to anyone but themselves.  They have been manipulating the price of gold since the 196o’s.  Gold futures were created to siphon off the market… they don’t have the gold to settle.  The Central bankers don’t want anyone to audit them.  Anyone!

China and Russia have been amassing tons of gold over several years in preparation for a new gold-backed system.


Trump and his associates are getting ready to get rid of the Central Bank.  We will be going through a transition with inflation.

The central bankers have always been afraid of gold; if gold was allowed to move to its real value the people around the world would realize how bad the economy and the fiat system really is. Trump is pushing the tariffs and is going after Germany; most likely he will not back down. This push is to destroy the central bank, this is Phase I.  More indicators show that the economy is worse off than ever before, even worse than in 2008.

SGT Report w/ Dan Kurz – The Eye of the Storm


Dan Kurz from DK Analytics joins me to discuss the record debt level of the US government and the nosebleed bubble valuations of stocks and bonds. Dan says, “We’re in the eye of this bubble valuation storm.”

Aim4Truth: Shadow Government Collapsing

Shadow Government is Collapsing

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben outline the collapse of the shadow government in this riveting discussion.
Oh, my, we’re now finding out who are members of the Senior Executive Service, a secret government that is not subject to normal expectations that apply to federal employees.  What happens next?  Andrew McCabe may be protected by this system, which controls the judicial system and the corporatacy.

The Positive Side of 2012 – Pole Shift News

A new GREAT FLOOD is Happening NOW! Earth’s Geomagnetic Axis Tilting!

The Positive Side of 2012

All EARTH CHANGES today have a SINGLE Common Cause. What is it? THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN. That same “Cause” is also causing another GREAT FLOOD, just like Noah’s Ark Flood and the Atlantis Flood. And where is that water NOW? Get the answer here!

Editor note:  My sister and I have also noticed a change in the position of the Sun and stars.  It has shifted quite a bit in the last couple of years.