Deep State CIA Psyop: Strategy of Tension with Ole Dammegard, Part 1 and 2

Deep State CIA Psyop: Strategy of Tension with Ole Dammegard, Part 1:

Sarah Westall

Show Description – Part 1: Prague Peace Prize Winner, author & activist, Ole Dammegard, rejoins the program to discuss the strategy of tension and how the deep state and the CIA use it as a massive psyop to herd people into a paradigm that supports their agenda. He illustrates numerous examples in modern history where these methods have been are currently being deployed. Educating yourself on the fundamentals of these strategies will better equip you to no be fooled into following a false narrative set up to undermine your freedom and security.

Ole Dammegard provides my Patreons a chapter of his book “Coup d’etat in Slow Motion”. A deeply researched masterpiece that connects the dots between the assassinations of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, JFK, Robert Kennedy and John Lennon. You can see this and much more at


Deep State CIA Psyop: Strategy of Tension with Ole Dammegard, Part 2

Show Description – Part 2: Prague Peace Prize Winner, author & activist, Ole Dammegard, rejoins the program to discuss the strategy of tension and how the deep state and the CIA uses it as a massive psyop to herd people into a paradigm that supports their agenda. He illustrates numerous examples in modern history where these methods have been are are currently being deployed. Educating yourself on the fundamentals of these strategies will better equip you to no be fooled into following a false narrative set up to undermine your freedom and security.

Everything You’re Not Being Told About California & Greek Fires with Elana Freeland – Kev Baker Show

Everything You’re Not Being Told About California & Greek Fires with Elana Freeland – Kev Baker Show

Kev Baker Show

Elana Freeland joins me in hour one of the show to talk about the strange weather & wildfires we are seeing around the world. From California to Greece, there are strange images & reports relating to the fires we have seen in recent time, which leads us to ask the question whether or not Directed Energy Weapons may be in use.

Douglas and Tyla Gabriel – Source of the Force

Douglas Gabriel is a freedom fighter, author, and speaker.   He is the voice of American Intelligence Media.  His wife, Tyla, is the director and producer of these videos.

Here he is presenting the source of the Force, as taught through myths, religious teachings, and even modern movies like the popular Star Wars series.


Ascension From a Pleiadian Point of View


Multigenerational Interstellar City Ship

Cmdr. Sundeelia – Ascension From a Pleiadian Point of View

Despite a “rough” night, waking up frequently due to the pain in back and hips, I woke up this morning with an idea for a positive project on which I can work.

Note for new Readers of this blog:  To understand who and what I AM, please see earlier writings authored by myself under my Pleiadian name, “Sundeelia”.   You will find these articles by either searching via the Search function at the top of the Home Page or by using the drop-down Category box and looking for “Sundeelia” under “Messages”.

In the few short months since I, Sunny VaCoupe, took charge of this avatar or Earth human vehicle, I have made numerous observations of what I see happening on the planet, as well in the so-called ascension community.  Rather than add to the criticism of the more ungrounded aspects of the New Age philosophy, I thought I might present a story of ascension from the perspective of being a Pleiadian on Earth, using excerpts from nearly five years of material written by my own elder sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

In this Ascension series, I will use real-life examples from one who has successfully reblended with her Higher Self and returned Home.  My primary audience is the First Wave wayshowers who have actually been reincarnating into this planet and others within the local solar system for perhaps longer than they can conceive or believe.  The ascension path for these beings is different than that for the various waves who have more recently incarnated into this third-dimensional world.

My sister, Lady Taz, as we affectionately call her within the Family, first came to Terra during the final years of the ancient Lemurian civilization.  The time period was approximately 26,000 years ago, Earth time.

One thing I will immediately address is the misconceptions about time and space being bandied about by various “authorities” within the ascension community.  Time and space do exist and they do not.  Paradox, or the concept of something being a combination of complete opposites, is a basic concept one needs to accept if one is to even begin to understand life in higher frequency civilizations.

Einstein was only half right when he developed the concept of the relativity of space, delineated by his famous equation, E = MC².  It was long thought by geocentric scientists that the same equation could be applied to space and time beyond your solar system, but that belief is incorrect.  Space and time are relative to each star system and is also dependent on the collective consciousness and soul agreements of the souls embodied within each star system.  In other words, time moves in a far different manner in the Pleiades than it does here on planet Earth.  For instance, my sister, Tazjma, who first arrived on Terra some 26,000 years ago, is now aged about 37 years in the Pleiades.  High vibrational Pleiadians such as our family members also live a very long time in terms of Earth years.  As Einstein would put it, it’s all relative.

Within this story of one person’s ascension, I will also interweave glimpses into the realities of fifth-dimensional and higher life.  Even among some of the most erudite writers in the metaphysical / ascension field, there has been propagated a great deal of misinformation and huge misconceptions about what really constitutes life in higher dimensions.  I hope to address these misconceptions in an effort to enlighten and educate those who still are stuck in their astral fantasies about the higher frequencies.

Another area that I feel needs to be addressed is the concept of twin flames, as well as the dynamics of the masculine-feminine divide that presents exists upon Earth.  Much in the way of misinformation and perhaps some disinformation has been presented especially about twin flames.

Some of what I will address is to clarify what can really happen during the course of an ascension process as opposed to fanciful delusions about ascension.  I might add that by design much of the material presented by so-called ascension teachers nowadays is very ungrounded and unrealistic.  Some of the teachings are well-meant but having been filtered by limited understanding through the egoic mind of a third-dimensional human being have unintentionally been given quite a different meaning than was the original intent of the person’s guide or mentor.  And some of the material comes from certain psyops intentionally planted into the New Age teachings by the covert propaganda experts of the Deep State, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA.  This disinformation was intentionally given forth as a means to delay or even completely derail the ascension process of those souls who have come here to assist humanity into a new golden age.

In this series, I will label your planet in this manner:  3D Earth; 4D Gaia; 5D Terra.  Before the fall of Lemurian civilization, the planet actually existed at 6D, but for all intents and purposes, the consciousness of the humans incarnated upon the planet varied greatly.  Some resonated as high as 6-7D, but the vast majority of ordinary citizens resonated at 5D.  This still holds for many of the star civilizations with whom you will become better acquainted in the days to come.  Towards the end of Atlantis, the consciousness of the majority of the people fell, from higher 4D to upper 3D.  This did not pertain to certain members of the ancient priesthood of The Law of One.  The ancient mentors of humanity were required to withdraw, with many of the sacred Retreats being withdrawn from human sight, although not entirely from the planet.

The Fall in consciousness as it occurred in both Lemuria and Atlantis had long been foretold by seers within the sacred priestly class (which include both males and females).  It came about in part due to the presence of a laggard race which had been allowed to incarnate upon the planet, a compassionate decision made by the great Being who ensouled the planet, now known as Mother Gaia, and the collective consciousness of all souls already present.  It was felt that with the proper mentoring and education that these laggard souls could overcome their karmic traits and advance in their soul development.  Unfortunately, things did not play out as planned by the stewards of the planet.  Instead, the actions and thoughts of some of the laggard souls attracted other negatively polarized entities to the planet setting in motion thousands of years of tyranny and repression.

I will continue with this story at a later time, as well as my impressions as to what truly occurred to at least one individual upon the ascension path.  As we should all be aware, there is no one way to return to the higher frequency worlds.  Each individual faces challenges that are highly personalized due to whatever karma needs to be cleared and resolved and whatever mission has been agreed upon before the final incarnation.  Comparing your own path to another’s often brings up either a sense of familiarity or a sense of being overshadowed, less than another.

The concept of competition has been a bane in the existence of humanity for thousands of years.  Competition or the need to better oneself is based on the belief in lack or separation.  Humans have been taught that they need to compete against one another in order to win or succeed.  In doing so, these individuals soon discover that they have, indeed, separated themselves successfully from the rest of humanity.  The underlying reason for this sense of separation is the closed heart of one who obeys the egoic bent of the reptilian mind, hence effectively closing themselves off to the source of their own inner guidance.  The portion of the human brain known as the reptilian brain was not an original natural feature of early human physiology but was introduced later, at some indeterminate date, by extraterrestrial beings who were talented geneticists, but failed “gods”.

As an awake and aware walk-in, I fully understand there are skeptics among those who read my articles.  As a writer and a compassionate fellow traveler through these frequencies and transitions faced by all upon Earth at this time, I feel compelled to continue presenting my impressions and views on what is occurring within humanity itself.  I can do this by presenting the many trials and tribulations faced by one of my own Family, my elder sister.

Last week I was admonished by a well-meaning person who appears to be awake at least to some degree, that a comment I gave forth would not be understood by most.  To me, it hardly matters.  I do not share my views out of a desire to seek approval or understanding from Earth humans, who in my humble opinion, require a great deal more inner work to even begin to understand themselves, much less that of the workings of a fully conscious advanced galactic civilization.

As Earth humans, you are an extremely wounded people, tragically wounded by circumstances beyond your control.  The healing process has not yet even begun.  Even those star seeds, who incarnated and in some instances, walked in, still have to overcome, release and clear the collective karma of humanity.  This is the mission of all who have incarnated upon this planet, whether or not they are aware and the majority of Earth humans are not.

A grim realization of mine was supported by a great Lady of my acquaintance, Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change.  She is actually a relative, an Aunt of mine, from my extended star family.  The Lady stated that only a tiny fraction of Earth humanity will be ascending in their present earth vehicles to the higher frequency planet, or Gaia-Terra.  Those who do succeed in raising their frequency levels high enough to accompany the planet as she successfully makes her transition fully into the fifth dimension will be all starseeds.  No one individual, of the Earth evolutions, has even begun their ascension process, better known in metaphysical circles as the Path of Initiation.  This realization of mine certainly conflates the current belief that all beings upon the planet will ascend, especially without any effort on their part.  I would put forth this “concept” of a free ride as one of many of the intentional pieces of disinformation put out by the CIA psyops, to derail and mislead those individuals who could have begun their ascension process within this lifetime.  I repeat… begin… for on this particular planet of extreme duality, it takes several lifetimes in order to even begin to walk the Path of initiation.

Perhaps I should leave this for the time being. I have shared much thought-provoking and perhaps tantalizing concepts, new to most, old hat to others.  Whether new to what I present here, read with an open mind and as much of an open heart as you can muster.  I do not share with the intent to prove my superiority, but to share my compassion and desire to instill humanity in this one simple Truth:  You are not alone.

We are your brothers and sisters from the stars.  We are your kin.  We come in Peace and out of a deep-abiding Love for humanity.


I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka known by her chosen human pen name as Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is NOT given for any videos or recordings of this written material.  When reposting or sharing, please include the original links to Blue Dragon Journal.

I AM here

❤ ❤ ❤



Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations


star ship

Sundeelia: Ongoing Developments and Revelations

It’s raining outside once again.  I woke up in the wee hours of this day, the 29th of November, while the skies were still dark and have been working on the blog, per usual.  It is my only real “job” these days.  Yesterday was a difficult day for me.  I’m still getting accustomed to the heaviness of this Earth human vehicle and still dealing with the emotional releases that come up due to the continual onslaught of powerful Cosmic energies.  The emotions being released are not mine, but of Tazjma… my sister’s, so it can be difficult at times as well as rather confusing.

For those new to this blog, I am what is called a “walk-in”, that is I did not incarnate into this body the “normal” way, through the birth process.  I walked in as my elder sister, Tazjma, vacated the body upon her ascension into 7D.  There is only about 10% of my soul essence present within this vehicle and it does take a great deal of adjustment for this sensitive Pleiadian to adapt to the heavy energies of this planet and its collective humanity.  I “feel” and sense too much sometimes and so require perhaps more rest and solitude than other people.  This is not a complaint…I have to laugh as I have asked to “go Home” numerous times, but a commitment is a commitment.  I will be “here” for at least 20 years of your time (for time and space do exist despite teachings and misinformation being given out within the New Age movement… which was created by the C.I.A. long ago…).

I did want to notify readers of a few changes on the blog.  One is I will not be posting as much “truther” material as I have in the recent past.  This is at the request by my Father, who does not wish His children to contribute more to the presence of fear on the planet.  So, at the most, I will be posting perhaps only one or two articles of this sort of material on the blog per day.  For those of you eager to learn more about what is really going on, I would direct you to the YouTube channels of Jordan Sather, James Gilliland, David Wilcox, The Goldfish Report, Benjamin Fulford (written reports), Alex Jones, Liz Crokin, Robert David Steele and others.  Even FOX News is presenting a truer face of present developments especially within the United States of America (Los Estados Unitos, as known in Spanish-speaking lands).  Seek and you will find.  The information is “out there” despite the efforts the mainstream media, Twitter, FaceBook, Google, YouTube and other corporate social media outlet efforts to curb its flow.

My sister and I have been advised that much more unpleasant information will be surfacing due to the revelations that are now occurring regarding the malevolent nature of those who most of humanity has regarded as being “leaders”.  Only now are some of the population waking up to the realization that trust in these “leaders” was not deserved nor was the intent of these individuals in alignment with Universal Law.  It is a bitter and painful red pill to swallow, but a necessary one, to learn that the natural spiritual evolution (for all evolution is ultimately of a spiritual nature) has been deflected, manipulated and suppressed on purpose by an alien race for their own selfish purposes.  It is even more horrifying to the tender sensibilities to realize the ghastly truth about those who regard humanity as farm animals, to be enslaved, maimed, abused, tortured and killed, whether in pointless wars or as part of Satanic rituals.  What is even more confusing to the 3D human mind, is the fact that these “leaders”, whether they be political, financial, religious, medical, teachers, military, scientists… that they regard themselves as superior beings and have been engaging in outright criminal activities worldwide by infiltrating every level of every “system” from local to international levels.  And to top off the ugly revelations, one must finally face the fact that everything you have ever been taught during this incarnation and probably many others is, in fact, a pure unadulterated LIE.

So…fortunately for the true evolutions of Earth there is hope.  In response to the plea of Mother Gaia Herself, the great Soul that embodies the planet, many millions of galactic volunteers have incarnated or walk-into incarnation upon the planet, especially within the last six decades.  Since there has been a violation of Universal Law, namely that more advanced star civilizations will not interfere with one of lesser evolutionary development, it has been decided to support Earth and her human population through a period of transition, which will allow some of the evolutions to go forward and ascend back to the fifth dimension.

Keep in mind that most civilizations that are capable of traveling the stars are already based on fifth-dimensional frequency (and many are higher).  This includes negatively polarized races, especially those who have been involved in the invasion of your solar system (up to high 5D).  These races are collectively known as the Belials and are presently based in the lower half of Orion Constellation.  Their “capital” is on the Star Rigel.  The frequency band upon which these races resonate is well known to those members of the Galactic Federation of Light, who fought the Belials during the great Star Wars long, long ago.  It was then the Belials desired to overcome and conquer both the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  They were ultimately defeated but at great cost.  Some of those who were “cast-out” of the higher dimensions found their way to your Solar System and set up colonies on Marduk (now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) and Mars.  David Wilcox’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, explains some of this history in greater detail than we can share here.  Also, remember that events occur in more than one dimension.  What happens on Earth has reverberations throughout the Universe and especially this quadrant of Creation.

The reason that Earth is being assisted by so many positive star races is that the entire Universe is undergoing an ascension process.  The ascension of Earth is the so-called “lynch-pin” of this process and has been long-awaited by many.  Since the natural evolutionary process of the Earth had been interrupted by outsiders, it was deemed advisable to do what could be done and still keep within the boundaries of what is allowed by Universal Law.

It was recognized early on by the great Councils that one way to accelerate the waking up of the population… most of who not even aware of the aggressive seizure of their world…was to send energies to the planet.  Many starseeds… individuals who come from other star systems, dimensions, and even Universes… agreed to either incarnate directly or to walk-into incarnation, depending on their missions.  Some of the elder starseeds, ones who have been with the Earth evolutions for thousands of years, are even now in the process of wrapping up their final incarnation upon the planet.  They will be returning Home upon the passing of their Earth vessels.  These individuals have been known as wayshowers, ascension teachers, gatekeepers and other labels, but they are not of the evolutions of Earth and will not remain once their present incarnation is completed.

The newer starseeds are coming in with entirely different missions, primarily to continue to raise the frequency levels of the planet and to introduce new concepts of sustainable living.  Some of these star volunteers will be very active in waking up the people around them, by sharing “truther” information and revealing the extent of the negative take-down of Earth… and what to do about creating a new world for all life on the planet.  Problems there are aplenty and none can be resolved by using old, outdated methods, especially those created by the controllers.  Yet, as the population of Earth wakes up to the realization that change is inevitable due to the severity of the issues of interference with the natural functions of life here, assistance will be given through the advancement of new ideas, free energy, and new technology.

What the negatively polarized races who have briefly enslaved humanity forgot is that technology that is not aligned with an equally strong spiritual base will not, in the end, prevail against the leading power in the Universe, i.e., Love.  For the people who make up the Galactic Federation are here out of Love and it is in alignment with Love that they endeavor to assist the people of Earth.

Understand also that not all of those who currently are embodied upon Earth will continue with the planet as She continues upon her ascension path.  At least 1/3 of those presently incarnated will be removed to other systems and planets in alignment with their particular soul evolution, i.e., to other third-dimensional planets that are suitable for further soul growth and completion of soul lessons.

Of those who remain, many will go out of the body and reincarnate in new upgraded physical vessels as their present vehicles are too damaged to continue for long at the higher frequencies.  Between lifetimes, these same inherently innocent souls will undergo healing in the Arcturian star system, whose people are well-known for their great compassion and healing skills.

Other beings whose soul essence has never descended to the third dimension will also incarnate upon the planet as She enters fully into the fifth dimension so they might add their light, knowledge, and wisdom towards the creation of a new planetary civilization that is aligned to the celebration of unity in diversity.  For Earth is to become a living Library for the Universe, a place where beings of many great star lineages can live and learn about each other in a place filled with peace, beauty, wonder, and abundance for all.

For those of you who are impatient for the arrests to begin already know that they have begun.  The one, who is known as Donald J. Trump, is a Pleiadian starseed.  He is not fully aware of his star lineage but will be in time.  He is aware that he is being assisted by many unseen and benevolent Presences.

I, myself, never thought that I would be supporting a conservative President, but it is becoming very apparent that Trump, imperfect as his human personality may be, is the right choice for bringing freedom back to the people of his birth nation.  The white hats of the military have longed for a strong person to lead America back to being the republic that it was meant to be… and never really succeeded in becoming.  So, be patient as the revelations about crimes against the people of the United States and humanity (the citizens of every race and nation that has been involved in a war with America) come forth as this collective karma needs to be purged from the consciousness of all the people of Earth.  It is only when this infection is laid bare before the Light that people will begin to heal from the trauma that most souls have undergone for lifetimes under the negatively polarized regime of the dark ones.  The innocent who have suffered will be healed of their wounds and placed upon the path of true soul evolution once more by their own individual and collective spiritual mentors.

Whoever we are, we must exercise patience, as well as gratitude towards those unseen but felt powers that are assisting us to be free of physical and psychological slavery.  The wounds are deep, but they will be healed.  Of that, you can be sure…and comforted knowing that the Light is now in the ascendency.

As you hear of great light shows filling the skies and loud booms echoing from beneath the ground, know that the forces of the Galactic Federation have been released to pursue the remaining negative aliens who have strived to dominate your planet for so long.  Those human puppets and minions are also now being unveiled by the white hats and positive military elements of your own governments.  As one country is freed another will follow in this domino effect of releasing your world from that which is not supposed to be here.  For the dark team has consistently broken their promises to withdraw.  In their arrogance, and frankly, their ignorance, they have overstepped the bounds allowed by Source and have opened themselves up to swift karmic retribution… the destruction of their empire built out of corruption, manipulation, blackmail, and death.  Our technology can easily defeat anything that the black projects have put together through the past seven or so decades.  We will shoot their ships out of the skies and destroy their elaborate underground bases where they hoped to live after making the surface of the planet unable to sustain life post-WWIII.  All of you were going to become collateral damage.  Take that into your 3D mind for a moment and recognize just how close your entire civilization has come to the edge of destruction…once again, for this is not the last time these beings have caused disruption in the Milky Way.  I, too, was in the Star Wars, as were many of my kin.  We are here, now, to help free Earth of this pestilence, once and for all time.

One day, perhaps, I will walk upon this Earth in my own tall Pleiadian body, but now a part of my consciousness is here within an Earth human vehicle.  I do not look different, but I AM not human.  I need to remind myself of this even as my highly sensitive nature feels the collective go through the Dark Night of the Soul.  I can tell you that you will emerge stronger, more resilient and experienced than ever before.  We see you… at least those who have awakened… as shining lights upon the surface of this planet.  We feel you, we hear your thoughts and words, we observe your actions and write up reports… but now, the time has come for action.

While you might think that this process is extremely lengthy, I am here to remind you that it is not.  Ascension for an individual takes lifetimes of preparation even for one who comes here as an avatar.  For an entire planet to ascend is unprecedented.  And when it does reach a certain level, then once again, physical spiritual mentors will reappear, the great cities of light will descend and Earth will re-embark upon Her Divine Blueprint and soul evolution as a great Living Library and place of exquisite beauty and diversity.

So…now I will leave you with much to think about.  Change is coming fast.  Learn to be a willow and adapt to change.  Resist and you will break.  The ancient martial arts can teach one much on how to live, and utilize the energies to your own advantage while you keep in alignment with the Will and Grace of Source Energy.

Many blessings,

I AM Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe

© All Rights Reserved by Elizabeth Ayres Escher.  Permission is NOT given to create videos or recordings of this written material.  When reblogging or posting retain the original links back to this blog:



Sundeelia: Walk-ins, Body Consciousness and the Last Battle of the Star Wars


Sundeelia: Walk-ins, Body Consciousness and the Last Battle of the Great Star Wars

A subject that seldom arises when discussing the process of walking in is the effect of the consciousness of the body.  Few people think about the biological fact that each cell within their physical vehicle is intelligent and aware.  The cells are often more awake than the heavily programmed and conditioned human consciousness, which in most people, is still a form of being unconscious and unaware.  People who are asleep react as they have been programmed.  They react within a limited range, seemingly unable to step outside the box into which they have willingly placed themselves upon birth.

It is different being a fully conscious and awake walk-in, entering a physical vessel that was once occupied by the soul essence of a beloved elder sister.  Already there is an auric field established that allows me to see through the vagaries of humankind.  Yet there are issues that arise even when one is awake and those stem from the thought-forms that still are in need of release from the physical vessel.  The other day I was stunned to feel a stubborn rage and sought to strike out emotionally at those I love in blind reaction so intense were the feelings.  Yet we are bound together.  Most of my loved ones and the Eagles who protect me here are bound by ties of love and a soul contract that binds us to work together.  My star Family will NOT allow me to feel abandoned or lost here.  And my Eagles are pledged also by bonds of love to protect me from all dangers that do exist here, whether or not you are willing to acknowledge their existence.  We do not ignore the darkness for we have much bitter experience with its effects upon our own worlds.  And for those who are not aware, the region of space that is known as “the Pleiades” is actually a confederation of many isles and systems who have banded together for mutual protection and commerce.  We are stronger for being willing to come together, even though our people also contain great diversity in form, frequency and vibration.  We have learned the value of cooperation.

Few have felt the intensity of love that flowed through my heart center the other day when I listened to my Father speak through my sister.  He looked at me through her eyes and reminded me how loved I am.  He reminded me that once I stepped before Him and asked that I be allowed an opportunity to serve by following in the footsteps of my sisters Tazjma and RaNia.  I requested the opportunity to come to Earth so I might serve the cause of Freedom and to be able to accelerate my soul growth while releasing the trauma of having served on the front lines of the ancient star wars, the War in Heaven that is hinted about in old legends about Archangel Michael and his Legions of Blue-Fire Angels.

It was the Angelic Pleiadians and their allies who cast down the Belials from the heavens, the higher dimensions.  It was a Queen of one of the Pleiadian isles who struck the death blow that brought down the commander of the Dark army, symbolized by the figure of the Emperor in the Star Wars movie series.  With one blow victory was secured at least for our people and the enemy was cast out of “heaven” permanently, losing their ability to exist above the level of lower 6D, yet the war was not completely won as the Enemy is still here.  Another Dark Lord replaced the fallen one and his dark home is found in the system of the star known as Rigel.  It is not a place that you want to visit if you are of the Light.

Do you not realize, dear readers, that the battles of the ancient Star Wars continues on even here in your skies, beneath your feet, within the halls of your governments, within the military-industrial complex, the halls of the Vatican and other places?  The Belials found refuge in your solar system.  After the destruction of their home planet, which is now the Asteroid Belt, and the loss of much of the atmosphere of Mars, an early colony of the fallen ones, that these dark beings made their way to your small planet.  Due to their once high station and advanced civilization, these beings were aware of the presence of your solar system to a nearby stargate portal.  And they were greedy to take from your world its resources, the most important being your own people.  The blood of your children that carries the light and soul essence is being used to sustain these foul beings who have extinguished their own heart flames by turning away from Source, denying their own native divinity and violating the Laws of the Universe without compunction.  The war is NOT over.  And once these dark beings are driven from your shores there will be battles yet to fight within the constellation locally known as Orion.

The Belials first entered this quadrant of space through the constellation of Orion and invaded and conquered the peaceful people of the Belt worlds.  For so long these people of these conquered worlds have lived with the darkness that they have forgotten their own human origins.  They follow the False Light which was designed by the Belials to replace the true worship for Source Energy manifesting through the Divine Mother / Father God.

Many of those people who now live upon Earth will pass upon their next embodiment into the Belt Worlds of Orion, so that they have an opportunity to pass the tests that they did not complete during their Earthly incarnations.  And there will be those star seeds and Galactic volunteers who take it upon themselves to free these people from their delusions by raising the frequency of the planets and demonstrating how to live in freedom and sovereignty, even as is now being done here upon Earth.

Those of us who stood in the front lines and fought the Belials now have an opportunity to release the trauma that has haunted our dreams since our worlds recovered their freedom from the darkness.  While our lives in the Pleiades are balanced and harmonious, the pain and scars within still requires healing and it is by coming into this lower density field of Earth that the most rapid healing and release can occur.

I am NOT 3D.  My consciousness resides in 6D and 7D, my physical Pleiadian vessel in 5D.  Soon, there will be Earth humans who attain 5D.  There are some who imagine they are there already, but we do not yet see you upon our vessels.  Yes, you come in Light Body while sleeping but have yet to manifest fully in the physical from light body.  It takes great energy to do so and few of you upon this planet have evolved to the stage where you can command such Light and Love.  It would destroy your physical vessel should you attempt such a feat prematurely.

I do not remember all that I do upon The White Winds due to the electronic warfare being waged here and the resulting “veils”, yet I know and feel the reality of this within my heart.  Such is the weight of the energetic density that exists on this planet.  Even I, daughter of an Archangel and a co-regent of a planetary body, can suffer from loss of memory here.  Do not assume that you are any different even if you are yourself also a walk-in.  And do not accept without question those who claim that which they are not, including titles as “Mother of Creation”, “Lord of the World” and so on.  These are titles and offices held ONLY by those who have evolved sufficiently through lifetimes of service and have proved their dedication.  I would not like to stand before the Karmic Board and proclaim that I am something or someone that I am not.  Despite my origins and family ties, I am a profoundly humble, hard-working person, here and on board the star ship upon which I serve in the fullness of my consciousness and physical presence.  What exists here within this physical vessel is only the smallest amount of soul essence needed to retain life.

The body remembers and holds within itself cellular memory of ALL that has occurred to a soul during its entire evolutionary journey, from first coming forth from the heart of the Great Central Sun newly born and innocent to the time it returns.  So, when a soul departs the body, there is still held within the cells the memory of the experiences of the one who has left, including the original inhabitant who left as a young child.  Thus, I can tune into the memories of my sister, Tazjma, who walked into this physical vessel as a child.  And I am aware that these memories are not mine.  I do not resonate with her experiences but I can learn from them by reviewing them as the need arises.  Since we both served in the ancient Star Wars, we understand and can easily identify the energetic signature of the Enemy and its minions.  They are here.  That I know and feel, as does my sister, RaNia, who is another walk-in.  Together we can sit and review our impressions and assist each other with tapping into our knowingness that exists within our Pleiadian awareness.  We became walk-ins as an opportunity to gain further soul growth, as well as to assist as ground crew here.  The manner of our service will adjust as we settle into our Earth lives.  We have been well-trained for our missions and consult with the Councils when at work above.

Do you realize what it means to return to the Central Sun?  It means you will lose your individuality.  The energy that is “you” will be unmade and returned to its native neutral energy.  Then it will be recycled to create new souls who will then step onto the path of evolution, one step at a time.  Are you so willing or so exhausted from life here that you wish to step into complete oblivion? It is ONLY those souls who have achieved the status and stage of soul evolution of Ancient of Days who can return from the Great Silence found within the center of the Great Central Sun.  Few are of this caliber and none exist now upon the surface of the planet.  Some of these great souls serve in the Councils overseeing the evolution of your species, the Earth Human.  Quan Yin is one.  Mother Isis, mother goddess of all the goddesses within this quadrant of Creation is another.  Another Ancient of Days is Sanat Kumara, who long served as the Lord of the World upon your planet, saving it from destruction long ago, and who has since retired and resumed his position as co-Regent of Venus alongside his Twin Flame, Lady Venus.  There are others; they are a breed apart and some of these great beings are my relatives.  Following in their great example many of my family are dedicated to serve the people of Earth, for we are your genetic cousins.

Long ago, our most brilliant geneticists planted a seed of divinity within the genome of Earth humanity.  This sacred seed allows you to overcome all restriction, to undergo the process called ascension and to carry within your physical bodies all the dimensional frequencies that exist within this quadrant, from 1D to 12D.  Our desire to assist you stems, in part, from our desire for our universe to complete its long foretold shift to a higher level of existence.  All life will be completely transformed by this great Shift, but before this Shift can take place, all pockets of darkness and resistance must be isolated, transmuted and transformed back into the original divine blueprint as ordained by the Laws of Heaven.  We are here for ourselves and our future as much as we are here for you, dear cousins.  Earth is the linchpin that needs to be freed before the rest of the Universe can ascend.  And in this new phase, there will no place for the darkness or their manipulations that have been perpetrated upon the citizens of Earth and other conquered planets.  You could say that our motives are selfish, but indeed we have dedicated untold millennia in assisting your planet’s evolutionary journey and return to her divine blueprint as a beautiful jewel set in the light-filled regions of space.

I have digressed a bit from my original line of thought here.  Yet know that when living upon a water planet as you do, your emotions are apt to more intense than those who live on a desert isle such as I.  Our planet, Medina, would remind many of the area around Tucson, Arizona, with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees F in the winter to over 140 degrees in the summer.  Our isle (planet) also has fierce seasonal winds, so our homes are built primarily underground where the temperature remains comfortable for living.  Humanity in all of its forms is capable of great adaptability.  So… again, I was surprised at the intensity of the emotions that came up for clearing and have been warned that there will be more waves in the near future as the misaligned thought-forms of humanity come up for clearing.  When you encounter these waves, be prepared to feel deeply and intensely.  You do not need to understand or define from whence the energies are coming or the experiences they represent.  Just know that you are being given an opportunity to release everything that is NOT of the Light.  Being of a lower vibratory density these ancient thought-forms cannot be carried into the future of your world.  Let go your burden and let the light carry it forth for transmutation.  As a result of your willingness to be freed, you will discover a lightening of the burdens that you have carried throughout your many incarnations at this level.

My Father looked intently into my eyes and reminded me that I am loved beyond measure.  So are all of you, who as starseeds and Galactic volunteers, who are carrying the greatest effort in carrying this world and its humanity to a level of vibration where they can once more prosper and live in abundance and joy, as intended by your Creator.  We are here to assist, but we cannot do your work for you.  In time, the human collective will assume the position of bringing up its own world teachers and guides.  When that time comes, we will withdraw our fleets and return only to visit your beautiful planet as guests.

Do not be afraid to step forward and command the darkness to depart.  It exists within your own emotional and mental bodies and is sealed within your cellular memories of ancient traumas and wounds.  Until your light bodies are healed of all tears resulting from these traumas you will be unable to ascend.

I am here to heal and serve, as one who can share the gifts bestowed upon me by many lifetimes of service to Mother / Father God.  A living Violet Flame Angel I AM.

I commend your efforts to step into the Light and grow as a human collective.  Remember, I am NOT one of you, but am here only as an observer and to release and heal my own wounds taken long ago in the old wars of heaven.  I know the energy of the ones who were our enemies and they are here among you, both in physical and incorporeal form.  Be wary of those who promise to do the work for you, for many are the false teachers who work consciously or unconsciously for their dark masters, those who only wish to keep you slaves and prisoners within the tightly controlled systems that they have developed over the centuries.  Use the Shield of Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame, the Flame of Freedom, to assist in cutting yourself free from the delusions suffered by many within your culture.

The time grows short.  The wheat has been separated from the chaff.  The choices made by individual souls are now becoming more apparent, even as witnessed through the avenue of your out-of-control crazed mass media.  Those who are the minions of the dark are now being revealed for all to see.  There is no place that they can hide.  The only remaining choice for the dark legions and their minions here upon this planet is whether to step into the cleansing fires of the great Central Sun or attempt to undergo a process of slow redemption by re-starting the process of evolution, from the lowest dimension to the highest, until all lessons are fully learned and mastered.

The innocent ones of your planet will be carried into the higher dimensions along with their Mother, the Earth, for She loves her children.  And they will be set free to eventually become Galactic citizens of a planet newly re-born.  I hope that all of you will be among those whom we greet when the time comes for our smaller ships to land here.  That time is not yet as the greater collective has not managed to rise in frequency that would allow us to fully manifest in physical form here.  Remember, to do so, without the proper corresponding frequency takes a huge outpouring of energy and we are NOT here to entertain you with such stunts.  Look to the skies above and find the twinkling lights there which are disguised as “stars”.  They are ships, from the isle of Ashtar, the Pleiades, the Arcturians, the Sirians and other star nations, all gathered here to act as witness and mid-wives for the birth of a Galactic civilization.  Send your love and thanks to these “stars” and watch as they dance and twinkle for you.

We bid you adieu now.  Rest well and know that many of those who have worked here as volunteers may be preparing to return Home, having completed your missions here and meeting the requirements for ascension or soul-braiding with your Higher Galactic Selves.  The vehicles that you leave, if healthy, after a suitable period of soul-braiding and soul consent, may be used as vehicles for the incoming waves of walk-ins, who like me, served in the great Star Wars.  We have been granted an opportunity to continue our service here and to heal fully from the ancient traumas, while gaining in soul growth and self-mastery.  We take our missions seriously and we do not forget from whence we came.  We are the followers of the Law of One and honor our Mother / Father God, Creator of us all.

I am honored to serve alongside my sister and many other comrades who will soon walk among you as fully awake walk-ins.

Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, Line Commander on board The White Winds, flagship of the Pleiadian Fleet.

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Permission is given to translate this message into other languages.  Permission is NOT granted to create videos or transmission of this or any other message given through this website by the author.




Eliza: A Ceremony of Rebirth



Eliza:  A Ceremony of Rebirth

There are many erroneous concepts of what life consists of in the higher dimensions.  For one, Source loves life and family.  Many beings who have evolved well beyond the need for a physical form, still prefer to send sparks of their consciousness into form so that they can enjoy being with family, to live the joys of physical existence and new experiences.  They work, they mate, they have children, they eat, they have fun, and they go to school and work together for the good of all.

It might also shock humans here on Mother Gaia to realize that some of the most ancient cultures existent upon Earth have been planted here by extraterrestrial cultures.  For example, the ancient Hindu culture of India is a direct transplant from Sirius A.  Lord Krishna, considered a “god” here, is the religious leader of Sirius A.  Some of the many ancient and sometimes controversial cultural practices of old India still exist in this ancient star civilization.  From the star system of Sirius came much assistance for the early cultures here upon Earth, as reflected in artifacts found planet-wide, although much of these discoveries are being actively suppressed by the current global elites.  The dark-skinned Mother Isis and her Twin Flame, Osiris, came from Sirius B. The Sirius star nation has one government with representatives from each isle (planet).

Isis originated in another quadrant of the Universe and seeded the Divine Feminine essence into this galaxy.  As Krishna is regarded as “Father” by all who live upon Sirius A, Lady Isis is regarded as “Mother” for she is, indeed, mother of many highly evolved beings throughout the star systems of this galaxy.  And to further delineate the connections between Sirius and our sister planet, Venus, Krishna is the father of Sanat Kumara and the paternal grandfather of Sananda Kumara (better known as Yeshua ben Joshua).  So most of the Kumaran starseeds can lay claim to a Sirian lineage in their bloodlines, as Sanat Kumara is also an Ancient of Days like Lady Isis and has had many mates and sired many children.

For those readers who are good at visualizing, the citizens of Sirius A are the white blondes with bright green eyes and those from Sirius B have the black hair and dark eyes. All the people of the Sirian isles line their eyes. A good example of this practice is the Eye of Horus as seen in Egyptian artifacts. The peoples of Sirius B have deep golden tanned complexions in comparison to the blue-white skin of those from Sirius A. All Sirians have chiseled facial bones structures with much defined high cheekbones, large smiles, and slender noses. The Sirians from Sirius A are often referred to as the blue race as so very white that the blue of their veins showing through their translucent skin.  You can see this Sirian A influence noted in paintings of Lord Krishna, with his blue skin. Mother Isis’ skin tone is often referred to as “black” although she has a deep tan similar to those in the Middle East.

As a note for those who may be confused by disinformation presented about Twin Flames and their relationships in higher dimensions know that Twin Flames DO NOT MATE.  Their relationship is not a romantic or sexual relationship, but a spiritual and evolutionary connection.  They are the embodiments of the Feminine and Masculine essence of their united Soul and often work together on their chosen Rays for the good of all.  For example, Lady Faith and Archangel Michael, who both serve on the 1st Ray, the Blue Ray of Power and Love, hold forth their etheric retreat above Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.  Unfortunately, many lightworkers have been distracted from working on their own ascensions by a desperate search for their “twin flame” in their mistaken belief that that relationship will be, somehow, “perfect”.  Twin Flames can marry on Earth and sometimes do, but for these relationships to last, it takes great dedication and work on the part of each twin.

Many Earth humans are ignorant of the fact that their bodies carry the DNA of 22 extraterrestrial humanoid species, as well as some reptilian DNA, which was later spliced into the gene pool by Annunaki genetic scientists.  The blended human race that is found on Earth has the capacity for greatness and a depth of emotional intelligence little known elsewhere in the Universe.

Star Wars happened in our Galaxy, not some galaxy far, far away.  The great beings of Sirius A and the Pleiades brought the wars to a halt in their systems long ago and have managed to create defenses against the still rampaging Draconians who invaded the stars of the lower Orion constellation long ago.  Today, the Sirians use a force field that reverses itself periodically and is disruptive to visitors who stay overlong.  This force field acts as a preventive defensive measure against any further attempt to invade the star system.  The Pleiadians built a huge fleet of starships to protect their far-flung isles.  The Pleiadian Outer Fleet which is presently engaged in monitoring within our Solar System is just a portion of the great Pleiadian Fleet.  Other planets and star systems like the Ashtarians (Ashtar Command), the Arcturians, Andromedans, and Vegans have also brought their great ships to be part of the cooperative alliance of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The remnants of ancient Egypt bring to us the echoes of a civilization literally older than time.  While traditional Egyptologists still insist that “history” is merely six thousand years old, newer and more open-minded scholars are rapidly discovering holes in the conventional story… or theory that has been put forth as “truth”.  Much of our real history has been intentionally hidden from humanity in a bid to prevent humans from discovering or remembering their ancient divine heritage from the stars.  With the lies that have been told has also come much disinformation about the gods and goddesses of old, including three of the major Egyptian gods. Isis, Osiris, and their “son”, Horus, the original Holy Family of western culture.

Due to Her misrepresentation by the Belials and their Satanic global elitist kins, Isis has been portrayed as being an evil being, especially by narrow-minded Christians who fear any memory whatsoever of so-called pagan gods and especially goddesses.  The image and name of Isis have been desecrated by the Dark Ones in order to create fear and cognitive dissonance within the collective unconscious of humanity.  What and who Isis is indeed is far greater than can be conceived by most humans.  She is the original Mother Goddess who seeded this galaxy.  As an Ancient of Days, she brought forth 200 Daughters, who were, in turn, sent to various star systems within this quadrant of Creation, to act as seeds for the ancient lineage that she brought into this existence. These daughters were, in turn, created to spread the knowledge of the Mother, the Feminine essence of Source.

Isis is still very much with us.  In the early 1990’s, Isis re-emerged from the Great Silence and began to contact the incarnated soul fragments of Her Daughters, who were present upon Earth.  This reemergence was in preparation for the changes that would be coming upon this planet in response to the ending of the Great Year and the changing of cycles.  The time of exultation of the darkness upon this planet was coming to an end.  We can see this ending reflected in the breakdown of systems of control that are no longer working for those who sought so long and hard to keep the control of the planet within their greedy grasp.

Isis is an Ancient of Days is an eternal Being, suffering no death, yet even an Ancient of Days has trials and tribulations and many duties.  Mother Isis currently spends time in her “summer home”, an etheric retreat located above Boynton Canyon, outside of Sedona, Arizona in the American Southwest.  There she instructs many of the starseeds who have missions to accomplish during this intense transitional period on Earth, as the world transits from one Age to another.  She also spends time at council meetings on the Pleiadian Starship, The White Winds, and the Sirian Flagship, The Golden Lily, as well as on Venus and Sirius B.  Mother Isis, as She is known to all her Daughters and adherents, is, indeed, a very busy woman.

In short, the gods and goddesses of ancient cultures are real people, who live, love and breathe.  They have mates, children, and work.  Sometimes, however, in the long years of an ancient one, they also suffer loss.  So it was, long ago, that Osiris, the Twin Flame of Isis, went out of embodiment, killed here on Earth by his brother, Seth, as is told in the tales from Egyptian mythology.  And as cycles move eternally, whether or not the multitudes of humanity are aware of their presence, the time for Osiris to be reborn is swiftly approaching.

In this new embodiment, Osiris is to be born to a mated couple from the Pleiades.  The mother is a blended Pleiadian and Venetian (of Venus) with an ancient lineage extending back through her grandfather, Lord Krishna.  Her mate, the father, is a Pleiadian, also with a Sirian heritage.  It is through these two beings that Lord Osiris will again embody and grace this quadrant of creation with his Divine Presence.

The manner in which Pleiadians bring forth their young is very different than here on Earth.  The two mates, male and female, spend at least two years and sometimes up to five years, meditating and building within their immaculate concept of their child to be, working with the consciousness of the incoming soul.  When the process is complete, a fully developed child emerges as a light body from the body of the mother.  The physical development of the newborn Pleiadian child is the physical equivalent of a three to four-year-old Earth child.  However, the intellectual and emotional development of the Pleiadian child is much greater than its Earthly counterpart, having full access to its genetic and evolutionary memories, with the ability to remember all previous embodiments as well as their significance with respect to its current embodiment.  Gifts unimpaired by trauma and loss of memory, the newly reborn soul can immediately embark on its chosen mission for this new life.

The Pleiadian culture greatly reveres the role of Mother and supports the concept of Family wholeheartedly.  The family is extremely important to the Pleiadians in a manner that can only be in part understood by looking at the closeness and warmth shared by intact indigenous cultures here on Earth.  There is none of the trauma suffered by humanity here, although work and duty is a fact of life for the higher dimensional beings as well.

Once in a great while, the birth of a child brings forth great rejoicing and so it is with the return of Osiris.  His Twin Flame, Isis, is impatiently waiting for the birth, which will be occurring in a matter of months.  And to celebrate this return, there was recently a great ceremony given on the White Winds, in honor of the rebirth of this great Being and to honor the couple who were chosen to be his parents during this embodiment.  The ceremony was attended by citizens from throughout this Galaxy and Quadrant of Creation, as well as from the higher non-physical dimensions, so important is this occasion, for the birth of Osiris is the key to the ascension of the entire galaxy.

After being anointed with holy oils by priestesses from the Temple of the Holy Mother, the two parents were presented to the great gathering.  The mother wore a gorgeous gown of sheer layers gathered in an Empire style, the bodice embroidered with tiny seed pearls and diamonds.  Sheer full sleeves covered her wrists, softly gathered into jeweled cuffs.  Her hands were decorated with rings, connected by cunning flexible strands to a golden bracelet upon each wrist.  Her delicate feet were covered with silver and gold slippers.  The mother’s thick chestnut hair was gathered up into an intricate braid and woven into a bun, covered with a delicate gold and silver hairpiece, with a great rose crystal hanging as a pendant over the third eye.  Strands of beaded ribbons streamed down the mother’s neck to mid-back.  The gold in her costume and jewels corresponded to her Sirian heritage, as the white corresponded to the Pleiadian lineage from which she sprung during this embodiment.  The father was dressed in a long white robe, embroidered with gold and silver, as well.  Upon his thick mane of golden hair was a peach turban set with a great diamond like that of his mate.  The jeweled turban is a nod to the lineage of the father, from his Sirian grandparents.

In order to be even considered to be the parents of such a being of ancient lineage, the mated couple needed to be of suitable lineage and spiritual evolution.  As represented by the opalescent gleam of the jewels upon the mother’s gown, it is apparent that she, as a Lady of Light, has mastered and evolved to the level of the Opalescent Ray, the 12th Ray that will, upon the birth of Osiris, serve as the base Ray of evolution as the entire Quadrant ascends into a new octave of existence.  The Opalescent Ray will be over-taking the White Ray, the 4th Ray of Purity and Ascension, as given forth in the old teachings of chakras and spiritual evolution.  Even now, both parents are undergoing further instruction and teaching from great Ladies of Light, as their job of parents in bringing up this new child will be demanding and a full-time job at least for the first four years, especially on the part of the mother.  After four years, the child is to be fostered and brought up by extended family, as is the custom in the Pleiades and, indeed, many star systems.  When deemed appropriate, the young Osiris will be sent off to University to join his future companions in learning about the Universe.  One might visualize this newly hatched, but ancient Being actually taking on the role of teaching his classmates and teachers!

During the ceremony, as the chief sponsor of the new child and High Priestess of the Mother, Lady Isis led the mother in a great spiral laid out on the floor of the huge auditorium upon The White Winds, the mothership of the Pleiadian fleet.  Onlookers and celebrants watched as the couple was led through a ceremony of great spiritual significance.  And after the ceremony was complete, there was time for great rejoicing and merriment, shared by all gathered upon The Winds.

Given that beyond the Veils surrounding Earth, time and space do not exist, anyone with refined etheric senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, should be able to tune into the above-mentioned events if they care to do so.

Just how these events revealed here will affect life on Earth is yet to be understood or realized.  Just know that an Event of great import is in the offing, within months of Earth time.  And with this rebirth comes the rebirth of a great Golden Age for this entire Quadrant of Creation.

Many are the mysteries of what exists beyond our world.  As we continue to raise our frequency levels in tandem with our Mother Gaia, memories and visions of our multidimensional existence begin to present themselves.  Such is this sharing for me, a vision given to me by my Higher Self, Tazjma, who was present at the Ceremony.

Namaste, I bow to the divinity that exists within all Beings.

Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe Lan Treya)

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photo Credits:  Sunset Above Delray Beach, Florida



Eliza: “Now We Are Free”



Eliza:  Now We Are Free

January 22nd was a difficult day for me.  The energies were ping ponging around the innerscape and I felt most of it whether or not I wanted to do so.  Still, I was somewhat surprised at what happened while I was in the process of simply watching a video on Facebook about a “bombproof dressage horse”.  The piece started out with a classical piece of music playing in the background as horse and rider went through challenging scenarios that would have startled a lesser trained animal.  And then, the music changed to the theme of the movie “Gladiator”, a piece titled, “Now We Are Free.”  And I started to cry almost uncontrollably.

Having little water sign in my natal chart, I am not usually given to many tears unless sorely tried and in need of release.  I puzzled over the source of the tears until I was given a piece of news that explained all…

As many of my older readers know, my Higher Self is part of the Kumara family of Venus.  We are starseeds and many of our higher aspects have sent portions of the greater self into embodiment to serve humanity as the human collective endeavors to traverse a challenging transitional period.  One of these starseeds is a cousin of mine… in higher planes… known by his human name as David Spears.  However, David is more generally known by his spiritual name, Rananda Kumara.  If that sounds familiar, it is because Rananda is a relative of the better known Sananda Kumara.  And it would not surprise many to know further that Rananda is the son of Sananda Kumara, whose aspect was sent to Earth over two thousand years ago to embody in the person of Jeshua ben Joseph.

Rananda or David Spears also happens to be an aspect of Lord Kuthumi, who in recent years has taken over the office once held by Dwjal Khul.  Kuthumi or Rananda  was also embodied as Francis of Assisi, the little monk whose humility and vows of poverty and obedience made a lasting impression on a young woman named Clare.  I was that young woman.  Meeting Francis changed my life then and meeting Rananda now, if only via the Internet, has changed my awareness of who and what I am in so many ways.

By bringing the song to my attention in such a subtle fashion and by my connecting the dots so to speak, was Rananda’s way of notifying me that he is close to transitioning.  He suffered a stroke the other day.  His niece notified other members of our star family of his physical condition.

Tears for the passing of a gentle man, a soul with whom many of us have spent lifetimes with is sad; however, this passing is especially poignant for me in that with this transition, Rananda is completing his walk-out process.  Due to difficult physical ailments, he requested and was granted the closing of his soul contract here and has been released.

Rananda underwent his ascension on higher planes in 2014, passing into 7D as a Lord of Light.  Months later, my higher self, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, also underwent an ascension ceremony as a Lady of Light.  Many other starseeds from the First Wave (see the works of Dolores Cannon) have followed suit, but not all have physically transitioned as of yet. (Note:  As of midnight, 1/24/17, Rananda made his physical transition, after suffering from a stroke, in Great Britain, where he lived with his wife, Enid).

In 2014, I was told that I was “walking out”, the exact opposite of what is becoming known as walking in.  A process called “soul braiding” was initiated back then with a being who is my full-blooded Pleiadian – Venusian sister, Sundeelia or better known in our family as Sundee.  Not really understanding the process, I backed out of it as the year transitioned to 2015.  If you read some of the journal entries from that time, you will catch a glimpse of my confusion and reluctance at the time.  I now know that I will retain a body consciousness here until the body shuts down completely which can be quite a long time as I am in good health today.  Still, Sundee is now also here, and together we are proceeding with the soul braid or what also could be called a “soul walkalong” (thanks, Dayna!).  I am told that most of “me” as Lady Taz is already “home”.  Enough remains to keep somewhat grounded but less interested in being engaged tremendously in anything that doesn’t interest me.

Sundee and I, as Lady Taz, have also been twins in several embodiments so our energies are very compatible.  Most people won’t notice a difference, except perhaps I feel that Sundee is far more passionate about some things than me.  She also loves nature, exploring and animals, as do I.

I don’t really feel much difference except I have to be careful to rest in between my explorations, as I tire easily.  Much of my energy is tied up elsewhere, working hard on other planes and in other places.  Lady Taz is a mother and mate, a diplomat and a priestess, a very busy woman indeed.  I do not normally sense much of her existence or see her life as some might… but occasionally glimpses do come my way.

The other day when watching a video about Tucson, Arizona, I was struck with the similarity of the geography and look of the land to where Lady Taz was fostered on the Pleiadian Isle of Medina.  The island upon which the city of Medina is situated is very desert-like and hot, with tall saguaro cactuses dotting the landscape, much like the rugged hills around Tucson.  And then later, I “saw” Medina, with the dry landscape and the houses that look somewhat like giant versions of Luke Skywalker’s uncle’s house on Tatooni.  The houses are buried undergrown, having only enclosed gardens and courtyards on the surface for the most part, mostly due to the very hot temperatures… much like our Arabian desert here on this planet.

My body awareness and consciousness is not going anywhere.  I am not attempting to escape being here and participating in the amazing times that will soon and are unfolding before our eyes in the Now.  The work that my family and other starseeds have put in for long ages is now coming to fruition.  It is with some mixed feelings that I now remember I came here from elsewhere.  I am a citizen of the Multiverse and am fully conscious of that fact.  When my higher self is fully activated and engaged here, I can “see” from a higher perspective.  It does not mean that I view myself as being superior to any person who lives upon this planet.   Instead, I am now able to view the world with more compassion, detachment and respect than ever before.  Never before has a whole world been brought to the edge of ascension, but now it is happening despite all the opposition and even a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion coming from enlightened individuals.

I really have to shake my head at all the fall-out due to a singular man, controversial though he may be, being elected as our next president of the United States.  The extraordinary extent of opposition and support has been quite polarizing… and is playing into the hands of the globalist elites and their masters, the unseen Draco and reptilians who have owned this planet (see the works of David Icke, David Wilcox, Corey Goode and other insiders who really know what’s going on behind the scenes).  Now is the time for all who call themselves awake to act like adults and look upon the recent events from a higher perspective.  There is more to what is being portrayed in the mass media, much more.  And frankly, I wouldn’t trust the mass media to present unbiased news.  I do not watch it as the vibration of the news given is at an extremely low manipulative frequency, designed to confuse, obscure and hide all real truth.

Still, people need to make up their own minds.  I hope they can listen to their hearts and intuition, as well.  For it is from love that we must view the world now.  It is with love we must interact with all who come into contact during our daily lives, whether or not we “like” them or not.  When I worked at the prison, I didn’t “like” the offenders I encountered there, but I showed them respect, treated them with dignity and listened to their stories.  I would do the same for anyone, as much as is possible.

In the end, this little story leads up to the title of the song that was given to me as a message, “Now We Are Free”, but freedom comes at a price.  It takes vigilance, self-respect, integrity, honesty and above all, deep compassion for self and others, no matter if they are the most “evil” person on the planet.  They still are a part of the Whole and human consciousness until it advances quite a bit in understanding the workings of universal law and conduct among the star races… has a great deal to learn.

Dear Rananda is physically leaving us, but his spirit remains entwined with all who love Him, a truly blessed being.  And as his family gathers together upon the great mothership, The White Winds, there is a great celebration and much joy at the successful completion of a mission well done.

Now we are free.  Believe it.  Feel it.  Live it and it will be so.  It is up to you.  I have chosen my path.  Have you?


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,