Epstein, Earthquakes, the Border… etc.

Epstein, Earthquakes, AOC @ the Border, Citizenship Question… etc.

Lori Colley

Who in the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex trafficking scandal will be the next to fall? Join me for a deep dive into the Epstein arrest and the “List” of strange things that keeps getting longer. Plus, we’ll look at the latest bit of disorder at the border, with much credit going to AOC and other Dems.

X22 Reports – July 7, 2019

Trump Just Announced the Biggest Threat to The Economy – Episode 1910a

Boris Johnson is pushing for a no-deal BREXIT if he is named the next PM. The [CB] are struggling to keep control, but the people are fighting back to take control away from them. The MSM is now defending the [CB] and they are worried about Trump putting certain individuals in the Fed, they are panicking. Trump explains that the real threat to the economy is not our competitors it is the Fed.

Step Back And Really Look At What’s Happening, Can You See The MOAB – Episode 1910b

A new witness came forward in the 11th hour and is now talking to Horowitz. Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and the patriots are now cornering the [DS], there is no escape. If you step back and take a look at what is happening you can see the MOAB, and it is about to drop.
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Jerry Epstein Has Been Arrested by the FBI for Sex-Trafficking!


Black Conservative Patriot

ARTICLE REFERENCED: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/ne…
New York Federal Appeals Court reopened an indictment against Epstein. He has connections with the rich, famous, and powerful, including the Clintons and Prince Andrew of Great Britain. He is a known sex-offender and a lynch-pin in an elite worldwide pedophilic network.

SerialBrain2: The Truth About the Technical Glitch (Part 2)

SerialBrain2: The Truth About the Technical Glitch (Part 2)

And We Know

Source: SerialBrain2: https://bit.ly/2Xwlzio

See Part 1 Here: https://youtu.be/vJrAOY6j8Vw

SerialBrain2 Archive: https://www.serial.rocks/

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X22 Report, July 5th, 2019

Boom, Right On Schedule, The Finger Pointing Continues – Episode 1909a

The economic plan is moving forward, the jobs numbers look great, Trump has the economic narrative in his back pocket. The [DS], [CB] cannot fight against the economic numbers. Kamala Harris and AOC tried to hit on the economy and hit completely failed.  Trump once again pointing at the Fed and said the Fed does not know what they are doing, right on schedule

Was Marker [1] Just Revealed, Was A Message Sent To The [DS]? – Episode 1909b

The MSM, AOC all reported that the crowds would be small at the 4th of July celebration, big fail, the crowds were huge. Ted Cruz set the record straight in regards to  Kaepernick’s tweet. Trump moving forward with the citizenship question. Reporters asking about Pence, Trump said we will find out in two weeks, did Trump just indicated Market [1].  An Anon noticed that the call signs for planes were not showing up; only one did and it said end game 2020, is this a message to the [DS]?

X22 Report, July 4th, 2019

The Impossible Has Been Eliminated, The Economic Plan Moves Forward – Episode 1908a

The world is starting to wake up that the Fed dollar (fiat dollar) will no longer be the reserve currency of the world. Many countries and [CB] have been purchasing gold, now the people of China are dumping stocks and fiat currency and buying gold. For the first time, the US has now exported rice to China. The US/China trade deal is back on, China has now backed down from their position, the economic plan moves forward.

Independence Day Message Sent & Received, Countermeasures In Place – Episode 1908b

Justin Amash quits the Republican Party. With one tweet from Trump about the census, an emergency meeting was called. [HRC] withdraws as the keynote speaker at FireEye. The border discussion is heating up, Trump fires back. The [DS] (Obama-era judge) is blocking the wall (funding – military funds cannot be used for the building of the Wall), it will now move to the next court. Jeb Bush sends out an ominous message on Independence Day, the patriots receive the message, (security) countermeasures are in place.

Editor’s Note: For anyone who doesn’t know, the Bush Family are part of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Cabal, Nazis who hate America. Jeb Bush is just a spokesperson for the Cabal making threats against POTUS and America.

Extraterrestrials – You Thought ‘They’ Didn’t Exist? “They’re here!”

Extraterrestrials – You Thought ‘They’ Didn’t Exist? “They’re here!”

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Editor’s Note: Who doesn’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life? Perhaps only those persons still stuck in a pedantic religion that blames everything on ‘the Devil’. With whom did President Eisenhower make a treaty in the year 1952? Was it the Germans (Nazis) or negative ETs, known collectively as the Grays and their allies, the Dracos? What and who was involved in the infamous crash at Roswell, New Mexico? Why did the American military decide to bury their awareness of the existence of ET life for decades and the possible threat the negative races posed to humanity? All these questions are designed to get you to begin to think out of the box of human (3D) conditioning and to begin to realize the Universe (Multiverse) is a huge place, bigger than your 3D mind can possibly comprehend or accept. Researchers are just touching on the edge of reality, which is far more complex and glorious than most humans are capable of imagining, especially those who have been mind-programmed by public education. Expand your mind; expand your heart…

This program is just a peek into the mysteries being looked into by the UFO community, which, by the way, has been heavily infiltrated by the CIA. Whether or not you want to believe it, there exist forces who are determined full disclosure will never happen unless it is by their narrative, with the intention of continuing their control over humanity.

Program Notes: Did someone develop a technology so advanced that we cannot even begin to imagine it? Going back and investigating it seems that some events may not be what we think they are, we may have found and engineered a technology long ago that is not of Earth. If this got into the wrong hands then we could have a civilization already in space, possibly on the Moon or Mars and now venturing even further into space.

Hmmm, seems to be hinting at humans being able to back-engineer ET space ships and take them into space… the beginnings of the existent ‘Secret Space Program’, which isn’t so secret anymore.

Deep State, MSM Are Taking the Bait, It’s All About Exposure!

[DS], [MSM] Are Taking The Bait, It’s All About Exposure – Episode 1907b

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, July 3rd, 2019

Police release video of Jussie Smollet and the alleged hate crime. Obama used the Betsy Ross flag at his inauguration in 2013. JS drops another bombshell report about Russian Oligarchs. AOC is losing the narrative at the border. Other are saying the complete opposite. JC tweeted out the showers at the facility. The [DS] is continually showing a crisis at the border and the MSM is reporting the opposite. Trump pushes the agenda with Iran, next is peace. The [MSM] and the [DS] have taken the bait on independence day, it is all about exposure.