Phony Outrage vs FACTS

Phony Outrage vs FACTS

Headlines with a Voice

The reason the media suddenly came to care about family separation at the United States border is to fabricate controversy. It’s a tactic to distract Americans from three legitimate news stories that benefit President Trump:

1) a booming economy.

2) the historic and successful summit with North Korea, and

3) the Inspector General’s report, toothless as it is, exposed the DOJ and James Comey’s FBI as a swamp of treasonous political-bias and corruption that exonerated Hillary Clinton without ever launching an investigation and attempted to unseat a duly elected President. …

EDITOR NOTE (and frankly, RANT):

TRUMP IS UPHOLDING THE LAW!  CONGRESS NEEDS TO CHANGE THE LAW, WHICH THEY REFUSE TO DO.  WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?  THE MEDIA IS EAGER TO BLAME TRUMP AND CALL HIM A NAZI WITHOUT GIVING SUPPORTING FACTS TO SUBSTANTIATE THEIR ATTEMPT AT EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL AND MANIPULATION.  WHAT IS THEIR MOTIVE?  WHAT IS THE MOTIVE OF THE DEMOCRATS WHO REFUSE TO WORK WITH THE REPUBLICANS TO IMPROVE THE LAW?  Their motive is that they WANT the “catch and release” program to continue; they WANT open borders; they WANT America to be destroyed from within; they are globalists, communists, and fascists who don’t give a bloody sh#t for these children other than for what they can use them for (use your imagination) and other illegals who are the new slave labor in Amerika.


If you claim to be awake, then why are you still taken in by fake news designed to appeal to your remaining emotional imbalances?  Why are you still believing ANYTHING the Mass Media are presenting?  The Democrats HATE Trump.  Bottom line.  Question EVERYTHING but especially the propaganda put forth via corporate news, television, and Hollywood.

I’m very disappointed in what I have been observing in the “lightworker” community this past week or so.  It would appear that very few of you are willing to do the research into what Trump is actually attempting to do for AMERICANS before you make unsubstantiated claims that he is acting with ill intent against innocents.  Obama, with his “catch and release” policy, allowed thousands, if not millions of children to be trafficked by Mexican gangs across the border, a situation that served the purposes of massive pedophile rings existing here.  Trump, by enforcing the 1996 law written by the Congress and approved by Bill Clinton, is attempting to change that situation.  Close the borders, stop allowing cartels from bringing in children, women, drugs, and guns across the border — in short PROTECT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN — while insisting that those individuals who wish to enter the U.S., do so LEGALLY, through the existing immigration process.


Undiscovered Truths Will Be Learned, Organized Riots (Soros) Being Planned

Undiscovered Truths Will Be Learned, Organized Riots (Soros) Being Planned

X22 Report

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne has filed a lawsuit against the Clinton’s and other individuals. Mueller is having trouble with the Russia Concord Management company, Mueller has no evidence and he is stuck. There is a fake photo showing a child behind bars in an immigration detention center, this turns out to be a protest. Afghan government taken the ceasefire to the next level, 1 year ceasefire deal. Merkel is in Jordan and she says the world needs to stop Iran. US warship is returning home, this is the ship that carried out the attacks in Syria. Syrian army liberates approximately 463 square miles in Syria. Q drops more bread crumbs, says the deep state is planning riots, be prepared.

More Pain is on the Way, This Will NOT End Well for the Deep State

More Pain is on the Way, This Will NOT End Well for the Deep State

X22 Report

Horowitz releases the IG report and testifies in front of the committee. Horowitz releases bombshell after bombshell when testifying. The immigration is all over the corporate media they are distracting from the IG report. The administration is following the law that was set up before the President was in office, the entire DACA issue was created by Congress and Obama during his presidency. The ceasefire is now over in Afghanistan, but the people want peace. Pompeo speaks to Lavrov about Syria. Q drop more bread crumbs, talks about the IG report, all the connections, the pain that is coming, who is connected and what is being investigated right now.

Mr. Horowitz, ever heard of the NSA?

Horowitz is also a member of the Senior Executive Service.


Info Release Will Shatter the Deep State, Dark to Light, Confirmation – Episode 1590b

Info Release Will Shatter the Deep State, Dark to Light, Confirmation – Episode 1590b

X22 Report

Deep state pushes back on the ZTE deal by adding an amendment to the defense authorization bill. Ukraine is pushing the Normandy 4 meeting. Trump and Kim Jong-Un meet and sign the peace agreement. Trump says no more war games in South Korea. Pictures of Libya before and after have gone viral. In Syria, rebels have 48 hours to agree to the terms of Syria. Q drops more bread crumbs and confirms dark to light and says that once the info is released the deep state will go down in flames.

No Fear: Prison Planet Over, Steven D Kelley on Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY

No Fear: Prison Planet Over, Steven D Kelley on Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY

You Are Free TV

Steven D Kelley has exposed the DUMB underneath the Getty Center completed by Sir Paul Getty, the anglophile who earned his knighthood by building a $1.4 million catastrophe-proof underground fortress in Bel Air, CA, for the English Royals that includes a massive underground installation said to house a facility that enslaves and harvests trafficked children.

6/11/18 – Sessions Appoints Federal Prosecutor to #DraintheSwamp / Trump Controls the G7

6/11/18 – Sessions Appoints Federal Prosecutor to #DraintheSwamp / Trump Controls the G7

The Right Media

Jeff Sessions proves he’s on the right side of this fight against globalism and the deep state. He calls on an admirable Federal Prosecutor to get with Horowitz on the IG Report and actually PROSECUTE these people…

We don’t need the G6 — they need us.

Is Sessions finally breaking out of his Mr. Magoo act?