Lord Orion: The Advent of the Light


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Lord Orion:  The Advent of the Light

I AM Orion.  Greetings.

Today, we are going to try something different.  I will be dictating to my scribe another essay. Let us begin:

It would appear to the average person that the world has gone berserk, but is that really the case?  Not at all.  It is simply that all which has been hidden from the common people, the working people, is now being revealed.

The Dark Archons who have controlled the planet have been removed by the one who accidentally was the major factor in their creation, Sophia.  Thea Sophia has now departed the planet and taken her miscreations with her, which were part of the essence of her own dark unresolved shadows.  Study the Gnostic teachings if you wish to learn more about Sophia and the Archons.

What is left on the planet today are the archons who are hidden within individuals.  This is, of course, one aspect of the darkness that exists upon Terra.  Another explanation or alternative perspective speaks of the dark ones from the Orion Empire, who joined forces with the Dracos and Reptilians to conquer portions of this solar system many millions of years ago.  During that timeline, the energetic ley lines of the planet were overtaken and intentionally perverted, setting the planet off-keel, leaning on its side instead of being upright.  Anti-life codes were embedded into the ley lines, creating a limited energetic pattern that repeated upon itself… until quite recently.  Now, that pattern has been released and the energies of Cosmic Light has been free to penetrate deeply into the dark shadows so carefully erected by the dark minions.

Now, the planet and certain regions of the solar system of Sol are undergoing a purging of the darkness that has striven to control and dominate.  The purpose of creating a cyborg military force made up of formerly ‘human’ beings, now super soldiers, was to enact galactic takeover and invasion of the worst kind.  So, the forces of Light have come back in time to rectify the situation, having identified the source of the galactic plague of locusts as beginning here on Terra, the Moon, and Mars.  Read the works of Alex Collier for more details on this staged galactic invasion by the Dracos, negative Orion Empire, and their Reptilian allies.

So, what is happening on Terra today? Events are being orchestrated by a band of rebels, men and women whose fellows recognized decades ago that our country had been invaded from within by forces from Nazi Germany, who, despite what Americans were told post WWII, did not lose the war.  Wealthy Americans with German roots provided cover to bring in hundreds of Nazi scientists and former officers and place them into important positions within all kinds of industries and federally-funded research centers, including the North American Space Agency or NASA.  President Eisenhower warned the public of the growing influence and reach of the military-industrial complex, but he didn’t mention the alien influence coming from the off-world allies.  The evil branches of mad scientists with anti-human agendas penetrated deeply into the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, into ‘medical’ research labs that pursued genetic experiments, seeking out agents to breakdown human immune systems, and eventually to create the human cyborg super soldiers as desired by the alien forces.  For more information, research the articles, books, and videos presented by Dr. Michael Salla and others relating some of this dark and hidden history.

So, what is happening today with the push to get experimental vaccines to as much of the population as possible?  For one, there is an ongoing push towards depopulation and dehumanization of the remaining population, so that the former minions of the alien and interdimensional dark forces can take over control of the resources of the planet.  With their genetic prowess, they can create super soldiers in labs, utilizing cell lines.  They do not require billions of ‘useless eaters’ to continue their existence; they have served their purpose acting as servants and slaves, stripped of free will and the power granted them by their divine connection to Creator Source energy. 

What is the purpose of the vaccine?  It certainly is not to cure or prevent infection.  Despite the extreme level of censorship, some statistics and scientific studies are reaching people and being disseminated throughout the Internet.  And despite all efforts to choke off news, people have been able to observe the negative effects of the vaccine on their own friends, colleagues and family members as formerly healthy individuals have suddenly developed exotic conditions like Bells Palsy, heart conditions, nervous conditions, and have allegedly died of Covid. 

What is the underlying factor emphasizing the current desperation of the dark ones?  They know they have been discovered, their plans laid out in broad daylight despite all their efforts to remain hidden and in the dark.  What is currently being played out, on a world-wide scale is a silent cyber war of information, where one team, the White Hats, are orchestrating events that illuminate and define the horrible extent of the agenda long planned of the dark ones to take down and pervert society to their will.  In opposition are the forces, really the remaining minions of the dark forces who are stubbornly, defiantly attempting to pursue that same dark agenda and take down as many humans as possible before they are taken down.  Yes, matters look desperate when you glance at certain events like the ill-thought-out bumbling with the removal of military forces from Afghanistan and the finger-pointing being directed towards the unelected ‘president’ of the United States, a puppet-character called Biden.

Who is the puppet-master of Biden?  Well, that would be Obama, the Manchurian candidate designed by the Central Intelligence Agency and other foreign intelligence agencies including British MI6 and Israeli Mossad to fulfill their wishes to initiate a sixteen year plan to take down America by weakening its military forces, its economy, the middle class, and to bring perversion into the culture utilizing legalized propaganda through media sources and lies presented as truth to the populace.  Through the persuasion of numerous and multiple sources, seemingly disparate sources, poisons were introduced into agricultural practices, poisons were introduced into pharmaceuticals, psychological warfare and mind-programming was introduced into the schools, laws were put into place that benefited aliens (non-citizens) and attacked the rights of the native born… as the nation was taken down to its collective knees until an unlikely candidate was selected by a secret cabal of military intelligence to spearhead a movement to bring awareness to the people, to give them hope and strength to endure the changes that must come to overtake the dark agenda, break the power of its minions and policy-makers and make it clear, once and for all to the world what was really going on for centuries here on this planet.

 The plots of the dark are failing.  Why?  It is the natural cycle of ascension that periodically returns to this world which is allowing for the forces of good to overtake and destroy what has been attempted by the dark forces.  Yes, you will say… “But, my lord, people have been hurt, people are dying, from fear, from starvation, from the effects of the vaccines…” Yes, my children… you have in the midst of an undeclared war, a war of information, where one side has had to weigh the effects of its operation on the general populace whereas the opponents have gone all out in an attempt to destroy as much as possible out of desperation for, they know they are losing.  Call it a scorched earth policy, destroying as much as possible before the opponent gains victory so the winners have, in effect, lost nearly all in the end. 

Yet the dark ones, the ones who do not contain the sacred and fiery heart of the Divine within their physical form, have defied the laws of the Cosmos.  They do not care.  There is no god but their dark god that seeks to devour, destroy and pervert all goodness.  All kinds of ‘isms’ have been designed to interpenetrate society, to create division and to sow discord between genders (Feminism), politics (Marxism), religions (Satanism), nations (‘United’ Nations, NATO)… to poison the minds of the young and destroy those who spoke out against the subtle erosion of individual and national rights and privileges, conditioning the common people to think and believe that they were somehow lesser beings, deserving punishment and hardship all their miserable hand-to-mouth existence.

That cycle of scarcity and destruction is coming to an end, truly.  The advent of the Light is upon humanity, bringing clarity and insight to those who are still standing as stalwarts against the mass-induced psychosis brought upon the populace through the propaganda-driven statistical computer-generated pandemic of a non-existent ‘virus’… which is the common cold.  Covid 19 is simply an imaginary phantasm designed and constructed by those who wanted to bring the populations of the planet into panic and fear, to empower the ultimate agenda to begin a long-planned depopulation agenda driven by a tiny minority of so-called outrageously wealthy and arrogant ‘elite’.  The agenda is being exposed through the soul-level sacrifices of many lighted individuals who made the choice to receive vaccinations.

Covid-19 has never been ‘isolated’.  The ‘virus’ is simply the common cold.  The measurements coming from the so-called testing have been purposefully elevated to ‘measure’ the existence of any RNA, the statistics then altered to include all possible means of death including motor vehicle accidents, long-term pre-existing conditions like Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and other factors.  All of this was loudly and incessantly proclaimed to drive fear into the hearts and minds of the populace and to give ‘permission’ to the governments of the world to crackdown and isolate and separate their people from their normal everyday affairs, from their own family members, from each other, from their own common sense.  Research into the work of John Rappaport to see the ‘reality’ behind the medical mythology of virology. 

The takedown is here… what takedown you may say.  Well, the revelations, the grand unveiling of all of the plots against humanity are being uncovered.  The election of President Trump was a major defeat of the dark agenda. His apparent defeat at the hands of the Democrats in 2020 was a ruse, played out for the benefit of the common people everywhere.  What appears to be the disintegration of our nation, of our society, is the unveiling of the extent of the infiltration and penetration of the deceit, the lies, the manipulations, the perversion of all institutions and systems by the dark, anti-human agenda.  It is all being exposed to the Light and will wither in the heat and attention placed upon it by the righteous anger of a newly awakened people. 

Why now?  Cycles, my dear ones… cycles.  Time exists in vast cycles of creation and destruction.  Now, is the ending of a vast cycle called the Great Year, as the planet moves through the ending of one age and into another, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian, in the grand precession of the equinox.  Then, there is the fact that the entire solar system is moving, has moved into a particularly light-filled region of space referred by some as the Photon Belt.  See this article for more explanation regarding ancient beliefs and scientific findings about the Photon Belt: https://www.sabrinasmelko.com/are-we-in-the-photon-belt/

Whatever the reason, the planet has been plunged into a transitional cycle, with new energies replacing old energies, new systems (both positive and negative) being tested out for effect as the battle is staged by the dark forces to finally achieve victory or the light forces to finally achieve freedom for humanity and the world.  Who will win?  God wins.  Creator source energy wins, even as it is embodied within those individuals who seek to defy the Draconian measures being forced by some governments upon their own people.

This time, long foretold in the spiritual teachings of indigenous peoples worldwide, in religious and spiritual philosophies, has arrived upon the horizon, the Great Apocalypse or unveiling of all the secrets designed to both destroy humanity and to save humanity.  You are living through a tremendous upturning of all that is unhealthy, the revelation of all the dark anti-human, anti-life plots of the malicious forces that have long had illusions of grandeur of their own self-worth, and designs against their fellow creatures.

The plots needed to be played out before the eyes of the world and so you are now seeing the visuals, wincing in disbelief as the inhuman agenda is exposed, the machinations of centuries of deceitful manipulation is being unveiled for those with eyes to see and ears to hear… and the heart flame to KNOW the Truth when it is being revealed in all of its ugly glory.

This sorrowful and hope-filled journey is not yet over, dear ones; there is still much to play out on the world stage as the Draconian governments are taken down and removed by their outraged citizens and replaced by… well, that is yet to be determined.  However, it was deemed necessary to expose the dark agenda in its entirety, which means unveiling and uncovering the ugly nature of what has been done and what has been planned.  The agenda of the dark is sordid and deeply-rooted in our societies, world-wide.  All institutions have been corrupted and infiltrated; none will exist beyond their sale date, but will have to be rebuilt, transformed into a new way of living. 

There will be no more coercion, whether overt or covert, by governments designed to control the populace.  People will have to learn or remember how to govern themselves, whether working alone or in groups.  Cooperation, generosity, creativity and innovation will be inspired by the sudden freedom to make choices beyond what was begrudgingly allowed in the past. 

The creative abilities of humanity, when released from the binding effects of Draconian measures, can succeed and reveal solutions to all problems that have existed and persisted within the limited means allowed by the controllers.  A freed humanity, freed of the burden of debt, from imperious laws and regulations, freed of fear, lies, and deceit… and reconnected with the true source of unlimited power, their connection with Source energy… will soon exceed their own wildest dreams with a world filled of abundance, peace, and boundless love for each other. 

It is because the former controllers knew of this possibility, that humanity would be freed from their slavery through the advent of this long-awaited Ascension cycle that they have hurriedly effected their plans to thwart, yet again, another ascension cycle.  For, yes, many such cycles and ascension windows have been closed due to the machinations of those who know just enough to deny the creative divinity that exists within the heart flames of humanity.  Yet, the flame of freedom has long burned within the hearts of men and women, who longed to breathe free, to be able to think for themselves outside the artificial layers of societal mores pressed in upon them by alien influences.  And help has come from outside of humanity as lighted souls volunteered to come here, in obedience to Cosmic Law, to take part in seeding the Light, acting as embers to restart the fires within the hearts of mankind, that humanity might see the Light, know it for what it truly is and seek to free themselves from the traps in which they have been long bound within, the artificial matrix of the dark ones.

The Light or intelligence of the Divine is now breaking through the mechanical and unnatural defenses of the dark systems.  People are waking up realizing that their governments are designed to control them, not to aid them, but to defeat them.  They are rising up in rebellion, a righteous rebellion emboldened and inspired by the divine flame of Life that exists within every lighted human being, true organic human being, on this planet.

Much will be revealed in the coming days, months, and years.  This transitional period will see a reduction in the human population which will occur due to the free will choices made by those who are unwilling to step forth into the Light and to see what has been perpetrated against humanity through the long dark ages of the Kali Yuga and beyond.  This will not be a time of unicorns and bubbles for many, yet hope will reign as humanity again renews its connection with the Divine and remembers its power and creative potential that exists within all organic humans.

And now, dear ones, we will end this essay… Hopefully, we have delineated in short form some of what is going on, what is being revealed.  We merely give you avenues and suggestions that you must pursue on your own for we are not here to give you answers like candy presented on a silver platter.  No, dear ones; it is up to each of you to decide whether or not you wish to gaze upon the harsh truth that has long been denied and hidden from you… and to see beyond it to the promised land of milk and honey that exists for all those who have chosen for themselves to align with Cosmic Law.

And I see into the hearts of men, what has been hidden for long painful ages, now being dissolved by the Light of Creation, by the Love of the Divine Feminine with the return of balance and the reformation of the true power and beauty embedded into your sacred and unique plasma Light Bodies.  Humanity… there are no limits save those you create in your own minds.  Seek and ye shall find that ye are Gods in potential, even as the Son of Man told you long ago.


We are One.

I AM Orion.

Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres. Videos and recordings of this written material is not permitted.  www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Eliza: Autumn Skies

Autumn Color, Walla Walla, WA

Eliza:  Autumn Skies – Personal Thoughts on Past Year

The advent of Autumn or Fall in subtropical Florida is so imperceptible as to be practically non-existent.  The real signs are construction projects getting underway, again; people re-roofing their homes, fewer thunderstorms, and a lessening of the humidity.  The mid-day heat is still ‘hot’, in the high 80’s, although the temperatures drop faster later in the day due to the shorter days in the northern latitudes. 

There are flocks of birds flying through as SE Florida is an airway for migrating birds.  Some birds are beginning to set up for families, while others are moving away to other climes.  I have seen ibises, herons, ospreys, Grackles, egrets, mudhens, ducks and geese, pretty much on a daily basis.  It is quite extraordinary to see so many different kinds of birds just about one’s own neighborhood.

I guess I descended into some kind of funk last autumn.  I stopped exercising, got sick a few times, and was depressed and angry at the same time.  The only thing that got me through the gloomy days was my writing… which I haven’t shared much of yet publicly. 

Then, the great virus plandemic occurred.  I knew from the beginning that something wasn’t kosher about the intense media coverage.  It was too much like the media coverage of 9/11, with images of people dying in the streets of Wuhan, China, a media barrage.  Nobody seemed to question the illogical way the ‘virus’ was being handled.  After all, thousands of American die every year from the influenza and no one thinks anything of it except those immediately affected.  Why did the entire economy and ‘life’ get shut down? Call me a conspiracy theorist (a term coined by the Bush mafia-run CIA) but the whole thing felt suspicious and what little news that has managed to get out has just strengthened my determination that my intuition was correct.  It was a plot to destroy the world’s economy and to create chaos as food stuffs, electricity, and water became harder to find… so the people would beg for government intervention – which would, unfortunately, come in the form of even more draconian measures, wholesale eradication of the ‘surplus’ useless feeders (90% of the world’s population) and enslavement of the rest of the survivors.

The sudden deaths in Wuhan were probably the result of 5G being broadcast using a human population as captive guinea pigs, because, if you will remember no one was allowed in or out of the city for several weeks.  There was a complete media black-out by the Chinese Communist Party.  Well, the dark team like to complete their experiments in secret, in the dark, out of the scrutiny of curious eyes. 

This whole economic and personal shut-down was intentional and designed to bring down America.  It hasn’t worked.  The contrast between states that have opened up since April and those that have not is quite a demonstration on the failure of some local and state governments to do their jobs adequately – to work for the people rather than set up their own little personal dictatorships. 

Then, there was the artificial protests for human justice, again using the mainstream media sources to flood the airwaves with propaganda about police violence, when statistics clearly state that black on black murder by far outweighs any other statistic no matter the location throughout the country.  And then, the largely Marxist-driven protests became directed and well-funded riots, intentionally destroying neighborhoods and businesses, in poor and wealthy parts of urban centers, and even extending into suburbs and rural towns if the residents did not openly resist. 

Now, the heavy-hand of censorship has dropped upon those who question the MSM narrative, usually ‘right-leaning’ individuals or organizations who are really just attempting to get real news and facts out to the public, not propaganda that has been blessed by the cabal.  Almost all major media platforms actively refuse to question the narratives put forth by the establishment, which includes… at least in America, both Republicans (McCain, Bush mafia, Romney) and Democrats (Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, Pelosi, etc.).  Republicans who have not prevented the attacks against a sitting President but have allowed them to continue… and Democrats who are now openly pushing a deep-state Marxist agenda to destroy the shattered remnants of the Republic and Constitution. 

Still, despite all of those outrageous efforts, the dark is still losing the vicious game of 4D chess that is methodically exposing the left’s agenda, the long-term horrendous timeline and intentions of the global elite (the 13 Bloodline families, the Venetians, the false Jews (Cabalists), the Satanists, the powers that were who are attempting to drive this world into another world war) and to seize complete control over humanity and the planet.

How do I know this?  Well, sometimes you just have to turn off the television and take a look around.  On my morning walks, I can now look up at the autumn skies of Florida and not see blanketing layers of chem trails creating a cotton candy gray overcast.  I can see ascension teachers informing us that the golden age or Satya Yuga of the Hindus is arriving despite and actually due to all of the efforts being done by dark team… for humanity is waking up enmasse.  Due to the efforts of lightworkers world-wide, desperate and dire timelines have been diverted into less troubled timelines.  There will still be dark revelations of treason, murder, revenge, blackmail, crimes against children, crimes against humanity, slavery, manipulations that defy logic and common sense… and we as humanity need to see these things, move through the resulting emotions and feelings that arise as collective trauma.  We need to allow our bodies to absorb, feel and let the emotions and feelings go… to be alchemically dissolved and transmuted by the Violet Flame, transmuted and returned to neutral.

By waking up to our individual and collective power to rise above the fray, to visualize the most horrible happening ever to have taken place upon this planet and still view it with compassion and neutrality, will totally transform this world.  It is a power each of us is being challenged to now accept or reject.  It is probably true that choices have already been made and people are now merely playing out their individual and collective parts.  What choice have you made?  It is nothing anyone can push you towards; it has to be an individual effort… before it becomes a group effort and finally, a collective effort.  We each have free will, a gift granted to us by Providence when we decided to come here and incarnate upon this troubled world. 

Shall we continue to see Robin’s egg blue skies above or will the world descend into darkened chaos?  Only time will tell.  Only our hearts can steer us unerringly towards a golden dawn of peace, prosperity, and unity of being for every man, woman, child, and living creature, including the planet.

Where do you stand; with love or with fear?

I send you my love and blessings no matter where you are, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Sundeelia: Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective

Sundeelia:  Observations from a Pleiadian Perspective

I AM Sundeelia.  Greetings, beloved people of Terra.   It has been a while since I have shared my thoughts with you.  Given the recent state of affairs on this planet, I will admit to being in a state of observing the great awakening which is beginning to manifest within the common people.  This is a long-overdue occurrence so we, the Pleiadians, are thankful to finally see the hearts and minds of many brave souls venturing outside “the box” of the Matrix. 

Some of you, especially my newer readers, will wonder at my words and perhaps sense a certain impatience that it has taken so long for this movement to catch “fire” as it were planet-wide.  Your former owners have sought long and hard to prevent this awakening from happening.  It is gratifying that their most recent endeavor to send the weak of heart and mind scurrying into cover is beginning to fail.  Smoke and mirrors, my dear cousins, smoke and mirrors.

The planetary Cabal is a tiny group of inbred aliens who have been present upon your planet since the days of the destruction of Maldek.  Also known as Tiamat, this gigantic Earth-like planet was dominated by a highly technologically advanced race of giants who were not originally of the seed planted on Earth.  These greedy arrogant extraterrestrials succeeded in blowing up Tiamat.  Some few of them succeeded in fleeing their damaged world, crash-landing in the region known now as Antarctica.  Others passed out of incarnation and came to this sentient planet which had graciously extended a welcome to the survivors to reincarnate here.  Later on, other extraterrestrials also appeared, long after the first fall of Atlantis, the legendary but quite real island continent that extended across the Atlantic Ocean into the islands of the Caribbean Sea, and even onto portions of the North American continent.  The history is complex and cannot be confined to a mere article.  Let it suffice to know extraterrestrials have come and gone from this beautiful gem of a planet for millions of years. 

Why are the Pleiadians, Ashtarians, and Sirians so interested in the fate of this world?  I’m glad you asked.  You see, our ancestors (even some of our earlier incarnations!) were some of your progenitors, your fathers and mothers, seeding this planet with their bloodlines, from the Children of Light.  The ones who are considered members of the Cabal are mainly the remnant of our long-ago enemies that we drove from the Sirian Star system and the Pleiadian Federation during what has been termed as the ancient “Star Wars”.  These “wars” were quite true and not a figment of the over-heated imagination of a film writer.  We drove these invaders from our territory and into this solar system.  As a result of their flight, they descended in frequency and have been trapped on this planet until recently when the available technology (hidden from the masses) has been upgraded through the military-industrial complex and its numerous black projects. 

Why does the Cabal wish to hang onto this particular world over the many millions of others available in this Galaxy alone?  Terra is the Garden of this Quadrant of Creation.  No where else will you find a world that is so rich in bio-diversity, natural resources, gold, and water.  The Cabal have envisioned keeping this world as a playground so they might enjoy its beauty for even their darkened hearts can see that this world is special.  It has been their intention of several hundreds of years to depopulate the planet of its indigenous populations in order to bring into fruition their long-held dream. 

Besides the bio-diversity of the planet itself, there is the presence of humans here.  The human genome is unique, its potential unlimited, god-like potential encased within fragile physical form.  The Cabal and its mind-programmed minions crave the Light held within the very cells of the human body, but most especially those found in the blood of children.  They feed on humanity.  The tales of vampires are true.  The present royal family of Great Britain and the Commonwealth are direct descendants from Vlad the Impaler and proud of it, I might add.  Only now have brave souls had the courage to dig into hidden archives and old books to discover the truth of the long-suppressed existence of a world-wide pedophilia ring that preys mostly on children.  Have you ever wondered what happened to all those lost children who just “disappear” everyday?  Thousands, hundreds of thousands disappear from the United States alone every year, many of those children born of undocumented aliens (“illegal migrants”) who will never be missed by the authorities.

Yet another reason for the Cabal to greedily wish to cling to this world and solar system is its unique location near a huge portal (like a wormhole) that allows for travel from one galaxy to another.  You could think of Earth as a wealthy city positioned along the ancient Silk Road, whose leaders charged taxes to the various merchants and adventurers passing through.  Placed into a galactic perspective, this world is literally a gold mine.

It is, indeed, time to wake up, dear Cousins.  The time for sleeping in your cozy nests within the Matrix is over as the Cabal has become alarmed by the current activities of courageous leaders like Trump, Putin, Johnson, and Xi.  As a consequence, their carefully scripted plans have been advanced prematurely before quite ready. 

Perhaps some of you have read about the underground bunkers and cities that have been actively prepared since WWII.  Did you know that the earth beneath your feet is honeycombed with tunnels, cities, bunkers, all existing with the knowledge of only a few who have been involved in their construction and those who would be traveling to these safe areas while the surface population was destroyed by various methods including atomic war, EMP, drought, major earth changes, potent viral outbreaks and the like until the population was deemed to have shrunk to the desired level by the heartless Cabal.  Don’t be so naïve to believe that these beings are “human” and have a heart inside their bodies.  Whether shape-shifters or simply embodied demons using human forms as disguise, these creatures care nothing for you.  There isn’t an ounce of sympathy or human compassion within them.  They will use, abuse, and destroy you as thoughtlessly as killing an irritating insect, yet, they too must work within cosmic law.

So, how does that work… the Cabal uses the vehicle of mass media to “inform” the population of their intentions, often years in advance through the method of “predictive programming”.  According to their peculiar belief system, if they do this, they do not carry forth the resulting karma of their actions whatever form that takes.  After all, you were informed and did not balk or protest; therefore, in their eyes, you have given consent and they have every right to do whatever they wish to anyone of you. 

Take a break if you feel overwhelmed by this knowledge.  Your race, all of humanity, has long been subjugated by a heartless alien race.  Your ancient beliefs given to you by your ancient fathers and mothers and holy teachers have all been perverted and used against you to further control, dominate, and on occasion, destroy you.  Why do you think wars, diseases, and blood-letting rituals were invented?  For your amusement?  No, for theirs, for these beings lack the necessary light to keep their bodies alive.  They crave the protein found in young uncorrupted blood and so literally feed off of your children, rape and abuse your young women and males, and slaughter thousands of innocents in the name of whatever flavor is in style, whether a pogrom, a religious war, a wholesale elimination of all those who are different… Can’t you see, dear ones, that divided you will fall, so you must endeavor to move through your fears and unite with each other, no matter your political persuasion, race, religion, economic status? 

The Cabal is intent in preventing the pending ascension of humanity… the “why” they are currently putting so much effort into distracting you, driving you like sheeple with the fear of dying from a “virus”, or whatever else they put into your mind through the drivel and propaganda presented as “truth” in mass media.  You have all been programmed to believe what your leaders tell you, whether they be a priest, minister, teacher, physician, police officer, politician or other “authority” figure.  Many times, most of the time, these individuals do not have your best interest at heart (if they have a heart).  However, that is changing as the common people wake up to what has REALLY been going on in this world behind the proverbial curtain of the Matrix… what little you have been allowed to see.

Thanks to the Internet, the World Wide Web, originally set up by the military and intended to be used as a control mechanism, this plan of the Cabal has backfired in a truly devastating fashion.  For now, anyone who can read and comprehend can access long-hidden secrets, greedily kept from the general public.  Whole university libraries can now be accessed online by anyone willing to put in the necessary hours to do research, to dig and dive through books written decades ago, through fiction, movie scripts, and the like that have used predicative programming, through the willful misinterpretation of religious and sacred texts in order to present world-wide war as desirable, to disempower religious people who continually seek for the savior who is always to come. 

Ah, how have the ancient texts been misinterpreted… well, for one thing, no incarnated Savior is coming, today, tomorrow, next year.  When Lord Sananda, Son of Sanat Kumara sent a fragment of His consciousness into the body of a babe long ago, it was for the intention of anchoring the Christ Light once again upon this benighted planet.  Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the frequency of this planet was sixth dimensional.  After much time, the frequency of the planet began to descend gradually, especially after the advent of the survivors from Tiamat and other alien incursions.  However, before you blame these invaders, look to your own hearts.  All of you, dark and light, are the Children of the Most High Immanent Source of Creation, that which is beyond Light and Dark.  We have all descended in frequency, some more than others. 

So, now where does that put you?  There is no Savior outside of yourself to save you from yourself and your own miscreations.  However, look to that self-same heart, your Heart Center that all humans (no matter their form) have within, no matter how darkened their heart.  If you discover the heart flame that keeps your material body alive, you will discover the connection to the inner You, the savior that exists within.  Whatever your religion, this great formless consciousness is Christ consciousness, something that was embodied within the One called the Christ, the anointed one, the “only” Son of God. 

My lips curl up into a smile that intelligent people would, could possibly think there is only one son of God, one Prophet, or one Buddha (Maitreya) just waiting to appear on the scene when needed.  You all are potential Christs, Buddhas, and Prophets… however, it is quite some “time” before you will arrive at that stage in your evolutionary process.  Still, humanity as a collective is due to undergo a huge advancement in your evolutionary process, something the Cabal is not eager to have occur as it would potentially move a great many of you beyond their reach.  You see the only way to overcome the Enemy without and the enemy (fear) within is to become your own savior and rise up in FREQUENCY. 

Seek to align yourself with the Will of God under the Auspices of Lord Michael, first among the Archangels.  He guides, shelters and protects those who call upon His Name.  He will, however, allow you to be tested and will not protect you from your follies if you wish to be foolish. 

All of us who live in the higher frequency worlds value free will.  We honor your choices whether you are willing to honor those choices made and take responsibility for them or, instead cry out “save me!” or “I am a victim of —!”  When you finally realize and accept the responsibility for forwarding your own evolutionary process, by opening up your heart and awakening (a process!) to the connection with the higher worlds, the Etheric Realms in which we exist, we can then lawfully give assistance.  It is your choice and yours alone.  Those who will ascend the Ladder of evolution must put in the work through their own focus and intent.  There is no free ride and no complacency allowed.  This is serious, joyful business!

I have shared much today and perhaps it won’t make any sense to some of you.  Perhaps you will disregard the information; that is your right and privilege.  Many of you will suffer from cognitive dissonance, as I have thrown out an assortment of ideas and concepts that may be beyond many.  No matter… the knowledge and wisdom exists in the Aethers, in the Akashic Records to be accessed by those who have lit the flames of Light upon the Altar of the Heart Center and have opened up to the advent of Divine Intelligence, what is known as the Christ Consciousness across the Omniverse.  It is the everlasting golden Light that floods through the great stars and arrives upon your own beautiful planet much stepped down through a process of transformation.

Wake up, dear Cousins… before it is too late and your world plunges prematurely back into another Dark Age like the one precipitated the last time by the Fall of Atlantis and the destruction of the Great Crystalline Firmament that once protected this planet from lower density alien intrusions.

Live with Hope in your Heart and be at Peace.  Release the fear and know that you are a fractal of what has been expressed as “God” the infinite, everlasting, eternal Being that exists beyond the knowledge of men.

I AM Sundeelia and it has been a pleasure to address you this day.  Seek within for your Teacher; He/She is there waiting for you to acknowledge the Presence. 

I leave you today with one tidbit, as “Q” has said, The Light Wins.  He knows this well as he is from the future and so am I.

Blessings to all.

I AM Sundeelia, Specialty Commander, The White Winds, flagship of the Outer Pleiadian Fleet under the Command of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

Received by:  Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, no portion of this message is to be recorded or presented in video form.  Author:  Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

P.S.  For those who still persist in seeking a teacher outside of their own hearts, go elsewhere.  I do not make predictions, tell you what star nation you are from, or teach what one can learn through meditation and hard work. Go within.  The way out is by going within.

Cmdr. Sundeelia: What’s Next?


Cmdr. Sundeelia:  What’s Next?

What comes next on planet Earth is an excellent question, but one that will only be answered through the gradual outplaying of events that lay before us.

Since I am officially “retired” in your parlance – the truth is far different – my presence “here” has ample time to view the ‘news” via the Internet, on alternative sites, through the Reader on WordPress, and through my own observations, including feelings, as to what is currently going on in this swiftly transitioning world.  And consequently, write about my observations.  As with a channeled piece, take what resonates and leave the rest.

As the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump is now the primary person upon which the world focus now resides, for good or ill.  A significant portion of the American populace doesn’t know quite what to make of Trump, especially if they still follow the mainstream media news reports, that is.  Others detest him outright, who, IMHO I will say that this particular fraction of Americans have been completely brainwashed and indoctrinated, and stripped of their ability for critical thinking and logic by a toxic combination of mind-numbing drugs, poor quality processed foods, excessive sugar, water poisoned by the nerve-agent fluoride, and sprayed like bugs through geoengineering.  Add in a toxic educational environment that is, in reality, designed to create mindless little robots who mouth the official story and you have a dangerously endangered and dumb-downed public.  Frankly, it is a wonder to me that any of you can survive at all and a reflection of the inherent toughness and adaptability of the human species present on Earth in these latter days.

Chaos has been sown on this Earth, this sacred blue-green planet, with the sole “evil” intent to control and dominate the existing human population.  In the relatively recently revealed plans of the global elite, it has been pointed out that there exists the intent of wiping out, yes, killing at least 90% of the population, leaving only the elite or rulers and their well-controlled slaves or servants.  The elite has told you their plans, blatantly, laying them out in plain sight, knowing that the distracted population would most likely miss the message, being too busy with their cellphones and other electronic toys to pay attention.  Yet there have been a brave few, patriots on behalf of ALL humanity, who have been willing to look, pay attention, learn and finally create a plan to foil, once and for all, the plans of the once hidden cabal, the real aliens among the indigenous human race.

We, of the Pleiades, and our allies of the Galactic Federation of Light, are aware of these plots and counterplots and so we look on with great interest to see in which direction the population will go.  Will they blindly follow their erstwhile masters, looking for free handouts on the way or will they remove themselves from the sheeple and strike a blow for freedom?  Our people, who have fought our own battles with the Enemy that you now face, hope it is the latter choice.

Striking a blow for freedom doesn’t always translate to mean one must literally fight in combat.  Acting as an agent of change can take on as many roles and paths as one can imagine.  Being a vegetable gardener in the midst of a deserted city can be to act as a rebel against the establishment that wishes to see people starve in the midst of plenty.

There is the need to question EVERYTHING that you have ever been taught.

I’ve never been attracted to politics, but I find myself watching reports about what is going on and doing some of my own research into the origins of the problems now plaguing the United States.  Since I live in the States, I know it best, so choose to use it as an example.  Basically, what people are now facing is a choice between low frequency and high-frequency ways of living.  I could label these two choices, just as easily as “good” and “evil”, but which one is evil and which one is good.  That depends on your point of view.  As an example, the so-called elite, who have singled themselves out from the rest of the people; consider their way the right way.  They believe that they have the God-given right of conquest over the rest of humanity if they are truly a part of humanity at all.  They believe that their “gods” will return and wrestle the control of the world from all others, leaving it in their hands for good and all.

That brilliant but deluded scenario will not play out this time.  For these “elite” as they regard themselves, above and better than others, are not of the generations of Man, but an scions or descendants, actually hybrids, of the remnants of a race that crash-landed on the Earth after the destruction of Marduk, and consequent stripping of Mar’s atmosphere, and being chased here by their enemies… the Pleiadians and other agents of the Light.

The elite, at least some of them, are the scions of the fallen “angels”, although they certainly were never angelic, but a race of beings known as the Belials who entered this quadrant of Creation through a portal near the constellation of Orion.  Immediately, they began to attack and conquer the worlds within the lower Orion star system, only halted by the higher frequency levels of Bejelium, which is still today remains free of all influence from the dark ones and their allies, the negative Reptilians.  Great Beings such as Metatron, Lord Orion, and Lord Melchezidek make their home still in this world that contains the highest frequency levels currently available within this Quadrant.

The heavens from which the Belials “fell” were the higher frequency worlds of the Sirius and Pleiadian star systems, as well as many others, who long fought the War in the Heavens, aided by Archangel Michael and His Blue Ray Legions.  As a consequence, besides their foothold on Rigel and the lower Orion worlds (including the Belt worlds), the Belials have been denied further access to Sirius and the Pleiades and any other enticing worlds out there.  Soon, this last remaining outpost on Earth will be lost to them, as well, as the planet undergoes her ascension back into the higher dimensions, from which she fell over 12,000 years ago due to the inroads of the Belials and the destruction of the great Sky Crystal.  The “fall” was a fall in frequency levels, from the sixth dimension to the fifth and finally to the third dimension.  And the Earth is one of the lowest vibrating planets still in existence in this Quadrant, but not for long.  The attention of all the lighted worlds of this Galaxy and many of those well beyond are now focused on this tiny planet at the edge of the Galaxy, as the Earth undertakes her birth into the frequency of the fifth dimension.

This rise in frequency levels will be gradual, but consistent, especially when the contrary ways of the erstwhile “elite” are ended once and for all.  The only way to succeed in this mission is to forcefully cut off all sources of funding that the elite has used to further their nefarious plans, which is to shut down the Central Banks, all over the world.  Since the majority of these banks are owned by one family, the Rothschilds, this will effectively limit their influence on governments in the future.  This is one avenue that POTUS Trump and his team of patriots is currently pursuing, to break the American Republic free of the octopus arms of the Federal Reserve.  As with most inventions of the cabal, the Central Bank was not designed for the good of the people, but a way to control, dominate and crash the economy of a country and bring its rulers and leaders to their knees whenever such a display of force was needed.  The cabal is very afraid that this is now taking place in America, as it has already taken place in a few other countries, namely Russia, Syria and Iceland.  And they can’t do anything about it but scream, threaten and bully in their own narcissistic way, primarily through their chosen organs of propaganda, the mainstream media news, and the controlled film industry.

In the words of Douglas Gabriel, it only takes a few people to create a Revolution.  Less than 5% of the colonists participated in the first American Revolution.  Most colonists wanted to remain within the control of Great Britain.  The patriots knew that the destruction of their individual freedoms as British citizens was slowly being eaten away and that an arrogant overseas government would naturally fail to understand the needs and wants of the long-distant colonists.  So, despite the pleas of their countrymen, neighbors and sometimes family members, the patriots struck out for an ideal of Freedom that had not previously been allowed to exist upon this planet, not for many generations since before the Fall of legendary Atlantis.

Today, the patriots are still few but their numbers are growing as the Internet connects like mind to like mind.  Minds that have formerly been closed off, perhaps frightened by the prospect of change are suddenly coming awake, on fire, to become enlightened by the Flame of Freedom, the Violet Fire that is the signature frequency of the incoming energies of the New World.  Their efforts which have failed in the past, even after the first American Revolution, are now supported by the incoming rush of Cosmic Rays as your planet trails its Sun through a new and higher frequency part of space.  We have seen the future and in it, the Light has won, but you now must allow events to play out, step by painful step.

This is truly a cyberwar that is taking place on your world—information against the control of information.  Information, as we have told you in the past, is Light.  To be informed is to be given the tools and knowledge in order to make wise decisions.  The wisdom part of the decision-making process is entirely up to you and your ability to tune into your own inner guidance.  If you are incapable of accessing this inherent wisdom, you may make unfortunate decisions.  When faced with a major potentially life-changing decision, it is wise to sit on it for a while and let the decision form itself within until the feeling that it is complete and feels “right”.  Then you can move forward.  A sense of ease will accompany any decision that has been carefully made.  Keep in mind that your decisions may, if reached in this manner, completely contradict everything that you’ve been ever taught, but it will emanate from your own inner Truth.

The Second American Revolution is actually more than an American revolution for it will affect the rest of the planet, the rest of the world’s population, with the effective goal to FOREVER free this planet from the control mechanisms placed upon it by an alien force.  This ultimate goal will be attained through the works of the patriots on the ground, the ground crew, aligned with the Light Alliance and the positive extraterrestrial forces of the Galactic Federation of Light.

People who have followed the teaching of the New Age often mistake or discount the necessity of doing a little dirty work before an individual can succeed in their goal of creating a beautiful and abundant life for themselves.  They may refuse to work on themselves, clearing their own karmic debris from their genetic lineage and their own individual incarnations.  They may insist that everyone follow the methods that they have found effective, thus denying others a free will choice to choose what works for them, which may be totally opposite to what is being sold.  They may speak out against the POTUS and his team, unwilling to look beyond the vivid ego of Trump to see how effectively he is acting as the spearhead of a movement.  This movement, designed by patriots, is expanding across the country, as more people realize that the vacuous promises given by socialist Zionists are paper promises, designed to con the people into continuing to give their power away to an ever-growing and invasive federal government.  Behind the false promises lies total dominion and control, the Orwellian nightmare of 1984, this has been, truly, the full intent of the global elite all along, minus that 90% of useless mouths…people who refuse to mindlessly obey and are killed for their resistance.  Few people realize that it was the plan of the corrupt secret government to round up and kill outright at least 25 million Americans.  That was the use intended for all those secret FEMA camps and piles of pre-made coffins.  All of that would have played out under the Clinton administration, under the orders of her global Zionist puppet-masters, the Rothschilds family, and their hidden masters, the 13 Black Families of Europe.

Make no mistake; you have all been given a reprieve by the election of Trump, whether or not you personally like the man.  Take the time to learn more about the Second American Revolution and decide to hold a little gratitude for an individual chosen by retired members of the American military to lead this country back into the Light, perhaps kicking and screaming, but onward and upward nevertheless.

In my own readings, I have been drawn to the works of Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, aka Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine, of American Intelligence Media.  I also value the reports from the SGT Report, X22 Report, Lionel, Anti-school, You Are Free TV and many other patriotic freedom-fighters who are currently fighting a battle against an attempt of full-scale censorship on the part of YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.  This is a war of information.  The denial of information is a denial of the Light.  The ability to decide what you want to read or view should be a right for each citizen no matter what country they reside within.  Yes, that includes China and countries of the Middle East.

Freedom will come next upon this planet, but it will take a struggle and take unpredictable turns.  Be able to find YOUR center and place of calm within as the chaos swirls about you, whether energetically or as flying bodies.  Freedom needs to be earned.  It isn’t valued when it is handed to you on a plate.  We know this well for we had to fight for our freedom long ago in those legendary star wars that covered millions of years and tracked across the Galaxy from end to end.  Fight well, people of Earth, and we will fight alongside you.  The Flame of Freedom still burns on the High Altar of the Temple of Purification.  Let it burn, also, within your own individual hearts.


I AM Sundeelia VaCoupe, of the Starship The White Winds (aka Eliza Ayres)

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