World Peace? Deep State Losing Control of Narrative – Episode 1695b

World Peace? Deep State Losing Control of Narrative – Episode 1695b

X22 Report

Former FBI says Rosenstein was not kidding when he wanted to record Trump. FBI admits using multiple spies in the Trump administration. Jude orders Mueller to prove that the companies were involved in election meddling.  The murder of journalist Khashoggi was a deep state operation to split the world and start a major event. Turkey ready to reveal all the evidence on Tuesday. Saudi’s give Trump room to avoid taking action against Saudi Arabia. France and Germany are going to meet Russia to talk about peace in Syria. The deep state narrative is falling apart, world peace is starting to creep in and the deep state will do whatever it takes to stop it.

The Enemy Army Marches: #SOROS ARMY

The Enemy Army Marches: #SOROS ARMY

SGT Report

This is a wide-ranging critical news update from SGT Report. The enemy’s army is on the march, and the desperation of this overtly criminal, seditious attack on the sovereignty of the United States has the fingerprints of George Soros all over it. And if Soros’ puppet Hillary Clinton was in the White House, this “caravan” would be propagandized and welcomed as a “humanitarian crisis” and you would be called a bigot and a xenophobe if you dared not to embrace it. This is the morally and fundamentally bankrupt hardcore Left at its very best. Their hatred for our nation and the rule of law becomes clearer with each passing day.

3D Epistemology: Corey Digs Deep into Discernment, plus: what is “astroturf”? —


Avoiding the Cognitive Dissonance Mudslide She begins: The opposition attacks, in-fighting, and shills have increased exponentially over the last couple of months, creating disconcerting levels of cognitive dissonance across the board. There is good reason for this. Truth is rising to the surface at rapid pace, and disinformation and misinformation is being launched from all…

via 3D Epistemology: Corey Digs Deep into Discernment, plus: what is “astroturf”? —

Know Your Enemy, More Arrests, There is No Spoon – Episode 1692b

Know Your Enemy, More Arrests, There is No Spoon – Episode 1692b

X22 Report

Deep state treasury leaker has been arrested. Supreme Court will take on the case that might give a ruling on whether social media falls under the first amendment. Trump orders the recordings in the Khashoggi mystery. The MSM pushing the agenda that Trump is protecting Saudi Arabia, the question is what happens if Saudi Arabia falls. YouTube went dark worldwide and the group known as GhostSquadHackers has taken responsibility of cyber attacking the social media giant. The deep state is always planning, you must know your enemy to counter your enemy, knowledge is power, think logically, there is no spoon.


DECLAS Timed, Foreign Allies Object to DECLAS??? – Episode 1690b

DECLAS Timed, Foreign Allies Object to DECLAS??? – Episode 1690b

X22 Report

It is now being reported that the FBI has concealed information that shows Trump never colluded with Russia. Foreign Allies are telling Trump not to declassify the document, the question is how do the foreign allies know what’s in there. The entire plan by the deep state to push an event in regards to Khashoogi is now falling apart, to put Turkey and Saudi Arabia against each other is not working, to push Trump into something against Saudi Arabia is not working, another distraction plan has failed. Next meeting between the US and the Taliban will be talking about troop removal from Afghanistan. Russia says they have the S-600-700 missile system that will disable any plane around the world. Jordan and Syria open their borders for trade.


Alice, Wonderland, Panic, New Playbook – Episode 1689b – Political / Geopolitical News

Alice, Wonderland, Panic, New Playbook – Episode 1689b – Political / Geopolitical News

X22 Report

A huge majority of the American population does believe in political correctness according to a new survey and report. Obama takes credit for the release of Brunson. Clinton requested for her security clearance to be removed, why? The deep state is using the disappearance of the journalist to push their agenda. Q mentions what Saudi Arabia really is, it is the deep state wonderland and the deep state is now trying to protect what SA was used for.


#Qanon – America’s Detox from Criminals, Money & Political Parties

#Qanon – America’s Detox from Criminals, Money & Political Parties

Sarah Westall

Dustin Nemos rejoins the program to discuss the latest on #Qanon and what he has said recently. We also discuss the economy and the massive reset that America needs to detox from the infestation of criminals, greedy money grabs, and democracy destroying political parties.

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