FISA is the Start, FISA leads to Declas, Misspellings Matter

FISA Is The Start, FISA Leads To Declas, Misspellings Matter – Episode 2043b

X22 Report, Political & Geopolitical, December 12, 2019

The [DS] is now struggling the FISA hearing did exactly what it needed to. It outlined the [DS] players, it let everyone know each of their roles, how they went about manipulating and falsifying records. This was needed for the next phase. We now find out why it is so hard to get docs from the FBI, misspellings. FISA is the start, it will lead the declas which will allow to put the “WHY” the FBI did what they did,  the criminal case will show the crime.

If Trump wins 2020, the Democrats are already setting up the narrative that the election was illegitimate…

X22 Report – 12.5.2019

Patriots Needed Time, USMCA Gives It To Them, Brilliant – Episode 2038a

Jobless claims dropped again last week, this is the lowest weekly jobless claims since 1969. The economic narrative belongs to the patriots. The FR officials make a lot of money and their track record is not that great. It’s time for a structure change. The USMCA is a brilliant plan, this will give the patriots time to restore the manufacturing base here in the US.

Every American Has A Front Row Seat, Phase III, A Traitor’s Justice – Episode 2038b

The [DS] is now panicking, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden are lashing out at people; they know what’s coming. NP announces that they are moving ahead with impeachment. We are now entering Phase III of the plan. Every American has a front row seat to the show. The Senate was the key; the draining of the swamp continues…

MSM is spinning, trying to get ahead of the release of the report… trying to cover up what they’ve done, to control the narrative, but you can’t spin the Truth.

President Trump: New Book, New Cartoon — Exopermaculture

Might the TDS tide be turning? Probably not. Sure would be fun to watch this video and check out this cartoon with one or more who is easily “triggered.” I found the video enlightening, even at times, riveting. Especially author Wead’s remark, “I can’t help but think that everything is strategic,” when referring to the…

President Trump: New Book, New Cartoon —

Ben Fulford: Trump lashes out in all directions as world tension escalates to dangerous levels

Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical Report, 12.2.2019 Trump lashes out in all directions as world tension escalates to dangerous levels

World tensions are reaching a dangerous boiling point as an increasingly isolated U.S. President Donald Trump lashes out in all directions.  It looks like Trump is trying to rally U.S. military support for war against Denmark and Mexico in an attempt to seize resources to finance the U.S. corporate government, multiple sources agree.  A major financial sabotage campaign is also underway against China, highlighted by the U.S. dollar bond default of a company with revenue of the satanic number of $66.6 billion.  Meanwhile, Trump backers are lashing out against the British royal family.  Remember, Trump has already labeled the EU “a foe.”

All of this activity is related to the fact that, despite stealing the Japanese people’s pension money, the U.S. corporation still does not have a clear path to meeting its January 31, 2020 payment deadline.  It is interesting to note in this context that Brexit is now scheduled for January 31, 2020.

Let’s start by looking at the situation with Mexico.  The U.S. has now deployed three aircraft carrier groups around that country as “the U.S. military prepares to attack Mexican drug cartels, who may be armed and trained by Mossad,” Pentagon sources say.

While we can independently confirm that some of the drug cartel fighters have indeed been trained by Mossad, we also know that this war on Mexico is really about stealing Mexican oil, silver, and other resources to finance the U.S. corporation.  That’s why the Mexican military has publicly come out in support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amlo).

Russia has also deployed nuclear-armed submarines around the U.S. coastline, and Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly declared earlier this year that his country is ready for another Cuban missile crisis.

What this means is that Trump is going to have to back down, because the U.S. military is not going to start a nuclear war to steal resources to support a foreign-owned UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

Next let us look at Denmark.  Here, Lars Findsen, head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, said Greenland was now a top security issue for Denmark because a “power game is unfolding” between the U.S. and other global powers in the Arctic.  Trump cancelled an August state visit to Denmark and called their Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen “nasty” after she refused to sell Greenland to the U.S.

These events follow the installation of a Nazi government in Brazil and a seizure of lithium resources in Bolivia by U.S. Special Forces.  Clearly the Trump administration is trying to turn the American continent into a fortress.  Unfortunately, Canada (the British Empire), Denmark (the EU), and Mexico (supported by Russia and the Vatican) stand in his way.

Now let us turn to the economic attack against China, where CIA sources in Asia promise, “China’s economy and financial system will most likely implode within …

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Editor’s note: Use discernment when reading Ben’s reports. I don’t always agree with what he shares, but it is an interesting perspective coming from a seasoned journalist based in Asia.

Ben Fulford Talks Gold, Silver, JFK and Financial Reset – Robert David Steele

Benjamin Fulford Talks Gold, Silver, JFK and Financial Reset | Robert David Steele

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG

I, Robert David Steele, a former CIA spy, interviewed former Forbes journalist Benjamin Fulford and we discussed gold, silver, JFK, China, Russia and the coming financial system reset, among other topics.

Editor’s note: Useful notes to this interview can be found here:

[DS] Tried to Remove Flynn; the Hunted Are Now the Hunted; It's all About to be EXPOSED!

[DS] Tried to Remove Flynn; the Hunted Are Now the Hunted; It’s all About to be EXPOSED! – Dr. Dave Janda

X22 Report Spotlight

Today’s Guest: Dave Janda

The [DS] attacks are everyday; they’re panicked and out of control. They are attempting to spin the truth and control the narrative, but it is not working. The American people are catching on… they are now awake.

And We Know Nov 29 News: Thanksgiving to Remember. Let FREEDOM Ring!

AWK NOV 29 News: Thanksgiving to remember. Let FREEDOM RING!

And We Know

POTUS spent his Thanksgiving with the troops in Afghanistan…

Jon Voight receives medal:
POTUS visits troops:
Lou Dobbs discussing Hong Kong:

Richard Jewell movie trailer:…
Overcomer interview:…

X22 REPORT, 11.29.2019

[CB]/Globalists Send Warning, Trump Counters With The MOAB – Episode 2033a

BJ is now leading in the polls, the [CB] is panicking, they know they are not going to win the elections. What do [CB] normally do when they are losing, they push fear. The [CB] have sent Trump a global economic warning message, his response is the MOAB. Trump and the patriots are ready to bring down the entire system.

[DS]/MSM FISA Narrative Control, Conspiracy No More, What Do They Fear The Most? – Episode 2033b

Trump and the patriots are ready to bring down the entire system. The [DS] is now panicking about the FISA report, the MSM is now in the process of spinning the report and they are reporting that it was all a conspiracy theory. But the FISA report is the guide it lays out the players, it tells a story for the the next wave, each wave inflicts pain, makes it harder for the MSM to spin. Trump is ready to punch back and the [DS] will be knocked out in the 15th round.

X22 Reports, 11.27.2019

Trump’s Economic Plan Is Brilliant, It Will Shake [CB]s & Globalists To The Core – Episode 2032a

The patriot economy is going according to plan, jobless claims have plunged, housing prices picking up, GDP numbers revised for last quarter. This is all part of the plan. The [CB] tried to shut this down but they didn’t succeed. The trade deal with China is not just about trade, its about taking down the [CB]/globalist network.

Flynn News Coming Soon [30], Bread & Butter, [DS] KO – Episode 2032b

The [DS] is about to use their escape clause, they are trapped, they have been throwing punches at Trump and now they are tiring out, Trump and the patriots are ready to Knock Out the [DS]. The [DS] legal team is now in trouble with the Flynn case, sentencing has been put off, other cases will start to crack. Bread & Butter are the two names of the turkeys for ThanksGiving,  Assange also used the words bread and butter. Everything is set, Trump and the patriots are going to come out punching.