Unlocking a Higher Timeline

Little Blue Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Unlocking A Higher Timeline by Nicole Frolick

In order to shift your reality, you cannot reject it. Even if you don’t like it. Resistance creates persistence of what you don’t want.

As a co-creator of your reality, when you reject the current outcome, you are rejecting an aspect of yourself and creation. This means you are not in harmony with the Creator.

To return to harmony, you must embrace the outcome with gratitude, discover the hidden opportunity and use that opportunity to catapult you into a higher timeline that holds the desired outcome you wish for.

Remember like attracts like. Rejection creates more rejection. Receptivity creates more of the reception principle making you a match to receive what you desire. ❤️

Nicole’s Telegram Channel: https://t.me/nicolefrolick/60

Nicole has a video that explains more of how to go about the process delineated.

Things you might not know about ASCENSION

Things you might not know about ASCENSION

Kerry K

Things you might not know about #ascension​: in this video I cover some insights that not many people talk about, including #AscensionSymptoms​ and some common questions that I get asked.

Ascension happens to you and through you, the real YOU.

The End Game

The End Game

Bernard Guenther and Laura Matsue

Make no mistake. What is happening right now and in the years and decades to come will affect EVERYONE on this planet regardless of where you live or try to escape. While physical preparation is necessary and strategic relocation in some instances as well, including economic preparation, all of it is useless if you are not prepared on a soul/spiritual level with a strong foundation in surrender to the Divine including healing your wounds/traumas/shadow which are being used as entry points regardless where you live for the occult hostile forces transcend any physical distance. Welcome to the end-game, humanity. It’s been in the work for thousands of years and we’re just getting started. It’s also why you came here for, so no use to complain but step up to the plate and be the spiritual warrior in service of the Divine embracing your unique gifts and deeper purpose for being here…which is not necessarily what your ego-personality wants to do and in fact resists and whines about. Freedom and change start from within. It’s not easy work but it’s called the Great Work for a reason. Godspeed ⚔️🔥⚔️