The Quantum Leap Has Begun – Part 2 – Vidya Frazier

The Quantum Leap Has Begun – Part 2

Vidya Frazier

The quantum evolutionary leap in consciousness into 5D has finally begun in earnest. And, as exciting as this is, we are currently entering perhaps the darkest period yet of the tumultuous transitional times on our journey from 3D to 5D, in which so much of what has felt familiar and safe is now disappearing. And, because of this, many people are experiencing a great deal of stress, anxiety, depression and despair. In this video, I address how you can best handle these challenging emotions and create greater calm and empowerment.

Also see part 1 on this subject for information about events in the world that are reflecting the transitional times that all of humanity is experiencing:

The Quantum Leap into the 5D has Begun: How to Handle the Chaos – Part 1

January, 2021, Sun/Saturn, Day 23: BIDEN’S “E.O.” BOOMERANGS? —

As expected, it gets more “serious” by the day, as transit Sun, at 3°50 Aquarius, this Saturday morning, and moving at the rate of one degree per day sits within one degree of Saturn at 4°16 Aquarius. Karma comes due. As Juan O’Savin said, post-“inauguration,”  “the situation will clear up by Sunday.”  And then, remember,…

January, 2021, Sun/Saturn, Day 23: BIDEN’S “E.O.” BOOMERANGS? —

Kerry Cassidy: The REPUBLIC and You – The Revolution has not been televised, but…

Kerry Cassidy: The REPUBLIC and You – The Revolution has not been televised, but…

Kerry Cassidy

but… it is about to go LIVE!

Biden’s administration is FAKE and based on a Satanic agenda. The Corporation is defunct. We have a civil war; two rival administrations. The Military is in charge, FEMA and DHS.

The promise of Trump is the promise of Tesla…

Trump is not a Republican… he will be coming forward with a platform designed for the future of the planet, no fossil fuels, etc.

Go to this link if the YouTube video is taken down:


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Patriot Intel Report, 21 Jan 2021

Patriot Intel Report, FIRESIDE CHAT – 21 January 2021

Click the link below:

  • What is going on with Q? Trust the Plan. It’s going to be BIBLICAL.
  • Are we shocked now? Let down? No surprise.
  • Historical replication. The EVIL has to be exposed. The current gov’t is illegitimate and criminal. This is about optics, presentation. Trump cannot take down the gov’t without being accused of being a dictator.
  • Biblical?
  • Remember what Trump and his family has endured during the past five years. Do you think he is done with completing his promises?
  • Is this over?

January 2021, WHAT’S REAL?, Day 21: Byzantine Shadow Play —

Saw the above in lots of places, including Simon Parkes. Hmmm . . . interesting . . . feels like a warning. The Biden/Harris “Inauguration” reminds me of one of the famous school shooting false flags that left us all scratching our heads. So many weird questions about it. But first, let’s start with Melania’s…

January 2021, WHAT’S REAL?, Day 21: Byzantine Shadow Play —

21st January Update Current News

21st January Update Current News

Simon Parkes

And the movie continues…

  • What went wrong?
  • Israel dirty bombs? Nuclear charge on the East Coast?
  • Simon was informed that ‘something went wrong’; he doesn’t know the exact cause
  • It was big enough to pull the whole operation
  • The inauguration was both outside and pre-recorded
  • What happens now? The good guys are not at all down-trodden
  • There will be another attempt — it has to be done by mid-April
  • Declassification for states was done before Trump left
  • 800 generals are standing with Trump
  • In effect, we have two governments, one in Washington D.C. and we have a military government which is NOT obeying Biden. FEMA and Chris Miller, DOD, these two report to Trump.
  • Washington D.C. is going to be BULL-DOZED down. It is a corrupt sewer.
  • The Plan has been altered due to circumstances…


Special PIR EMERGENCY REPORT, January 20, 2021

Laura Walker discusses the astrology involved on “inauguration” date.

  • Black moon day, highly charged and unpredictable
  • Moon in Taurus, Sun in Aquarius (since 12/21/20) joining Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury
  • Being directed by Uranus and Mars in exact conjunction 7 degrees Taurus
  • Uranus brings RAPID change and works for our best
  • Gives us time to accept responsibility…
  • Then suddenly it will activate, move everything around to get to the highest and best point, quickly
  • New cycle. Beginning a two-year cycle. Pluto will be moving into Aquarius soon, too.
  • The astrological year goes until April 10, 2021. We are now in the THIRD quarter of the ASTROLOGICAL YEAR 2020, the downfall of the Cabal.
  • These energies are driving the SECOND American Revolution
  • The Dream is Alive