Elemental Magic, Magnetism, and Astral Light –

Elemental Magic, Magnetism, and Astral Light – ROBERT SEPEHR

Atlantean Gardens

Elemental magic is a paradigm through which one uses the will to affect reality, employing the archetypal forces of Nature: Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore (particularly Celtic, Slavic, German, English, and French), a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical or supernatural.

According to Paracelsus, the 16th century alchemist, there are four categories of elementals: Gnomes (Earth), Undines (Water), Sylphs (Air), and Salamanders (Fire). The Paracelsian concept of elementals draws from several much older traditions in mythology and religion.

Manly P Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer, alchemist, and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and anthropologist. http://www.amazon.com/Robert-Sepehr/e…


Liberalism is a Bankster-Induced Mental Disorder – SGT Report

Liberalism is a Bankster-Induced Mental Disorder – SGT Report

SGT Report

Kenneth Ameduri Founder of Crush the Street joins me to talk about the death cult that is Liberalism, whihc has in larger part taken control of the social media giants, and which will lead to the downfall of the Republic and world if allowed to fester. Here’s the free report Kenneth mentioned: https://www.crushthestreet.com/4w

Note to Readers: I consider the label “Liberalism” to be highly deceptive. Most of the language used by the radical Left means exactly the opposite. Liberalism can be then be revealed as Marxism dressed up in a more palatable illusion. It is also a platform that supports the globalism of elites, an anti-life, anti-human, anti-sovereignty agenda at the level of the individual and State … and is fully Satanic in origins.

Earth Intelligence Report – September 2019

Earth Intelligence Report – September 2019

Brad Johnson – New Earth Teachings

The realization of what befalls your planet is becoming greatly understood by the people of the Earth. You are seeing that there are countries whose citizens are retaliating against the established orders of governments. Throughout the months to come, this will continue to surge across numerous countries from the East moving slower into the west. As the people retaliate to the agendas against the controllers, this will lead to breakthroughs affecting your landscape in the political, sociological and financial arenas. The more that each of you reading this message can come together and stand united regarding peaceful non-violent resistance, the greater your voices will carry forward as further timelines of corruptions collapse and new timelines of community and cooperation flourish.

There are agendas that exist within the deep shadows of the planet where hostility attempts to assuage political and organizational operations. These hostilities relate to nature’s destruction in specific areas of your planet in order to bring forward the opportunities of corporate developments fueled by the greedy. It is important that every person on your planet is to stand up against these onslaughts where corporate control attempts to overshadow indigenous territory and ways of life. The strength comes in numbers. It is through your collective decisions that will lead the Earth past these insinuations of stability cloaked with corruption and greed. The more of you that become united to fend off from these plans, the greater the people will realize that their thoughts, feelings and intentions are the true collective power that governs this world.

Further solar activity will continue to take place not only through upcoming CMEs, but also through celestial passing. There are greater celestial energies that are ahead that will work energetically to shift a greater focus on wrongdoings and concealed agendas attempting to flourish corrupt monetary and governmental power. There will be interventions to take place that will cancel out any attempts to seize political movement that would harm people’s free will as well as harm that would could cause further environmental destruction. Such activities share themselves like a game of chess where those who protect and preserve the Earth must be a step ahead to those who wish to harm it. Through the passing of asteroids as well as astrological momentum, expect further exposure and foiling of plans to create corrupt political control to come near the end of this year.

In the times ahead, you will reach a greater collective intention to ensure that any action to harm nature, animals, lands and the people upon it will never see the light of day. But such a world can only be born through organic intentions, not political ones. Working through your online forums and technologies, you come together, and you strategize to ensure that gatherings, prayers, meditations, and good deeds overshadow any attempt to disassociate your efforts with one another. Not through single leadership nor through the actions of a few will this be done, but through the cooperation of the many. Unity brings prosperity and change that will align your civilization to greater heights. But this cooperation must be established by those willing to make changes. Remember the light that exists within each of you. The compassion you hold will gather those that also see transformation through the times that will come and you will become a powerful unit to overthrow corruption wherever it hides. Those are your allies, your friends, your family.

Work to understand yourselves and each other and you will transcend the shadows of your planet that have been upon the Earth for thousands of years that work to sabotage unity at any cost. Be strong and stay together for the common goal of community, cooperation and equality.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

Politics May be More Corrupt Than You Realize – Collective Evolution

Williamson Admits The System Is More Corrupt Than She Knew

Collective Evolution

Furthering our discussion about Williamson’s political realizations, we see now that she is also getting clearer on what politics really is. Called this one a week ago!

The Wake Up Call We ALL Need to Hear About Politics

Collective Evolution

Joe discusses one of the key aspects to our global conversation of both world change and personal transformation that needs to move into a more mainstream conversation… it is to some extent, but it’s time to truly change the culture.

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Personal transformation and what is going on in the world are connected. There is a DEEP STATE that is guiding things in the world. If we don’t drop the illusion and wake up, face what is really going on… we won’t succeed in our full collective transformation. Face the Darkness, move through your fear, expose the corrupt system, and change your world. Look at the facts for what they are; use them to shift our world.

The Deep State Business Model, How They Hide TRUTH w/Dr. Dave Janda

The Deep State Business Model, How They Hide TRUTH w/Dr. Dave Janda (1/2)

Sarah Westall

Dr. Dave Janda rejoins the program to discuss 9/11 and how the Mockingbird media has enabled the deep state to maintain control of the narrative even though it is so obvious to most (the official story about) 9/11 was a lie.

We also discuss the tactics used to continue the coverup of other major events such as JFK and Benghazi even though most Americans who can think critically already know the official narrative is a lie. How and why do they just keep lying and how do they get the talking heads to support the obvious lies? You can see more of Dr. Dave Janda on his popular radio show and platform, Operation Freedom @ http://DaveJanda.com

Deep State Business Model: propaganda + infilitation + human compromise + divide/conquer

Triality Life & Reality — HighHeartLife

Denise LeFay – HighHeart Life


Like the image above, the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process have been us steadily moving up ENERGY stair-steps until one finally reaches the landing of the next higher flight of stairs. One makes the directional turn to continue moving up the next higher flight of stairs where one is eventually met again with a higher landing and flight of stairs. On and on it goes, higher and higher up the ascending energy stair-steps and deeper and deeper into the Photon Light, the entire time one is being incrementally transformed by the Process and Journey itself.

I can easily say—as I know many of you also can—that the entire year of 2019 so far has been one of the most difficult, trying, exhausting, frustrating, physically and emotionally painful and simultaneously freeing ascension year ever. It has, at times, been brutal and continues to be brutal for many and that’s how the literal dismantling of dying worlds, realities and lower selves feels—brutal. There is no just ‘beam me up Scotty’ with compressed evolution, only steady laborious effort to get ones First Everythinger self up the multiple flights of energy stairs while doing a whole host of other related things.

Marianne Williamson & the DNC

Marianne Williamson Realizes The DNC Is Not What She Thought

Collective Evolution

Much like Tulsi Gabbard, Williamson seems to be seeing very clearly, first hand, exactly who the DNC is. And for that matter, it’s very much who the Reps. are too. This of course is not a bad thing, it’s a step in the direction of breaking the illusion so we can bring on solutions.
Our governments have been run by psychopaths for decades. What goes on in politics is not based on creating a harmonious society. Politicians are mean-spirited, fake, use double-speak, self-righteous.

Stand back and look with clarity what is really going on… Outsiders are coming into politics and now we have a good chance to see the cult-like behavior in politics. Leaders are NOT representative of average people.

Can Prayer Shift Hurricanes?

Why Marianne Williamson Suggested ‘Prayer’ Could Shift Hurricane Dorian

Collective Evolution

Marianne Williamson tweeted that the power of prayer and the mind could steer hurricane Dorian. The media ripped her for it, but she isn’t wrong in saying that. Here’s the science behind it.

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Editor’s Note: I prayed for Dorian to move out to sea or to keep off the coast, which it did for the most part, except off the coast of North Carolina… We can affect the weather with our thought and consciousness.