Cosmic Wars, Off-Planet Origins, Tribal Myths, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites – w/ Joseph Farrell

Mind-Blowing Interview: Cosmic Wars, Interplanetary Breakaway Elites & ’Off Planet Origins’

Awakening the Illusion

In this 1st part of a 2 part discussion, I had the honor and privilege to be able to interview Dr. Joseph Farrell in person! Join us in this mind-blowing discussion as we delve deep into the many mysteries of our Ancient past all the way up to modern day!

Note to reader:  I put up this kind of video to give people the opportunity to stretch their minds, to question everything about conventional archaeology, history, and other sciences.  What is our true origin?  The answers are “out there”…

We began the talk in the far ancient past as we try and unravel the mysterious origins of man. Joseph gave us his thoughts on Zacharia Sitchin’s work as he states his own ideas as to the origins of humanity and how the human race began. He gave us his thoughts on why the God of the Old Testament in the Bible is a Doom and Gloom kind of God. He also talked about Genesis 1:26, “Come let us make man in our image and after our likeness” and he gave a good explanation to that verse. He explained how Christianity will eventually catch up to terms that its origins are more Egyptian than anything else.

He also explained how Mars had a civilization long, long ago and the people there had some type of cataclysmic type event that destroyed all life on the red planet. I entertained the idea that possibly before the cataclysmic event took place, the rich and powerful got a one-way ticket to Earth as a type of Ancient Breakaway Civilization that came and seeded life here on this Blue Planet. He mentioned how Mars may have been a moon to another planet that exploded which created the Asteroid Belt. While on the Mars topic we discussed how Cairo, Egypt means “Place or Camp of Mars”. And that could possibly tie in the connections to the Face and Pyramids on Mars with the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt.

Interesting thing — the second part of this interview has been taken down.  What are “they” afraid of, anyway?  The truth coming out?




Operation Freedom

The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on the Globalist Invasion which is opposed by President Trump and his Administration. Additional content available at
The caravan(s) were designed to create chaos at the border.  Terrorists are embedded within these caravans, MS-13, and other groups.
The agenda of globalists is to create chaos so THEY can take control, make more money to create MORE chaos.  The caravans are organized and financed.

Pathpaving & The Separation Of Worlds — HighHeartLife


I’m going to start this article by sharing an awake daytime experience I had in the mid-1980s. It happened after spending some time at my mom’s house talking with her and my sister about other things. It happened in front of them not that either of them fully understood what I had just seen, remembered […]

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Corey Goode: Disclosure Needs Your Spiritual Awakening / 2018 Disclosurefest

Corey Goode: Disclosure Needs Your Spiritual Awakening / 2018 Disclosurefest

Edge of Wonder

Today on Edge on Wonder we sit down with producer and insider Corey Goode and director Roger Richards and talk about their new movie #AboveMajestic, #Disclosurefest – the mass meditation event happening in DC, the Alliance’s secret plan to take down the deep state, the division that is happening within the disclosure community, and the current situation with the Deep State.

Magneta Pixie – Arrests, Government Restructuring, and Vertical Ascension

Magneta Pixie – Arrests, Government Restructuring, and Vertical Ascension

Magneta Pixie

Arrests of government officials, replacements with individuals of the light, vertical ascension and pre-manifestation fast-tracking into the physical dimension. The connection between our individual and global emotional consciousness and the galactic grid structures.