From today onward (for the foreseeable future) I will be utilizing Blue Dragon Journal as an archive for my earlier works and those of Tazjma, who started this blog in 2012. I will keep access to the older blog available for now.

If you are interested in my current and future writings, please subscribe to my new blog: Sunny’s Journal @

Thank you.

Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis (aka Eliza Ayres)

Announcement, 25 March 2021

Announcement, 25 March 2021 – Changing the Focus of this Blog

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am one who follows my intuition. Of late, given the present environment, I have begun to increasingly be disturbed by the content of the so-called ‘intel’ that is being presented in the alternative media. I understand that ‘the people’ need to see what their ‘leaders’ and the puppet masters behind them have been doing, but it is NOT my personal responsibility to present such material to my readers/viewers. It is yours and yours alone.

Before I came to this planet, I was a talented communications officer, trained to scan the frequencies of the planet, to determine the plans and agendas of the ‘enemy’ long before it was evident to many others. Thus, I don’t need to learn about these things, other than perhaps the details. I intuitively comprehend the gist of the matter. Your populations have been manipulated for centuries. It’s time to wake up and take responsibility for your own growth, that means doing your own inner work and not relying on outside sources to do it for you. Meanwhile, while I am here, I will focus on my own inner path and perhaps share a bit of that to the small minority who may be interested.

Given that keeping up this blog takes a great of time and hopefully, my life focus will be soon changing, I will no longer be posting items such as Scott McKay’s work, Project Camelot, etc., etc. As a result of this decision, I will be taking down most of the posts I have put up in the last couple of weeks before the end of the month arrives next Wednesday.

Despite the work I put in, there is little reciprocation of energy coming from readers. This imbalance cannot remain. I will post what I want here, but it will not be intel videos and the like.

I realize that many readers will leave this blog as a result and that’s fine with me. This is, after all, a ‘personal’ blog not a newspaper. It is not monetized at all. No ads.

I will, instead, turn my attention to other things.

Feel free to remain or go. My good wishes go with those who leave.

Eliza Ayres

New Blog – Sunny’s Journal

Sunflower, photo by Eliza Ayres

New Blog – Sunny’s Journal

I would like to announce a new blog of mine which will highlight messages from Sundeelia and myself (as a fractal/fragment of Sundeelia). I have noticed that these messages and articles are not getting too much attention. There may be some of my readers who wish to re-read them and perhaps study them for information pertinent to their own awakening process.

For now I have left comments on with most of the posts on this new blog. If I am inundated with trolls and rude comments, I will shut down comments.

The blog will detail for those who are interested in how it feels to be a walk-in here to your planet during this rather intense transitional period of the planet’s evolution.

I am sure that some of what I write will challenge those readers who still cling to old belief systems. Challenge is to assist change. It is always YOUR choice whether or not to adapt and change or to remain as you are. I do not demand you to change nor do demand you believe everything I write or say. Free will choice is always honored by me and other Pleiadians. Learn to listen to what your body says about whatever you read, listen to, or see… it is a way to learn discernment, i.e., what resonates with you as you are in the NOW.

I wish you all well.

Sunny (aka Eliza Ayres)

Website address:

P.S. For those readers who followed The Starseed Highway, that blog has been taken down.

Eliza: We Were Made For Crazy Times Like This!

Angelic Warrior

Eliza:  We Were Made For Crazy Times Like This!

Well, my fellow Light Beings, how are we managing these insane times?  While I said a while back that I wouldn’t be posting any or much intel, it seems I feel compelled to do it anyway.  The times call for it.  I have yet to be censored, although that could certainly happen.  I will warn my new readers, I delete most content that is not written by me or rare selected articles that interest me for future research.  So, as of December 15th, all news prior to the 30th of November will be deleted… unless it is still being viewed by a ton of folks, in which case, I’ll keep it a bit longer.  This is a personal blog, still is, believe it or not and not a repository for current news like the library.  If something older strikes your fancy, save it to your own device, else it will be deleted by me.  This has been my policy for years so no surprise to my older readers, but lately several people have joined up.  Thanks!  Just today, membership topped 1,400 readers, not bad for a small blog.

Blue Dragon Journal has been around since July 2012.  Since then, it has gone through many phases.  It is an ever-evolving personal project.  Right now, I feel like putting up election and disclosure-related news as it is being heavily censored elsewhere.  I cannot guarantee that video links will be available when you attempt to open them!

I may be retired, but all this blogging has been keeping me extremely busy, keeping up with various intel feeds, YouTube, BitChute and Rumble… as several commentators have been banned from YT and FaceBook (I left the latter in Sept 2019 as they were already censoring the material I was posting – most being pro-Trump material – it ‘offended’ someone’s TDS sensibilities!).

While blogging, I’m listening to classical music or various video feeds… and occasionally writing my ever-lengthening novel based in the ancient Star Wars that took place in the Pleiadian Federation hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The story is based on my wanderings through the Akashic Record (my own) and is becoming a journal of life in the Pleiades while our people were still 4D and lower 5D except for rare individuals.  Oh… did I neglect to mention, I’m a Pleiadian walk-in?  A light being, like you, having a temporary human experience and going through this fascinatingly intense transformational period for the human collective.  If you are interested in more of my story, you are welcome to dig through the archives…

Anyway, I thought I would thank everyone for making this a very active little blog right now.  Keep your spirits high – it is very IMPORTANT to do this while the human collective as a whole is experiencing a collective Dark Night of the Soul.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up… the process that EVERY evolving soul/consciousness goes through… one step.  Except this transformation is different, as we are already Light Beings and our PHYSICAL BODIES are ascending.  At Home, in the Pleiades, I already resonate well above 6D.  Not a boast… my whole family does, as well. And as any well-read light worker will tell you, we have multiple manifestations on a variety of planes of existence, some physical and some not…

So, dear ones, get plenty of rest.  Take breaks away from news.  If you are still watching MSM, I recommend turning it off – it is rogue CIA propaganda designed to instill fear into people.  Oh, yes, the pandemic is a lie, but you won’t hear that on MSM – because it is fake news, just like POTUS claims.

Whether or not you ‘like’, love, admire, or even hate POTUS – and yes, Trump is STILL President until January 20th – this past election was never about another four years, one man, or the virus.  It was yet another egg in the basket of globalist plans to take over and take down America.  So, if you are an American citizen and you expect to have your normal life given back to you by the ascendancy of the Biden-Harris ticket, you are… well, suffering from delusion and brain-washing through too much media exposure, a poor education, and bad food, air, and water.  Toxic brain syndrome!  Nope, that’s not a medical term, just one I made up.

Socialism is not healthy for the people, as it locks them down.  It is designed to control your every thought, movement, whether or not you are going to continue living… just ask those who survived the pogroms in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany… or more recently, Venezuela.  Always, there is a tiny extremely wealthy minority at the top who are controlled puppets and then the rest are minions or slaves… who could be killed at the whim of a pathological ruler.  Do you really want to live like this?

Enough with the politics… the holidays approach and per usual… will pass by without much notice from me other than I will be participating in some of the mass meditations for the upcoming Solstice conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.  Pluto and Uranus figure in there somewhere, too.  I’ve been following Laura Walker’s wonderful reports on The Oracle Report if you want to know more about the current very INTENSE energetics that will dominate our planet and consciousness until we are well into the Aquarian Age… the promised Golden Age.

Still, most of the human collective isn’t even aware of any Golden Age unless they happen to be a Hindu (Satya Yuga).  It’s the current ‘job’ of lightworkers, those who are awake to shift the timelines so the masses are carried safely onto the positive timeline which will bring the Paradise world physically to Earth (Terra, Tara, Gaia… take your pick!).  Still, each individual has a choice, whether or not they are willing to move to the positive timeline, stay in neutral (which is a choice) or take the low road of the negative timeline (some people will for the experience of it all!).  I know what I have already chosen. 

That’s all for now, folks.  I hope you’re all well… well, enough as to be expected if you happen to live in California and are locked in your house.  Living in Florida, a mostly red state is much better!

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.coma

Eliza: Changes

Eliza: Changes coming to Blue Dragon Journal

Some of you, dear readers, have been with me for a long time, while others have recently arrived on the scene. Long-term readers (the journal has been in existence for over eight years) have witnessed the flailing about that has occurred during the period of time since “I” received a walk-in consciousness (Sundeelia) in 2017. The focus and content of the blog switched abruptly from being a description and sharing of an inner journey to being a conglomeration of an ecletic assortment of spiritual and disclosure articles and videos.

Earlier this year, I mentioned the focus of the blog may change or it would even be closed down. Now, I find I would rather return to the more personal sharing of an inner journey of one person, Eliza, even as our world is currently deeply within a tumultuous transition and transformation. Although posting the works and thoughts of others is useful, and I may occasionally post certain videos I find useful, I do not wish to continue on the same path as before.

Although the primary consciousness that currently resides within the physical vehicle known and labeled by the world as Eliza Ayres is from somewhere else, she is, I AM here and now, a higher dimensional being who agreed to come here and assist with some mission. Do I fully remember that mission? I will humbly reply, “no.” Do many of us remember our mission that we promised to fulfill before signing that contract that allowed us to enter into a third-dimensional physical form? Probably not… although many are now beginning to receive glimmers of what lies beyond 3D, and beautiful glimpses of 5D consciousness.

Despite being from a higher dimensional existence, a portion of “me” is residing here, among the people of Earth. It has taken me a while to establish what I want to see and do while present in the time granted me, any of us who enter into this fascinating playground of intense, pressurized duality. It is the same for anyone who has entered this field or plane of existence as a starseed, a wayshower, a guide or teacher. Yet, all I can offer to my readers is my perspective. I do not ask or request you follow me, believe, or put me on a pedestal. I am a Light Being experiencing a physical 3D existence while the physical body is ascending in frequency from 3D to 5D… and in some cases, beyond. I have willingly placed myself on the playing board of the Earth Game. ALL of us have done the same, whether as starseeds or as indigenous human beings whose physical vehicles were designed originally to exist specifically on this planet. ALL of us exist elsewhere on many planes of existence both within this 12D Matrix and outside of it.

So, sometimes I may make comments that could be interpreted as being political (what isn’t today!) although I will endeavor to approach subjects in as neutral a position as I can manage. Sometimes information will come through as a download, in which case I will identify the source as much as I understand. I will emphasize, however, do not look for facts, figures, and references if you are seeking out information pertaining to the history of what has happened to Earth over the course of several million years. All I can say is that I work from a deeply intuitive level from within my Akash (Book of Records). You may have access to other pieces of the puzzle. I encourage all who have the curiosity, determination, courage, and will to learn to discover those sources that will inform you of what is going on, do your own digging. The information is “out there”, but also it is within, stored within your own Heart and Soul, etheric Heart Center and the Crown Chakra/Third Eye (pineal gland).

That said, it is through the internal connection that each of us is capable to finding within that we can discover what lies written in Light Language upon those sacred pages of the ever present Now. The Akash is the record of all that has been, is, and will be, all possible timelines within all the 12 dimensions of this particular 12D Matrix as set up millions of years ago by the Galactic Federation of Light.

You can find out about the history of Earth by walking the Akash through deep meditation. I happen to be able to access the Akash (at least my portion of it) while more or less “awake” through the avenue of writing and journaling.

During the last two years, I have been writing a chronicle of what could be expressed as a story of past lives, lived out by a portion of my Being that exists elsewhere, namely Sirius and the Pleiadian Federation. Whether or not the material is historical or can be proven is moot; it is a journey towards self-discovery designed to empower me to reveal and release ancient traumatic memories. As of today, I have only publicly published a portion of these “Remembrances”, the Sirian portion and it is very short as were my lives. For it is a record of what was lived through, from one person’s perspective, of the Orion Wars, the final chapters of which are now being played out here on Earth in 3D. It is a spiritual war, but beyond that, it is a play being enacted by various players who have taken on different roles in order to allow Creator an opportunity to get to know itself to the very boundaries of what is possible to experience within physical existence. The journey continues for all of us who are immersed within this Game. The time has arrived for us to become aware of our part, of the existence of the Game, and our innate ability to shift out of duality and divisiveness and into unity consciousness. The human body was designed specifically to allow Light Beings (without physical form) to play within denser frequencies, originally from 5D to 7D while still existing within a physical form. So, you see, the current shift that is occurring here on Earth is just part of the story. When a certain amount of humans can manage to hold 5D consciousness 24/7 in their bodies, we will see and experience 5D around us; our lives will reflect the level of our consciousness. That is not the end of the story… as next, we will shift from 5D to 7D and on and on…

While I have been here, I have not immersed myself in life, being a part of my community, making friends, pursuing interests, traveling and doing other things. Perhaps by some design circumstances were created to keep me largely in a state of statis, even as I was pursuing the clearing of ancient records. Yet, when nearly everyone on the planet was forced, again by circumstances, to be locked down, I began to perceive a Light going on within the collective consciousness of Humanity here and now. I have perceived that I want to be more involved in life as it is lived here, not to continue to be separate and apart. And so, as a reflection of my inner realization, I am hereby announcing a change in the contents of Blue Dragon Journal. It will, as any good journal does, reflect the inner changes, comments, and perspectives of one who is still endeavoring to adapt to a very different place. I will do my best.

Finally… I admit I do tend to ramble… dear readers, I invite you to come along with me as we explore the wonderful changes that are about to break upon the consciousness of humanity. The planet, Earth, Terra, Gaia… is already in 5D and has been for some years. Now, it is our turn to anchor 5D consciousness (energy, frequency) into our physical forms. We all have the potential to be able to accomplish this wondrous feat. Our physical vehicles, bodies, were designed specifically for this purpose. We can do this by serving as Teacher and Student of everyone who appears within our life. Some will walk away. Let them go. Some you may have to push away as they no longer resonate with you. It is okay. All is energy. All here have free will to follow that inner compulsion, what I call my internal compass. Where I go, what I do may not make any sense to anyone else, yet I will follow the intuitive nudges and so, dear readers, I am informing you of my intentions.

If you wish to go and find this content no longer of interest then I wish you well and thank you for being here if only for a short (or long) time.

Meanwhile, I am conveying my thanks to humanity for teaching me, a stranger in a strange land, what is eternal to all Life, Love. And that, my friends, is another story…

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Update from Sunny


Hi, everyone.  It’s been a while since I have shared anything “personal” here, even a Nature Walk article.  I’ve been down with the latest manufactured “flu” for a couple of weeks.  How did I contract it?  I remember the day my sister and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to pick up some medicine for a friend.  We paused in the parking lot and looked up at the sky to see a very odd sight:  a pattern of hazy white trails creating a tick tack toe pattern and the distinctive mark left when HAARP is used.  Where, who or why was clear… it was yet another “attack” against the population of Florida… and we later learned the entire East Coast by a cornered, angry cabal.  I’ve been lucky with only mild but persistent symptoms of a dry cough, headache, fatigue, sore throat and low fevers.  I will get well as the virus runs its course, but others have not been so lucky.  Over 45,000 people in the United States alone have died from this latest “flu”.  And I’ve been told by our Pleiadian friends that this was an orchestrated attack worldwide.  Why?  Because “they” can; they have the needed money, supplies and their secret “army” to do such things.  Until the cabal is completely and utterly taken down, its leaders and minions in prison or removed from the planet, expect more such attacks.  Prepare accordingly with supplies, but mostly with the determination to refuse to go into fear over these desperate tactics.

Do your research, strive to keep your body vehicle healthy as best you can and remain centered in your Heart.  Now is not the time to go into anger or fear for those emotions is what gives energy (loosh) to the cabal.  They want you to be in fear.  They want to continue to control the planet and will do anything including engaging in atomic warfare to retain that control.  Yet, they do not realize their time is truly at an end.  Divine Creator has decreed the end of darkness upon this planet.  The lighted forces of the Galactic Federation made up of thousands of starships from the combined forces of the Sirians, Pleiadians, Ashtarians, Andromedans and other lighted worlds are stationed throughout our solar system NOW.  While Venus does not have its own fleet, their people are also involved as there are many Venusian starseeds incarnated on Earth and the connections between the sister planets go deep.

The Earth is ascending back to her native state, back into 5D+ as decreed by Source.  It will be so.  This is a particularly difficult birth due to the presence of alien influences upon the planet, but that is a very long story.  Ascension is part of a natural cycle, one that is taking place throughout this quadrant of Creation and beyond.  The Earth will ascend, nothing can stop it, even the antics of psychopathic humanoids.  Take heart, dear people, and be patient.

Now I must also be patient.  I have not been able to get out for any walks for a couple of weeks now, due to my health and some persistent very odd winter weather here in Florida.  We’ve had many days of very strong winds and heavy cloud cover.  I have been advised not to go outside at all on days when the spraying overhead is thick.  South Florida doesn’t usually get as much SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Induction or chemtrails) as the rest of the States, but recently it has.  I hope it stops soon, for all of our sakes, as well as the planet, plant and animal life.  Enough of the poison already.

So, I hope this little note (which has lengthened considerably) gives a bit of explanation as to “where” I’ve been of late.

Thank you for all your support of this blog.  If considering an energy exchange, please see the Donation page.

As for healing, I’m working with my old friends the Arcturian Healing Masters and Lord Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Healing, Science, and Truth.  I feel the energies of these great Beings and employ their services daily.  If it is your intention to send “healing” energy, please request permission first.

Thanks to all,

Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe (aka “Eliza Ayres)

All Rights Reserved.

P.S.  Our Pleiadian bodies normally do not experience “disease” as we maintain a constant loving environment in our worlds, so this is a new experience for me and not a happy one.

Eliza: Taking Some Time Off



Eliza:  Taking Some Time Off

Hi, again, folks.  I’m heading south again to visit my friends in the Delray Beach area. Hopefully, I will be able to post now and again, but you never know.

We have a Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow, 3/12/17, as well as a time change for most states in Los Estatos Unitos.

What with all kinds of changes going on, do take some “me” time out for yourself, even if it is some time with a favorite pet, in the garden, taking a long hot bath… or some other little treat.  Be kind to you.

Much love,


My Decision


Grande Ronde RiverMy Decision

To my readers…thank you again for your sincere, thoughtful and sometimes quite detailed responses. They were all heartfelt… I could feel that!

The latest response that brought me to a decision was from a French reader, one who has been following the blog almost from the start. He called my blog a little masterpiece, as it has been in the past when all I presented was my own material. He stated that I present a unique and very personal point of view that engages readers. I have seen this reaction before when many of those who did comment would say, “Oh,I see my life in yours.” Or “Wow, you’ve helped me see myself in a different light.”

Perhaps, gentle readers, this is my mission. To be myself, to be personal, engaging, at a heart level that is missed sometimes by impersonal although uplifting messages and alternative news sources.

Humility was another word that my French correspondent used. While I may be a star seed from a great lineage, here I am a human beings among humans. I go to work, eat supper, wash the dishes, do laundry, go shopping… and occasionally sit down and type out a message that means something to someone. My life will be changing, certainly within a year or so, as I am considering some huge changes in my life, but that is all in a state of flux at the moment… awaiting the right inspiration or intuitive nudge to get things going. And I am more actively engaging in my personal art work and creative projects, something that gives me great satisfaction. So… I am able to engage different people at different levels through my shared material, whether it be art, nature, photography, history, past lives… and the great Shift that is occurring for us all.

I know that my Higher Self when speaking through me, is always addressing the reader who is reading the message, always. And the messages carry an energy that even I cannot define, but is described by commenters as warm and loving.

I will be perfectly frank with you all… I’ve not seen myself as warm, engaging and loving, but that is a very human lack of self-worth. Now, having this mirror of love and regard placed before me by all who have commented… I can re-think myself as worthy and loving and deserving of the opportunity to share with others what I have learned along the way.

Tears are streaming down my face as I write these words. And I will, once again, allow my blog to be my space. If I see other pieces of interest, I may provide a link to them so that readers can see for themselves or decide not to. I do know that all of us are being bombarded with an avalanche of information and disinformation these days. It is up to each individual to decide what to read and what to pass by.

I will continue to write. In fact, this whole engagement with my readers has inspired me to do so. I see now that my presence here is valuable, at least to some and that my work is shared with others beyond my ken, beyond what is revealed by the “stats”. I’ll have to learn to ignore the stat page and focus on what is truly valuable, our inter-connection, self to self, heart to heart, through this limited avenue of words, images and imagination.

And now that I have removed myself from Facebook, at least for now, (I simply “closed” my timeline) I will have more “time” to write, paint and do photography. Even that decision may change, as I have some followers there who have difficulties accessing the blog for whatever reason. I’m not acquainted with Twitter and other social mediums, but might consider adding those links.

We are all in various stages of evolution and growth. Some will resonate with my experiences and stories, others will not.

Let me say this, I cherish the interaction that has occurred in the last couple of days. I was surprised and pleased with the response.

In closing, I will not be posting the material of other authors for the time being. I may not write something everyday, just as I felt compelled or inspired to do so. And I will continue to share my personal photography and artwork as it comes available. As several readers reminded me, I can’t please everyone and this is MY blog… so it will be truly, completely, fully.

Many blessings to you all.


Photo: Grand Ronde River, NE Oregon, taken in June 2010, when the river was in flood and the wild Mock Orange in bloom. Joseph’s country…

Question to my Readers – by Eliza



Question to my Readers – by Eliza

It’s clear to me after a few weeks of posting other people’s works, that at least some of my readers objected to adding them, although they voiced no protest when I said that I would be doing so. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to change in another. And I happen to change course quite often. It’s in my nature.

Although I have lost a substantial amount of readers, my stats are still climbing as those who are still stopping by are finding more to read with each visit… so in the end, I guess it balances out.

Again, I ask and would appreciate some input from the quiet ones. Do you want to see the work of other authors reblogged on this site. If not, why not. I certainly don’t have all or even any of the answers to what’s going on in the world and it is educational to see the same or similar viewpoint expressed in the words of someone else.

If you don’t speak up, you will not be heard. And I’ll make my own decisions in the end. I favor posting a few pieces from other authors each day so as not to overload my email followers. I might also consider dropping or closing down my Facebook account as it is a great time sink. Also, the original purpose for being on FB, as a member of a closed “group” has ceased to be a part of my life. I have better things to do than spend time reading snippets and seeing videos, cute as they are, of puppies and kittens. Speak up or be not heard.


Autumn Storm


Autumn Storm

It was a very SHORT break!  Here is my most recent painting, “Autumn Storm”.  Suits my experience of this past season and year.

With the shift into 2015, I find myself looking at things very differently.  I’m in the process of making changes to the blog, deleting several posts and perhaps editing others.  This purging process may take a couple of days or even weeks.  The process is ongoing, but I decided to do some artwork as a change of pace.  Being able to do both art and writing is a joy!

Best wishes for the New Year.

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,