Eliza: On Allowing Change



Eliza: On Allowing Change

This morning I woke up with the images of a dream fast vanishing from my awareness, save one thing. In the dream, I found a white otter pup and was carrying it around like I do sometimes carry a cat in my dream. It was partially grown, definitely an otter, being white (very rare) with little paws rather than flippers (like a seal).

This morning, upon waking, I looked up what “otter” means as an animal totem. Otters are by nature very playful and joyous creatures. They live primarily in or near water, carrying a balance of the feminine elements, water and earth. Otters represent a balanced feminine energy that works with and cooperates with others. Carrying otter energy encourages one to set aside time to play and share with others. This energy also encourages one to let go of material goods that burden one and to allow for things to flow.

The essence of otter is certainly a way to be in the new energy, gentle, flowing, being playful and joyful, as well as sharing with others. Plus, the fact that the otter was white, a very rare color, indicates purity and femininity, perhaps signaling that I am returning to my pure feminine essence, and balancing with my own essential masculine energies, as well.


I am discovering that my spiritual heritage emanates from two cultures that exude Love as their essence, the Pleiadians and Venus, the planet of Love. For one such as I, this long sojourn on planet Earth has been difficult, for most of my lifetimes, I have experienced what it is not to have love, not to be loved and not to love… In short, I have learned what love is not. And now, it is the “time” to let all that go and return to my true essence, Love. This is both a simple and difficult process.

Let me explain. Most of us, especially those of us who have grown up in modern Western culture, have not truly experienced what it is to be love. Any love or affection granted us has been heaped high with expectations and conditions, coming from parents, mentors and friends. Any attempt to go within and explore the inner space within our own consciousness has been frowned upon and discouraged… at least when I was growing up and passing into young adulthood.

Despite all that I ventured into new areas of thought, reading and exploring and have eventually arrived at where I am now, in the process of returning Home, again; Home to love, home to my “real” family, home to my real culture and way of being. So, in the process, I needs must shed all that was placed upon me as a child and young adult in the way of conditioning, thoughts, memories, as well as possessions that do not resonate with me any longer.

I find myself disinterested in doing things as I once did. Since my recent illness, I find I can no longer tolerate meat and many other types of foods. I used to have quite a sweet tooth, but with the exception of the occasional piece of dark chocolate, I’m no longer attracted to sweets. I eat primarily fruit, at least two meals per day and then have a dinner with a small amount of protein, vegetables and one half of an avocado (if available). Going out to eat, eating heavy meals… none of that interests me, and I am one who grew up in a family that ate together and celebrated occasions with a large meal shared with guests.

We are all changing and it is best to allow ourselves to change. Let go of what no longer serves you or feels right to you. I do not need to act as my mother did or to collect the types of belongings that she craved. I have given away or sold many of the items that I inherited as I have no use for these things; never did. My life style, such as it is presently, is far simpler than the one lived when I was a child.

I am beginning to connect up with other light workers who are actually relatives in a spiritual sense; that is, we come from the same or similar places and a few are actually part of one of my families on the maternal side.

Yes, there are families in 6D, where I live when not embodied on this planet. And the families are very large, for although children come infrequently, the individual members are extremely long-lived according to Earth standards. Pleiadian princes who visited Earth in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis would still appear to our eyes as being about 20 years old, vibrant, handsome and wise. The stories of the elves of Middle Earth are echoes of race memories of these glorious beings.

As we phase out of 3D, into 4D and up into 5D, eventually some of us will leave and return Home. I will be one of these. I may come back to do some teaching, but that will be determined later. For now, I am here sharing my process of remembering and reuniting with my true Self, a glorious Light Being who exists on many planes and dimensions. And it is an interesting journey, indeed.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love. Namasté.


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Journal Entry 05.14.2014


Hoh Rain Forest

Journal Entry 05.14.2014

Wesak was today.

I’m taking a couple of days off to build up energy levels, again. That doesn’t appear to be happening very quickly, so will pace myself. Fortunately, the weather is amiable and the sun’s out. It’s pleasant just to read in the shade on the front porch.

I had an interesting dream last night. I was in a large rambling building, walking through a ground floor room, then climbed some stairs into a wide, well-lit room where there were quite a few people eating and some chanting softly in the background. The people were eating fruit or salads, with sprinkles of what appeared to be white sesame seeds. I sat there for a while soaking up the vibe and then remembered that I had left something where I used to live. I climbed up out of the room onto a road. Then a truck with two guys came by and gave me a ride in the back. At my old house, I climbed out of the truck, thanked my benefactors and stood there for a moment, looking up at the windows of the house before me. I could see my old boyfriend standing there, although he didn’t appear to see me. I decided that perhaps there wasn’t anything for me, and turned back, walking down the road, which turned into a hallway of the same building that I had left previously. This time, I was looking for a door that would take me into the room where I started out before, but couldn’t find it. Then I woke up. Kind of a shaggy dog story with no point, but it was a long dream…

I’m feeling slightly suspended in space… or light. Despite the intense full moon energies, I’m feeling quite peaceful. That’s nice for a change!

The festival coming up with the full moon in June is the Festival of the Christ. That will complete the three primary festivals of the spring full moons.

Below is an excerpt of the Great Invocation, originally recorded by Alice Bailey, I believe (go to Lucius Trust for full invocation and the teaching of Alice Bailey):

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

With Wesak 2014, the Ray of Love and Wisdom, the Golden-Yellow Ray (2nd Ray of God) has been successfully anchored upon and within GAIA. Let us hope that this new infusion of grace will allow more people to wake up and leave the illusions of the old paradigm.

More and more of us who have come here from other worlds and dimensions are also in the process of waking up to our multidimensional selves. I am becoming more aware of where I come from… my people, my planet. Right now, I will simply say that I do have roots on Venus and in the Pleiades. I can grin and look up at the skies and know that some of my relatives are aboard the great mother ships that are currently watching over the planet and maintaining Her stability during this time of transition. There is so much more than we realize about each of our selves and where we come from.

The “war” between the Light and the ones who follow the opposition is growing more intense every day as TPTW realize that their days of control over this planetary body and its inhabitants are swiftly disappearing. Do call on the Legions of Archangel Michael for protection throughout your day. Protection and shielding are necessary, especially as you increase your light quotient. The dark ones also exist in 4D and up into the lower regions of 5D. Pretending that you can keep attacks away simply by thinking positively is naïve. Now is the time to be aware and vigilant… not fearful, just aware.

The Masters reminded us during the ceremony that the energies will continue to accelerate. If one does not do the inner work, one will begin to lose ground. Again, this is a matter of free will and one should seek the advice of your inner mentors as what approach you might use if you are not currently studying or working consciously on one.

There are many avenues and paths to Mastery, but only hard work and determination will get you there. Many tests are coming for those who believe that they are light workers and yet do not live what they preach to others. Your internal integrity will get challenged. Maintain your emotional stability, release the need to judge yourself or others and continue on with your inner clearings. All that is not of the Light will be stripped away by the scouring cosmic rays being sent to us by our Father-Mother God and stepped down by the Christed Galactic fleets working in our skies.

I send many blessings to all on this auspicious day. May the wisdom and love of our planetary logos, Lord Buddha, magnify those blessings now and forevermore.

Update: Got out into the garden and pruned some of the sage that got badly burned in a late frost. I smell like sage! And lay on the grass, earthing. Very good for improving immune system. Bit by bit, I’m getting stronger.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child


Violets in the Grass

Adventures in Dreamland – Dancing with Inner Child

by Eliza Ayres

Last night I had another dream, long and convoluted. I can only remember a few parts, but they seem significant, in view of the integration process that I am (we all are) undergoing right now. I was with family and preparing to leave. I gathered up some jewels and put them in a soft bag. Then a friend of mine became frightened that someone was after her. We climbed up a spiral stairway to a large room. The man who was “chasing” my friend was there already, but instead of being a fearful situation, it was a dance. A friendly woman took my left hand and led me over to a young girl (about 7 or 8 years old) and placed my hand in hers. And then we started dancing together, doing a waltz, but holding both hands in kind of a diamond like shape. The whole room was filled with happy dancing couples.

When I woke up, I felt the dance signified integration with my inner child, which will lead to the integration with my divine feminine. I’ve mentioned before that I carry more masculine energy than feminine, an interesting thing to experience while in a female body. So, finally… we’re coming into balance, which has been part of my personal mission in this lifetime.

This is not a dream experience, but today as I was at work, I began experiencing some integration with my soul. I requested some Violet flame, along with crystalline and pink ray frequencies to enter through the Soul Star and permeate through my body, anchoring into the building below my feet. I was, for a brief moment or two, a living Violet flame, anchoring its powerful energies into the environment. And then, I started feeling a tremendous upwelling of compassion for the individuals present. I felt that we’re here to act as conduits of Light whenever and wherever we are, consciously. My heart chakra expanded and I was ignited. All done while standing in front of a copy machine while waiting for a fax to complete, LOL. You really don’t have to sit in a quiet room to meditate; it can be done as a moving meditation anywhere you go. And that’s really exciting for me to realize and act on.

A lot of metaphysical teachings come with a lot of rules and ways of doing things. I enjoy going smashing through the box and doing things intuitively. I realize that my methodologies are a bit unorthodox, but that’s the way I seem to work best. It’s not for anything that I’m a member of the Family of Light, renegades and system-busters, on call.

More dots are being connected for me in terms of understanding some of my multidimensionality. I do have connections to Venus and the extended family of the Kumara clan… yes; it is a real 5D+ family. And I have angelic and intergalactic connections, as well. We are all much, much more than our 3D ego mind can even comprehend. It’s fun getting to know my Self.

I feel that part of the reason I can now embrace other, is that I’ve finally accepted my Self. It is so vital to learn about who YOU are before entering into service for others. While being in judgment about self, I wouldn’t make a healer with any integrity as there would always be an interchange of the mirroring energy. Until you can look yourself in the mirror and truly love the image of the one standing there, wrinkles and age marks and all, you’re not going to be capable of truly and unconditionally loving another. At least that’s how I feel about it. Self-love is a huge step on the path to mastery. Your love of self then can naturally bloom and expand beyond your own merkaba body to include all of creation and beyond. It’s a step, but a big one.

I know there are a lot of people farther along on the Path than myself, but it doesn’t matter to me. After all, it’s not a contest on who ascends first. I’m taking in things, learning something every day, and beginning to truly understand what and who I AM. There’s still a lot to learn, but I don’t need to ask questions any more, as my heart will convey what I need to know when I need to know it.

So, I gather my pearls of wisdom where I find them and string them together. Eventually they create an understanding and I experience an “aha” moment. It’s been my feeling that the journey IS the experience and the destination. And finally, it’s beginning to be fun. Keeping conscious, tweaking the “mood” when I feel like it’s going off, remembering who I AM, feeling my connection with my Light Family and the Divine Source that loves all of us unconditionally.

Enough for now… have to get to another teleconference this evening.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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Adventures in Dreamland – Cat’s Eye



Adventures in Dreamland – Cat’s Eye

This morning, I woke up from an interesting dream. I was with three other people, at least initially. As we were entering a building, another woman was speaking to me. She said, “…And I know more about you now; let’s talk about it later.” Then we entered a long steep stairwell that went up to a second level. The hallway was painted a stark white, the carpeting a light cream. I remember thinking that it needed some art work on the walls. We emerged into a small kitchen, but the two occupants, a man and woman, asked me how I liked it. I looked around. The room was nicely appointed, but as I said, a bit small. There was tile work in neutral colors, as well as stone surfaces. I noticed another room just beyond, up one step and entered it on my own. It communicated directly with the kitchen, but was altogether different, being more masculine in feel yet cozy, a proper den. There was leather furniture and wood which I couldn’t quite make out since the lighting was softer. I immediately noticed the dark shapes of two cats. One approached me on the floor, coming up for a scratch and rub. It was a Siamese-looking cat, with long ears, a narrow face and long body, seal-point, light brown with dark points, but instead of the normal blue eyes, they were a brilliant and intense jade green. Its companion had been resting on top of the sofa and also approached looking me in the eye and then off to the kitchen space. The eye color was again quite a deep brilliant green and unlike any cat’s eyes that I have ever seen. They were beautiful, intelligent and extremely friendly. Then I woke up…

I have a part Siamese cat (Siamese / Tortie) who has the blue eyes, that sometimes look grayish, so I know that somehow these cats were not of this world.

Adventures in Dreamland – 03.15.14


June 2012 058

Adventures in Dreamland – 03.15.14

You know, today would have been my father’s 98th birthday, the Ides of March. I think he or someone sent me a little message during one of my dreams.

I was walking along when I looked up at the blue sky. It was crisscrossed with what appeared to be a serious attempt to blot out the blue with white chemtrails. It looked someone had taken a box of I Ching fortune sticks and threw them in a crisscross pile. However, as I looked on, three triangles appeared, one quite large. I almost expected an all-seeing eye to appear, but as I was preparing to call on the Ashtar Command to take apart the formation, part of the triangle was suddenly being taken apart and erased, then rearranged. The formation changed and then I saw the culprit, a small UFO that looked like part of the cloud itself, white and semi-transparent. It was formed like a fighter pilot, swept-back wings with a long slender fuselage. A vapor-trail strung out behind it as it moved swiftly around the clouds, herding them like sheep. And then the vehicle made a broad arc and plunged down, directly at me. Just before it hit me, it burst into a conflagration of light directed at my heart. Quite the show! And never was I afraid. It happened faster than I could describe and then I woke up with a cat snuggled close.

The photo above was taken from a ridge that I had climbed a couple of years ago for a spring-time conditioning hike. As I sat eating my lunch, I watched unmarked white jets crisscross the skies above in parallel flight patterns leaving chemtrails behind them until the blue disappeared in a light gray overcast gunk.

In my heart I know that positive transformation is coming to our world and to each of us. Right now patience is needed, as well as discernment and keeping detached, without judgment. All is not as it seems on the surface.

Kisses and hugs,

Journal Entry 03.02.2014



Journal Entry 03.02.2014

It looks like I’m going through another period of integration, although it is difficult to put into words. I guess I just need to allow myself to fall apart a little, release a lot and go with the flow of the energies.

The world or at least part of it has exploded into seeming chaos again, with protests in South America, SE Asia, and a confusing wantabe war in the Ukraine, being stimulated by cabal forces. I find myself looking at these disturbances and feeling little concern. They are not part of my world.

At times drama attempted to engage my attention and interaction in my daily world, but again I was able to be serene and even happy, allowing the drama to occur without being enmeshed within it.

Our weather continues to be wintery, with light snow and freezing rain, interspersed with warmer rainfall as Pacific fronts continue to batter the coastline and move inland. An inch of snow fell this weekend, just lending a bit of slipperiness to the roads and sidewalks, but appears to be melting.

Like the melting snow, I have felt waves of emotion moving through me this past week, but, again, have allowed it, choosing not to examine or attach a reason for the experience but to simply let it be. The emotions, like waves in a pond, dissipated on their own, without any effort on my part.

What I appear to be going through right now seems to be quite subtle. I am in the process of letting go of long-held dreams and expectations, of myself and others. I am becoming more comfortable with accepting my inner power and wisdom, able to act or not act in the moment, in accordance to the need. I have learned to speak up for myself and not to be concerned with how other people might perceive me.

This morning I had a dream where I was in a house and the door was shut and locked so I couldn’t get out. I merely turned around, found another door, went through it, found some empty rooms, kept going and finally came to the garage, opened the door and stepped out into freedom.

Later in the dream, I was with a large group of people who were in quite a celebratory mood. I kept feeling like I was going to be a leader, but it wasn’t quite time, so I watched and participated, singing snatches of opera (!) and chants. We started down a hill. I was enjoying the music, especially one large man in the rear of the group who was singing with a deep bass voice part of “The Marriage of Figaro” operetta by Mozart. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we entered a room where there was a display of artwork. I went around looking at stuff and finally found a painting that I really liked, one with a large tiger and a man sitting on the ground together in harmony.

Today is a chore day, since I didn’t really accomplish much in the way of activity yesterday. As a great-aunt of mine used to say, I had a Miss Kinkaid day, resting, recuperating and integrating. Allow moments to do that yourself, treating yourself with compassion, as the changes are coming fast and heavy these days. We need to allow time for our bodies to catch with the rest of us.

Sometimes, we just need to be willing to let go and smell the flowers in life…


Mountain Balm

Adventures in Dreamland – 01.25.2014


Adventures in Dreamland – 01.25.2014

Of the recent dreams that I can remember upon waking seem to have a water theme, be it lakes, streams and even huge rivers. A dream that I had a couple of days ago, I was walking with a friend and we came to a river crossing. There was a huge stone slab, rather like a long stone plank hanging above the river, but it was broken in a couple of places. My friend urged me to jump onto the stone, but I hesitated a moment. Then another person, a man jumped onto the stone and it sunk beneath him into the stream’s strong flow. He was able to cross, but he was literally up to his neck in the water. Then the stone bounced upward again and the course of the stream changed. There was a lot of sand cushioning the resting place of the stone, so I ventured onto it and crossed safely until reaching the last bit where I had to jump into a sandy bank and scramble up the side of a short rise.

In a dream that I had just this morning, I was lying in a large, darkened tent and woke up to the sound of a heavy rain hitting the tent wall. I worked my way across a pile of sleeping bags, talking to my companions as I did, until reaching the door. As I emerged, I looked around the edge of the tent and saw the sun was shining on a singularly remarkable lake. The lake waters were translucent and showed various colorful geometrical forms within and above it. On the distant shore, there was a translucent orange pyramid resting at the foot of a heavily forested mountain.

I was with a large group of friendly companions, mostly men. We were camped by a large river and I was being told that we had to cross the river to get back to the trailhead. As I watched, another man tried to cross the river. He succeeded but he was chest deep in the flow. I didn’t see how I could cross as I was quite a bit shorter in height. Then as I watched, the scene changed. There was now a highway off to the left which curved nearby. I pointed out the graveled shoulder as being a place where we could “cross the river”. My female companion disagreed stating that it was too close to the traffic. Then the scene changed again and there was a clear path where we could walk.

In another dream, I was with my sister. We were joyously hugging each other and talking. She lived in another city and we hadn’t seen each other in quite a while.

In the latter part of another dream, I was hugging a little blonde boy and talking to him. Then I noticed his older brother slightly off to the side looking glum. I left the younger boy and went to his brother and began to talk to him. I told him that if I left, I would come and visit him sometime.

My dreams (those that I can remember) are becoming quite vivid and colorful and have changed in theme and content. Where I was once struggling to “find” people, I find myself in the midst of pleasant companions, facing some challenges but always finding a way forward, and experiencing much happiness and pleasure in the process.

Woke up this morning to discover a skiff of snow coating everything outside. Our local temperatures have not budged higher than 33 degrees F (or 0.1 C) for the last two weeks, without much precipitation. The entire West is apparently within a drought cycle. Hopefully, the drought will be alleviated by some late winter storms and a mild, dampish spring. If it does get warmer, I may be discovering emerging crocuses soon.

Enjoy your day / evening.

Hugs and kisses,


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Journal Entry: Adventures in Dreamland

Adventures in Dreamland

by Eliza Ayres

In my dream, I was in the midst of writing a paper. While concentrating on my work, I noticed a girl and boy approach and move into “my” space. I encouraged them to move away as I was hard at work. My teacher approached and asked to see my paper. I showed it to her, but she seemed disappointed. She said, “I was hoping for something a little more developed.” I thought a moment and then decided to go to the library to get another book. I found I was on a boat, so I dived off and began to swim across a calm, wide lake. I seemed to have some difficulty swimming and tried different ways to pull myself forward through the thick liquid. Then I reached the shore and walked out of the water. However, the library was up on a cliff and out in the open. I climbed up and started looking at the books. I couldn’t find what I needed. Then I saw my teacher at the door. She told me that this building was closed, that one of her friends owned it and that we should leave. I found myself hopping down some large, wide stone steps towards a garden. There was a gentleman there working. He said that they were going to do a meditation. I left my teacher there (or she disappeared) and started “walking” across a large green meadow. I say “walking” as, again, I was having a difficult time moving my body. Then I came up upon a bit of forest. I swung into a tree and kind of wrapped myself around it, swaying with the tree as it dipped towards the ground.

The dream stopped, but I found myself thinking about St. Francis of Assisi. A voice started speaking to me, “Yes, you were there, as one of my followers.” I “turned” to the voice, “Are you Kuthumi?” The reply came, “Yes, I AM Kuthumi.” I tried to remember his story, as a young man from a wealthy family in that small city-state. I “saw” myself as a young, proud lord, eager to wage war against the city’s enemies”. We went out and fought a short battle; none of us were prepared for the reality of war and destruction, especially when one of our childhood friends was killed by another warrior. We returned to the city shattered and disillusioned. Francis fell into a strange illness and when he awoke, he was like another person entirely, renewed and whole, but not his old self. Yet we were attracted to the innocence and sincerity of the new Francis. Since we loved him with our whole hearts, we followed him out of the city, leaving friend and family behind.

As these images coursed through my awareness in an instant, I suddenly became aware that I was standing next to another person on the bridge of an intergalactic ship. There was a large curved window in front of where we were standing. Below, I could see the blue-green planet, with spiraling designs of white clouds covering it and knew that we were looking at Gaia. The word, “Pleiadian” entered my mind and I knew that I was somehow translated to a Pleiadian ship, not one of the huge mother-ships, but a smaller one, more of a scientific ship for observation of the surface and interior of the planet. And the person that I was standing next to was one of my star Family.

The fluidity of this experience shows how easily we will be able to access our multidimensionality once we can be open enough to accept the possibility that we exist in more places than here, on Gaia, and on many different timelines and in many different lives, all at the same time.

As a child, I was introduced to St. Francis quietly and obliquely, as my family was Protestant and I received no training or lessons on the saints. However, my grandmother had a little statue of St. Francis standing in her garden. And I knew him, somehow. I found out about his life much later. I am being told that I knew him in India, too, when he was a great ruler there. The death of his wife shattered him. It was to her that he dedicated the building of the Taj Mahal. There I was a dancer and singer in the royal court and served as a teacher of the royal children.

And so it goes. What is the dream and what is “real”. As we wake up, we will enter new and vast worlds that we have wandered through in previous, simultaneous existences. Who is to say what is real and what is not, as all is energy and all is frequency. Enjoy the journey.



P.S.  Taz later learned she incarnated as Lady Clare, the female soul mate of Francis of Assisi and founder of the Sisters of Clare.  She was also incarnated in ancient India as a Hindu dancer and later as a teacher in the Court of Akbar the Great and his sons.  Akbar was an incarnation of Master El Morya and his son, Shah Jahan was an incarnation of Master Kuthumi.

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