Eliza: Dancing With Pink Rhinos

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Eliza: Dancing With Pink Rhinos

I have weird dreams.  This morning, I had pink rhinoceros running around in my dream.  Real rhinos are big, scary animals that sometimes have what appears to be a temper.  Are they actually angry or do they just love being alone?

Of course, I had to look up this particular animal symbolism, especially since I have never had a rhino, much less about three or four, in a dream before.  What does it mean?

Rhino Meaning and Message:

In this case, Rhino symbolism is letting you know that you need to look more closely at everything around you because things are not what they seem. Do you see lack instead of abundance? Like Turkey, the Rhino meaning insists that you appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. In other words, this spirit animal reminds you to stop and give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in every moment of your life.

Moreover, Rhino symbolism is reminding you to use your spiritual eyes and not your physical eyes. When you do this, you can see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

Animal Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Rhino totem are, for the most part, solitary and wise people that choose to spend a great deal of time alone. Like the Cheetah, they enjoy the comfort of their own company and are comfortable with themselves. These folks have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of the soul. They also have a lot of knowledge to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part, they are a self-made success and an achievement seeking powerhouse in their chosen field. Thus, being a workaholic is a natural part of who they are.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Rhino dream, it suggests that you need to forge ahead toward your goals. In other words, like the Boar, do not take “no” for an answer. Nor should you let any obstacles sidetrack you from your destination.

Alternatively, if the animal is aggressive or charging, make sure that you are not getting carried away with your ideas and intentions. To put it another way, steamrollering your way through things is very self-defeating behavior. You must discern what is real and what is not.

Additional Associations for the Rhino: Agility, assurance, ancient wisdom, comfort, confidence, explosive power, freedom, gratitude, grounding, instinct, judgment, knowledge, longevity, paradox, peace, self-assurance, sensory perception, solidity, solitude, stability, stamina, steadiness, substance, sure-footedness, trust, unconventional, wisdom

Back to the Dream

So, my rhinos (there was more than one) were not being aggressive. On the contrary, they were playfully running around a grassy lawn as I was passing from one building to another.  Of course, when I saw the first rhino, I was slightly alarmed but it paid me no mind, so I kept on walking.  Then, one of the rhinos approached me, acting more like a big affectionate dog… so, what do I do?  I picked it up and started talking to the animal.  Never mind the thing was about four feet long and chunky like a baby rhino – in my dream, it felt as light as a balloon.  Well, I carried it several feet and then put it down.  I was going to enter my house.  When I got to the door, the rhino wanted to come inside with me.  I was concerned about having such a large creature inside a house – well, you know what animals do… — so I shut the door on it.  Well, the creature wouldn’t take “no!” for an answer, but started making a racket in protest.  And then I woke up!

Pink rhinos? 

Now pink symbolizes love, but not just any kind of love, but unconditional love.  In the language of the heart, pink symbolizes Mother energy or as the Christians call it, the Holy Spirit.  Frankly, it is the Goddess who has been missing from many religions for an awfully long time.  In theology, the pink ray is the third ray of cosmic creation, and sits with two other rays or flames upon the altar of the hidden cave or Secret Chamber of the Heart Center.  There is the Blue Ray (flame) of God’s Will which is the masculine energy of strength and power.  Next, is the Yellow-Golden Ray (flame) of Cosmic Intelligence, which is called Christ Consciousness or the Child.  And thirdly, is the Pink Ray (Flame) that represents the Mother or feminine energy of Spirit.  Uniting the Blue Ray and the Pink Ray, you achieve the Violet Ray (Flame) of Freedom, Transmutation, and Unity.  Can you see where the idea for the Holy Family came from?  This is very ancient spirituality that doesn’t need to be taught to anyone.  All one needs is a simple reminder of what they already know within. 

So, I had a pink rhino in my dream, actually about three of them.  Two of them were just happily wandering around like rhinos do when left to their own devices.  The other one wanted to cuddle and be near me. 

Having a rhino in one’s dream seems to be a very powerful symbol or message.  I am a very solitary (and happy being alone) type who gets on very well with my own energy.  I am a bit of a workaholic, although I have learned when to rest, exercise, eat properly, and sleep.  Pink… hmmm, well, I am working on loving myself unconditionally, which means being willing to move away from or ignoring the judgments of others on how they would prefer to see me behave or act. 

People forget that to love others, one must first learn to love oneself, one’s own unique qualities, whether they be interpreted as strengths or weaknesses – the latter perspective depends on the person making the judgment, doesn’t it! 

Recently, I was maligned as being heartless, mean-spirited, arrogant, blatant, and accused of abandoning a family member in need.  Well, I know I am none of those things so I left the relationships.  No one needs to take the abuse… and it was abuse, from anyone no matter who they appear to represent in your life.  Of course, it took awhile to recover emotionally from the psychic attack… the attempt of emotional blackmail.  No, this independent person chose to remove myself from the source of the abuse and walked away.  Was that other person in need?  Perhaps, but they have others to help them.  Now, I am able to think for myself, discern what is important to me, observe my own feelings and let go of what I do not need to hold on.

Notice I am not attempting to judge myself.  I am attempting to understand myself.  It is two very different animals.  As Earth humans, we have been brought up on a diet of expectations and belief systems passed down through generations of abused people.  Abused people often turn around and abuse the next generation or beat themselves up and attempt to self-medicate by misusing drugs, sex, or distractions to avoid looking into their own thoughts and feelings.

Being a natural empath, it is a little difficult for me to avoid feeling emotions, thoughts, and feelings, of myself and others.  A person can enter a room where I am and instantly, I know how they are feeling.  Whether or not I choose to interact with that person depends on what I am discerning from their energies.  I have also learned not to be overwhelmed by thinking the other person’s feelings or beliefs need to be my own.  In short, be careful of what you wish to claim or hold onto… it may not belong to you at all.

As an empath, a super sensitive sensory system-worker, I can choose to respond and placate or attempt to sooth the other person, but more recently, I have learned to step back and have allowed the person the privacy in which to deal with their own issues. 

There are times when I encounter a person who enjoys wallowing in victim-consciousness, an individual who complains constantly about what others are doing to them, even though the actual events may have taken place twenty years into the past.  Now, that’s what I would describe as an inability to let go or release what no longer serves.  I am not trying to judge anyone who has a tendency towards displaying this kind of behavior – I find it fascinating as I normally choose to let things go.

Of course, someone who likes to rehash various occurrences during their lifetime, whether or not they are currently associated with the guilty, is certainly clinging to the enjoyment… the power of being a victim.  Only thing is, being a victim is actually disempowering to the so-called victim.  Being a victim might be considered an endless call for help, which, unfortunately for the victim can result in other people simply giving up on the person or feeling sorry for them… another form of put-down… since they seem incapable of fending for themselves or reaching the clarity of thought which will inform them that they need to step out of the self-defeating energy of victimhood and reclaim their own personal power.

Stepping into your power means you are willing to take responsibility for your decisions and the consequences that derive from those same decisions – in other words, you are ready and willing to be who you are, with the internal ‘you’ reflected in your outer persona – the very description of integrity, integration of masculine energies of strength with the feminine energies of unconditional love.  Being a person of integrity means you have come into an acceptance of who you are and are willing to display this persona to the world and to all whom you encounter.

Being a victim requires accepting the judgments of others around you, whose opinions of what and who you are may not jive with how you feel about yourself within, so this kind of behavior will lead to a constant state of inner agitation and stress for a victim is not being truthful to themselves or others.  They are not standing up for what they represent, for their truths, and being willing to take on the judgments of the world.

To be in a constant state of victimhood, is to be powerless, like an infant, requiring the energies of others to sustain life… in other words, victimhood is form of energetic vampirism.  This is an extremely low vibratory state, close to fear.  And when the eternal victim is ignored, they get angry and desperate… as their energy source is being cut off, removed by the person they feel should support and feed their victimhood.

Oye.  Of course, I had the sense to remove myself from that situation.  I enjoy solitude but victims don’t like to leave those whom they depend on alone.  No, they enjoy dominating the conversation, interfering, becoming overtly anxious when someone does not reply or comply to their constant demands.  And then, they get angry and begin to attack that person by accusing them of being cruel, abandoning them, not being ‘nice’, not being the kind of person who would continue to support the whiner, complainer, the ‘victim’. 

Can you see what I am driving at?  The victim is the opposite of a narcissist… and yet, the two energies are similar in that the individual who displays either manner of behavior is actively attempting to feed off the energies of other people.  In the case of the victim, it means obtaining the sympathy of other people who then feel obligated to continually assist the victim.  On the other hand, the narcissist feels the need to be constantly the center of attention, dominating the conversation, dominating the relationship, manipulating their partner, friend, or relative, using the fear of threats and sometimes violent physical abuse to keep the other person in line.  In the end, either behavior is an attempt to control another person.  The wise person will remove themselves from such a situation, which is what I did.  This action on my part was deemed by other misinformed individuals as a case of abandonment, just cause (in their minds) for putting me on the list as being a bad, untrustworthy, hated individual.  So be it.  I know better.

Earth humans certainly have been victimized over many, many centuries… some suggest for at least 500,000 years, so there is bound to be a plentitude of unresolved trauma to work through and release.  Can it be done?  Yes.  Is it easy?  No.  Nothing worthwhile is ‘easy’.  Can it be done by just anyone?  Yes and no.  The person who wants to heal from victimhood has to first recognize they are not a victim; they have only been thinking and believing they are a victim.  Even though they have been the subject or object of abuse, be it emotional, mental, physical or a combination thereof, one still can move out of victimhood, if one is willing to accept the responsibility of being aware that they, themselves, have the power to be free.

People have been taught that they have a duty to be loyal to their family members.  Well, that is certainly a behavior that is useful when an entire community is attempting to survive from the onslaughts of an outer enemy force… However, if the family member(s) begin to demand that you follow their wishes, guidance, and plans, which do not align with your own, without your ability to question their motives, do you still owe that individual or persons the same kind of loyalty, especially when they are not willing to hear your side of the story, your plans, your dreams?  No.

In this world, it is up to the individual first to attain the ability to love themselves.  If they are not be loved and accepted by others, it serves no purpose but to allow themselves to be continually victimized by those who require their support, obedience, and energy.  Then, when you manage to step away, have taken responsibility for your own healing, strengthen your personal barriers, and understand the need to carefully discern the energies of others (not judgment, just observation) before you engage with them long-term… then, as you begin to discover your own strength and internal power you will meet and attract other people into your life who resonate with your own frequency.  First, we lift ourselves up and then we are ready to assist others to lift themselves up.  As in MAGA, America first, then the world.

If you choose to remain in victimhood, you have chosen to remain in a low-frequency state and will continually draw into your world those who will use you, abuse you, victimize you, until you learn to say, “No more!”  Some people never learn this basic lesson of life.  They rather be cowards and depend on others instead of learning to work with others in mutual compatibility and united purpose.

I could go on and on about how this duality is being currently played out in our world, but anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can see that humanity has been taught to be the victim that needs to be dominated, directed, and maligned by those who think we are a subspecies lower than animals.  Who, in their right mind, would want to remain in such a state if given the choice?  I choose freedom.  We all have the right to choose.  Free will is an integral part of this world.  As I have written before, use that free will wisely.  Victim or powerful independent individual who is willing to work with others?  I choose the latter state of beingness, the higher road to self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-actualization.

So, per usual, I have migrated from a revelation or message received in a dream or on a walk to a discussion of victimhood vs individual self-mastery and acceptance of personal responsibility towards one’s own healing journey. From pink rhinos dancing on a lawn… with one of the little beasties insisting that I carry it inside my ‘house’… probably representative of my vehicle or body — to a discussion on how to self-heal from abuse.  For anyone to insist that you follow their instructions, their rules, their plans, believe their narrative even if it is an attempt to gaslight you, to emotionally abuse and deride you and you remain their target… that is to continue to choose to remain in victimhood, in a place without power and personal initiative.  Given all of the attributes of the rhino energy, it was not even a question or possibility in my own mind to want to remain in such a space or place out of a sense of misplaced loyalty and trust.  No, I was out of there and glad of it!  And I am not alone!  Those who are waking up and realizing they need to take back their personal sense of power and unite with others who feel the same way, they are moving against those who have dominated and abused them for an eternity of lifetimes.  So be it.  Step out of fear and into love and freedom!

I send love and blessings to all without exception…

I AM Eliza

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Sundeelia, 01.12.2018 – A Whale of a Tale – Adventures in Dreamland



Sundeelia – A Whale of a Tale: Adventures in Dreamland

Last night I had two long colorful dreams.  In the first one, I was at a large building, which appeared to be a college or museum.  I was outside walking, clutching a worn black journal in my hands.  I had been summoned for questioning.  At least that’s what I thought was going on.  As I walked alongside the building, I followed a trail.  Finally, I reached a set of stairs and started up.  I came to an open breezeway area where my father was standing, waiting for me.  Although my Earth father had died nearly two decades ago, this man stood tall, with short dark hair and dark eyes.  He appeared to be in his early forties and was tall and fit, although not thin.  He looked at me and smiled, sensing that I was a little confused and nervous.

His deep voice soothed my nerves, “Good, you’re here!”  He looked into my eyes and began to explain, “Now, you have two choices.  Either I can question you like myself or act like an investigator.”  He paused a moment, searching my face and then continued, “What would you like me to do?”

I didn’t hesitate, blurting out, “Act like you!”

A large smile greeted my decision as my father patted me on the shoulder, “Good!  We’ll proceed in that manner.”

I showed him the journal where I had written my daily activities and illustrated some of them with sketches.  It was clear that I wasn’t present during the time when the crime was committed from the evidence that I presented in my childish way.  My father smiled and patted me on the shoulder, once again.  He shook his head, “We know you’re not guilty.  We just wanted to know whether or not you had seen anything.”

I shook my head indicating “no” in response.

“Okay,” Father replied.  Let’s go to the gallery and see how the investigation is proceeding.”  He signed for me to follow him through an open door into a long gallery.  I had to skip along to keep up with my father’s long strides.  He was a very tall man in my young eyes.

The sunlit room was long, with large windows on one side so the natural light came in.  The inside wall was hung with paintings and odd sculptures that stuck out from the wall surface.  My father sent me a telepathic explanation:  the sculptures were called “reliefs” although some were rather like gargoyles in my young opinion.  A smile crossed my father’s lightly tanned skin at my impertinence but he didn’t correct me.  Then, looking beyond me, he greeted two men who were studying one of the relief sculptures that appeared to have been damaged.

“Hi!  What did you find there, Joe… Jim?”  Those were not the men’s names, but I can’t remember them.

Joe and Jim appeared to intently study a set of holes in one sculpture when my father noticed yet another one on a straight path from the first which pierced another sculpture.  He sighed, “It looks like someone fired a bullet through these pieces!”

He paused, looking around the long room, which extended about fifty feet.  He turned to the two tall men, who were roughly but warmly dressed in woolen clothing, “Have you found any other damage here?”

Jim indicated some debris scattered on the floor below the two sculptures and one dusty footprint, where someone had carelessly stepped on the powdered plaster.  Father nodded in satisfaction while pointing to the footprint, “Good!  That will give us some more evidence from which to work!”

Father stepped back from the damaged pieces, “Let’s look elsewhere to see what can be found.”

The three men walked along the gallery as I followed behind them, forgotten for the moment in the excitement of the chase.

The dream ended.


The second dream:  I was again in a large building, which appeared to be a church.  There was a high arched ceiling overhead, large clerestory windows and what seemed to be an abandoned altar at the head of the large room.  A group of women was working at the altar platform, gathering up faded bunches of flowers that were standing here and there, in glass vases.  One woman approached me with one of the vases, pulling the flowers out of it, she handed them to me, “Could you take these out, dear, and put them in the garbage?”

I took the flowers but didn’t understand why she didn’t wait for her fellows to give me the rest before I was sent on my little errand.  Still, I obeyed the woman, who looked at me with sad eyes and then turned away as if preoccupied with her own thoughts.  I shrugged and looked for a door to the outside.  I found one towards the back of the room and opening the door, walked through.  I emerged into an equally tired-looking garden.  There was no garbage bin in sight, so I followed another path alongside the wall until I came to the end of the building.  It was a bit of a surprise.

The building had changed shape in my dream, becoming more like the back of a store, with a loading dock.  There was a huge pile of brown boxes all heaped up on the pavement waiting to be moved inside.  I ignored the boxes and kept looking for a garbage bin.  I finally found what appeared to be a burn bin at the edge of the drive.  I put my limp burden into the bin and returned the way I had come.  Now that I had found the bin, I could perhaps help the ladies with the rest of the flowers they had been gathering.  Again, I wondered why the woman had only given me a few of the spent flowers.  I shook my head, shrugging.  It didn’t really matter.  Sometimes adults just acted strangely.

When I returned to the “church”, it had undergone another transformation, this time appearing to be a kind of cottage.  There, a little friend greeted me warmly and invited me into another room which appeared to be a bedroom.  There were two beds there, one on each wall.  My friend’s father was standing to one side as we entered the room and flung ourselves on my little friend’s bed.  As I began to draw and paint on the coverlet, my friend’s father smiled and thanked me for making his day happy.  He was a slightly built man with silvery hair and appeared old enough to be my friend’s grandfather.  I smiled in return and then turned to look out the windows that had just appeared.

I could see that the “cottage” was sitting on the shoreline.  There was a beach to the north of the cottage where I stood staring out at the shining sea beyond.  I was looking behind the piling of the dock that loomed above the cottage (weird, but it was a dream).  I saw an odd dark shape move in the water beyond the beach and gasped as I recognized the huge wide-open mouth of a gigantic whale that was scooping up its meal in the shallow waters of the beach and alongside the very cottage where I stood.  For a moment I thought the whale would hit the cottage, but it safely passed by just outside the window and disappeared.

Then, outside, I saw a group of three boys with a large terrier-type dog playing in the surf.  I wanted to warn them about the whale, but my little friend came up and hushed me, saying, “Those boys aren’t nice.”

I looked again, the boys did appear to be somewhat rough while playing, but they were also very young.  They were tall so perhaps intimidated my little friend, who was still rather small and delicate in appearance.

“They live in that small cottage,” sniffed my friend.  I looked where my friend was pointing.  At first, I thought it was actually a very large cottage, appearing to have two stories, but then I noticed the building behind it was two-storied and my eyes had played me a trick.

I looked back at my friend, a young blonde girl, and said, “Their cottage is small, but doesn’t look too bad.”  I wasn’t pleased with my friend’s attitude, but I was a guest.  Still, I thought the boy’s cottage was actually cute, made of dark stone, with crisp contrasting white trim and shutters around the windows.  There was also a white door, although it appeared to be somewhat worn from much usage.  The garden in front of the cottage was rather plain, too, only grass and a few poorly trimmed bushes to one side.  Still, in my childish eyes, it was somewhat appealing in detail.

Dream ended.


As I was writing these dreams out, I found myself filling in detail that is perhaps not exactly what was in the dream but appeared to fit the situation.  It is interesting how everything in a dream can change in a moment, from the setting and events to the people there with us.  Dreams are much more fluid than everyday life and can be filled with meaning.  I do know that I was happy to see my father young and happy once again.  He passed away nearly two decades ago after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  He was actually carried off by pneumonia after falling into a deep coma.  It was good to see him young and relaxed, with a slight twinkle in his dark eyes.

I was also delighted to see the whale and dog in my dream although I didn’t interact with them, only observed their actions.  I often have animals appear in dreams, although this was a first to have both a whale and a dog, one a sea-going animal and one a common pet.  I do not currently have any pets of my own but consider myself more of a cat person.

Anyway, those were two dreams that I remembered, at least in part.  I do not remember many of my dreams but felt it important to write these two down as there were so many interesting details in them.


“Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Eliza: “Betwixt and Between”



Eliza: “Betwixt and Between”

Last night I had a dream where I was standing in a canyon speaking to another man (yes, I was male in the dream) when I noticed a line of archers pointing their arrows at us, about to let fly.  I quickly moved behind the curve of the canyon out of range.  Then I found myself in a cliff-side house, the house of a stranger.  I was enjoying the beauty of the house and setting, wondering about who lived there when I looked out the window and saw a military contingent moving in on the area below.  There were two columns of soldiers marching, followed by a troop truck (which looked more like an open wagon) carrying at least eight men, all heavily armed, all standing at attention and dressed in white uniforms.  To myself, I murmured, “Uh oh, armoured car,” even though the vehicle didn’t look like any armored car that I am aware of in this timeline / dimension.  My dream self was very intent in quickly leaving before discovered, but I woke up before anything else happened.  Upon waking I thought of my connection with the Marquis de Lafayette, but couldn’t quite make out the correlation.

What manner of threat is it that threatens me today?  Nothing apparent is threatening me, at least at first glance, as I have found a temporary refuge in a rental room in a quiet, safe neighborhood where people greet perfect strangers with a “Hi!”, and a wave.

In the last three months, I have been stripped methodically by circumstance, of most of my belongings, my cats and most connections to my now past life as a medical records technician in a state prison.  I do not have a car, companions or even a local bank account (at least for another day or so) or the means to leave this area since I also don’t have a credit card.  Apparently, in order to obtain a rental car, you need to have a local license AND a nationally recognized credit card.  I do not have either since I have been traveling or have not had a credit card for over seven years.  I don’t even have a credit rating.  The system has rules and demands that people follow them, so I will all the while realizing that none of this is real.

I am being tested.  It is a test of faith and trust that is being demanded of me.  I am to have faith that all is well and that things will go forward when it is the right moment for them to do so.  Before that happens, it is being demanded of me to completely surrender.  Having to walk over a mile to the grocery store does demand that you simplify your eating and buying habits.  I used to buy enough food for a week.  I can’t do that now, especially when I’m sharing a kitchen with strangers.

I have not been without a car since I was in college.  I bought an old Comet for $350.00 when I was close to graduation, so I could drive my sister and me “home” to California.  Oddly enough, I recently sold my old (23 y.o.) Toyota Corolla off to a co-worker for the same amount.  I miss that old beastie; it was super reliable if a bit scruffy in appearance.

Another huge change is living with other people.  Save for my family members, I have had only two roommates during the last 30+ years.  I prefer to live alone.  Now I’m sharing a house with a young man and Air B&B renters.  And before I moved into this house, I was sharing room with a dear friend.  My circumstances may change again soon, but unclear as to when or how.  Meanwhile, I’m in a state of betwixt and between, one normally felt when wandering between dimensions just before returning to one’s body and waking up.

It is apparent that for many of the First Wavers, at least those who have been actively participating in the ascension process are experiencing similar losses or readjustments to their former life styles.  I have heard from a Facebook friend that she will be losing her home, has no car and is facing an indeterminate future.  I know that we are not alone.

It is not unusual for people to lose everything in a few minutes or days due to natural catastrophe.  This is happening all over the world at present due to severe weather, war, famine and other causes.  However, what is now happening to the First Waver ascension initiates is something very different.  We are being prepared to enter a new level of world service.  Nothing of what has gone on before can follow us into the new timelines that are unfolding before each of us.

We are being asked to rest, let go of all fear and to trust that all will be alright.  We are being prepared to release the last vestiges of matrix control and fear, so that we might be able to respond to the quiet inner messages of spirit, with clarity and calm.

Surrendering completely is what is required of everyone who is presently on the ascension path.  Those who are truly on it know who they are really, fully multidimensional star beings, not of this world.  We are here as teachers, avatars, healers and catalysts for those who would be awakened and activated.

Ascension is not exclusive to star seeds, but it is demanding.  Look to the trials and travails of the saints and teachers who have gone before us, of which Yeshua, Buddha, Kuthumi and others are examples; they did not have it easy until they fully surrendered too.  And once that occurs, spirit takes over and runs the show.  Ease and flow become a pattern in life.  One moment, one day at a time; there is no more planning as that emanates from the ego’s desire to control its outer world.  We simply put out a desire or wish… and then fully release it before anything can manifest.  If it doesn’t, it is not time or was simply not in keeping with what was best for all involved, for the highest good of the Whole.

As a First Waver, my role has been to act as a light anchor.  Simply by being here, I and others of my generation raised the frequency of the areas and families where we lived.  We were here to prevent or ease the possibility of huge earth changes.  We were here to clear the genetic lines of our families.  We were here to aid those whose souls were too locked into the karmic patterns of thousands of lifetimes and generations, who were unable to help themselves.  We were here to free our brothers and sisters who volunteered to come here long ago as part of the Earth experiment.  And we were here to assist in freeing a planet, so it might ascend back to its rightful place as a universal living library.  In its stones, plants, animals and humanity, this lovely water planet contains the DNA records of this Universe and many others still unknown or undreamt of by humanity.  There is so much to discover within our own bodies, within this world, and within each of us.

The Second Wavers have a different purpose.  They are here as system-busters.  They will bring in the new because they despise the old.  They are the warriors and the leaders of the new world.

The Third Wavers are coming in as fully awakened individuals, aware of their power and purpose for being here.  Allow them to be free of the clutches of the old dying system so that they might pursue their dreams without interference.  It is the job of their parents, the Second Wavers to protect, guide and let go these talented, powerful beings that will and are anchoring their full light and presence into this awakening world.  The planet will be forever changed as a result of their gifts and presence.

I hope that sharing my experiences brings solace to others who are also undergoing dynamic change and transition within their own lives.  It will be okay.  We are guided and protected.  Simply ask for assistance and it will manifest within your life.  When you give your permission, the Universe must respond in kind.  Only be prepared for surprises and rapid changes in direction.  They will come.  Adaptability to change is a must in this swiftly changing world.  Those who can adapt and change will do well.  Those who resist will find change coming anyway.  What is resisted persists within your life, within you.  Allow the Violet Flame to wash away your fears, anxiety, anger and depression, as it has mine.  Accept the fullness of your inner power and blossom before the world like the beautiful being you are within.  May peace, abundance and health fill your life and gratitude fill your heart for you are loved and blessed more than you know.  You are the boots on the ground for Heaven.  You are both wanted and needed to be here, now.

Namaste, beloved ones.

Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland – 12.10.2015



Adventures in Dreamland – 12.10.2015

This morning I had a long involved dream. I was attending a school, just returning from somewhere and was greeted enthusiastically by one of my teachers. Apparently I was very good in mathematics and he was looking forward to teaching me some more.

I was sitting with a group of friends, kind of lounging around. My boyfriend was sitting next to me. He was a black man, just slightly taller than myself and looked a little uncomfortable with the setting. I was lounging on the floor in front of his knees, leaning back on them. I was quite at ease and felt very sensuous. Then we got up. I looked around and noticed that I couldn’t find my books or my purse. I looked again and found the purse, but not my books. I shrugged it off knowing I could get some more.

We walked through a corridor filled with other people. Then a child walked up. My boyfriend introduced the child as his son, even though the child was a golden blonde, with lightly bronzed skin and large blue eyes. Like his father, the child seemed ill at ease. I opened my arms to the kid and spoke to him quietly, encouraging him to talk to me for a while. I rarely feel motherly, but did towards this youngster. I gave him a hug and promised to talk more later.

Then we went outside. I was excited to be in Scotland. There was a crowd of people coming towards us, but I went against the flow and continued heading out towards the edge of the grounds where some huge towering oaks were standing. The oaks had brilliant red and orange foliage high up on their long branches. They didn’t actually look like any oaks that I’ve ever seen, but were quite beautiful.

As we walked further, I saw the landscape slowly taking shape, green and with low mountains, forests and meadows stretching into the distance. It was quite beautiful and I was happy to explore.

It is said that every person in a dream is a part of you. I guess I’ll have to do some more inner child and sacred masculine work to let those parts feel more comfortable with upcoming changes…


Photo Credit:  Maple Leaf, not an oak, but similar coloring as the ones in the dream…

Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015


"April Blossoms", photo, Eliza Ayres

“April Blossoms”, photo, Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland 04.04.2015

I’ve had some interesting things showing up in my dreams of late… new things. This morning I saw the moon partially occluded, but it was only the bottom half of the sphere… and the moon was silvery and white. I saw it in my dream and grabbed my camera to take a photo. I think it was a partially lucid dream as I was aware of dreaming…

The other night, I dreamed that I saw crystals growing out of the soil. They were white quartz but had more the look of Selenite, with long crystalline structures. In the dream I said something about the crystals were flowing out of the earth like water.

In and around my dreams, I am aware of having conversations with the angels and with my starry parents. Our Higher Selves are indeed pressing in upon us all, but we need to open the door and greet them mid-way.

The Door, the golden doorway to re-union is open or opening for many. Our participation and acceptance of our worthiness to take the step forward through the awaiting passage is necessary. It is a choice only YOU can make.

Many blessings to all.


Adventures in Dreamland


Cloud Dance

Adventures in Dreamland

It’s been some time since I posted some dream material, but this morning (Goddess, I love Saturdays!) with the leisure to sleep “in” a bit, I dreamed…

I was standing near a huge picture window and could see into a vast sky beyond. I was on the earth… or at least a planet, yet I “saw” the shapes and outlines of planets and stars beyond, quite large, hanging in the sky. And a large vessel approached, only it was sketched in, not a complete image. Almost like some great being was drawing it for me as it slowly and majestically floated through the air. I could even see antennae and a tow rope or harness hanging down below the vessel.

Then I was watching a program on television and started feeling a little guilty. I was in a large, well-appointed room and felt that my father would soon walk in.

Next, I was sitting at a large table, filled with other people all chatting and enjoying themselves. The girl next to me turned and asked, “So…how do you like New York? Do you think you’ll stay long?”

And I replied, “Oh, perhaps a month. I don’t know yet…”

Then I was looking outside a window down at a large river with a broad bend. On each side of the river there were older neighborhoods. The river suddenly emptied… you could see the gravel bar and riffles as the shallow water crossed the stones. In the midst of the stones there was a stream of water like a geyser flowing upward in a cloud of sparkles and steam. We speculated what was the cause of the geyser, perhaps a spring or an underground thermal feature suddenly revealed…

Dreams are wonderful, colorful and for me, completely illogical and symbolic. And oh… I saw my physical father standing in a doorway, looking in another direction. He had a full-head of dark hair and looked as he did in his late twenties, tall and handsome, as my mother first saw him during WWII.


Eliza Ayres

Adventures in Dreamland – Big Cats



Adventures in Dreamland – Big Cats

Well, I’m usually carrying a cat through my dream, but this time, in two different dreams, I had someone bring me a cat… a really BIG cat. The first one was about the size of a miniature horse or bigger, maybe the size of a lynx. The second one was a bit smaller, but perhaps about 35 pounds and it was floating through the air looking very happy. The second cat was marked like a large (very large) tabby or the Scottish wildcat shown above.

There is a slight connection to the wildcat as I spent at least one lifetime in Moray, Scotland, the wife of a prominent knight and landowner. Wildcats are still found, albeit with some difficulty, in the woods of Moray and other nearby counties.

So, with all these cats making an appearance in my dreamland, I had to look up the meaning of cat symbolism:

According to Avia, http://www.whats-your-sign.com/cat-animal-symbolism.html, cats in dreams represent feminine power, esoteric knowledge and spiritual guardianship. She goes on to say:

“Cats themselves are quite resourceful and tend to give us messages of change, flexibility of adaptability. Often, when a cat makes an uncommon appearance in our lives it is a message for us to shake up our habitual routines and make some fresh changes in our lives, as well as be more flexible in our thinking.

Cats can also be quite aloof, and this too is often a message for us to distance ourselves from people or situations. Sometimes the best cure for a problem is to step away from it – the cat inherently realizes this, and we would be wise to recognize this need as well.

Sometimes displaying very strange behavior and antics, you can never really pin a cat down. Simply put, the cat animal symbolism is synonymous with creativity and psychic power because of its sometimes unorthodox & “mysterious” behavior. This is also reflected in the Tarot, as we see the cat in the Queen of Wands card.

The good news is, this mystery is a message to us that we have the power over illusion. Cat animal symbolism reminds us to not fall prey to false beliefs, to not be a fool out of ignorance and derive understanding from our own internal wisdom. The cat beckons us to realize that when we turn within to our own hearts, minds and souls, and trust in ourselves we will always be shown the truth of matters.”

Interesting. My cats do act as guardians of my domestic habitation. And periodically one of my cats will even lie upon my lap when I’m meditating. I always refer to cats as little buddhas due to the calm with which they look upon the world… unless they are being chased by a big dog or a noisy vacuum.

Cats have also been known to embody female power, which may be one reason cats were regarded by the Church as being evil… until the Black Plague showed a use for cats in keeping down the rat population who carried the fleas who carried the plague.

The independence of cats and people can prove exasperating to those who desire to keep control, so in order to free yourself from old habits and old limitations, use your cat / feminine energy to become unpredictable and mysterious. You’ll constantly find the world a much more delightful place filled with possibilities and dreams.

It is also rumored that cats can see into other worlds. So can we, if we but let go of expectations and expand our heart minds to incorporate all that is seen and unseen.

Apparently the Sirians have cats on some of their isles (planets). I wonder what they look like…

I’m on vacation this week. May write a bit when motivated and inspired to do so. I’ve been cleaning up the yard, garage and closets, going on walks, drawing pictures and editing my photo collection. I’m basically doing those things I haven’t been able to get to during the course of a work week.

When we finally are able to work at something that inspires us instead of just having to make a living in order to survive, the world will be quite a different place.


Eliza Ayres


Adventures in Dream Land – The Mansion

South Fork Walla Walla 52812 001

Adventures in Dreamland – The Mansion

John 14.2

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (KJV)

I have written in the past that I come from a Christian background, even though I don’t now consider myself limited to one world religion. I am a part of God and belong to the Universe. Nevertheless, since I am a part of the Family of Light from which Yeshua came (the Kumara Clan, from Venus), I often have bits of Biblical references pop into my head, for whatever reason.

Well, I had a dream this morning of my mansion, a huge gray stone one sitting on the crest of a hill much like you will see in the British countryside. It was to be the house of my husband and I. Ironic, since the husband is long dead and we were divorced, but in the dream he was very much alive and very much in love with me.

Let’s face it, everything within a dream represents you and where you are right now. Well, I have recently learned several things about myself, my soul journey, that are both sobering and wondrous… which I am not quite ready to share. However, I can share a bit of the dream.

We bought the house, after walking inside it once. It is actually a house that I’ve been in before during dreams, too. Always huge and great to explore in, although I’m not sure if I would want to live in the place kind of thing. Well, this time I was fully prepared to do just that.

As we showed some guests around the place, I noticed walls that needed paint and refurbishing, but also felt the joy and excitement of having a “project” with which to occupy myself. Then I was shown the master bedroom. I looked outside the window and was shocked. The house, which appeared to be on the crest of a hill, was, on the other side, sited on the edge of a very lively river, and near the confluence of another one. We could see where the rivers joined just a hundred feet away. I turned to one of my guests and said, as I pointed to the far bank, down river, “You realize, dear, that is where we were just a week ago!”

As I loved the sound of rushing waters, I was delighted to be near the river, although my little ego mind whispered of the danger of being so near a force of nature.

The mansion was so large that we could house four or five other families. I remembered this as my husband started giving orders to purchase enough wall paper for five kitchens. Five kitchens? Well, then, we could have tenants and co-occupants to help us pay the mortgage! And then I remembered another thing… we had purchased the place for cash since it was a bit run down in places. The excitement grew again within… this was my house and I could have some fun fixing it up!

I was about to go down the steps into the ground floor with a friend to explore that level when I woke up… to find one of my cats tucked against my side and the sky still dark outside meaning it was still before dawn, even though dawn came early now since it was almost Solstice.

This dream seems to indicate new possibilities cropping up in my life. Certainly I am experiencing a rapid change in how I view things. Nevertheless, within the dream I was very happy, almost ecstatic, a state that I seldom find myself in except while in profound meditation or when I’ve been channeling. Or when I’m walking in the woods discovering beautiful treasures, small and large.

May many blessings attend you on your own journey of self-discovery.


Eliza Ayres

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Adventures in Dreamland: Otters and Tanks



Adventures in Dreamland: Otters and Tanks

If an Otter comes into your dream:

“To see an otter in your dream symbolizes happiness, playfulness and good fortune. You are navigating through your emotional life with ease and joy. Alternatively it can be suggesting that you will experience bliss or unusual gentleness with your loved one.” Quote from: http://spirit-animals.com/otter/

I had another dream with an otter this morning. This time the otter was a dark brown, wet and cold. Curious thing as otters are supposed to be wet; they’re terrific swimmers. However, I walking about outside what appeared to be a large school grounds, with play fields and tall wire fences clutching a wet otter in a towel to my chest. As I walked along I could see there was some kind of militaristic gathering going on. Men were signaling groups to arrange themselves, machinery was being driven into position, including some large tanks and trucks. It looked like some kind of small army.

I tried to show the otter to one person, but they didn’t even see me or the animal, so I walked on. I appeared to be dressed simply and barefoot, as well. Then I changed my direction and came back along the edge of the milling ranks. A short distance away, I spied a large lake and started heading in that direction, as the perfect place to release the little otter. Men in uniform were still forming up in the center of a play field, but I ignored them and walked by with intent. Then I woke up, clutching a cat under my left arm to see soft sunshine beaming in through the window…

Walking through that mill of soldiers was like walking through the confusion and chaos that some people are bringing to their daily lives. I witness it daily at work and am endeavoring to keep my emotional body at a calm, balanced, neutral state, observing but not engaging. It is a challenging position as people want to draw you in to their particular dramas. However, as you become aware that those dramas have absolutely nothing to do with you or your spiritual journey or even your personal life, you can step away and see the outworking of your own internal drama. You can bless the mirrors for showing you what you need to release, that you CAN release it now, if you so choose.

Stepping away from drama, confusion and chaos is always a choice we have, although many people choose to reengage because they hope to “save” someone or they wish to control someone else’s actions. Neither of those are wise choices for the spiritual aspirant, yet each of us has the right to choose when the moment arrives, each moment of each day when you are in the midst of human activity and interaction.

My particular work setting is a very challenging one and now becoming even more challenging due to the changing in frequency levels, financial and familial challenges facing co-workers at home, loss and illness, loss of jobs, change of jobs, uncertainity, budgetary crises looming on the horizon and the daily stress factors that accompany work in a prison setting. People deal with the stress in their own ways, either by reacting or acting out with drama and contention or withdrawing… or choosing the middle way as I’m endeavoring to do.

I see the stress working on people to create illness and discontent. And I see the result of continued stress in the loss of joy and health in many individuals, be they co-workers or offenders who are imprisoned. Only by discovering and maintaining a level of inner peace can all that pass you by.

Daily I walk through the valley of the shadow of death and it touches me not… or very little. I do feel a certain amount of stress but have learned to let it go when I leave the front door and walk out into the parking lot. And the stress I carry drops away further as I notice the beautiful sky above, feel the fresh breezes wafting through the wheat-fields, look at the shadowed mountains looming to the east and drive by tall trees. The stress is almost gone when I walk through my own little garden, admiring the new flowers and peeping through the sunflowers to the tall tomato plants behind them to see if any fruit has set.

How much longer I will serve in the fields of the Lord, I know not, but I go day by day, moment by moment, doing my best to stay balanced, calm and grateful for ALL that surrounds me. Whatever used to appear “bad” or “good” now just is a mirror for me to observe, consider and act upon or not.

I choose to carry my joy (the otter) through the chaos and confusion and walk towards the waters (purity and refreshment) through the sunshine of my own Presence, in the Now moment of each day.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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Journal Entry 06.18.2014 – More Adventures in Dreamland



Journal Entry – More Adventures in Dreamland

The past two nights or mornings, I’ve had what I call fairly significant dreams. They were dreams in which I was excited and very happy.

First dream: My husband and I had just bought a very big house, like a mansion. It was built of gray stone and was perched on the crest of a low hill. When we went inside, we could see that there was a lot of refurbishing to do, what with new wallpaper, rugs, furniture and the like, but we were very happy. We had some guests over and were showing them around.

I went into the main bedroom and opened the window. Looking down I was astonished to see that this side of the house rested on the edge of a river and very near the confluence of another river. I moved aside, allowing one of my guests to look out, too, and said, “There… you see? We were on the other side of that river just last week!” I was referring to the fact that my husband and I loved to walk together.

I was listening to my husband talking out loud about the amount of wallpaper he was going to have purchase and then I realized – the house contained at least four other apartments. We could have tenants!

I was very excited and with a friend, started down the steps into the basement or ground floor (don’t know which) and then the dream ended…

Second dream: Again, I was very happy. I seemed to be at a large gathering, but was out in the garden with a couple of friends. One of them, a man, was a bit distracted and thinking aloud. I suddenly felt different and rather wonderful, like my body was completely rejuvenated. I interrupted the speaker and said, “I feel whole, again!” And proceeded to demonstrate just how healthy I was, I did a couple of movements from Hatha Yoga. I also felt very feminine and graceful; I was very pleased with myself.

Well, folks… I am in the process of merging with my Higher Self. The dreams reflect this movement. I woke up with a smile and with a bounce in my walk this morning, a feeling of joy that was sustained almost through the entire day without a hitch. Since I do work in a prison, it is a particularly challenging environment to keep “happy” at all moments, yet, reminding myself that I mustn’t allow anyone to push me from my neutral, joyous state, I soon found center, again.

I am sustained now by my strengthening connection to Spirit… my spirit, my divine being. And I don’t need to follow any system to get there, which is even more freeing.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching “out there” for my answers. Now, that I am beginning to let go of the need to search, the answers are coming to me. They are coming from various sources, such as the Internet, from books (old and new), from friends and just from listening within.

I suppose some folks feel that they could never channel or write like I do… or like some of the other fine channels, but you don’t have to be a writer if your heart is not in it. As a youngster, I happened to have a love for words. I found stories… fairy stories for starters… when I was in the third grade or eight years of age and discovered the joy of reading. And if you’re not into writing, find something else through which you can express your joy… be it gardening, climbing, traveling, singing, dancing, etc.

I’ve read a lot of stories, non-fiction, professional journals, newspapers, and the like. I have a natural curiosity about the world and a good sense of judgment about people. When I say judgment, I mean I can sense if a person is telling the truth or not or if they are prevaricating. I am intelligent in a world where it isn’t “cool” to be smart. I don’t idolize celebrities and don’t collect stuff, except art gear, hiking gear and books. Or used to… even that is now changing as all I want to do is shed “stuff”.

I love words. And now I love to channel and share the wisdom I receive from spirit, whether that spirit is “self” or part of the greater “Self”. I have come to have great confidence in my ability to discern what is good for me, although sometimes it takes a few days or more to allow an answer to inform me. Patience, tolerance and self-respect have taken precedence over looking glamorous or buying new clothes and possessions.

I’m letting go of the world and its demands slowly but surely. It holds little glamour for me. There is a profound feeling of “been there, done that.”

Right now, I face one day at a time. I am letting go of the need or desire to plan out the future. One day, one step. And with each moment, I learn something more about myself or find a simple joy in watching clouds scud across a blue gray sky. Simple joys are what bring real pleasure to me now. I do not need luxury or expensive toys. I have what I need, provided to me by the Universe. I am content.

As I eat my two fruit meals per day and then a fairly “regular” meal, I find my tastes are changing. I cannot even eat some foods any more or they have little appeal. And I’ve started doing a detox using bentonite clay in a fruit smoothie as one meal. The clay is reputed to assist in drawing toxins and heavy metals out of the body and glands, including the pineal gland. It is necessary to undergo cleansing, inside the body and inside your emotional / mental bodies, in order to re-unite with higher self. The higher self cannot enter and remain in a body that is at a lower frequency level than itself. It is touch and go flights until the body is stable enough to hold the light frequency of the higher self.

Since my illness this past spring, I have undergone some tremendous inner and outer changes. I am not the same person who started this blog two years ago; I am not the same person that I was last Christmas. And I won’t be the same person by next November. Ascension is about constant change, adaption, allowing, letting go, and coming to a point of forgiveness of all that has ever happened during any lifetime. It is about letting go of desire, of plans, of worry and anxiety and just being in the moment.

Of course, any one needs to do a little planning, but it can be more spontaneous than rigid. And if things happen that are unexpected, you adjust and go with the flow.

Challenges will come and go, but I can honestly say that I am happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. And each day brings new wonder.

Many thanks and blessings to my readers, old and new.
Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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