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Note to my Readers from Eliza:  I will be posting a lot less in general.  I do have a new blog, Sunny’s Journal, where you will find my most recent essays.  I will be utilizing Blue Dragon Journal primarily as a repository of the writings of Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe and Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe.  If you are interested in following my current work, please sign up to follow my new blog, https://sunnysjournal.com

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As editor, owner and writer of Blue Dragon Journal, I occasionally change the focus of the material posted on the blog.  Having played ‘hostess’ to now three unique walk-ins or aspects of my great Oversoul, I am going to have a different perspective on what is taking place on the Earth plane. Still, a portion of my consciousness is housed in an Earth human body, which is also undergoing an ascension process like the rest of the human collective.  It makes for a fascinating experience.

We are currently working on editing the remembrances of Sundeelia, so the manuscript can be eventually published in a four-volume set.  There are over 100 chapters involved, and editing can be a very exacting and somewhat taxing task, so have patience if you wish to purchase this book in the future.  We are currently exploring going the route of self-publishing, for the simple fact, the writing doesn’t ‘fit’ into any particular genera, having some aspects of science fiction, spiritual and life teachings, woven into the story of four lifetimes of one man, first starting in the Sirian Star System and then moving to the Pleiadian Federation.  Most of the work was completed through a form of remote viewing, done by Sundeelia, since she is a reincarnation of the subject.  Yes… some of the story is based on past lives.  You can read the beginning or prologue of the long story on the page marked The Orion Wars: Sirius (https://bluedragonjournal.com/the-orion-wars-lord-delos/).

Due to the tremendous load we have undertaken to complete the editing and writing of these volumes of Sundeelia’s, new articles will be spaced further apart.  For the time being, I am re-posting most of these articles on Blue Dragon Journal.  Still, I would prefer readers sign up on Sunny’s Journal.

Everyone here is both a teacher and a student.  I am learning as I go, adapting to the human condition, observing, and experiencing all that anyone else is right now.  As the wise ones remind us, We Are One.

If you are dissatisfied with the current content, kindly go elsewhere.  There are millions of blogs out there and it is easy to start your own.  I did, nine years ago in 2012.

As administrator and owner of the website, I moderate ALL comments, including spam.  Impertinent comments — my judgment call — are trashed and deleted.  No trolls allowed.

Simple spiritual practices are presented here on separate pages, including Archangel Michael’s powerful Shielding technique, Resurrection Pillars, and the use of the Violet Flame.

If you have any questions or comments for me regarding the blog, contact me at https://www.bluedragonjournal@gmail.com.  I can also be contacted via Telegram, under my pen name, “Eliza Ayres” (www.telegram.org).

Many thanks to my readers, friends and star family who continue to support and give me the needed input and strength to continue to stay the course.


Eliza Ayres

P.S.  You’re also welcome to visit my new blog, Sunny’s Journal, https://sunnysjournal.com

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Great White Egret

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109 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for your daily reposts of material from the American Intelligence Media. We appreciate having you as a part of our global truth community. Blessings. Betsy and Thomas

  2. A wonderful blog. So clear and precise. I am half of a Twin Flame relationship with my wife and your description is accurate as can be. Actually, I have never seen it described accurately before! Your work is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you, John. Few marriedTwin Flame relationships exist even on Earth and as you probably already know, they take a great deal of work, like any other long-term, heart-centered relationship. I’ve known of one other true Twin Flame relationship, that of David Spears and his wife, Enid. David Spears, who also goes by his ascended name, Rananda Kumara, acted as a yogic teacher for his wife and together they worked with many students through their years together. David’s body failed last year (2017) and he fully reblended with his ascended self, Rananda Kumara, who now resides on the Ashtarian flagship, The Phoenix, as well as at home on Venus with his Kumaran kin.

    • The White Winds is stationary right now. She is what you would consider a Biosphere, containing thousands of crew and visitors. Think Babylon 5 only much, much larger. In fact, The White Winds and her two sister ships are 3,000 miles in diameter and 47 decks deep. As a consequence of her size, The White Winds is not built for “speed”. She was placed in her present position before the fall of Atlantis. However, our smaller ships have the capability of folding space and arriving in the Pleiades in a matter of hours. The White Winds is the primary support vessel for the Outer Pleiadian Fleet which is part of the Galactic Federation of Light. She has docking for a multitude of smaller vessels, including shuttle vessels which take crew and visitors back and forth to 5D Venus.

      • I have a question regarding this, my Lady, if you will. I think I remember that our Outer Fleet travels around this galaxy and probably beyond, to places where there is conflict. The purpose is to negotiate peaceful outcomes, many times involving compromises from both antagonists. The Supreme Commander of the fleet and Head of the High Council is an excellent negotiator, and the fleet is renowned for bringing peace to many areas that need it.

        Also, it travels transmuting negative energy in places where this low energy was left behind as remnants of past conflicts or any other negative events. I guess this goes in line with the vocation of some members of the High Council as archangels of the Violet Flame.

        However, if I remember correctly then, the Supreme Commander is not always present at the mother ship if it is indeed stationed in our Solar System. He and much of the Outer Fleet are busy on their missions around the galaxy or beyond. Is this information familiar to you?

      • The Supreme Commander has two serving brothers in the Outer Fleet who are also Top Commanders of motherships. If the SC is not on board The White Winds, he is visiting the Pleiades as he is very much a part of the administration of the Federation, keeping in touch with the people of the varied and diverse worlds.
        The Pleiadian Outer Fleet is not the only fleet involved in the Intergalactic movement to remove the Draconian influence from this and other galaxies. The Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Ashtarians (Ashtar Command), the Sirians, the Lyrans, etc. are involved.
        It is easy enough to go around and around like a dog chasing a bone attempting to discern what/who/where/when is going on beyond planet Earth. However, in the long run, it is merely speculation. Believe what you wish to believe and find the confirmation in your own heart, not outside, from me or any other source. Until that day when the extraterrestrials land in physical form and we get the news from their own minds (they’re telepathic) anyone can make up anything. I am not on board the mothership right now. I do not know my Uncle’s agenda, but he is often in contact energetically.
        Thanks for the interesting comment, Chris. ~Sunny~

      • Another thought… it just occurred to me that the White Winds is a military ship and its top commander, a military officer. It is not up to me, even a close relative, to speculate on where Lord Adrigon VaCoupe is currently working. I do know the ship does not readily move. She is huge and not made for speed or maneuverability. We… the Outer Fleet are not playing a game of exploration like Star Trek. We are present to assist Earth; that is our mission… was my mission until I left the ship and went home. Not being on board, I do not know where she is presently situated, although I heartily doubt that she has moved from her position when I was on board. Again, conjecture is a waste of time and unimportant in the vast scheme of the assistance that is being rendered on behalf of humanity, whatever form it may take… ~Sunny~

  3. Greetings,

    So nice to see Blue Dragon Journal continuing and so happy for Eliza that she did walk out after all. The last time I looked at the blog she was doubting those visions and messages, and had rededicate herself to earthly existence. Then, with Divine right timing it finally happened.

    Anyway, I am writing for clarification about Michael’s Shield. My niece is waking up after years of being caught in the system and I want to pass this technique onto her, but she gets confused if instructions are not exact.

    In this post you discuss your use of the shield and the placing of Blue Crosses: https://bluedragonjournal.com/2018/04/24/37678/

    However, on the Archangel Michael page which explains the shielding technique, no mention is given the second step of how and when to place the Blue Crosses.

    So, do you place the Blue Crosses before calling in the Blue Flame, or after?

    Thank you so much.

    Sincerely, Shaunie L

    • Good question. I use a simple ditty to place the crosses: “Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below, Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!” As you sing or say the ditty, visualize the placement of the blue crosses all around your body. I also place this protection around my vehicle, electronics and residence. I hope this helps for you and yours. Also, the Ring-Pass-Not goes on the outside of the crosses and has a mirror-like surface to repeal any negative energies sent your way. It does work, although you will sometimes still be able to feel a strong attack in your solar plexus. Just know that Michael’s legions work for those who ask for assistance. They obey and will not interfere with our free will. “Sunny”

  4. Quantum LOVE
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You
    With All Of My
    Heart Core Source Code
    Raydiant Raynbow RAYZ
    Ablaze Aflame
    3 Fold Flame

  5. I first became aware of Ashtar in the 70’s and have recently been thinking of the Ashtar Command and then just now was led to here.

    • Ashtar is a BIG hardy man with a booming baritone, large bones, thick muscular torso, white-blonde hair, clean-shaven chin and a HUGE heart. He is also an Ancient of Days (extremely long-lived). His Family are the leaders of his planet, Ashtar. Lord Ashtar is a title and NOT his name. He and his people have long been allies with the Pleiadian Star Federation… for thousands upon thousands of years.

  6. Thank you. Your site is fascinating. I began seeing my past lives on this planet when I was 22 months old. I also have had memories of first coming to earth 235,000 years ago from Sirius. On Sirius I have memories of meditating every day with a group of 40 or 50 others. We wore long robes and a hat with an unusual curve on it. We traveled and communicated by thought. I do not remember having a spouse, but when I was asked to first come to earth to teach, I came with a female. I have read about people from Sirius called the Anuhazi, or liquid light beings. Once, in deep meditation, I came upon the sky and clouds of heaven within me, and when I went through one of the clouds I came upon my soul, which was a river of liquid living gold light that was on fire. Could I be an Anuhazi, if they exist? Thank you again for your site and blog. I have a lot of reading a head of me.

    • Thank you for the comment. Personally, I have no knowledge of the Anuhazi, therefore can’t comment on them. The Sirians were here on Earth a long time ago. Many of those who live in India/Pakistan have Sirian origins although not all. Lord Krishna is the spiritual leader of Sirius to this day… He reincarnates as Himself periodically to refresh His physical body…

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