Welcome to Blue Dragon Journal!

The original purpose of this blog was a creative expression for the primary author, my Pleiadian sister, Tazjma VaCoupe.  Recently, Lady Taz, as she is affectionately known by Family, returned Home through the process of soul-blending or ascension.  As part of our soul agreement, I agreed to take on the administrative and writing tasks of the blog.  As a consequence, since I finished my walk-in process in 2017, I can write about things happening here from a different point-of-view than those who have incarnated upon Earth.
If you do not like or appreciate the content currently being posted here, kindly go elsewhere.  I especially do not care to lectured by ‘come to Jesus’ believers.  If you have an opinion, write your own blog.  Do not seek to influence me to adhere to your misguided beliefs whatever form they take.  I do not consider myself a follower of any Earth-bound religion.  I AM aligned with Cosmic Law and obey the tenets of our Father/Mother God.  If this point of view offends, go elsewhere.
As administrator and owner of the website, I moderate ALL comments, including spam. I will note that as a very sensitive empath, I feel the energies sometimes directed through comments.  Those which I find offensive will be either deleted or spammed.  Any comment deemed a psychic attack is guaranteed to be deleted.
Please note that all material that is not my own or that written by my Pleiadian sister, Tazjma Dino, will be deleted approximately two weeks after originally posted.  I do occasionally keep the work of selected authors for future reference.
As part of my daily practices here, I utilize the Shield of Archangel Michael with its energetic Ring-pass-not, which automatically returns ALL negative or misaligned energies back to sender multiplied many times.  During this time of powerful transformational energetics, it is important for all conscious seekers to shield.  I also periodically use the Violet Flame and Resurrection Pillars to clear negative entities from an area or persons.  You can find instruction on how to use these powerful simple tools on this website.
If you have any questions or comments for me regarding the blog, contact me at https://www.bluedragonjournal@gmail.com.  I can also be contacted via Telegram, under my pen name, “Eliza Ayres” (www.telegram.org).  I do not consider myself to be a teacher or guru and do not encourage followers.  This is also NOT a forum.  If you have an opinion or notice something is not being shared in your world, start your own blog.  Right now, I also gladly accept donations for the maintenance of this website as I am officially “retired” and on Social Security as an “elder”… although at Home I AM in my early 30’s.

Many thanks to my readers, friends and star family who continue to support and give me the needed input and strength to continue to stay the course.


Lady Sundeelia Mathdis aka “Eliza Ayres”, 2nd Level Commander, Consultant, Special Projects

# # #


Great White Egret

❤ ❤ ❤


104 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for your daily reposts of material from the American Intelligence Media. We appreciate having you as a part of our global truth community. Blessings. Betsy and Thomas

    • I am honored to be able to post these eye-opening articles and videos. Thanks for all the hard work that your Team accomplishes for all people.

    • Many of us who are true Patriots and aligned within Christ Light are so grateful to you dear Tyla and your amazing husband Douglas and the enormous wonderful team working with you!! I have enjoyed your numerous spiritual videos as well… May all of you soar forever onward and upward within the most powerful protection of the Legions of Light!!!

  2. A wonderful blog. So clear and precise. I am half of a Twin Flame relationship with my wife and your description is accurate as can be. Actually, I have never seen it described accurately before! Your work is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you, John. Few marriedTwin Flame relationships exist even on Earth and as you probably already know, they take a great deal of work, like any other long-term, heart-centered relationship. I’ve known of one other true Twin Flame relationship, that of David Spears and his wife, Enid. David Spears, who also goes by his ascended name, Rananda Kumara, acted as a yogic teacher for his wife and together they worked with many students through their years together. David’s body failed last year (2017) and he fully reblended with his ascended self, Rananda Kumara, who now resides on the Ashtarian flagship, The Phoenix, as well as at home on Venus with his Kumaran kin.

    • The White Winds is stationary right now. She is what you would consider a Biosphere, containing thousands of crew and visitors. Think Babylon 5 only much, much larger. In fact, The White Winds and her two sister ships are 3,000 miles in diameter and 47 decks deep. As a consequence of her size, The White Winds is not built for “speed”. She was placed in her present position before the fall of Atlantis. However, our smaller ships have the capability of folding space and arriving in the Pleiades in a matter of hours. The White Winds is the primary support vessel for the Outer Pleiadian Fleet which is part of the Galactic Federation of Light. She has docking for a multitude of smaller vessels, including shuttle vessels which take crew and visitors back and forth to 5D Venus.

  3. Greetings,

    So nice to see Blue Dragon Journal continuing and so happy for Eliza that she did walk out after all. The last time I looked at the blog she was doubting those visions and messages, and had rededicate herself to earthly existence. Then, with Divine right timing it finally happened.

    Anyway, I am writing for clarification about Michael’s Shield. My niece is waking up after years of being caught in the system and I want to pass this technique onto her, but she gets confused if instructions are not exact.

    In this post you discuss your use of the shield and the placing of Blue Crosses: https://bluedragonjournal.com/2018/04/24/37678/

    However, on the Archangel Michael page which explains the shielding technique, no mention is given the second step of how and when to place the Blue Crosses.

    So, do you place the Blue Crosses before calling in the Blue Flame, or after?

    Thank you so much.

    Sincerely, Shaunie L

    • Good question. I use a simple ditty to place the crosses: “Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left, Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below, Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!” As you sing or say the ditty, visualize the placement of the blue crosses all around your body. I also place this protection around my vehicle, electronics and residence. I hope this helps for you and yours. Also, the Ring-Pass-Not goes on the outside of the crosses and has a mirror-like surface to repeal any negative energies sent your way. It does work, although you will sometimes still be able to feel a strong attack in your solar plexus. Just know that Michael’s legions work for those who ask for assistance. They obey and will not interfere with our free will. “Sunny”

  4. Quantum LOVE
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You
    With All Of My
    Heart Core Source Code
    Raydiant Raynbow RAYZ
    Ablaze Aflame
    3 Fold Flame

  5. I first became aware of Ashtar in the 70’s and have recently been thinking of the Ashtar Command and then just now was led to here.

    • Ashtar is a BIG hardy man with a booming baritone, large bones, thick muscular torso, white-blonde hair, clean-shaven chin and a HUGE heart. He is also an Ancient of Days (extremely long-lived). His Family are the leaders of his planet, Ashtar. Lord Ashtar is a title and NOT his name. He and his people have long been allies with the Pleiadian Star Federation… for thousands upon thousands of years.

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