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Welcome to Blue Dragon Journal!

The original purpose of this blog was as a creative expression for the primary author, my Pleiadian sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara.  Recently, Lady Taz, as she is affectionately known by Family, returned Home through the process of soul-blending or ascension.  As part of our soul agreement, I agreed to take on the administrative and writing tasks of the blog.  I am a Pleiadian walk-in, a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and am proud to serve as a Line Commander upon the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds, under the overall command of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.  Lady Taz and I exchanged places and now I reside in the human vehicle that she walked into as a young child.  Lady Taz has completed her Earth mission and has moved onto other projects, one of the most important being the upbringing of a new son, young Osiris VaCoupe.
Since I do not channel as many pieces as did Lady Taz, I am also adding articles and messages from other authors that I deem useful to those who are still seeking information on various subjects including the ascension process and progress, disclosure, current developments in the geopolitical scene, as well as various topics that interest me.  I also continue the practice of writing the periodic Journal Entry, although my topics usually cover local visits to natural settings, photography and the occasional personal perspective on being a walk-in to a planet on the verge of a major transition, from a highly controlled dark and low-density culture to one that is more peaceful, with joy, abundance and opportunity for all who embody upon her.
When I receive channeled messages I will post them unless they are of a highly personal nature.  I am consciously working with several feminine ascended masters and Ladies of Light for the continuing project of returning more balance to this once benighted planet. You will find the words of these Lady Masters to be quite forthright and filled with Truth for it is only through Truth that you will come to a world filled with Love for all life.
For those long-time readers who must wonder, I do not personally resonate with any of Lady Tazjma’s past lifetimes or struggles.  While I have a presence here upon Earth, the fullness of my being is still on board The White Winds and attending our daily duties. This is not my “higher self”, it is I, Cmdr. VaCoupe.  My Higher Self is another Lady of Light whom I will not name here.
Yes, we all are multi-dimensional beings in the Pleiades, yet we choose to embody into physical vehicles as we dearly love our Families and want to have hands with which to hold them, hearts so we can love them, and bodies so we can experience the joys of living life together, in service to our communities, to all life, and to our Father / Mother God.
Since my walk-in process was completed, I’ve experienced some memory lapse due to the heavy density fields that still are present upon this planet… most especially due to the ongoing efforts of the global elites to avoid the inevitable… their defeat.  The Light shall prevail.  It is the Degree of Source that it shall be so.  Have Faith and Hope within your heart and mind and know that it is already accomplished.
All comments made by readers are moderated by me, the administrator and owner of this website.  I am an empath, highly intuitive and do feel the energies of readers and those who write comments.  All negative comments will be spammed.  If you have something to say, please use polite language and courtesy.  Also, please stay on subject when posting comments.  If you are advertising your own website or project, your comment will be deleted.  Also, I utilize Archangel Michael’s Shield as presented on one of the blog pages.  Any negative energies directed towards me or this blog space will be returned to sender.  I do not suffer fools and idiots who cannot acknowledge the Light within themselves and continue to project their fears, foibles and misguided thoughts upon others.

If you do not resonate with the material contained within this blog, kindly find another blog to read.  There are millions out there on the Internet.

If you have any questions or comments for me regarding the blog, contact me at: bluedragonjournal@gmail.com.   I do not consider myself to be a teacher or guru and do not encourage followers.  I do encourage participation and sharing of YOUR life’s journey and what it took to get you here, at this place and time, during this magnificent and creative process of transformation and renewal for the planet and its life forms.

Many thanks to my readers, friends and star family who continue to support and give me the needed input and strength to continue to stay the course.


Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe aka “Eliza Ayres”… her chosen human pen name.




❤ ❤ ❤




89 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like the picture of the pine cone on this site. I found it funny as I keep a very small one on my night stand haha :). Just before I found your blog I was thanking the Masters. I have never done so before. Thank you for sharing with all of us! ❤

    • John,
      The pine cone is a symbol of the pineal gland. I thought the photo of the pine cone (which comes with the WordPress theme, btw) was very appropriate and so kept it. The pineal gland is how we connect with our Higher Selves… through the crown chakra. If you look, you’ll find pine cones strewn all over ancient estoteric sculpture. Even the Vatican has a huge pine cone sculpture in a plaza within Vatican City. I collect pine cones (a few) when I visit nearby forests.

      Thank you for your kind comments! Elizabeth

    • Hi Mac. I think if you hit the + Follow link at the top of the blog, you’ll get automatic updates. I’m new to blogging; just six months mid-December. E

  2. Thanks for sharing your messages! I really enjoyed your latest one from Divine Mother. If you need help learning WordPress, there are tens of thousands of videos. Just search through Youtube for “WordPress tutorials”. Peace and light.

  3. Merry Christmas to Me because reading Your message on Ascension and The “About You” Part, I TRULY RESONATE with. I am a Walk In as of 1982 and as per The Plaides and Any Starseed Connection that is Very Possible !!! Many Blessings to You and ALL of Us !!!! Namaste Denise Rose Alvarez

  4. Which Divine Mother are you referencing? Mother Pleiadian I’m assuming. Or the Raminishka’s wife.

    Email me we can discuss off line. Ill explain further.


    • The feminine part of Father-Mother God. She is not a wife of anyone and a mother to us all… all physical life. She has returned. Her names and aspects are many (Isis, Ishtar, Mary, etc.) but cannot ultimately be limited by our human definitions. She is movement as the Father is stillness. E

      • “She is movement as the Father is stillness.” Beautiful. I look forward to getting quiet and putting my attention on that. Thank you. I just found your blog and look forward to catching up with what you’ve already shared.

        blessings and sweet thoughts to you, brave heart


  5. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thanks for being such a bright channel of Light for all of us. How timely and meaningful it is that you are consciously undergoing the process of Ascension in January 2013, a few weeks past the winter solstice.

    I came upon the “Some Thoughts on Ascension” message that you generously channeled and shared; now I have to go figure out what a starseed is! (with no space between ‘star’ and ‘seed’ interestingly).

    Good luck with your day job. You made me smile! I also have a day job that seems to be morphing into something else; who knows?

    In gratitude and brotherhood,


  6. It is with great joy to be guided to you this morning. I am a conscious walk-in from Sirius A who has numerous Pleiadian friends. The original High Temple for the Mother God called Shekinah was built on a Pleiadian Isle named Maubene in a tiny village that has now grown much in size and is called Medina. It is a desert isle and city that has enormous saquaro cacti that are greatly honored as they anchor and radiate great Light. The homes within the city and the compounds are built similar to stucco and appear one story from above yet these desert people build their homes into many layerings deep within for natural cooling. The Shemont as Her temple is called is enormous and would dwarf our Pyramid of Giza. I would love to share more with you if you so desire. You may contact me through facebook on my page. Blessings be! ~ Trillia Gia

  7. what a pleasure and blessing to be introduced to you and your blog by a friend via your forwarded channeling from The Council of Nine. This is such joy to read those words!
    And our Father/Mother God bless you and all your future work!
    With love and joy

  8. What a fantastic beautiful pink-orange rose ! The essence of Mother God ? Is it the sort called “Peace” ? I can feel the fragrance to here !
    Thanks for your channeling. Love from Cecilia.

    • It could very well be a “Peace” rose. I found it last October in the Rose Garden at Pioneer Park in my home town. Beautiful, isn’t it! And yes, it has a lovely rose fragrance, as do many of the older roses in the garden. A joy to walk through and pause now and then as I go on my walks. Love, Elizabeth

  9. Thank you for the wonderful blog! I too was born into this life just after the second world war and have recognized that most of what has happened in my life was and is because of being “wired” differently than many others. It’s nice to recognize another who mirrors my own thoughts. Nameste …

  10. Hi Elizabeth, you have a beautiful blog, and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Don’t stop writing either. 🙂
    Best to you always,

    • Caroline – I don’t think I can stop at this point — just being the real me. I’ve wanted to write since I could hold a pencil in my hand and now I am… only it’s a laptop, LOL. Thanks for the encouragement. Your pieces are mighty fine, too. Beautifully and lovingly expressed. Love, Elizabeth

      • Your welcome Elizabeth and by the way, about writing? I started in junior high school, when I should have been paying attention in class? I sat in the back of the class and wrote short stories, so there you go, it’s in our blood. 🙂
        Love, Caroline

  11. Hi there!

    I am quite new to the amazing world of Arcturian Art, and I’d like to thank you for your inspiration… and also extend my hand of friendship.

    I’m slowly exploring myself, and would love to know if you think I am on the right track?

    I have built a website – http://markgolding.co.uk/home

    and also a Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healing-Magic/213593625344837

    I hope you like my experiments, and again, thank you for your inspiration!

    High Regards


    • Thanks, Mark. I took a quick peek at your work… beautiful and serene, like the healing energies of the Arcturians. Mandalas have a ancient heritage and place of importance in spiritual practices, to calm and still the linear mind and prepare for meditation… opening up to no time space. Thanks for sharing your website. I’m sure that people will respond positively. Art speaks without words, much like some types of music and goes straight to the heart center. Much appreciation and blessings sent your way, dear brother in light. Elizabeth

  12. Hi Eliza,
    It’s incredible, I haven’t seen your posts, and I don’t know why, but I’ve wondered about you, I so enjoyed seeing your posts. Quite frankly, I’ve missed seeing you around! I just read about me again, and I wanted to tell you how much I respect what you do, and your decisions in the revision of your site, and the on path of your personal journey.
    Take care,

    • Greeting to you, too, Caroline. No, my work isn’t being circulated as much these days as I am concentrating on creating my own unique signature. However, it is attracting some mild attention as the number of those following the blog slowly increase. This is a more natural process and involves releasing my ego’s desire for attention. I am enjoying the freedom of expression in writing the journal entries, as they are very in the moment. And what is coming forth in the channeling and other writings, is also the result of fully engaging in self-development, self-acknowledgement, not out of a desire to be selfish, but to demonstrate that any one of us can act as a Wayshower by being willing to be transparent and honest with our process. That is what I am attempting to do here.

      I’m glad to be able to reconnect with you, Caroline, as you have so much to offer, too.

      Love, Eliza

    • Thank you, Eliza and I wish you the best, always. 🙂 Its important that we fully engage in our self development, because this in turn affects those around us. I try to do the same. This is something which has always been very important to me.

  13. I’ve just recently found your site and am enjoying it very much, so I wanted to say Thank You for what you are doing and what you are sharing with us all.

  14. Eliza,
    Thank you for being an example for others and your for your beautifully expressed honesty. I sometimes think you are channeling my day! ;D My grand plan is slowly, steadily coming together, and I still appreciate the encouragement. I plan on re-working my Blog post haste. My 3-d business is tied to my path as a builder and community member, you hit the nail when you said things need to be simpler. That, in itself, is a daunting task at times. When did it get SO complex and deliciously rich? As a fellow sensitive, I relate to your physical experience too. The X Class flare that erupted yesterday will bless us with some new energies tomorrow, be ready and be well!
    Peace and Blessings,

  15. I was meant to find you today at a place on my journey where years of enlightenment “clues” converge and clarity improves. The blue dragon was my guide to you. I am seeking to learn more about my destiny and how to serve my purpose. If the connection is there for you send me a message back please.

  16. Greetings, Eliza 🙂 I’ve just read two GORGEOUS “transmissions” from you. One on the Golden Age of Gaia website, “The Light Collective via Tazjima: On Embracing Love,” and one on your home page, “The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery.” They were both AMAZING and made me cry because I kept nodding my head with recognition and relief that my experience is being seen and understood so well. Very uplifting and inspiring to keep on keeping on (although sometimes it feels like keep on *slogging* on.) Thank you so much for posting; for shining your light on this miraculous experience we are all having on our beautiful planet. Blessings & light.

  17. Eliza,
    Thank you for bringing such varied and germane messages through your ‘long-distance service.”
    I post many of your pieces on my blog (arcturiantools.blogspot.com) and enjoy adding the occasional illustration when guided to do so.
    Sending much Love and Non-Fluorescent Light to you,
    DT the ET

  18. Hi Eliza!
    I just read your message about the weather and it truly resonates with my truth!
    I also have a day job…as an RN working mostly with the ‘dying’. Iam a Sirian lightworker here to anchor light for the Ascension of Gaia and all life. I love that you are sharing your experiences through your blog. I totally resignation with an article you wrote that was posted on ‘Golden age of gaia’ last October on Sovereignty! I am with you!!!
    I for one am continuing to anchor light in my area of The interior of British Columbia Canada.
    Please let me know if/how I can receive regular postings from you. I would love to be added to your mailing list!

    • Connie – Thanks for your comments. I also have Sirian, as well as Pleiadian and Arcturian connections.
      If you want to sign up, scroll down the left hand column to just under the little calendar. You’ll find a “Follow” link or you can sign up for a RSS (reader?) notification. I can also be found on FaceBook under “Elizabeth Escher”.
      I’m anchoring the light here in W2, Eastern WA. Hope spring makes its way to your neck of the woods soon. It has arrived here finally. Eliza

  19. Thank you so very much for posting this channelled information of Light.

    Hi my name is Marilyn and I am an energy Light worker. I also have a day job. Lol. I resonate very strongly with your channeling’s and I appreciate you very much for sharing it. Please continue to share what you receive. The ripple effect goes beyond what we know as it is shared by many.

    Blessings for a glorious day,
    Marilyn Maceri
    A Sister In Light

    • Yes, I’m the stone thrown into the water. Watch the ripples go forth. Yet, if you continue to watch, the water returns to a state of calm. I hope that my words and the energy encoded within can enable others to discover THEIR inner serenity, as well. Eliza

  20. Hi Eliza, we have read each other’s post so much that I thought I should go back to your “About Me” and refresh my memory about your biography. Seeing your photo you look like a daughter to an acquaintance of mine. Thanks you for your comments, your channelings, and your personal insights. They have been very instructive, and, in your wonderfully unique way of articulating your comments. BillG.***+

  21. Hello~
    I am glade to see you on your bloge.
    If can i send mail which is related with my son. He goes to highschool in secon grade.
    He is having a difficult time, he wants to know himself.

    • Respectfully, dear Cheol, I don’t do personal readings or advice. There are many who do, just not me. The teenage years are fraught with change and challenges. Your boy can journal how he feels or talk to a respected mentor. I wish you both well.

  22. Thank you for your channels. They always provide me with much needed clarity and insight. Have a blessed day.

    Much Love and Light,

  23. It is with much joy that I read your words and feel within them the familiar flow of pure source energy. It is like stepping into the next page of a conversation that I am always a part of, filling in the spaces and answering what needs to be answered in the moment of my asking.
    Many thanks and greetings,



    • I spent many years in the Puget Sound Region. Now I’m a happy resident of Eastern Washington. Less traffic here!

  24. Thank you so much for your transcriptions, I cannot describe how helpful and comforting they are at this critical point in my life. I send you my deepest gratitude and Love.


  25. I just discovered your work and did my first reblog ever… Always nice to find souls on similar missions, discovering their multidimensional self, and sharing their journey.

  26. Hi Eliza,
    I have been meaning to write you for awhile now and I cannot find your email address, can i have your email address please, if you don’t mind. Thank you so much!

  27. Hi Eliza,
    I was looking back at your archives and was delighted to see you’d come upon Pamela Kribbe’s channelings and were impressed by them.
    They are indeed very high quality, and her individual readings are highly insightful.
    I came to her via a wonderful book called ‘Your Soul’s Plan: The Life You Planned Before You Were Born’, by Rob Schwarz.
    Have a very merry Christmas 🎅

  28. Good Morning!

    I am delighted to find your blog and am eager to explore it. I came upon it because of a dream I had two nights ago in which I was in a boat, rowed by a male being. He took me to a gorgeous lake in the Carpathian mountains. We arrived just as the alpenglow at sunset began. I noticed a few building-like rock formations to our right, and during the gorgeous sunset, they transformed into magnificent buildings clad in gemstones, reflecting the light. The one that caught my attention was in Emerald.

    When I woke up, I began to research the Carpathian mountains, as I knew nothing about them and didn’t even realize that I knew their name. In my research, I discovered that there is a spiritual retreat there for the Great Divine Director…another entity I’ve never heard of. So, in the course of my research, I came across many chanellings, but none of them resonated until I found yours…hence this post.

    Thank you for what you bring and offer. I look forward to learning.


    • The Great Divine Director is also known as the God Ganesh in India. He is actually well known in esoteric circles. I knew Him by his frequency when He popped in for a few messages. His Name is a title; I have yet to learn what He is actually called in the Higher Worlds. Have fun reading the blog. There is five years of material here! Eliza Ayres

    • Thank you, Dr. Price. Personally, I’ve known, met, or known of many walk-ins. They (we) will be increasingly present in the future as the planet continues to rise in vibration. My sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, was also a walk-in, albeit at a much earlier age for her human vehicle. You may read of her trials and tribulations by looking into earlier journal entries and channeled pieces on Blue Dragon Journal. Namaste, “Sunny” VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres).

      • It kind of blows my mind really, and also brings me great comfort to know you guys are knocking about with us in this. I have a grand love and respect for the Pleiadians, and a kinship that words cannot express. Perhaps it is a longing to be amongst them. Oh, and please call me David. I hold no doctorate degree. Thank you for kind and most generous response.

      • The Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Venusians, and Ashtarians have long been involved in the evolutionary process of humanity. A book that I would recommend reading is “A Pleiadian Perspective” by Amorah Quan Yin. It gives a long-term perspective on the evolution of humanity throughout the Solar System and an explanation as to “why” are we here. Many humans alive on Earth today have a direct Pleiadian ancestry. Other star races are also present but in significantly smaller numbers, mostly as starseeds.

        Another author I would recommend is David Wilcox. David has done significant research into several advanced topics and is in touch with several vetted insiders who are aware of the greater picture of what is really going on today. Each of David’s books contains a long bibliography from which you can discover further reading and study materials.

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