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Welcome to Blue Dragon Journal!

The original purpose of this blog was a creative expression for the primary author, my Pleiadian sister, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.  Recently, Lady Taz, as she is affectionately known by Family, returned Home through the process of soul-blending or ascension.  As part of our soul agreement, I agreed to take on the administrative and writing tasks of the blog.  I am a Pleiadian walk-in, a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and am proud to serve as a Line Commander upon the Pleiadian flagship, The White Winds, under the overall command of Lord Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.  Lady Taz and I exchanged places and now I reside in the human vehicle that she walked into as a young child.  Lady Taz has completed her Earth mission and has moved onto other projects, one of the most important being the upbringing of a new son, young Osiris VaCoupe.
Since I do not channel as many pieces as did Lady Taz, I am also adding articles and messages from other authors that I deem useful to those who are still seeking information on various subjects including the ascension process and progress, disclosure, current developments in the geopolitical scene, as well as various topics that interest me.  I also continue the practice of writing the periodic Journal Entry, although my topics usually cover local visits to natural settings, photography and the occasional personal perspective on being a walk-in to a planet on the verge of a major transition, from a highly controlled dark and low-density culture to one that is more peaceful, with joy, abundance, and opportunity for all who embody upon her.
All comments made by readers are moderated by me, the administrator and owner of this website.  I am empathic, highly intuitive, and do feel the energies of readers and those who write comments.  All negative comments will be spammed.  If you have something to say, please use polite language and courtesy.  Also, please stay on subject when posting comments.  If you are advertising your own website or project, your comment will be deleted.
 Also, I utilize Archangel Michael’s Shield as presented on one of the blog pages.  Any negative energies directed towards me or this blog space will be returned to sender.If you do not resonate with the material contained within this blog, kindly find another blog to read.

 If you have any questions or comments for me regarding the blog, contact me at https://www.bluedragonjournal@gmail.com.   I do not consider myself to be a teacher or guru and do not encourage followers.

Many thanks to my readers, friends and star family who continue to support and give me the needed input and strength to continue to stay the course.


Line Cmdr. Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe aka “Eliza Ayres”… her chosen human pen name.

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Great White Egret



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94 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for your daily reposts of material from the American Intelligence Media. We appreciate having you as a part of our global truth community. Blessings. Betsy and Thomas

    • I am honored to be able to post these eye-opening articles and videos. Thanks for all the hard work that your Team accomplishes for all people.

  2. A wonderful blog. So clear and precise. I am half of a Twin Flame relationship with my wife and your description is accurate as can be. Actually, I have never seen it described accurately before! Your work is greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you, John. Few marriedTwin Flame relationships exist even on Earth and as you probably already know, they take a great deal of work, like any other long-term, heart-centered relationship. I’ve known of one other true Twin Flame relationship, that of David Spears and his wife, Enid. David Spears, who also goes by his ascended name, Rananda Kumara, acted as a yogic teacher for his wife and together they worked with many students through their years together. David’s body failed last year (2017) and he fully reblended with his ascended self, Rananda Kumara, who now resides on the Ashtarian flagship, The Phoenix, as well as at home on Venus with his Kumaran kin.

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