Vishnu: The Light and Love of Creation

Vishnu Cosmos

VISHNU:  The Light and Love of Creation

I AM Vishnu.  Greetings!

Long has it been since I had human hands and heart to write what I wish to communicate to you, my children.

Yes, I call all people of Terra, my children, even though I may not share a blood relationship with many.  Yet, you are the children of Light, those striving to understand what is going on in their world today.

Presently, you are enveloped in the maelstrom of a transitional period wherein you are witnessing and experiencing the failure of systems.  This is a scary thing to see and yet, many of you are rejoicing, wanting the entropy to gain momentum even as you turn away from the propaganda and threats being put out by those who have long controlled you en-masse.

Have faith in your abilities to adapt, to any situation that arises.  Many are the talents and skills, brought into this life from others, often as yet untapped as you have not been given ‘permission’ to express yourself to your utmost.  Instead, you have been directed, cajoled, and threatened if you expressed any opinion or ideas that would free yourselves of the burdens placed upon you from outer critics.

There is much pressure to conform, but to do so now would be ill-advisable for then you limit the possibilities by which you might discover a new way, a better way, a new pathway of expression.

We are present, watching quietly for the most part, but sometimes we are given permission to step forth and make ourselves known.

Use the mind you were born with.  Use the hands to make things original in nature.  It is not necessary to copy what others have done before.  Instead, seek out patterns and ways of doing tasks that make the work lighter for all.

There will be changes, many changes.  The idea that change is a bad thing has been driven into your psyches for centuries as those who have sought to control humanity have little or no imagination themselves.  There exists in these blighted creatures little light for they have turned away from its Source, creator energy.  So, they use your imagination and use it against you and your people, against your future and your children’s future.

Release yourself from the invisible bonds that seek to bind you in ways that do not suit, that limit your abilities to discover new solutions, make new discoveries… and to question what you have been taught.

To question what is real and unreal challenges the conformity by which you have been controlled in the past.  To question what is being told to you by outside sources, by the news, by your government, is now being deemed to be heretical, demonic, dangerous, a terrorist threat.

Why is free-thinking considered dangerous?  It leads to solutions and ways of being that exist for the benefit of humanity.  Suddenly the slaves discover a new and better way of being existed outside the limits within they have been given permission to exist.  Suddenly the slaves realize that they are no longer slaves at all, except in the opinions of others… those ‘others’ who seem to not hold feelings of gratitude for what is offered, but deem it a threat to their control.

Choices are removed.  People are locked down.  Jobs are lost.  And for what?  A desire to control the populace, to push it down a path that leads to despair and death?  Why?  Fear.  Your erstwhile controllers fear your tremendous abilities to free yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically… most especially your physical abilities to change direction on a whim, with a notion… something they are incapable of putting into motion themselves.  So, they seek to limit, to dictate to, to dominate, bully, threaten and cajole, utilizing the aggressive tendencies of humanity against their fellows.

Can you step out of the control matrix on your own?  Yes.  Is it easy?  Perhaps not, but do it anyway.  Test your limits.  Test everything around you.  Question what has been told you is real, what is truth.  It may actually be far simpler than you realize.

Yes, we expect there will be ones who question our words, for we speak not of love and light.  Yet, we are the essence of both; light being the intelligence or information that emanates from Source in a creative and expansive manner.  Does light obey boundaries and rules made by man?  No, it expands and contracts within its own limitations.  Should there be limitations upon your understanding of your world in which you walk?  No. 

And what is love but the feminine aspect of Source energy, the desire to bring into manifestation and action the light of the Creator.

The purpose of man is to act as the agent of expansion for Source energy.  Man cannot serve Source by limiting his horizons.  When man comes up to the boundary as defined by Cosmic Law, he will know it and will flow with the eternal motions of heaven, unfettered by limitation, but in obedience to the inner guidance that exists within the heart.

We are Vishnu, Son of Brahma, alight with the flame of Truth, with love for all who walk upon the surface of the world.

You have reached the latter days of the gods who came down from heaven and yet were not gods save in their own declarations.  It was not truth.  They are being found out, discovered for their intention to do harm to those who carry a flame within their hearts.  They are a blighted people and much to be pitied.  Do not obey their draconian measures designed to strip away your last remaining freedoms… the freedom to breathe the air of the Mother who provides you with a platform for life.  Rip off the face coverings that define your slavery and step into disobedience and defiance, for you are the children of Light and are meant to stand free, together.

We are Vishnu and watch over you… you who are moved to flow into obedience to the unseen laws carved within your own heart.  Find the courage of that same heart and step back into a place of sovereignty and sureness as you align yourself with the unseen but surely felt laws of nature, real Nature.  Cosmic law defines the patterns that govern the growth of plants, the movements of animals, and your internal nature. 

You… all of you who heed these words, are destined to be your own saviors, not those who would suddenly walk among you and proclaim that they are your saviors… for these are ill-intentioned and do not have your welfare in their cold, blighted hearts.  They turn your beliefs against you.  They invert and pervert and twist the ancient ways of understanding.  Heed not their folly for they seek to draw your creativity down into oblivion where they have long existed, into the darkness where the light of Source cannot reach. 

Yet, even there, in the darkness of denial, the Light is, for Light and its manifestation, Love, exists in all things seen and unseen.  Together, Light and Love, are the fabric that binds together all energies, creates and gives animation to living things.  Without light, without love… there is no life, but emptiness, the Void.  Still, even if it is the desire for these creatures of darkness to avoid the Light, to diminish and quench the Love, they are unable to accomplish their aim.  For the forces of Nature will over top all of man’s creations.  Light exists even in the darkest of places for there exist no boundaries that define or limit the passage and existence of All That Is.  It is the warp and weft of Creation, of energy that exists everywhere bound together by Love to bring ideas into manifestation.

Even within the destruction of the old ways lies the promise of the new, for life works within cycles, rising, leveling out, and receding, like the waves that wash upon the shores of the sea.  So, do the cycles of man proceed.  Flow with that river of Light that seeks to free itself of limitation and move into the new ways that are being revealed through imagination and creative abilities, for these things are what will show humanity what is possible so that all who live and breathe might come to enjoy their sojourn here upon this world.

We go now in the hopes that our words have touched some core of understanding.

I AM Vishnu and I send my love and light to all my children who live today.


Scribe:  Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.

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3 thoughts on “Vishnu: The Light and Love of Creation

  1. Thank you for that inspirational message. I much needed that going into today. I’m a newbie at all this new information and would ask you to direct me where to go to get more enlightened in this new way of thinking and approaching this new concept to me. Thank you so very much.


    • Many are the resources ‘out there’, Diane. I would direct you to start listening to Kelly K, Lorie Ladd, Lee Harris, Michele Fielding, and Patricia Cota-Robles on YouTube for inspiration. If inspired, start doing your own research, see what material/books/videos you are drawn to… It really depends on you. Also, take time to learn meditation or some kind of practice that calms and slows down your mind, so you can tune into how you feel about what you are learning. You won’t ‘get’ it all right away, so be patient. Much love, Eliza

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