Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Part II on Pleiadian ships…

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Ships Over Atlantis – yes, we were there…

Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Keep in mind I am not a trained engineer. My involvement with starships is with crystals. I am what you call a Crystal Master. My walk-in here on Terra is not that part of ‘me’, so don’t expect her to wake up any crystals. Now, how are crystals utilized by our ships?

In another article, I mentioned our ‘little’ people, the Elementals. They are not dwarfs or genetically impaired. They are merely small human beings. Elementals have their own skills and values and often live in colonies. They also work on our ships, especially in areas of the ships that present difficulties for taller individuals, like engineering in the engine rooms. Elementals also work in the nutrition department where meals are prepared and in stores, where uniforms and other garments are made for our people…

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