NEW POST: Please note, I will not be posting much anymore on Blue Dragon Journal. All articles/posts that are not my own will be removed from the archives in the next day or so. Thank you.

Sunny's Journal

Iris, photo by Eliza Ayres

Announcement from Sundeelia

Okay. I had a day off from posting. And now I have come to a decision. I will be focusing on my own writings from here on, most especially on Sunny’s Journal and Blue Dragon Journal. In fact, I may not be posting much at all on Blue Dragon, instead utilizing it as an archive for my earlier writings and those of Tazjma, my elder Pleiadian sister.

I will write when and if inspired. Again, if you have a question or topic that is of interest, please send me an email. If I am interested, then I might be inspired to write an essay addressing the topic. I do not claim to be an authority on all things spiritual. I am simply coming from a different perspective, with a background of experiences different than most humans incarnated upon this world. I will…

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