Spiral Dynamics, Introduction: Implications On Living the Law of One

Cosmic Christ

By Doug Esse

Spiral Dynamics is a psychological and sociological system developed by psychologist, Dr. Clare Graves based upon research he and his team conducted between 1950’s and 1960’s. Later, it was developed by psychologist, Dr. Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, into a coherent system that maps different levels of consciousness present in both the individual person as well as at the societal levels.  There are predictable and valid value systems within each level of consciousness. The Spiral is a vertical model with each level transcending the former one, like Russian nesting dolls. 

Spiral Dynamics helps explain interpersonal conflicts and reveals ways to work through them without scapegoating and demonizing others.  We explore how certain levels along the Spiral may correlate to the various energy centers as illuminated by Ra.

I am not a “spiral wizard” as some teachers are known who show particular fluency in the model and its…

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