Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Magenta Pixie

April 2021 as seed point into trifurcated reality, three world split. Gamemaster blue ray genius expression in cyberspace virtual reality, spearheaded by top banana of the American domain. The Nine present the monadic download with keycodes and immunity energetic packets as transmission through Magenta Pixie. Visuals for the New Earth template ready for manifestation and actualisation through pineal gland technology with the awake, aware, truth leader and starseeded humanity.

Nature itself cannot be outrunned, mastered, or destroyed. The dream of the controllers will never manifest. The starseeds are the answer to the control agenda, which will FAIL. The starseeds and their environment are ONE.

  • The transhumanism population of the Borg
  • Nature, organic human template, New Earth
  • Blue Ray Quantum movement – one of these warriors is Mr. T, empowered cyber shaman. The virtual and digital cyberspace is the new battlefield. This is how the Quantum New Earth will manifest.

Three world split.