Deer Moon Astrology 4/7/2021


The Moon is void-of-coursefrom early this morning until early afternoon (3:04 AM until 1:34 PM PDT). Once the Moon arrives in Pisces, intuition begins to blend with the heightened intellectual activity, providing some help and a soothingbalmto yesterday’s potentialoverload. We have more capacity to set goals and balance conflicting interests or approaches. The Sun’s conjunction with Ceres encourages some much-needed practicality and a more gentle touch in dealing with conflicts. Even so, we are far more inclined to stay focused ondoing our own thinginstead of worrying about any one else’s issues.

The Aquarius moon cuddles up to Jupiter in the early hours today, which could create a burst of morning inspiration and vivid dreams. Take some time to journal after you wake up, if you can, because this energy loves to play with new thoughts and ideas. The vibe here is super uplifting, but it can lead to overstimulation if…

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