Hooked on phonics

bluebird of bitterness

Mrs. Jordan’s first grade students were in the school library, browsing through picture books, when little Emily suddenly said, “Hey, look at this! It’s a frickin’ elephant!”

Mrs. Jordan was shocked. “What did you say?” she asked.

“I said it’s a frickin’ elephant,” Emily replied. “It says so right here on the picture.”

Mrs. Jordan took the book and looked at it, and sure enough, the child was right:


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Sundeelia: On Timelines

New Post.

Sunny's Journal

Divine Portal

Sundeelia: On Timelines

One of my readers suggested another topic, namely timelines. I will say up front, I am no expert on the matter, yet I will give forth what I know right now.

Here is the question:

Picking up on living in uncertain times, I was just wondering whether with timelines there is a point of no return as it were, so that when a certain point is passed a timeline cannot be changed no matter what?

As I was sitting outside in the patio eating a bit of lunch, listening to a mockingbird singing his territorial anthem, my consciousness relaxed enough that I began to visualize waves of energy before my eyes. This repeated as I was attempting to take a nap to rest a sore hip… to no avail, but I did see the waves of energy as the room in which I was lying…

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Sundeelia: On Gratitude


Sunny's Journal

Baby Wood Storks with Rad Feathers, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia: On Gratitude

Gratitude: I can certainly appreciate aspects of benevolence in Mother Nature, for example, for which I’m grateful, and I’m grateful to those folks, like yourself, who put themselves out there via websites etc., but again I’ve never seen a discussion with respect to what gratitude may mean to Starseeds who remember more loving existences, or for that matter the billions of people who suffer extensively because of the malevolent control.

Here is yet another topic for discussion: ‘Gratitude’. First remember, you don’t have to agree with me. Whatever I share may not resonate at all, so I would encourage you to do your own explorations, inner and outer, as guided.

So, what is gratitude? As a noun, it is the state or quality of being thankful or grateful.

Actually, this is a topic that elicits a giggle…

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A Little Poetry


Humoring the Goddess

Something different.

A poem from 2011.

Reflections before/during/after writing my first book.

Come along.

Eternity Road

I see you driving down the lane
Golden leaves guiding you home
Your heart is not in your world
It floats in seas blue and green
Not of your world
You search for shadows
Hoping to make them real
To bring them into your light
And make them whole.

Time and space are curious things
They take shape in the mind
And vaporize in the void of now
We reach to make them our own
Yet they laugh at our being
Our very nerve

You wait, heart in hand
Driving tirelessly to the ends of the earth
I wait for you
Lost in another world of time and spirit
Empty wine glasses
Hold the promise of eternity
Yet somehow I know
You are lost on the highway of dreams

The golden leaves have turned…

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Your God-Given Energy | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Today it could be that you are feeling more energetic than you have been feeling in a long time. It is such a good feeling to feel energy coursing through you, and you are ready for the world. Yes, you will be feeling this sense of exhilaration more and more.

Everyone in the world has access to this energy. It is physical energy, yet it is also greater than physical. The energy you sense exists in your body, and also in your mind and heart. The lack of energy you may have been feeling is a kind ofmalaise. It is a kind of dreariness. Be sure you are getting rest from tension so you can begin to feel and use your God-given energy.

The sense of lack of energy is moving away from you. This sense of lack has been a kind of cover-up. Your energy…

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The Powerful, Positive Energies Upon You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are loving the way that humanity has been opening up to the recent energies that have been upon you. We love to see any human being stopping, getting out of their head, and resting long enough to let something that is higher vibrational influence them. It is like watching all of you grow up. We get to experience what it is like to be a proud parent to each and every one of you, because we see you all through those same loving eyes.

One difference between us and most parents is that we do not worry about you. We know that everyone is going to get it. We know that the energies are powerful enough for the truth of who you really are to sink in and have that powerful, positive influence on…

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Deer Moon Astrology 4/7/2021



The Moon is void-of-coursefrom early this morning until early afternoon (3:04 AM until 1:34 PM PDT). Once the Moon arrives in Pisces, intuition begins to blend with the heightened intellectual activity, providing some help and a soothingbalmto yesterday’s potentialoverload. We have more capacity to set goals and balance conflicting interests or approaches. The Sun’s conjunction with Ceres encourages some much-needed practicality and a more gentle touch in dealing with conflicts. Even so, we are far more inclined to stay focused ondoing our own thinginstead of worrying about any one else’s issues.

The Aquarius moon cuddles up to Jupiter in the early hours today, which could create a burst of morning inspiration and vivid dreams. Take some time to journal after you wake up, if you can, because this energy loves to play with new thoughts and ideas. The vibe here is super uplifting, but it can lead to overstimulation if…

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Reiki, Reptilian Encounters & Lion Beings with Yuvonda

199: Reiki, Reptilian Encounters & Lion Beings with Yuvonda Wells | The enLIGHTenUP Podcast

Nicole Frolick

Reiki is the awareness of an unseen energy flowing through all living things and directly affecting the quality of a person’s health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. Yuvonda will share with us her awakening through Reiki and how it unveiled the unseen world to her bringing multiple encounters with Reptilians as well as Lion Beings.

Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Quantum New Earth – Blue Ray Rising (the Trifurcation)

Magenta Pixie

April 2021 as seed point into trifurcated reality, three world split. Gamemaster blue ray genius expression in cyberspace virtual reality, spearheaded by top banana of the American domain. The Nine present the monadic download with keycodes and immunity energetic packets as transmission through Magenta Pixie. Visuals for the New Earth template ready for manifestation and actualisation through pineal gland technology with the awake, aware, truth leader and starseeded humanity.

Nature itself cannot be outrunned, mastered, or destroyed. The dream of the controllers will never manifest. The starseeds are the answer to the control agenda, which will FAIL. The starseeds and their environment are ONE.

  • The transhumanism population of the Borg
  • Nature, organic human template, New Earth
  • Blue Ray Quantum movement – one of these warriors is Mr. T, empowered cyber shaman. The virtual and digital cyberspace is the new battlefield. This is how the Quantum New Earth will manifest.

Three world split.

The Opportunity the V-a-x is Giving Us

The Opportunity the V-a-x is Giving Us

Lorie Ladd

This is the opportunity to see the Matrix we’ve been in… within the abusive, narcissistic relationship with authority figures, the fear, control, greed, and manipulation.

We are getting louder as more humans grab onto this opportunity…

Vaccine passports? This is the system we are collapsing.

Constantly pull yourself into higher states of consciousness while still honoring people who are still in a sleeping state.

It is IMPERATIVE that we speak out, that we hold our ground. This isn’t about a right thing to do for humanity. It is about BASIC human rights.

The more we see, the more able we are to pull humanity through this… continue to choose freedom, continue to remember. This is all about shifting humanity into higher states of consciousness.