Bursting the Collective Bubble

Koyopa Rising

Once again, I invite you into my sacred space. After years of living the strangest life, it all comes down to this. My bubble was burst many times throughout my life, and radical transformation was the plan. While I thought I was going crazy back then, it turns out it was the best thing ever. Now my life is all about helping others, not only in bursting bubbles but navigating what feels to be an entirely different way of being. And yet it isn’t a new way of being. In fact, I am shown that it is our natural state. We can reactivate these inner technologies if we have the will to do so.

Through visitations, I was trained over my lifetime to receive, understand, and translate data that arrives in frequency. It is a practice of dialogue. I learned this (or remembered) because they taught via a fully immersive…

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