Ascension 2.0 Underway!!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Wow what a rough ride into ascension 2.0 I had!! I am still not feeling well, but wanted to get this information out side Wednesday, but my body had other demands.

In the readings on Wednesday, it was stated thru each one, that we are now, officially into ascension 2.0 or the active second phase. Let me explain…

Everyone on earth is on an ascension journey. It is truly how the soul evolves. It is also how the earth and all life in and upon it evolves. I understood spirits use of the word ascension was to clear our bodies enough to hold and use the higher frequencies of light. We hit critical mass as we entered 2013 and the earth was officially ascended as was/are many beings upon her, including some (let’s just say, enough) humans for the energy to continue and accelerate.

I honestly thought that was it…

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