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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Simple. Basics. There is something charming about writing with a stick in the sand. Sound effects are not needed. Fireworks are not needed. A noisy world isn’t better than a quiet one. Meaning is important. Visual effects are not. Music doesn’t have to surround everything. Simple silence is also good.
Life itself is not to distract you from the meaning of life. Diversion is not the meaning of life. To get your mind off something is not the meaning of life.
Life isn’t something to just get through. Consider life a canoe ride that you paddle. You don’t want to miss it. Life is what you are here for. Life in the world is an avenue of life. It is not a race you run. It is not an extravaganza. Life is not meant to be a gilded lily.
How much glitter and periphery can…

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