Deer Moon Astrology 4/4/2021


You might have trouble waking up with your alarm or connecting with your energy level due to some unfortunate aspects that occur in the very early hours of this morning. The Capricorn moon is at odds with the sun while we should be in dreamland, which could manifest in restless vibes or even feelings of unworthiness that lead to insomnia. Mercury is taking its first steps in Aries, after switching signs late last night, which could leave your thoughts racing.

Another difficult aspect, this one between the moon and Venus, could spell heartache, spark relationship issues, or bring up emotional triggers, so the mood won’t be ideal as you stir from your bed.

Luckily, this energy doesn’t last all day, and the Capricorn moon can make it easier to emotionally compartmentalize, so we can at least be functional. Just be careful that you don’t come off as distant or cold…

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