Breaking Spiritual Myths and Becoming Powerful – Kelly K

Breaking Spiritual Myths and Becoming Powerful

Kelly K

I’d like to dispel a large myth that has been used AGAINST the spiritual community at large. Yes that’s right, there are idea’s that this community has been TAUGHT that are not based on truth, that have filtered down from a very dark agenda to prevent ascension and keep humanity trapped in 3D. One of those idea’s is that by speaking about something, you draw it to you.

It is true that when you project fear, you create fear. Yes. However, it is not true to say that when you acknowledge fear you create fear, in fact something remarkable happens when you do that. You actually clear it out of your system and disempower it completely. Then you never have to focus on what you want again because in the absence of fear all you have is what you want.

Ask yourself why these same beings would continually tell humanity only to focus on what they want more of and not anything else, which takes daily practice, constant reinforcing, when it’s far easier to simply collapse the field of the “anything else”. Why couldn’t they teach what it takes for that collapsing to occur because when it does a person no longer has anything to ignore.

Emotions are fields of energy, dynamic and alive because of the amount of focus given to them by the human. The trick is not to no longer focus on it, but to collapse it so that there is nothing there to build upon.

Should we look into unresolved fears and distortions? Kelly is addressing ‘spiritual bypassing’, constantly focusing on the positive and not dealing with what has not been cleared, seeing what isn’t ‘divine’.