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Our Spirit



Mary Magdalene, the First Witness


She is a Being Beyond Time and Space



Elemental Realms of “The Mothers”

Once Anthroposophia is given her rightful place and the “Heavenly Sophia” (the combined beings of the Kyriotetes [Beings of Wisdom] which most Anthroposophists will acknowledge as a key component of Steiner’s cosmology) is added to the overall picture, we are one step away from the dreaded reality that adding The Mothers to Anthroposophia and the Heavenly Sophia then comprise a “Trinity of the Feminine Divine.”

We have placed before the reader a comprehensive presentation of the Divine Feminine Trinity, as a coequal being with the Divine Male Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), in our trilogy called, The Gospel of Sophia.


The Most Victorious Story Ever Told


Dear Gabriels,

We have never met. You both have been in my mind quite a bit lately as consciousness…

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