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Mary Magdalene, the First Witness


She is a Being Beyond Time and Space



Elemental Realms of “The Mothers”

Once Anthroposophia is given her rightful place and the “Heavenly Sophia” (the combined beings of the Kyriotetes [Beings of Wisdom] which most Anthroposophists will acknowledge as a key component of Steiner’s cosmology) is added to the overall picture, we are one step away from the dreaded reality that adding The Mothers to Anthroposophia and the Heavenly Sophia then comprise a “Trinity of the Feminine Divine.”

We have placed before the reader a comprehensive presentation of the Divine Feminine Trinity, as a coequal being with the Divine Male Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), in our trilogy called, The Gospel of Sophia.


The Most Victorious Story Ever Told


Dear Gabriels,

We have never met. You both have been in my mind quite a bit lately as consciousness…

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Gift Of Love | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

The undeniable proof of Universal Love surrounds you; the way a parent looks at their child, the way lovers touch, the way old friends greet each other with a hug. Still need more? Look at yourself! The Universe created you with love; you are its gift of love to your Earth-plane. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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MORE COVIDIANA: Idaho Doctor, who restricts himself to Covid context, and Max Igan who widens the perspective —

Idaho doctor: “Average age of covid deaths, 78.6; average age of all U.S. deaths, 78.6.” To this visually displayed bullet point, the good doctor comments, tongue-in-cheek: “That’s fascinating . . .” I will be 78.6 years old in only three months, on June 19, 2021. However, for 40 years I have treasured (on mental, emotional…

MORE COVIDIANA: Idaho Doctor, who restricts himself to Covid context, and Max Igan who widens the perspective —

What View Inspires You?

Humoring the Goddess

Is there a particular place you go to find inspiration for your craft?

Is there a view that inspires you every time you experience it? Music that makes you want to write or paint or knit or carve? Walks or vistas or scenery that triggers your creative muse?

Years ago I used to walk the path behind the University in my town. The paths took me past an open field, into the woods, down groomed and ungroomed paths, to a spot where a huge tree had fallen to its  forever-sleep position some time earlier.

I used to dream on those paths. I planned my B&B strategy there, my novels, my travels, the new-and-improved ME there. A lot of stories came to light in those woods — a lot of love and angst and fantasy came alive as I walked in early morning sunlight or late afternoon twilight.

That was many…

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Easter Gardening On the Plot

Looks like a great start on the planting year!

Dreamwalker's Garden

Hello to those whom are still following here on my garden blog… Its been a long, long while since my last post in November…. I usually fill in my winter blog with stories of my travels, but as for all of us this past year, that has not been available to many. And to be very honest with you, my heart as not been in the world of blog…. As much as in my creative world of crafts… So I have been spending more and more time Off line, during my absent months, and more time within my creative world.. Both with my knitting, my art, and crafts.. My crafts and artwork I will share with you next time.

And look!…. you turn around and EASTER is now here…. Time as we know it is certainly going faster and at times you blink and a week has past…

So how…

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The Song Is You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I sang a song to Myself, and the song is you. I am singing this song still. I sing a song of Myself, and the song is you. I am quite musical and quite creative. I have the most fun in the world, for I sing.

I sang Creation into being. I enliven enlivenment for the enjoyment of all.

If you really really want to do My Will, then enjoy and laugh and have a good time and see that others are enjoying and laughing and having a good time as well.

Now I ask you with love: Dear Ones, what have you been doing?

It would appear that you have been running through life as fast as you can and with as little damage as possible. Is this correct? Has life been something you get through? Sometimes your moods weigh you down. Well, let Me lift you…

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Receive More from Our Incoming Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are in the process of creating many more partnerships with those of you in human form, because we know that you are willing to partner up with us, and because you are such a necessary part of the process of raising the consciousness of the entire human collective. We need all of you just as much as you need all of us in order for this help that we provide to have any kind of effect on the human collective. We meet up with so many willing humans who come to us while asleep and offer their assistance, and we discuss how the waking version of that person can better be of service to humankind by receiving more of what we have to offer all of you.

You are going to feel a lot…

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Deer Moon Astrology 4/3/2021


We see a shift in the energy today as the moon moves from daring Sagittarius into practical Capricorn this morning and Mercury glides into Aries later. The vibe is grounded, but you’ll also feel in the mood to bring structure to your home and lifestyle. If you’ve been putting off chores or home improvement tasks, today is the day to take care of them. The energy here can sometimes make us a little tightly wound, so remember to stretch and focus on your breathing if you feel your tension level rise.

The Moon’s arrival in Capricorn early this morning brings stability to this week’s activity. The more that we are able to root out discrepancies and misunderstandings, the more that we feel comfortable gathering new information and learning new abilities. There is valuable capacity to clarify and simplify the information that we have at our disposal. As well, by this…

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