Grounding Through the Upgrades & April Energy Update

Tania Marie

As we continue to experience very deep transformations, from the inside out, grounding becomes increasingly important so that you can stabilize, anchor, and manifest, as well as maintain wellness and vitality to do all the new things bursting forth from your heart’s desires.

One of the things we focused a lot on in both of the last online classes I taught, was simple grounding techniques because as healers and empaths our well being is crucial to the way we show up in the world and for others. But this is so for anyone who is sensitive, empathic, and works in service-related occupations or has a full life and business schedule. Grounding was part of a collective theme we discussed, which was accompanied by other topics that included things like energy protection, clearing, aura strengthening, replenishing energy, self trust, self care, and the overall importance of living as an example of…

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