Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond, Sunday April 4

aisha north

The knowingness of the light is infinite.

So too is yours.

For you have come to be here at this time

in order to uplift.

Not just your self, but this entire planet.

It is an immense undertaking that is unfolding.

One that takes place in every corner of your world.

And even if the fullness of your task

may still be shrouded from view,

know that you play an intrinsic part.

For this is a re-wholing

of a multitude of fragments.

Fragments embedded within every single one of you.

So the picture cannot be completed

without the coming together.

In large and small gatherings, such as these.

A reunion of souls is what will heal

the wound of separation.

So sink into the stillness

of your own might,

and know that you are

already complete.

Complete in your own Self.

Completely connected to ALL.

And as such, the mitghy…

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