Bright Eyes, You Are the Light of the World | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Today I look into your eyes. Do you feel this when I remind you? I hold your head between My two hands, and I look lovingly into your two beaming eyes. Look into My eyes. You will see the great depths of your own. You will look into ocean-like pools of love, or you will look into the Dazzling Light of the Sun. There is a smooth-flow between Us. Whatever you may think or feel at a given moment, there is a lovely interchange between Us. You note Our engagement mainly when you have glanced away and then come back. You glimpse a contrast. You never left the light in My eyes. You have some awareness that it is impossible for eyes to look anywhere but into Mine, and Mine into yours. We are totally, thoroughly, continually, always, unceasingly looking into a treasure-trove of Our Love intermingled and…

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