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Project Looking Glass Reveals Convergence of Future Timelines

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Project Looking Glass reveals that mass awakening and ascension is already locked in.

In today’s podcast, we take a closer look at Project Looking Glass, which is a secret government program based on exotic (alien?) technology that allows scientists to query the future and get answers in terms of probabilities and certainty statistics.

This stunning technology, according to multiple whistleblowers (whose videos are available on, reveals that all future timelines have converged into a single track with a single outcome… and that outcome is one of awakening and ascension.

Importantly, we have already passed the point of convergence in these timelines, meaning there’s nothing that Satan, the deep state and demonic forces can do to stop the ultimate victory of good over evil.

It’s good news in the end, but there will be much suffering for humanity as the forces of evil try to mass murder as many humans beings as they can manage, via vaccines, 5G, GMOs, chemtrails, geoengineering, race wars and so on.