The Rise and Rumble of Team Mother

Koyopa Rising

There is something rumbling beneath our feet and deep within our body-core. If you’re not feeling it, you may want to spend more time with Her so you can reorient yourself to Her presence and voice. Those who are moving with Her, will understand my words.

The breathing, the love, the power of this transmission… I recorded it in 2015, nearly 6 years ago. I only recently stumbled across it again. It’s about now. No matter when these messages came through, it’s always about now. I include my original blurb on SoundCloud below. While I have no memory of bringing this transmission through, apparently I had posted it (to my old blog) immediately after recording it. Except for the opening sentence, the original blurb is unchanged.

A few quotes from this recording:

…So the Mother asks in her earth-planetary form that you visit with Her now and again, to restore…

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