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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is a question of energy.

All energy comes from Me, and yet it is passed to you and through you, and so the energy of the world revolves. You do not claim another’s energy. It belongs to them, and yours belongs to you, and you remember that all energy is from Me. I will give you more.

My energy is never depleted.

I am from where your energy comes. Not the candy bar. Not someone else. My energy may pass through another to you, but remember the Source.

Do not feed off other people, or you weaken them. You are to be a strengthener of others.

You will have great energy when you do what is yours to do. Not doing takes away from your energy. Accumulation takes away from your energy. Letting go refurbishes your energy, My energy that is replete within you.

If you had…

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