Can You Feel It?

Tania Marie

I don’t know if it’s that Spring is in the air, the Moon was just full, that the Cosmos keeps an extra potent rhythm while moving across the astrological dance floor these days, if we’re catching up with our future selves and time has finally blurred, or all of these, but there’s a definitive change I keep feeling….and do even see.

It shows up in the light – vortexes, orbs, energy fields, coded grids, an array of rainbow explosions.

It shows up in accelerated time and instant manifestations.

It shows up in glowing faces and vibrant auras I see and feel in others, as well as huge leaps and expansion more are saying “yes” to.

It shows up in extra brilliance and surreal qualities to landscapes before me.

It shows up in increased amounts of incredible artistry, creativity, teamwork, rooted values, and inspired architectural plans for the inner and outer…

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