Sundeelia: Soul Integration – The Emotional Body


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Cattle Egret in Mating Colors

Sundeelia: Soul Integration

For starters, this is a HUGE topic, one that could fill up an entire book, so today I will briefly address primarily the clearing of the emotional body.

Soul Integration

Jesus once spoke about virgins filling their lamps and trimming the wicks in preparation for the coming of the bridegroom, the Christ. Of course, in Christianity, the ‘bridegroom’ has been interpreted as the return of Christ, of the man called Jesus. Personally, not being a follower of Christianity, I choose to interpret this differently.

Jesus and his associates (I will not call them ‘followers’ as many worked alongside him) were here to anchor the Flame of Divine Intelligence upon this planet, to reignite the heart flames of the Sons and Daughters of God, the Children of God… the Divine Seed. Christ Consciousness or Divine Intelligence is represented through the Second Solar…

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