Sundeelia: How to Communicate with Angels


Sunny's Journal

Washington Oaks Gardens, NE Florida, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia: How to Communicate with Angels

When one of my readers expressed a desire to learn about communicating with Angels, I had to blink in surprise. You see, at Home I am considered a physical Angelic, so communicating with Angels is just a given. There are at least three Archangels who are members of my extended Star Family. They are Family; I simply ‘talk’ to them via telepathy whenever I feel the need which is quite often these days.

Still, I understand the hesitancy coming from an Earth human. The programming that has been embedded within the various religions of this world have intentionally given humanity the impression that somehow humanity is far below the Angels. It is far from truth.

The Angels are as close as your breath. However, as naturally polite Beings who obey Cosmic Law, they will not…

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