Lady Hope: Greetings


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Gabriel, Archangel of the First Ray

Lady Hope: Greetings!

via Sundeelia

Greetings, I AM Lady Hope, sometimes known as the White Lady, especially in the tales of my once son…

While the outer world is growing louder and louder, those who are ascending higher in frequency are seeking the calm found within the Heart Center. To be fully aligned with the intense energies of photonic Light descending upon the planet, your solar system and sun, you are required to arrive at a balance within your own being, before expanding outward to envelope the world.

As within, so without, as Above, so Below, goes the ancient Hermetic phrase, which holds great wisdom. Each person attracts to them the corresponding frequency of experience. Raise your frequency through diligent inner work and you will change your world. What you do here will also change or affect the trajectory of your soul evolution after

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