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Throughout the ages, kings and men seeking power have sought to find and possess the spear that pierced the side of Christ. Why? According to legend, he who holds the spear will hold the power to control the world for either good or evil purposes.



Read our timeline and other resources about the history of the Spear.


Jesus’ Suffering and Crucifixion – A Medical Point of View



Kaspar Hauser

On the Esoteric Significance of Kaspar Hauser

By Terry Boardman

“Since arguably, it would appear that no culture has developed ‘the separative tendency’ as extremely as the Third Reich, it might seem problematic, to say the least, to speak of a Germancounterpole to ‘the separative tendency’. But in fact, so much of the Nazi movement was the exact inversion, like a glove turned inside out, of the Grail culture that Steiner said was supposed…

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