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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Along with your long list of wonderful gifts you long for, add this one: Add that you grow to be humble and that you stay firmly so. You are not asking to be more humble than anyone else. You are not even admiring being humble.

When you are humble, you are basic. You appreciate what you are granted. You also are not outraged at what you see as Life not having granted you all your desires to date. You know that you are deserving. You know this as you know how to take breaths without counting or ordering yourself to take them. The ability to breathe without thinking about it is ordained. It is already yours, so no need to pant for it.

Humble, you don’t get high and mighty. You are not perturbed. Humble, you take Life as it comes. You don’t feel that Life must do…

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2 thoughts on “The Cards of Life | Heavenletters

  1. Thank you for your announcement! I just today decided to stop posting messages on FB. I’ve got enough on there that hasn’t been removed (after figuring how to “code” them!) that those who want can look back if they are interested. I, for one, will keep reading your blog. You have helped to open my mind!

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