Sundeelia: Insights From a Pleiadian POV


Sunny's Journal

Green Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Insights from a Pleiadian Perspective

As a Pleiadian walk-in whose consciousness at Home resonates to 8D, it is with some skepticism that I observe the claims made by various ascension ‘teachers’ here on Terra. I do not resonate at 8D here… only 6D. Frankly any higher I would go out of body thus negating the purpose for which I came here.

The human body is designed, intentionally and eventually, to be physically present up to 12D; however, the current human avatar I am wearing is an older model, as are most of those beings who current reside on this planet. Few humans are capable of currently holding the higher frequencies for any length of time. That will come when your human collective has advanced considerably beyond its current state.  Outrageous claims of soul evolution do not serve the individual making them.  For me…

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