Sundeelia: Energy Report, 25 March 2021


Sunny's Journal

Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia: Energy Report, 25 March 2021

I don’t typically do ‘energy’ reports. I am not an astrologer, but I am an empath. The current energies are, in a word, INTENSE!

I know people are struggling with the long-drawn out ‘plan’ that is being acted out mainly behind the scenes. Up until today, when I decided to pull out all intel reports on my blog, that is what most people have been reading. I understand the confusion, frustration, anger, fear, and other feelings that have been coming up for people.

Plus, living here with two ‘normies’ who completely accept the establishment agenda and have no conception of what is really going on… well, it is a challenge. I kind of lost it last night when the fake news was talking about the latest mass shootings in Colorado and elsewhere. I know these were engineered false flags…

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