Announcement, 25 March 2021

Announcement, 25 March 2021 – Changing the Focus of this Blog

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am one who follows my intuition. Of late, given the present environment, I have begun to increasingly be disturbed by the content of the so-called ‘intel’ that is being presented in the alternative media. I understand that ‘the people’ need to see what their ‘leaders’ and the puppet masters behind them have been doing, but it is NOT my personal responsibility to present such material to my readers/viewers. It is yours and yours alone.

Before I came to this planet, I was a talented communications officer, trained to scan the frequencies of the planet, to determine the plans and agendas of the ‘enemy’ long before it was evident to many others. Thus, I don’t need to learn about these things, other than perhaps the details. I intuitively comprehend the gist of the matter. Your populations have been manipulated for centuries. It’s time to wake up and take responsibility for your own growth, that means doing your own inner work and not relying on outside sources to do it for you. Meanwhile, while I am here, I will focus on my own inner path and perhaps share a bit of that to the small minority who may be interested.

Given that keeping up this blog takes a great of time and hopefully, my life focus will be soon changing, I will no longer be posting items such as Scott McKay’s work, Project Camelot, etc., etc. As a result of this decision, I will be taking down most of the posts I have put up in the last couple of weeks before the end of the month arrives next Wednesday.

Despite the work I put in, there is little reciprocation of energy coming from readers. This imbalance cannot remain. I will post what I want here, but it will not be intel videos and the like.

I realize that many readers will leave this blog as a result and that’s fine with me. This is, after all, a ‘personal’ blog not a newspaper. It is not monetized at all. No ads.

I will, instead, turn my attention to other things.

Feel free to remain or go. My good wishes go with those who leave.

Eliza Ayres

13 thoughts on “Announcement, 25 March 2021

  1. Thanks for that shift in content. I come here for the energetic related material and as an international reader ignore the political items. I feel I’ve been hearing about imminent mass arrests for nearly a decade. I’d really like to concentrate on my energy and cosmic material.
    All the best to you always.

  2. So many do not do their own research and expect others to do it for them… Sadly that is what is lacking in the world.. Critically thinking…
    And discerning for themselves Truth from Fiction.. But given the multiple untruths and disinformation it can be hard for those who have no clue on the levels of deception ingrained in our world… It is a hard road for many who are not so aware to navigate..
    Cosmic Energy is Great!…..
    Sending love and appreciation your way Eliza….. Stay true to yourself… ❤ 🙂 🙏 as will I..

    • Critical thinking and discernment, two valuable ingredients/talents for any truth seeker. Sometimes we have to learn how to use simple methods like listening to our own intuition… which is how the Higher Self and our mentors communicate wordlessly to us. Self-confidence is another vital thing to have. Self-trust… in one’s own inner guidance. Yes, fortunately I am one who gets very uncomfortable if I don’t stay true to myself. Love to you, Sue… Eliza

      • Exactly right Eliza…. Intuition and higher guidance… I have always listened to… My poetry I feel is words often given directly… So quickly the words come no corrections, just flows.. Sometimes I am in ore myself that the words came from me… When in fact I think they only came through me…
        Yes being true to our inner core, our hearts is what really counts.. ❤ ❤

  3. I’m quite delighted with the changes you have decided to make. I just viewed the Intel posts as something to scroll past while finding the posts that were the true reason I’ve been coming to Blue Dragon for about a decade. It seemed that the headlines on the Intel posts are repeated time and time again. I would like to share with you that I sincerely hope that you continue to include your lovely bird photos as well as the various other beautiful art. And those Caturday Funnies never fail to elicit some good giggles. Thanks for your ongoing hard work and commitment to share with whoever is interested! Most sincerely, Sharon

    • Thank you, Sharon. I am deeply touched by the unexpected response to my little ‘announcement’. I appreciate all of my readers!
      Eliza ❤

  4. Eliza, I so appreciate your transparency and your sense about the alt media. I’m finding it more and more off-putting and discern that its stuck in a 3D pattern where I no longer resonate. I’m happy to see you shift the focus, as you wanted to do months ago. I enjoy your 5D posts and the uplifting posts and videos you choose to repost. I also enjoy the art and photos. You may not lose as many of us as you think. Your insights are valuable as we shift into higher states of being, and I’m glad you’ll continue sharing them. Hugs, Alice

    • Good point, Alice, about the alt media; we no longer resonate to it, the energy, the need for ‘revenge’ or getting even. Now is the time to focus, going forward into unity consciousness, expanding, and being inclusive. Much love and thanks for the lovely comment! Eliza

  5. I want to thank you for all your posts. The ‘intel’ ones might have put you on my radar, but you are a treasure of light I will continue to enjoy. Thank you.

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