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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you are sleeping in bed at night, you are really awake. You are as awake as ever, for even when you are wide awake, there is a part of you that is still asleep. Part of you wants to keep sleeping and not wake up. You may desire the wakefulness of pure enlightenment, yet you continue to snooze a little longer, and then you get up and take care of what has to be taken care of, and yet you move as a sleepwalker. You go from one bedroom of sleep to another.

Fully awake, you would be awake. You would have an energy of awareness that presently wanders off. This is something like when you are very tired, and yet you don’t realize how tired you are. It is the same in that you don’t quite realize how unawake you are even when you think you…

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