Deer Moon Astrology 3/23/2021


The dreaded and moody Moon-Pluto opposition takes place this morning, which means most of us could experience some major mood swings. And because we’re all easily manipulated during this transit, we’re far more likely to want to—and succeed at—pushing each other’s buttons. There could be a looming sense of hopelessness, and any insecurities will be magnified, so don’t be surprised if you act unusually jealous or sensitive.

It’s likely that when Mercury squares Mars later tonight we’ll be in bad mood city for the rest of the night: talking before thinking, assuming things, jumping to conclusions—and none of it in a good way. You are likely to not only have a short fuse but be very aggressive about it too. This isn’t a great time for business deals, and relationships could suffer during this period.

The only saving grace is the moon-Venus trine that happens almost simultaneously, which can bring…

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