Kerry K: To Be Fully YOU!

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🔴The most powerful, impactful and miraculous thing to be in this world is FULLY YOU

How much courage does it take to be FULLY YOU in a world that asks you to be like everyone else?
What does it take to CHOOSE YOU in a world that tells you to listen to everyone else?


🟢It takes devotion to you; but not the ego-based self. I’m talking about the inner self who you would have found after diving deep beneath the surface of the ego and found the God-Spark within you. This God-Spark is the ESSENCE OF YOU. It is infinitely connected to pure source creator consciousness, it is a fractal of God-Source, contained within.

🟣With this in mind, you could consider what it may feel like to be FULLY YOU on this earth, SUPREMELY YOU in your connection to pure God-Source-Creator-Divinity. When this divine union between self and source occurs, all others in your field become seen for who they are … pieces of God-Source … your ability to see them for who they are reminds them and catalyzes them into their divine reclaiming of self. You are so infinitely powerful, you are so infinitely beautiful… put here to beckon others to the same mastery you seek within you.

🔵So, all this focusing on you, all this focusing on the self; it can never be selfish but rather the most giving thing you could do. When you become FULLY YOU, you give that fullness to the world so that they may have a template to work from. What a giving thing to do, what a selfless service to others to have come here to forget who you are, only so that you could remember and be a light for others.

All my love
Kerry K
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