Death and Rebirth – Shadow Work by Bernard Guenther

Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth

Death and Rebirth – Shadow Work

by Bernard Guenther

Editor’s Note: It has been my experience that Americans do not like to look within and work on their stuff. As a consequence of this procrastination, the Nation is now looking squarely at the collective Dark Night of the Soul. People are being taken to the precipice of disaster to see just how rapidly they will or will not wake up to reality… there is a war for your soul going on NOW. The only way through is by going inward… and facing yourself, honestly. The collective now must face its shadows, the ancient trauma, wounds, and fears that need to be released fully before one can freely ascend in frequency. This is the Path of the Initiate. You are the only one who can ‘save’ yourself. Jesus did His work; now do yours.

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Shadow work is the name of the game during these times and no amount of food, vitamins, masks or moving your assets/money into gold/silver/bitcoin/cash, social-distancing, self-isolation or whatever you try to do (or “they” tell you to do as you obey) externally to “protect” yourself from (disease or economic meltdown) will “save” you in the long run for the world is changing big time and it won’t just get back to “normal” in a few weeks. Sure, use common sense and take care of yourself and each other on a practical level without feeding into the fear frenzy. But it’s not about getting attached to either Hope or Fear.

This is about Death and Rebirth and facing the shadow of yourself (personal) and of the world (collective) for both are interconnected and cannot be separated. The old needs to die before the new can be reborn. It’s an inner alchemical process. The 3d/4d agenda is very obvious, producing an artificial crisis and faux pandemic to further the globalist NWO agenda.

However, from a higher perspective of the Divine and the evolutions of consciousness, so-called “evil” has its purpose as a trigger to awaken us and face that which have looked away from for so long. It is the Kali Yuga, after all, the dark age of ignorance and pure materialism. The shadow needs to be faced and transmuted in order for the supramental consciousness to anchor itself and spiritualize matter and humanity, the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female – body, mind, and spirit.

This IS an opportunity for alchemical transformation but it is also an internal job for the outside will always reflect the inside. The mud and forces of the unconscious and the underworld are rising up; all that you/I/we have suppressed (fears, wounds, and traumas) is coming to surface, begging to be integrated, healed, and transmuted so we can ascend to a higher state of Being while transforming the world as frequency anchors.

In fact, the supramental consciousness of the Divine is also descending, stirring up the shadow of the collective to be transmuted into Light. This is not an overnight process. There is a long road ahead of us and disillusionment is part of the process. As the Mother (and Sri Aurobindo) prophesied, we are approaching the Dark Night of Civilization. The collective Dark Night of the Soul. A necessary process for the outer reflects the inner, as above, so below. The only way out is in and through.

  • BG, from Time of Transition, Telegram