Challenges and benefits of sharing my story

And your Journal is a creative act of Courage of the highest degree. Blessings.

Spiritual Awakening

I would like to share my view about the challenges and benefits of sharing my story.

On the challenging side, there was the fear of making myself so vulnerable and in danger of receiving judgment. That was a big one.

And what was my message and who was my target group? For whom was I going to write? This would affect what my message was and how I packaged it. Maybe my target group were not my fellow travelers on WordPress (who wore the t-shirt ‘been there, done that’). But maybe I should address more the random visitor to my blog who found me via a search of the terms ‘Dark Night of the Soul’?

Then there was the more practical challenge of finding an underlying theme or connecting thread in my journey and choosing a metaphor for telling my story.

And of course, there were countless hours of reviewing…

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