A Courtship with the Light: Let the Romance Begin

Koyopa Rising

I have overcome great fears in my life. I’m sure you have as well. I have also witnessed that the more we speak truthfully and continue to call the fear out, it begins to restore a certain hum within; a vibration, resonance, and an inner ability to commune. It reconnects us to a long-forgotten cosmic network. And then we begin remembering what embodiment is supposed to feel like. Our soul gifts and capacities download or come online, and we begin to share our greater selves with our communities. Through consciousness, we transform ourselves and our reality.

How do I know these things? I was taught by what you might refer to as ETs, angels, and the Inner Beloved. It was a full-immersion, lifetime courtship with the Light: the language of resonance, the language of Love. It is a Field where all come together as ONE. And this is…

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